Overview On Wealth Distribution in Context of USA – by @AgreeToDisagree – 22nd November 2011

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Here are some extrapolations on Wealth ‘castes’ and a general commentary on wealth distribution with respect to USA’s current situation.

30% of the 88.09% are worth 5K and below The Destitute

50% of the 88.09% are worth 50k and below The Poor 20% of the 88.09% are worth 500K and below Middle Class Productive Classes

The above 88.09% are worth 500K and below Working Classes

The 10% are worth 5 million and below 50 million Leisurely Classes (Work optional Classes) 20M limit . . .

The 1% are worth 50 million and below 500 million Extremely Wealthy (Predatory Classes)

The 0.01% (the 1% of the 1%) are worth 5 billion and above Obscenely Wealthy (Wealth Sequestering Classes)

The 0.0001% (the 1% of the 1% of the 1%) are worth 20 billion+ Obscenely Wealthy (Wealth Sequestering Classes) Americans are not jungle animals with no concept of civilisation or reciprocity. If your home country is at war or in debt, it is the billionaire’s patriotic duty to GIVE BACK to the country in times of need. You accrued that wealth under protection and shelter and from ‘nation’ when times were good, now stop being a ‘fairweather citizen’ and give back to the starving and poor, clear the debts of the government that made your profit possible in good tines. Also sequestration of wealth is meaningless. This of course is CAPITALISM’s failure. At any moment when Communism or better good of HUMANITY is considered, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MONEY. Think and act or die with one’s host country or run like a traitor to a tax haven, hide the money in secret accounts. If those gains are ill gotten then the onus will be on the tax haven nation AND Interpol to do the necessary to ensure Justice is served the ‘fairweather citizen’ afflicted nation . . .

USA has enough billionaires to clear it’s debt instantaneously. Whats the Secret Service doing about this imbalance? Secret Service agents can also be laid off. So write those laws or interpret laws in a way that saves your country rather than bullying via TSA or what not . . . i.e. if someone sequestering 20 billion has 19.08 billion taken away to save the country from ‘terrorists’ and what not, leaving only 20 million in assets for their personal used, EVEN THEN, very little sympathy would be felt by anyone subsisting on that 401K or even 802K, with those holding 6.4 or even 12.8 million not feeling too much outrage either


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