2 Articles On Simple Methods To Protect Your Citizen Rights and Liberties – @AgreeToDisagree – 7th December 2011

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Note this is how the government of the day with limitless terms uses the Financial system to control the citizens : SECTOR RAISES 1% of CEO/Top Tier population 30%-200% yearly raise (or bonuses amounting to 1000 times the average-salary) 30% of population under govt. employ 20% yearly raise 69% of population under public sector 5% yearly raise Whats wrong here? RULES : Raises between sectors must be the same as or either sector will eclipse the other. If inflation is negative, then salaries must drop accordingly. Higher salaries do not equate better living conditions when . Raises can be no more than inflation rate. Any Finance minister/Economics professor who ignores or is unable to apply the above rules is colluding to destroy the middle class, is unable to function as a Finance Minister/Economics professor. In the above salary-raise example, in 10 years, the middle class private sector would only be 50% more in salaries and wealth, the government 200%. And this is not considering that the private sector taxpayer has to foot bills for government fringe benefits like trips overseas, dinners, hotel stays, easily unbalancing wealth distribution further – at taxpayer expense. Suppliers and licensing or service providers is further compounded when monopoly is given outright to these groups. These groups are often relatives and cronies or proxies of LIMITLESS TERM politicians who intend an Oligarchy of political dynasties.

ARTICLE 2 Description On Plausible Social Control Methods in the 3rd World By Rogue Governments (a Mini Machiavelli Manual)

A monopoly on mental freedom, and also freedom to run for election is in place in Malaysia at least. When an independent minded citizen is identified, various measures to ensure the inability to run for election are put into place : 1) Isolation in society via embarrassing events (carried out by the government proxy’s or polityical party members’ children or friends) so that negative personalities form in a manner prevent normal interactions. Friendships that occur will be limited to incidental or government ‘handler’ types. SOme politicalparties function as cartels of social method bullies to prevent independent minded politicians from infleuncing independent thought. 2) Sabotage via NLPs to those who cannot be ‘turned’ by unpleasant interaction from government action. 3) Any number of factions within government can intentionally cause trouble or delay paperwork etc. for independent minded citizens. 4) Telepathy synthetic (via radiowave stimulation) or natural (Pavlovian), otherwise inducement of obesessive sexual, drinking or drug habits. 5) Creation of indirect external situations – car accidents, rude neighbours, thefts, death of pets. 6) Creation of situations that cause loss of reputation, that sabotage family relationships so that they will be busy ‘appeasing’; rather than addressing political and social problems. 7) Collusion with religious establishment (which is a tool of control) 8) Inducement into taking up dangerous or fringe causes, arrestable offenses, if drug and alcohol habits cannot be effected. 9) Collusion with psychiatric establishment (which is licensed by the government currently in power) to destroy concentration and stigmatise in society. 10) Implantation of neurotech implants etc.. that identify ‘functioning’ mental cases. 11) Imprisoning for political activities, baiting into rallies or violent protests (the government can underestimate the numbers who may turn up and here is where popular revolutions can occur) 12) Causing the death of the person in an accident or via food poisoning is the last resort. At the top of the group is the Oligarchy or Nepotistic politician who endorses limitless terms. It seems that stressing out or causing suffering to others somehow empowers the above groups, so the less well off or vicious citizens willingly participate. This is how military or civilian’s coups are caused. When a person or group of deprived persons have no recourse to participation in society, the less principled turn to criminality as their reputation has been destroyed via rumours or intentionally created scenarios (think various sex ‘scandals and the use of religion/morality as a weapon which does not exist among atheists who do know that the only thing that matters is QUALITY OF POLICY WRITING – not morality or what they do in private or off time not on the taxpayers money) rendering them unable to function in society, neural implants or chemical poisoning broadcasts their thoughts, so they have no privacy etc.. This is the general method that can destroy would be politicians (the general method to destroy non 1% citizens is in above article 1) without the messy murder or other uncivilised action, so would be politicians be cautious and do not embrace religion in a manner that makes no common sense. We want politicians to write FAIR POLICY, nothing else, then for them to get the hell out of Parliament after 2 terms, not ‘hold on to power’ as so-called careerists try to do (and later impose their limited often corrupted and unethical mindsets/faith-preferences via policies that the same term limitless politicians LIKE instead of what benefits as many constituents as possible. The nation belongs to everyone, not a clique of murderous and unethical citizens with their family blocs in all major bureaaucratic branches, business interests etc.. Everyone who can make themselves into politicians should not prevented to by politicians who think LIMITLESS TERMS, NO ASSET DECLARATIONS, FAMILY BLOCS in government/big business and BAD LAWS will be tolerated. They are a dividing force, a bullying force, a force that forces entire nations into their own likeness – this is a sign of religious indoctrination doubtless, and they set out to propagate that same sickness upo society. Summary : LIMITLESS TERMS supporters, NO ASSET DECLARATION types, FAMILY BLOC politicians, EXTREME WEALTH politicians, THEOCRATIC politicians are UNVOTABLE. So as th 99% the onus is upon you to prevent this 1% cult of personality types from gaining power. Study their backgrounds and run for election yourselves if no candidates are available.


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