Utopia – Capitalism with Socialist Caps on Personal Wealth – US$20 Million – This is here because I personally feel FB is finished.

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MANKIND IS ENSLAVED by a small percentage of the population so we need to lobby across all Governments for all World Citizens for these rights (This list may not be complete) :

1) Free Water and Electricity (Reasonable Amount Assigned Monthly) Malaysia, State of Selangor currently gives some water free.

2) Free Staple Food (Example : Hare Krishna Food for Life, New York’s Soup Kitchen International, Food Not Bombs, Weaver Street Market North Carolina)

3) Free Primary, Secondary and University Education (Sweden, Finland, Denmark / Ireland / Sri Lanka / Brazil are ahead of all countries)

4) Free Public Transport (Hasselt in Belgium / Luben in Germany / Logan and Cache Valley Utah in USA, – others)

5) Free Healthcare (Truly developed nations)

6) Distribute Land Among all World Citizens (Examples are Bolivia and Andhra Pradesh) OR Build Reasonably Sized Tax Free Housing for Citizens for Assignment to all Citizens without Properties (Homes)

7) Abolish Road Tax / Abolish Road Tolls / Abolish Property and Income Tax for Unemployed, Low and Middle Income Citizens

The targetted traffic volume used by Concessionaires is very high and will never be achieved. This way they keep obtaining toll rate increases. The government is not doing it’s job, why do we even pay taxes at all? In Canada toll highways disappeared, for the most part, in the 1970s and 1980s. In many cases Road Tolls cost more than petrol. We propose that no more than 5-15% of an individuals income may be charged from usage of Concession Road Toll Booths. (I.e. $1000 salary earners will pay toll up to $150, from then on they may not be charged toll fees . . . )

This limit is to ensure democratic freedom of movement and prevents wealth based limits on freedom of movement. Freedom of Movement is a Human Right. No toll operator has the right to deny anyone that.

Average Road Tolls per Kilometer in US$

0.01 USA Oregon (Tolled roads only exist in 26 states)
0.24 Santiago
0.24 Japan
1.60 USA Washington
3.78 Malaysia
4.11 Indonesia
6.33 Thailand
7.68 China
9.89 The Philippines

8) Abolish all Conscriptions and Military Drafts (GOOD COUNTRIES : Australia / Bangladesh / Bosnia and Herzegovina / France / Hungary / Japan / Jamaica / Jordan / Lebanon / Macedonia / New Zealand / Qatar / Romania / Rwanda / Saudi Arabia / Slovenia / South Africa / Spain / Tonga / UK / US has had a questionable stance since 2008 with it’s ‘Brown Shirt Movement’. . . )

9) Destroy Existing Stockpiles of Nuclear Weapons. They are a waste of space and resources. (USA has made initiatives to reduce stockpiles – this is still inadequate, considering that Nuclear weapons can irradiate hundreds of miles for decades)

10) Abolish Death Penalty (BACKWARD COUNTRIES : Singapore, Japan and the U.S. are the only fully developed countries that have retained the death penalty.)

(Optional) Abolish all Political Parties
(Optional) Islam’s concept of a interest free society . . .

“I want to close down the Federal Reserve”— Ron Paul

” In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. … This is the shabby secret of the welfare statists’ tirades against gold. Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as a protector of property rights. If one grasps this, one has no difficulty in understanding the statists’ antagonism toward the gold standard. ” — Alan Greenspan

OIL PRICES Compared (Historic)

WORST 3 (Is this uncontrolled profiteering ? )
8.87 Netherlands
7.77 Denmark
7.73 Germany

BEST 3 (Fuel subsidies make these places rock !)
0.33 Nigeria
0.26 Turkmenistan
0.15 Venezuela

“Men cannot be enslaved politically until they have been disarmed ideologically. When they are so disarmed, it is the victims who take the lead in the process of their own destruction.” — Ayn Rand, Russian-American Philosopher (1905-1982).

Updated version in 29th April 2010

There are 817 Billionaire Plutocrats in the world today NOT SHARING their wealth equitably. With the top 10 billionaires holding nearly 260 Billion in sequestered funds. Assuming an average of 5 billion for the other 807 plutocrats, we would have a total of * 4 Trillion * Dollars in sequestered wealth by Billionaires. This is not yet counting Multi-Millionaires which lets say at an average of 10000 per country valued at 20 Million each, 38,400,000 individuals in total whose value comes to 768 Trillion. This also does not count in unregistered and politically sequestered wealth via proxy companies and accounts which could dwarf the sum listed here. Meanwhile millions around the world are starving or live in horrendous conditions for decades.

This total sequestered wealth by the Plutocracy is 772 Trillion doing nobody any good while less than 1% of that is used for charity. Lets say proxy and unregistered wealth is 3 times that, so this comes to a grand total of 3088 Trillion or 3.089 Quadrillion in sequestered funds.

Now, the sum total of the world’s debt in 2008 was stated to be $54.6 Trillion which makes sequestered wealth of plutocrats 56.5 times what world debt stands at in 2008. If this is the wealth distribution system of Capitalism, we are headed for a dim and plutocrat dominated future indeed.

This is not counting the purported 33 Trillion in wealth personally sequestered by the Queen of England and not yet counting the other remnants of Manarchs around the world. Shame on those who claim to be mankind’s greatest if they stand by while billions suffer lives of misery while their wealth lies fallow under a handful of Monarchs who do not deserve to rule anyone due to the sheer thoughtlessness in not distributing resources that belong to all MANKIND, that they and their families would never be able to use even in a 1000 generations. There is nothing Kingly or Noble about such individuals, they are selfish, they are cloistered, non-participative in the reality of the people who make grow food, make goods, build buildings, keep utilities running . . .

The wealth of the world belongs to all men, and men who do not lift a finger to aid the world in it’s time of need are not citizens of any nation but greedy criminals who have stood by while billions suffered and died over the past few and future decades.

What paradigm of soft revolution can begin with UN, NAM, IMF or it’s equivalents unless – CAPITALISM WITH SOCIALIST LIMITS ON PERSONAL WEALTH is implemented post haste?

There is the issue of land as well. The lands of the world also belong to all men and not a handful of individuals who let land remain idle instead of letting their fellow man till and cultivate these lands and grow strong from the fruits of their labour. Note the largest five personal landowners on Earth :

Queen Elizabeth II – 6,600 million acres
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia – 553 million acres
King Bhumibol of Thailand – 126 million acres
King Mohammed IV of Morocco – 113 million acres
Sultan Quaboos of Oman – 76 million acres

Collectively they own 7.468 Billion acres of land which could be re-distributed at 1 acre to a person to assure food sustainability and end poverty INSTANTANEOUSLY. But they have not. Perhaps after reading the issues on this group they would, IF they are as noble minded as rulers and holders of cultures should be. This is not counting the other TRILLIONS of acres sequestered by other landowners who are not sharing the bounty of the land with their fellow human beings.

Repent and share O’ye great Monarchs, for cursed you will be in the eyes of billions and the higher powers. Cursed will also be your descendants as well if SHARING with MANKIND does not take place IMMEDIATELY to alleviate the suffering of BILLIONS . . . Your Majesties, please do the morally correct thing and END the misery of the suffering billions in the world (or at least your own citizen-subjects) by SHARING the wealth of this planet with all.

World Governments MUST make it a crime to own more than 20 Million, otherwise the future will be dominated by a handful of actual Monarchs and a Crypto-Monarchic Oligarchy of Plutocrats while billions suffer poor quality lives and a select few, as in the barbarity of the ancient world enjoy lives at everyone else’s expense.

Capitalism is a failure, use aspects of Communism and Socialism to solve the problem. (I.e. Put a cap on Personal Assets – I.e. USD$20M – These funds from the super rich (above US$20M) will be used to better conditions in the worst parts of the world . . .)

Uncontrolled hoarding of wealth is the issue with Capitalism. Wealth distribution is a critical factor in preventing dictatorship by the Plutocracy as well as manipulation of commodities markets and currencies for profiteering.


The other is nepotism from political dynasties and cronyism or via buying of votes. With the personal asset cap, bribery within government becomes limited. Prohibitions against relatives (especially children) of former post holders from succeeding political or bureaucratic posts must be imposed.

*Sample Prohibitions To Safeguard Democracy :

(1) Children / nephews / nieces of Presidents / Prime Ministers / Ministers CANNOT become President, Prime Minister, Minister, MP or Heads of Government Bureaus and decision making Panels.

(2) Children / Nieces / Nephews of Ministers or Heads of Government Bureaus and decision making Panels cannot become Senior Officials in such Ministries and Bureaus.

Please support this group. Petitions will be prepared for signing and distributed worldwide. 1 Billion members for Equitable Wealth Distribution !


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