New Hampshire restaurant bans all politicians – by Katerina Nikolas – Jan 7, 2012

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The owner of “Colby’s Breakfast and Lunch” restaurant in Portsmouth, NH., has banned politicians before the Primary. He says “I don’t appreciate Joe Blow coming in here and whoring around the dining room for votes.”

As White House hopefuls descend on New Hampshire for the January 10 Primary, one restaurant in Portsmouth has taken exception to what the owner believes is rude politicians and their entourage invading his eatery. Jeremy Colby, owner of “Colby’s Breakfast and Lunch” has banned politicians from entering his diner. If they decide to do a spot of campaigning on his premises they will be greeted with the sign “No Politicians No Exceptions.”

Colby defends his unusual course of action by explaining that politicians burst in unannounced, followed by cameras, not to eat but to campaign. Colby said “There is no forewarning and all of a sudden they come in and we are overrun by cameras and blah, blah and blah,” Gather reported. He added “We’re trying to run a business here and this whole meet-and-greet and vote for me deal is very distractive and disruptive, not only to our staff but to our customers. It’s hard and I find it very rude.”
State Impact quote Colby saying “I don’t appreciate Joe Blow coming in here and whoring around the dining room for votes.”

A waiter told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 that “We had some disturbances with politicians coming in and tying up the dining room, slowing down and spreading their agenda and just interrupting our clienteles’ breakfast and disrupting the atmosphere.” It turns out that Rick Perry, Michele Bachman, and Buddy Roemer have been disrupting the diner since the summer.

Colby may well be fed up of politicians disrupting his business, but his decision to ban them has given him some wonderful publicity.

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Hear hear! The only ethical restaurant in NH, and an ethical strongman shows society how to reverse snub the sense of entitlement politician s have given themselves. Perhaps a star rating should be dependent on such ethical stands as well i.e. :-

1 star for disallowing politicians during elections
2 stars for disallowing ALL politicians at all times
3 stars for disallowing civil servants as well
4 stars for disallowing all uniformed groups and NGOs
5 stars for disallowing all government linked company workers and political party members as well (a veritable paragon of neutrality at this point worthy of UN or whatever Peace awards – also the best plce to have a meal without an agenda somehow in the aura of the food . . . )

We are at a restaurant to eat, and not to empower or allow politicians to empower themselves! Good reminder on this aspect of neutral society Jeremy Colby!


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