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Indian outcast millionaire mulls caste, riches – by TIM SULLIVAN – 25th December 2011

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AGRA, India (Associated Press) — As far back as he can remember, people told Hari Kishan Pippal that he was unclean, with a filthiness that had tainted his family for centuries. Teachers forced him to sit apart from other students. Employers sometimes didn’t bother to pay him. Pippal is a Dalit, a member of the outcast community once known as untouchables. Born at the bottom of Hinduism’s complex social ladder, that meant he could not eat with people from higher castes or drink from their wells. He was not supposed to aspire to a life beyond that of his father, an illiterate cobbler. Years later, he still won’t repeat the slurs that people called him. Now, though, people call him something else. They call him rich.

Pippal owns a hospital, a shoe factory, a car dealership and a publishing company. He owns six cars. He lives in a maze of linked apartments in a quiet if dusty neighborhood of high walls and wrought-iron gates. “In my heart I am Dalit. But with good clothes, good food, good business, it is like I am high-caste,” he said, a 60-year-old with a shock of white hair, a well-tailored vest and the girth of a Victorian gentleman. Now, he points out, he is richer than most Brahmins, who sit at the top of the caste hierarchy: “I am more than Brahmin!” But in an increasingly globalized nation wrestling with centuries of deeply held caste beliefs, there is little agreement about what that means. Do Pippal and the handful of other dalit millionaires reflect a country shrugging off centuries of caste bias? Does caste hold still hold sway the way it used to? Even Hari Kishan Pippal isn’t sure. “Life is good for me,” says Pippal, sitting in his office in Heritage Hospital, one of the largest private medical facilities in this north Indian city. “But life is very bad for many, many people.”

The vast majority of India’s 170 million dalits live amid a thicket of grim statistics: less than a third are literate, well over 40 percent survive on less than $2 a day, infant mortality rates are dramatically higher than among higher castes. Dalits are far more likely than the overall population to be underweight, and far less likely to get postnatal care. While caste discrimination has been outlawed for more than 60 years, and the term “untouchable” is now taboo in public, thousands of anti-dalit attacks occur every year. Hundreds of people are killed. The stories spill from India’s newspapers: the 14-year-old dalit strangled because he shared his first name with a higher-caste boy; the 70-year-old man and his disabled daughter burned alive after a dalit-owned dog barked at higher-caste neighbors; the man run over at a gas station because he refused to give up his place in line to a high-caste customer.

But amid centuries of caste tradition that can seem immutable, there has been slow change. In an extensive survey by the Center for the Advanced Study of India at the University of Pennsylvania, researchers found that dalits living in concrete homes, not huts made from mud and straw, had jumped from 18 percent to 64 percent between 1990 and 2007 in one north Indian district. Ownership of various household goods — fans, chairs, pressure cookers and bicycles — had skyrocketed over the same period. It also found a weakening of some caste traditions, with, for example, far fewer dalits being seated separately at non-dalit weddings. While most dalits still support themselves as rural laborers, there is also a growing dalit middle class, many of them civil servants who have benefited from affirmative action laws.

“Caste is losing its grip,” said Chandra Bhan Prasad, a dalit writer, social scientist and one-time Marxist militant who has become a leading voice urging the dalit poor to see the virtues of capitalism. In a consumer society, Prasad argues, wealth can trump caste — at least some of the time. Growing economies also foster urbanization, he says, allowing low-caste Indians to escape traditional village strictures. Finally, economic growth also means that the traditional merchant castes are not large enough to fill every job. “This means other castes also have a chance” in the business world, Prasad said. To Prasad, the new millionaires are a way to prove that dalits can make it in a globalized world.

“Don’t say (success) is not possible because of the caste system,” he said. “Here is a list of dalits who are doing so well.” The list is impressive, even if its members are far from India’s traditional centers of wealth, power and celebrity. They are, for the most part, blue-collar rich, often finding their niches in less-glamorous industries: building working-class housing developments, manufacturing immense concrete pipes, churning out cheap polyester shirts. No one knows how many wealthy dalit entrepreneurs have emerged since India opened its economy in the early 1990s, sparking some of the world’s fastest economic growth. Hundreds certainly, maybe thousands. They are also increasingly visible. A decade ago, dalit businessmen regularly changed their last names, since these almost always identify someone’s caste. Even Pippal did it at first, playing off the pronunciation of his name and calling his first company “People’s Exports” to mask his caste background. Now, the dalit rich are chatting over cocktails at meetings of their own chamber of commerce, and setting up booths at dalit trade fairs.

Top government officials are talking about a venture capital fund to make financing more easily available to entrepreneurs from India’s outcast communities. The wealthiest, meanwhile, have become darlings of the Indian media, held up as proof that modern India is an increasingly caste-blind society. Nonsense, says Anand Teltumbde, a prominent dalit activist. “These stories (about successful dalits) sit well with the middle class,” said Teltumbde, who is a grandson of B.R. Ambedkar, an independence-era dalit lawyer revered as a hero by dalits across India. “The entire world has changed … but the number of well-off dalits is no more than 10 percent. Ninety percent of dalits live a dilapidated kind of life.” As for Pippal, he finds himself uncomfortably in the middle of this debate. He is a rich dalit who thinks very little has changed for India’s outcasts, a man who credits his own success to hard work and one enormous advantage: ego.

“From my childhood, I was thinking one day I will be a big man,” he said. Raised in poverty, he only made it through high school before his father became ill, and he had to go to work pulling a rickshaw to support the family. His first break came when he married a dalit woman from a slightly better-off family that owned a small shoe workshop. Dalits have long dominated the shoe business. (Heres something someone that was hijacked into tarring a whole race should reflect on, that a entire city could nearly have been tarred with . . . )

Caste is largely a reflection of traditional trades, and since making shoes involved working with the skins of dead animals, it was left to dalits. But Pippal shifted the focus of his father-in-law’s workshop, concentrating on high-quality shoes and teaching himself a slew of languages — English, Tamil, Punjabi, Russian, German — to sell his footwear more widely. Today, he owns a 300-worker factory where 500 handmade shoes are turned out every day, then packed into boxes already marked with prices in euros and British pounds. The expensive ones retail for as much as $500 a pair. He used his footwear profits to start the small Honda dealership, and then the hospital. Immense profits are being made in India’s private health care industry, as the new middle class seeks alternatives to the often-questionable care at most public hospitals. “I didn’t know ABC about hospitals,” Pippal said, laughing his barking laugh.

He gleefully talks about the Brahmin doctors who at first worked for him very reluctantly. “Now they are earning lot of money from this hospital,” he said. Of course, so is Pippal. He’s still a long way from being a billionaire, but says his businesses have a total turnover of about $12 million a year. At first glance, Heritage Hospital doesn’t look state-of-the-art. Pippal’s office has stained green carpeting and paint coming away in bubbly clumps. On a recent day, masons were working near the main entrance, forcing patients to enter through a dark hallway beneath his Honda dealership, which is next door. Janitors do little but move around the dirt with wet rags. But it is cleaner and has more resources than the public hospitals most Indians must rely upon. Pippal proudly ticks off its assets: 150 beds, 187 doctors, a range of care from oncology to plastic surgery. In so many ways, Pippal has proven himself a success. He is rich. He is greeted with respect on the streets. His children went to good schools, and grew up with friends from across the caste spectrum. Yet he also believes that he remains, very often, a figure of quiet contempt. “These people are very bloody clever,” Pippal said of the high-caste businessmen with whom he deals. “When there are profits to be made, then everything (about his caste) is OK.” “But in their mind, they’re thinking: ‘He is a Dalit.'”

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

” Now, though, people call him something else. ” Those are the people, especially those of higher caste than you Pippal, who need to be dropped from their current caste status. If money can turn their heads, blind their eyes to the spiritual right by material emanations, then they do not deserve to be of that caste they are in or even Hindu, as they will sell out India if enough money is seen. Money is not the yardstick of caste stature.

When Pippal said ‘In my heart I am Dalit.’ then later said ‘I am more than Brahmin!’ he showed the wavering ethics of the lower castes that those who were swayed by dalit wealth despite their higher spiritual birth status. Principles and rules cannot be deviated from, and if society is to retain it’s structured mobility and not degenerate into free for alls that end up with billionaire Sudra actors in Holly or Bolly wood while learned academics and pious priests languis in poverty, such a state would anger the the natural scheme of things for certain, which is why USA has been plagued by misfortune, or even India!

As for raising of caste stature, there could be generational purification protocols established in the Hindu caste system. For example for the Dalit to move up to Sudra Caste, 7 generations could past with Pippal’s descendants marrying into the Sudra caste after which the dalit status would be raised to Sudra. Then another 7 generations of this newly minted Sudra could specifically marry Vaisya caste persons to rise to Kshatriya caste, 7 more, Kshatriya caste persons to be raised to Kshatriya caste at the end of the 7th generation of being Vaisya. Then finally Brahmin etc..

This is very much like working off a curse (of low caste stature) if anything. But yes for this generation Pippal will ALWAYS be a Dalit. Move up the spiritual ladder in a respectful manner Pippal, your wealth will be your guarantee to the raising of caste of your descendants, barring any sins or cutthroat actions in raising that wealth. A decade ago, dalit businessmen regularly changed their last names, since these almost always identify someone’s caste. This is CHEATING, though at the 7th generation of purification, the right to change a name could be considered.

Though to espouse positivism and not to keep Dalits in a belittled state as humanely correct, when Chandra Bhan Prasad said “Caste is losing its grip,” he does not consider that wealth is not spirituality or caste status, cannot change caste status. Never mistake that fact Pippal and in 28 generations following everything in all due fairness for your faith as considered/suggested above, I am certain the people will not consider you a Dalit by then. Delhi was not built in a day, and raising of caste not in 1 generation. With the stepped and numerologically correct suggestion for caste mobility, the caste system relevant as a part of Hindu culture that obviously the Western media would like to destroy so that India will lost another part of it’s culture. Meanwhile all Dalits doing well should enjoy their wealth in an appropriate manner while raising their status via marriage generationally.

‘If you knew who I am, you wouldn’t tangle with me’: Shame of road rage dentist who broke OAP’s cheekbone and knocked out his teeth – By Nick Enoch – Last updated at 1:54 PM on 11th January 2012

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Ex-Army major Shaun Edwards clashed with 67-year-old during morning rush hour
Edwards given four-month jail term, suspended for two years
General Dental Council suspends his fitness to practise for second year

Shaun Edwards (pictured), 46, was spared jail after he admitted the ‘appalling and terrifying’ attack on 67-year-old Albert Finney. A road rage dentist who knocked out a pensioner’s teeth and broke his cheekbone with a single blow has been banned from the profession for a second year.

Shaun Edwards, 46, was spared jail after he admitted the ‘appalling and terrifying’ attack on 67-year-old Albert Finney.  The former Army major leapt out of his black BMW and issued his victim with the chilling warning: ‘If you knew who I am, you wouldn’t tangle with me.’

Edwards, who at the time was running the Sneyd Dental Practice in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, was handed a four-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, when he appeared in court.

He was suspended for 12 months in January 2011 after a General Dental Council committee ruled his fitness to practise was impaired by reason of his conviction. After the case was reviewed one year on, the GDC committee decided Edwards’ suspension should continue.

Lydia Barnfather, for the GDC, had told how Edwards clashed with Mr Finney during the morning rush hour on November 30, 2009, in Festival Park, Cobridge, Stoke.

Mr Finney, a cleaning contractor, was at the wheel of his red van when Edwards suddenly pulled out causing him to slam on the brakes.

Further down the road, Edwards’ BMW ended up getting blocked by Mr Finney, who got out of his van ‘to explain’, said the solicitor.

Ms Barnfather said: ‘Mr Edwards got out of his vehicle and walked back to Mr Finney. ‘In an appalling and terrifying moment of loss of self-control, Mr Edwards attacked him. ‘His recollection was there was a headbutt and a punch. ‘He describes a punch with his right fist to the bottom of his left side jaw.

‘He felt his nose bleeding and put a hanky to his nose.’

Edwards, a dentist and former Army major, choked back tears as he described the road rage incident in Newcastle-under-Lyme (above) as a ‘terrible era’

The victim exclaimed: ‘Are you crazy?’ and the dentist replied: ‘If you knew who I am, what I’ve done and what I’ve been through, you wouldn’t tangle with me.’  Edwards was interviewed by police three days later, when he claimed he was defending himself against Mr Finney and only went for him with a ‘girlish swing’. ‘At this stage I think he is going to assault me, or trying and assault me again,’ he said. ‘I put my head down and swung at him in a non-accurate manner.’

Edwards admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm at Stoke-On-Trent Crown Court on May 26, 2010. In addition to the suspended sentence, he was ordered to pay Mr Finney £7,474 compensation, plus £1,200 court costs.  He was also ordered to complete 220 hours of unpaid work.

The married father-of-two, who grew up in Cannock, Staffordshire, and qualified in Liverpool, choked back tears as he described the affair as a ‘terrible era’. At the initial hearing, he said: ‘I totally overreacted. ‘The shame I’ve brought on myself, the practice, the profession, the remorse is almost overwhelming at times.

‘I’d like to apologise to Mr Finney if he was here.

‘If I can offer reassurance that it won’t happen again, I’d like to do so now. ‘It is a very, very painful experience. I would not like to be here again.’

GDC committee chairman Howard Jones said at his review hearing: ‘The committee, having listened to representations from both sides, has decided that, in the interests of justice and  consistent with the decision already taken on sanction, the suspension should take immediate effect.’

The suspension order will be reviewed again in one year’s time.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Major Edwards should challenge the 220 hours of unpaid work as irrelevant and offer to attend and complete an anger management course with any counselling or perhaps military counsellors recommended by the court instead.

220 hours unpaid work is just taking advantage of Edwards than anything else, and has no relevance to the offence, nor will 220 hours unpaid work help Edwards better control anger to prevent another similar situation. At the same time, the ‘victim’ Finney should also be made to see a counsellor about his mode of interaction that led Edwards to think he was going to be assaulted and to pre-emptively strike Finney to avoid being hurt. Kinda jumpy for a military man isn’t he? Thought they were trained to be calmer, especially officers.

Imprisoning at the taxpayer’s expense though is wrong again, has no relevance at all. The suspended 4 month sentence should be scrapped and replaced by the above suggestions instead, contributes to the economy, allows Finney to remain productive during the suspended sentence and will be far cheaper, as well as gives some business and experience to the counselling establishment instead.

General Exchanges Between Sequestration and SHaring Paradigm persons – April 30, 2010 at 7:11am – reposted Jan 2012 after Facebook removes Discussion tab.

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April 30, 2010 at 7:11am · Like · Comment

Alex Tan why so angry donaldson? give us the liberty to exist hahahah
May 2, 2010 at 2:16am
Marah Freedom Sharing of wealth at a USD$20 million level isn’t too little for you is it? How many billion do you need to live a normal life?
May 3, 2010 at 12:09pm
Donaldson Tan Compulsion of sharing wealth is THEFT. How can you guys support such an unethical act?
May 3, 2010 at 12:20pm
Marah Freedom I don’t think anyone needs USD$20 million to live a meaningful life. And I am not talking about GIVING to people already with millions but prioritising those with crippling debts to their pigeonhole apartment homes or rabbit hutch terraces, aiding people are dying from lack of opportunity or having no education, or funding welfare services, medical aid centres, do you consider wealth that belongs to everyone being put to such uses theft?

Such accrued and sequestered wealth above the level of USD$20 million is often gained unconstitutionally as well via closed tenders, arbitrary awards of contracts, printing and distribution of fiat, use of state apparatus to impose illegal tax systems. Is that sort of wealth, not stolen from the people to begin with? That sort of wealth is further used to create artificial shortages via hoarding of commodities to the detriment of the general consumer, is that not a form of theft or unethical to the point of illegality as least?

The wealth of the world belongs to all mankind, if you have TOO MUCH (i.e. above 20 million), then it’s time to cull the fat and give it to those in dire need . . .
May 4, 2010 at 6:52am
Antares M Poor Donaldson! His daddy must be worth bloody billions and if most of it was confiscated by God orthis Facebook Group, Donaldson’s lifestyle would be terribly cramped. @Donaldson, I’m not exactly an advocate of coercion by any means. However, the planet is in a hostage situation and I certainly favor disarming our captors – by force if necessary, and I feel it is now absolutely necessary, because it doesn’t appear at all likely they will drop their guns and surrender to the notion of natural justice and the divinity that dwells within every living cell. Problem is, what force can we apply on the plutocratic elite to make them comply – since they own all law enforcement agencies and every lethal weapon on earth, as well as all mass media save for sections of the internet? For now, the fact that this Facebook group exists greatly comforts me – as it reveals that there are at least a handful of humans looking at the big picture and coming up with possible ways to resolve the problems we face as a species on the verge of suicide through greed and stupidity compounded by arrogance.
October 10, 2010 at 10:51am
Jere Hodges Jr This is merely an effort increase through guilt that which cannot be obtained the old-fashioned way: by earning it.
January 29, 2011 at 7:24pm
Marah Freedom Nothing can be earned. It, and the Universe all belongs to *us*. If we refuse to do any services, or lift a finger, the greatest government much less a handful of plutocrat will find that everything they own, especially fiat or digits on a computer are worth NOTHING. The goods they own cannot be eaten or used and will rot and be wasted. This is the essence of civilisation BEYOND the Industrial and though not the automated Technological paradigm.

BUT as we are not yet at fully automated stage yet, you are at our mercy. If ALL operators, technicians and scientists BOYCOTT everything, nothing will work. What you can only do is just kill those who refuse to work except for subsistence, and that would make you a barbarian, even as your method of thought creates barbarism via non-sovereign individual paradigms which espouse equestration of wealth to no end.

Are you civilised and godlike, giving and sharing, or demonic selfish and greedy, binding people to do your work in an unequal relationship. If barter trade comes into play, all fiat and electronic currency ends. So how wil you make any person work for you? Who will obey you much less worship the non-existent money that they create with their efforts?

Civilisation is more than thuggery, and nobody can force anyone. This world belongs to all, want to test it? We could all walk out of your company to prove a test case point. Or just bully and threaten to kill everyone in. Such thoughts though would certainly attract retribution from *those* watching. An asteroid, a solar flare, or a few disgruntled employees, or a man setting himself alight as in Tunisia could bring everything crashing down.

So are you more that *I*? No. I which we all are, won’t do *your* work unless it is for everyone and not *you*, then what can you do? Bend minds with technology? Even that will fail as providence will put paid to whatever is not yours to claim – which is in fact – nothing, zilch nada, zero, no more than what anyone can claim. Do you think your guards will obey you? They might as well throw you out and take over the operation.

Play the EQUAL or be finished. The wealth and lands of the world belong to all, save for responsibile propagation of human kind, there is no other responsibilty in the temporl realm, though the spiriatula one is an entirely differentone altogether, so let the third world minded beware, their attitudes towards material objects have betrayed their underdeveloped souls.
January 31, 2011 at 2:36am
Jere Hodges Jr There cannot be equality when there is not equality of effort. Would you reward the lazy with the efforts of the industrious? Would you steal from the industrious to support the lazy?

No one “makes” anyone else work for them – that is slavery. But people enter into consensual work relationships – where one man is paid to provide labor to another. Is either man, then, more honorable than the other? No. But the communist would say that the worker is more honorable than the employer.

One of the major flaws with the communist utopian mindset is the “settle for” conundrum. When the workers own the means of production – there is no incentive to improve upon what already exists. If what already exists is “good enough” – why improve it? Why? Because the conditions under which it is “good enough” are bound to change – and so “good enough” will quickly become insufficient. There is no mechanism in pure communism to combat that.
January 31, 2011 at 10:21am
Marah Freedom One man sits in a 20K sq ft office drinking whisky and making casual calls, the other slogs in a sweatshop or construction site for 2 or 3 shifts. Equality of effort? Doesn’t seem like it. Whats so communist utopian mindset? Its supposed to be limits on sequestration of wealth.

Also try MAXIMUM wage based and salary increments or bnuses based on performance of a company. If a company makes losses, NO 100 Million bonuses for fat cat exec. To be proactive, if a company makes losses, fat cat should PAY BACK bonuses given in better years, not quit the company and retire or parasite another company.

Even further, try not being allowed to sell ANY stocks until formally retired. Painful? No. But just corporate responsibility, corporate loyalty to ensure best practices and genuine efforts, not golden parachutes at the investor’s expense.
February 1, 2011 at 10:00am

General Exchange Between Sequestration Minded and Sharing Minded People – January 29, 2011 at 7:20pm Reposted in Jan 2012 after the Discussion Tab in Facebook was removed.

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Jere Hodges Jr Last question: what do you do with the person who just will not work to support themselves? I really want to know your answer. Do you not believe those people exist?
January 29, 2011 at 7:20pm · Like · Comment
Jere Hodges Jr
Jere Hodges Jr One other question: Why $20 million? Shouldn’t people be able to live a satisfactory life on $10 million? 5? $250,000?

But again – I’m back to the basic question: how do you collect it without murdering millions?
January 29, 2011 at 7:19pm · Like · Comment
Jere Hodges Jr
Jere Hodges Jr I’ve admittedly joined this group out of morbid curiosity and a need to explore for information.

My first question is this: By what means would the wealth which is spoken of here be collected and then redistributed? What means would be implemented to prevent those involved in the collecting and redistributing from taking “a cut” for themselves out of what was being collected and redistributed?
January 29, 2011 at 7:15pm · Like · Comment

Jere Hodges Jr
Would the collection required the use of military force? Or would one expect such confiscation to be conducted by a police force? A mob? A voluntary surrender of property? Is your organization actually prepared for the violence that wou…See More
January 29, 2011 at 7:15pm
Marah Freedom
A boycott by service providers who have a heart for the poor should be enough. Of course it’s voluntary otherwise to be legislated into reality. Why pin the violence label like this on us? See the dove on the label? *PEACE*.

At worst court cases? Its not like everything would be taken away in any case, and 20 million is 20 times more than a millionaire has and certainly lives comfortably by. Thats 50 times a 401K y’know.

I quote Rand but do not follow his works entirely. Deserts btw can be greened up in time. Real estate is indeed not, but in true application and by technicality applied out of spirit of law, we’re talking about lack of ALLODIAL titles and EMINENT DOMAIN that can be applied to Alienate land. And 6 billion refers not to England alone but all post colonial lands and other illegally annexed territories. It’s unconscionable to hear about Commonwealth subjects (outdated and arcane concept btw) being beggars or living off the dole while land could be distributed to them for at least subsistence and living space purposes. You don’t need to build a 300K sterling Council house to roof and feed a family. Give them the space to build simple but spacious homes and grow crops. The lands and welath of the world belong to everyone. Don’t threaten the poor by making them think they are not entitled. They have a right to settle an area as they need for subsistence and a home at the least. And this would cost nothing but a certificate of ALLODIAL TITLE so they will not later be trauimatized by being forced to move around.

Therefore, it is your READING of my data that is flawed, in error. Ergo, your assumptions about MY READING OF DATA are also in error. And thanks for the good luck wishes. I however can’t wish you luck in keeping people landless and homeless or insisting they remain dependent on dole when so much empty unused land is available.

Like most social engineering endeavors – you will succeed not in raising the poor to a higher standard, but only in lowering the standard so that more people are equally miserable. Thats a quick assumption. But as in Evo Morales or Fidel Castro, land has already been distributed out of kindness. I think more should follow, unless the G20 needs to collapse from quantitative easing to the point of a proleteriat revolution? 20 million is fine enough a ceiling if anything.

Why 20 million? I can’t remember when or didn’t bother to take down the link, but a few months or a year or so back (and inspired by this same site, or so we here would like to think heh), CNN stated in a report that one only needed 10 million to have a pinnacle of living standards. I propose 20 million, which is 50 times 401K. If 50 times 401K is considered lowering the standard, I’d find it hard to imagine an EQUAL WORLD even in the distant future. We cannot all be billionaires and if you think any single person is entitled to more than the others, expect another French Revolution, because like Tunisia and Egypt, the tolerance for extreme sequestration of wealth is not going to be tolerated by EQUAL Humans anymore.

What do you do with the person who just will not work to support themselves? Basic food and shelter. The rest is up to them. If mediocrity on a low level dole is fine for them, I couldn’t judge them any more than they could judge me. The world is our food and shelter, what they ‘get’ is what civilisation and the civilised are bound by a sense of ethics to abide by humanitarian principles to offer freely the bounty of the world, simply because we are that enlightened and will not leave anyone behind in the display of meaningless and petty calculativeness you seem to be displaying here or the fear of lack of means implemented to prevent those involved in the collecting and redistributing from asking “a cut” for themselves out of what was being collected and redistributed?

The last point probably will have to be Transparent Accounts vetted by Public Trustees and independent auditors, public listings of contributions by government or private individuals on websites (no hidden checques or anonymous donors pls) and a wholly voluntary structure for ALL personnel so that it does not become like one of those corrupt religious institutions.

Try the below response for good measure :
February 9, 2011 at 9:27pm
Marah Freedom We obviously come from very different backgrounds but surely you cannot deny the merit and humanitarian need for wealth distribution or a ceiling for sequestration of wealth. Think it over.
February 9, 2011 at 9:29pm

Class versus Wealth – Both Not Synonymous February 16, 2011 at 12:53am

In Uncategorized on January 11, 2012 at 9:03 am

Here’s something that may be updated at anytime as I believe it is not complete, but interesting and plentiful enough to put up here for anyone to read and to learn conscience or a sense of purpose and structure with.

A = Apex (Aristocracy) / UC = Upper Class / MC = Middle Class / LC = Low Class

(1) Differentiating Class and Wealth Wealth Level (the existing wealth one has moved than kept) A Philanthropist with who Gives Away Everything (but may still run own charities) / Lives Ascetically to set an example Would run for Parliament/Senate to displace Bad Politicians who wrote and continue to write bad and unconstitutional or profiteering laws UC Philanthropist (but Race Specific In Charity) Ceiling Sequester in Wealth / Lives 401K Comfortably Refuses to Apply Tax Loopholes BUT will challenge any flawed-corrupt Tax Systems MC Sequests and invests ONLY in own country / Local Banks / Lives Ostentatiously- Occasional Splurge / Applies Tax Loopholes That Believes in LC Plutocrat but invests in other countries / Use Foreign Banks / Splurges-Loses at Gambling Moves Money to Tax Havens to avoid taxes

(2) Class Based Personal Values (Match and compare) A Philanthropy, Civilisational, Universal value / Ambivalence, balance, diversity / Equality Aware of Universal codes, may not lack anything, all encompassing views Uc Philosophy, Interreligious, Ideology etc. / narrowness-inwardness-Apartheid Aware of Ethical Codes, may lack SQ, generous to their own clade Mc Limited by tenets/practices of Religion, artisan, communalism-closedness / Binary- either/or Aware of Professional Codes, may lack EQ, practical and calculative Lc Materialism, Real-politik, Philistines / formlessness, nepotists Corrruptible, unprincipled, may lack IQ, may not turn back on these, lazy minded and undiligent Classes A or Uc, may or may not be matched by wealth or empirical intelligence or even EQ, they could dedicate time in their studies to be poorer, hence also the ‘noble savage’ or in case of intelligent ‘idiot savant’. In a 4th world or materialistic thus LC zeitgeist society, plutocracy tends to be the all in all. In a 3rd world or materialistic thus MC zeitgeist society, skill and professionalism tends to be the all in all. In a 2nd world or materialistic thus UC zeitgeist society, principles and ideologies tends to be the all in all. In a 1st world or materialistic thus A zeitgeist society, perfection tends to be the all in all.. MC (nominally skilled professional) and LC (nominally Mercantile) could have attained great wealth but it is easy to identify the plutocrat/narcissist (as opposed to the philanthropist) as the LC minded sequesterers of wealth, knowing full well others around them still suffer. Billionaire’s motto ” No 3rd World in my Backyard ! ” Remember?

(3) Participating ‘Food / Hospitality’ Outlets Type of Outlet Right to use outlet once A Every 10 meals purchased for the poor / 10 people sheltered UC Every 3 meals purchased for the poor / 3 people sheltered MC Every 1 meal purchased for the poor / 1 person sheltered LC Everyone can use LC outlets. Permanent rights to use A should be purchasable via support of state soup kitchens and homeless shelters.

(4) Honorifics/Styles Title Basis outside of exceptional personal actions or merit – Number of people sheltered via flats donated OR number of degrees sponsored. This right of style should be official (entitled to appropriate state funeral as well) and given by the state or the ruling sovereign if any. So if you see someone who has given away everything for a title, having a VIP Pass Plate on a junk of a vehicle, that award is qualified. Propose that VIPs be exempt from internal public travel expenses. All public transport free (not that they need to use, but when they do they would be recognized for their aid). External travel expenses are only allowed if official and at the invitation of the foreign government with background checks to ensure no business links are present in extended family or proxies.

HH 30000 Tk TEm 10000 T TEx 3000 Ds TMHon. 1000 Ts Hon. 300 Dt Basis for title award also must include all Apex requirements such as non-participation in – corruption / conflict of interest / vested interest / nepotism (non-corporate outfits exempt, everything else is no go).

Note on honorifics for politicians : Propose that honorifics for ALL representatives in parliament be scrapped while active (can be applied LATER by a second vote by the people AFTER 2 term limit has ended – enough indulgence of egos, if they do a bad job, NO HONORIFIC for them) as these foster exclusivity rather than inclusion. Politics and government bureaucracy are CIVIL SERVICE posts, Politicians or Committee post bearers are ALWAYS temporary with term limits, though membership in a political party is not limited and formers are not designated any title of any sort to keep them on their toes and prevent influencing minds via cult of personality or ethos. (4) Guess? Was too tacky at glance. Will work on it abit and update later.

Money can’t buy class. It can only buy trappings of class. The value system of a multi-billionaire can very well remain that of a peasant or lower life form concerned with survival. Are you merely human or a Saint? The wealth and lands of the world belong to all mankind, to think you ‘own’ anything is a sign of low class.

Beware the giant hogweed: Monster plant that can cause BLINDNESS invades New York – Marah Freedom July 7, 2011 at 8:53am

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Combine uncontrolled growth of noxious plants with irradiated areas (meaning genetic solutions will no longer be valid for control as DNA of the Hogweed becomes changed and unaffected by poisons like round up), nuke waste storage, depleted uranium ammo and potentially mutagenic/DNA-degenerating vaccines, USA will be not much in the next 3-4 generations being an overgrown GMO jungle of poisonous plants. Just like Dr. Moreau would like? (And if not careful, lots of Americans would become ‘furries’ as ‘Adoptive Measures’ to counter effects of poisonous GMOs that will be edible to only them.) Try the below site on what happened to hamsters exposed to GMOs :

Wait till this hogweed somehow breeds with spore bearing plants like the Sugi and Hinoki that grow at equal speed. Water and Air Purifier companies, Hazmat Suit and Bio-Dome manufacturers will be in for a bonanza! Anyone ready to stop an unliveable ‘Planet USA’ from occuring? Domestic Bio-Terrorism lawsuits now please!

Meanwhile NewWater’s parallel (3% grey/waste water in Singapore’s pipes), NewFood has been invented by the Japanese : Japanese Scientists Invent Steak Made from Human Poop

So much for high density Urban lifetsyles and Capitalism . . . at least in subsistence food paradigms even in the Societ era, the rain falls from the sky, comes from wells or flows from rivers, and meat really comes from animals.

Guess which elites will not be having their own private farms or rainwater collecting water table areas while YOU have grey water and reconstituted sh1t everyday? Better vote against the plutocrat or nepotistic oligarch or else!

Why Americans Avoid And Evade The Population Issue – by Frosty Wooldridge 2nd March 2011

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In this continuing series on environment and population, we drill down to the nitty-gritty of what our civilization faces by bringing you the top authors that speak up and speak out. Bill Ryerson, director of , hosts top writers that address the most pressing issue facing America and humanity in the 21st century. In a compelling piece, Dr. Richard Grossman explained why Americans and all countries ignore the population predicament accelerating by the day around the world: “Pay Attention to Population Issues”.

On average, 57 million humans die annually. Birth rates refill that 57 million and add another 80 million net gain annually. That breaks down to 10,000 additions per hour, 240,000 per day net gain. They flood into first world countries at an ever increasing rate of speed. The USA imports 3.1 million annually on its way to adding 75 million immigrants by 2035. But why don’t we address it? Dr. Grossman gives a few reasons: “A friend recently asked why people don’t pay more attention to population issues. Here is the combined list that we put together, with my comments. Do you know other reasons?

1. The increase in population is so slow that it is difficult to notice. True! But that is why we have census figures, which show that our population is rising geometrically (like compound interest). Other figures show that we are using resources that should belong to our progeny.

2. We are accustomed to looking at near causes, not ultimate causes. It is easy to see that there are more extremes of weather, and to read about climate change, but how many people actually connect those facts with the underlying cause-more people emitting greenhouse gases?

3. Population issues have to do with family size selection, and that is ultimately a personal decision. True again! Fortunately, people are choosing to have smaller families. Unfortunately, there are many barriers in their way. We need more research on safe and effective contraception, and we need to make all methods available to all people with little or no expense. An aside. Some people accuse me of advocating “population control”. Other than using the term “birth control”, I have assiduously avoided the word “control”. Indeed, I believe that people should have as many children as they want-including none. My role is to help people achieve their family size goals.

4. Religions tend to either promote large families or prohibit contraception-or both. Although I believe in freedom of religion (as does the Constitution of the United States), I also believe in the ability of people to use their God-given brains. Most religious prohibitions date back to the era when “…Be fruitful, and multiply” was more relevant.

5. Large size, whether it be vehicle or family size, is an important attribute. This seems to be a male thing. Get over it, guys!

6. Many otherwise reasonable people don’t realize that there are limits to growth. Or, perhaps, they just never thought about the possibility of limits. Our European forefathers came to a sparsely populated continent and enjoyed its bounty. Regrettably, the level of resource usage that we have enjoyed cannot go on forever.

7. The International Conference on Population and Development turned away from population and toward reproductive health (RH). The reasons were good. Concentrating on population, in India for example, had led to coercing people to be sterilized. RH would include family planning, but RH includes other important services such as prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

8. The influence of vocal anti-abortion activists. Many people who are against abortion associate population issues with abortion. Remember that the best way to slow population growth-and to prevent abortions-is with good access to modern contraception

9. The success of family planning and attention to declining birth rates. Indeed, most rich countries (and many poorer ones) have fertility rates that will eventually lead to stable population sizes-but there are still many other countries that have high growth rates.

10. Many people confuse the decreasing rate of growth with population shrinkage. Wrong! The world’s population is still growing by 80 million people a year, and the overshoot of our global Ecologic Footprint is 50%. That means that we are far from being sustainable.

11. The media don’t pay much attention to population issues. This is the reason for this column! For more than fifteen years the Herald has been the only newspaper in the country-perhaps in the world-to carry a regular column treating population issues. 12. People deny that the world will be very different in the future than what we have known. It is easy to just assume that the world will continue with the status quo, but oh, so wrong! “I have left a couple of reasons out of this article,” said Dr. Grossman. “Some people believe we need growth for our economy to thrive; last month’s article dealt with growth. More troublesome is how we can support the increasing numbers of old people with fewer young people coming along. “Happily, National Geographic has ignored the taboo against population. This prestigious magazine is running a series of articles in 2011. January’s cover reads: “Population 7 billion: How your world will change”. “Many of us will not be around long enough to see our world deteriorate much more. It is our kids and grandkids who will feel the effects the most.” You may contact Dr. Grossman at

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Some ideas on wealth distribution and entitlement, also strain on Earth’s resources. Simply put, the more you strain the world’s support structure, the less luxury you should be entitled to. Luxuries and space to live are automatic birthright. BUT, after Utopianism is implemnted (20 million limit) – all members of a single family (with an +0.5 point allowance for polygamy/andry, meaning single parent for child) are entitled to the below maximum basic and automatically granted lifestyles appropriate to their burden on OUR planet :

A* 1 Latest arrival Both in 60s
A 1 Latest arrival Both in 50s
UU 1 Late arrival Both in 40s
MU 1 Medium arrival Both in 30s
LU 1 Early arrival Both in 20s
MU 1 Very early arrival Both in Teens 2
MM 2
ML 3
LU 3
LM 4
LL 4

In general, the later one has a child the less resources are being strained by ‘overlapping simultaneous strain on Earth’s resources’ (it is sad and not preferred, but the more people alive at a given moment, the more consumption). All though should be entitled to a Lower Upper Class lifestyle with 1 child, with the late bearers having more privilege for holding back (they will die earlier and thus the current population load will be lower thanks to them).

Every 2 decades later adds 1 lifestyle class. This later decade birth can be spread between both parents. It will thus be typical for females to be the non-contributor in years due to biological limits, unless later births are made possible without ill effect or diminish children.

Large numbers of flights taken, also deduct class status due to carbon footprint, extreme numbers of apparel-accessories-shoes-bags every 100 total could count as a -1???, consumer goods (how many unnecessary), use of vehicles (how many collected but unused, locking up resources when others don’t have any?), unnecessary consumerism (buys-hoards unneeded stuff, mindless consumerism), unnecessary food wastage or food consumption (extreme weight counts against – a person who eats the food of 2 or 3 persons could be lowered 1 or 2 classes etc..), any ideas to add?

UN Security Council Restructure via plebiscite of UN/NAM disenfranchised States – 26th March 2011 (Original Article)

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Seeing how the Libyan ‘No-fly Zone’ (much like Iraq) was undemocratically justified in a 10th Crusade style form (i.e. wait for Zion/Caucasian/NWO ‘friendly’ nations to be elected into the council so as to have majority vote to attack any nation by – typically a non-Caucasian one isolated into desperation), set this mind, if not at the prompting of others, thinking. As of this day, there are 15 members of the Security Council, consisting of five veto-wielding permanent members (China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States) and 10 elected non-permanent members with two-year terms. This is inequitable and must be replaced.

The result is this simple NAM/AU/OIC Proposal (or plebiscite of nations fronted by NAM to subsume or boycott the UN itself) for Amendments to better include representation of Ethnicities Worldwide) :

Security Council Amendment (through the vote of 192 nations worldwide – barring microstates with tiny populations not justifying a full vote and ‘pariah’ status nations or nations occupied under duress) A total of 13 REGIONAL Rotated Seats result as shown below.

1) Veto Nations removed and to only be represented by local nations within groupings in 3 year terms to ensure disproportionate Caucasian representation removed

Russia = 1 Permanent Seat (perhaps with members of the Federation taking turns heading?)
African Union Region = 1 Permanent Seat (rotated between AU nations)
European Union Region = 1 Permanent Seat (rotated between all EU nations – France and England abolished as Veto seats, this means GERMANY and all other EU nations may take a turn at the EU Security Council seat, not England and France always)
Organisation of Islamic Conference = 1 Permanent Seat (inaugurally held by proposed Caliph and later rotated among all Middle Eastern nations)
Greater India Security Council = 1 Permanent Seat Rotated between Bangladesh/SriLanka/Maldives/India/Pakistan/Nepal South American Region = 1 Permanent Seat (rotated btn South American and Independent Carribean nations)
First Nations of Canada = 1 Permanent Seat First Nations of USA = 1 Permanent Seat Pacific Region Australia AND New Zealand AND Hawaii UNDER Aboriginese AND Maori AND Hawaiian led Governments = 3 Permanent Seats
Nusantaran Malay Region = 1 Permanent Seat
North East Asian Region = 1 Permanent Seat (rotated between China/United Korea/Japan/Mongolia – China abolished as permanent)

2) There will be no more elected seats. All above 13 regional seats should cover all nations and will be represented in turns. This way almost no wars can occur. Any refinements welcome.

2 Articles On Freedom of Speech and the REAL Issue – Apartheid Policy – late June 2011

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Long-overdue Chinese anger erupts: Why they must vote anyone but the BN – by Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle – 21st June 2011 Rabble-rouser Ibrahim Ali has gone into overdrive threatening the Chinese with another May 13 attack because he and his backers do not want the Bersih Rally to proceed on 9th July. That the Najib administration has not censured him is a sign that his words and deeds are condoned by the government. What is more amazing to the Chinese community is that Ibrahim has made it seem as if they are the ones to be blamed for the anti-election fraud Bersih 2.0 rally. Yet, despite the open and unmistakable threat of bloodshed, Prime Minister Najib Razak has continued to keep mum, choosing to focus on the Langkawi International Dialogue for third world nations.

On Sunday, June 19, 2011, Ibrahim Ali had burned effigies of Ambiga Sreenevasan, the Bersih chairman and former president of the Bar Council. He also warned the Chinese to “stock up” on food and threatened to reprise the May 13, 1969 racial riots where scores of Chinese homes were burnt to ground and dozens killed by what appeared to be Malay extremist groups. He has since insisted he was misquoted by the press but his arrogant reply especially to calls for his arrest has triggered further uproar. Saying he was “very proud” to caused such anger, he held out his hands at the Parliament lobby on Tuesday and said, “Arrest me, go ahead, arrest me.” Power grab behind the ‘racial’ riots Malayisa’s dubious history books paint a different version of racial strife and misunderstanding. But most of the older Chinese will remember that it was the UMNO faction led by Abdul Razak Hussein, Najib’s father, who had plotted the May 13 incident to topple first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman. Tunku was forced to resign and Abdul Razak became the second prime minister of Malaysia. Perhaps it is in the genes, but soon after Najib ousted Abdullah Badawi for the UMNO presidency, he pulled a similar coup d’etat in Perak, forcibly toppling the then fledgling Pakatan Rakyat state government headed by Nizar Jamaluddin. The new generation of Chinese may not know it but the older Chinese who were living in Kuala Lumpur at that time, especially in the Tiong Nam area, remember well the that fateful day and the events that led to it. To them, the horrifying events are etched into their minds as if the killings had happened only yesterday. Even then – as now – those events were blamed on the victory parade held by the Opposition after the polls and the so-called extra boisterous celebration by the Chinese who formed the majority of Opposition supporters. The Malays were supposedly incensed as they felt they were losing their hold on power to these Chinese ‘immigrants’.

Yet in other parts of country, even in PAS-led and Malay-predominant Kelantan, there was peace. It was the UMNO Menteri Besar of Selangor at that time, Idris Harun, who was one of the prime movers of the rioting and he cleverly lit the fuse in Kampung Baru, the Malay heartland within the capital city. Chinese elders living in that area will tell of horrifying incidents when Malay youths armed with parangs rushed at them as if running amok, and then slashing and killing the Chinese who were streaming out from the Federal Cinema in Jalan Chow Kit near the Tiong Nam settlement. Cars and homes were torched and many Chinese who left their homes that day did not return. Some were later found in the hospitals and some just bled to death on the streets. Many more were missing and still unaccounted for until today. The number of casualties have never really been revealed by the government and what is officially available theatrically scaled down. News of Malay youths on a bloody rampage quickly spread to Air Panas in Setapak, which was also a Chinese New Village. Incensed, the Chinese youths sprang into action by chopping down trees to form a blockade. Confusion reigned as no one knew what had happened and why. The cry that snaked around Air Panas then was that ‘the Malays are killing the Chinese, they are are coming for us now’. Luckily, nothing untoward happened there or in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. And so the suppression begam So it was, that emergency and curfew was declared. Tunku appeared on black-and-white TV, a broken shell of a man and announced his resignation. For his contribution to the nation, he was given a pension and a colonial-style bungalow in Kenny Hills. Najib’s father then stepped in. He initiated the Dasar Ekonomi Baru or New Economic Policy in 1971, an affirmative action plan to eradicate poverty. Architects of the plan, including retired senior civil servant Ramon Navaratnam, have said the NEP never specifically mentioned the Malays, but being the largest group amongst the poverty-stricken, they naturally received the most aid. The NEP was most abused and used as a tool for corruption during the time of 4th prime minister Mahathir Mohamd. Meanwhile, due to immediate clampdowns on speech and the threat of the Sedition Act, order was restored in the aftrmath of the May 13 killings. Not only was the communications infrastructure weak then, the people were mostly uneducated still. Therefore, order of a false sort returned. But the problem was never solved. Today, racial polarization is at the lowest ebb.

Communications infrastructure is a million-folds improved and the Chinese lead in the field of education – not as teachers but as students and top-scorers. If those who plotted May 13, 1969 tried to reprise it in 2011, they would be in for a major surprise. And this what Ibrahim Ali is now getting. Lots of brickbats, but it is not enough. Anger erupts, closure and apology for those who died on May 13 Chinese rage has erupted. The community wants its pound of flesh, with interest backdated from May 13, 1969. A fairly humble race, mostly quiet and usually engrossed with their extended family lifestyles and chores, the Chinese don’t forget easily. Their famous flair for math also means they keep tabs pretty well too. So foolish Ibrahim Ali was the perfect storm. He unleashed a silent fury that will never ever go away until an apology is made, again with interest backdated from May 13, 1969. Malaysian Chinese want closure for May 13 and that can only come when justice is finally delivered to those murdered on the streets of Kuala Lumpur that fateful day. Even Japan, so proud a nation that they would prefer to commit hara-kiri than than to face shame, has apologised for their war crimes especially to Korea and China. How is that a person in the shape and form of Ibrahim Ali can think he can pull off in today’s age and world a reprisal of what was basically a mini-ethnic cleansing deliberately staged by ruthless and evil-minded politicians? The blame certainly goes to Najib, the son of the father of May 13. Last year, Najib rang warning bells when he threatened “crushed bodies”, “lost lives” and “ethnic cleansing” at an UMNO assembly. Whether Najib was trying to rally Malay support for UMNO is his business. Whether he was right or wrong is for voters to tell him, in their own way and time. But for the Malaysian Chinese, life will never be the same again after Sunday, June 19, 2011. They know now that until they right the wrong of May 13, another dolt like Ibrahim Ali will come along and make nonsense of all their learning, their culture, precious time and hard work moulding Malaysia into what it is today. Malaysia is their country and no one can take it away from them. Let Ibrahim Ali try! Malaysian Chinese must vote anyone but BN What the Chinese must remember is that Ibrahim Ali is a nobody. It is those who back him who are the trouble – not just for the whole of Malaysia but specifically for the Malaysian Chinese. And it is time for the Malaysian Chinese to stand up to them. And who are they, these faceless and nameless cowards who instigate murder so that they can continue to plunder and rape the country? Let us call a spade a spade. The racists causing the greatest trouble to the Chinese in Malaysia are the ruling elite in UMNO. Now that the bogeyman has been unveiled, so to speak, the Malaysian Chinese must do what they have to do. Use their brains, use new technology, form think think-tanks, use all their might to resist and defeat this class of class-less leaders in UMNO, who are corrupting and contaminating not only their own party but the rest of the nation. Declare war on the UMNO elite. Vote any party except the BN. Make the UMNO elite powerless until their own grassroots reject them and kick them out. Remember UMNO has 3 million members, the majority of whom are very decent folk who have also been duped by their top leaders. In fact, it is the ordinary Malay folk who stand to lose the most from the economic banruptcy that is threatening the country. It is a strange twist of fate indeed. It is left to the Chinese, who have never been much interested in politics, to have to take the lead now. Only then can Malaysians – Malays, Indians, Chinese, KDM and all others – finally get down to living a decent life without fear of being accused of the most nonsensical rubbish by people who wield far too much power – dangerous people without reason or any sense of justice. (Additional reporting by Selena Tay) – Malaysia Chronicle


Gerakan Wants Govt To Punish Ibrahim Ali – Malaysian Mirror – 21 June 2011 GEORGE TOWN — Penang Gerakan Chief Dr Teng Hock Nan wants the government to punish the president of Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (Perkasa) Ibrahim Ali because he frequently makes racial statements that cause tension, unaesiness and stress to the Chinese community. Teng, who is also the Gerakan vice-president, said the government should immediately take steps, especially during this politically challenging time, to stop any individual or organization from making racist statements. “The government should punish him and charge him under the Sedition Act, all the racist statements can stoke tension and affect the peace and harmony of the nation,” he said in a statement released here today. Ibrahim recently announced that Perkasa would hold a demonstration to counter the planned Berish 2.0 street rally on July 9, and had called on the Chinese to stock up on food “as anything can happen”. Teng also urged all Malaysians to support Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s approach of moderation as the way forward and for the nation and people to continue to progress. (Bernama)

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

There is such a thing as Freedom of Speech and we must tolerate Ibrahim Ali’s nonsense with a suspension or slap on the wrist by the Speaker (who has not done so) at most, if we believe in Freedom of Speech at all. The main issue is that the APARTHEID portions of constitution and law are amended to UNHRC or Hadith compliance. Whether Ibrahim Ali is punished or not is a moot point compared to ENDING of APARTHEID. The entire exercise with the rallies Ambiga or KJ led, and also Ibrahim Ali’s rabble rousing, appear DIVERSIONARY ON PURPOSE, we are not going to be sidelined into a focus on punishments, we are going to focus on voting EQUALITY and END of APARTHEID.

The rallies are meaningless and will put citizens participating at risk, voting for MPs that will end APARTHEID and INEQUALITY in Malaysian citizens will be more important than attending ANY rally. I will not attend these rallies, I might however run for candidacy with the intent to prevent MPs or Assemblymen that will not amend APARTHEID constitutions and APARTHEID laws. Ibrahim Ali is a bad MP for rabble rousing. So vote him out. But attend a rally where one could get arrested? Better save you bail money for the candidacy against your racist or lapdog Assemblyman and MP, much more productive IMHO. End the APARTHEID !

1) He unleashed a silent fury that will never ever go away until an apology is made, again with interest backdated from May 13, 1969. (Until an apology is made? NO WAY. Even after the apology is made, the corrupted factions BN will pay, through a revived Judiciary and Bar Council. Those who adhere to APARTHEID and INEQUALITY will be made the scapegoats for 50+ years of oppression and hatred.)

2) Declare war on the UMNO elite. Vote any party except the BN. (Conversely demand that MCA/MIC/Gerakan/PPP etc. leave BN and form an independent Coalition)

3) Make the UMNO elite powerless until their own grassroots reject them and kick them out. Remember UMNO has 3 million members, the majority of whom are very decent folk who have also been duped by their top leaders. (All Malays, especially UMNO Malays who do not have issue with :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

; should make their will and intent known to the oppressed minorities and liedf to Malays. Take on the UMNO members holding leadership who do have issue with the 3 items and rejuvenate UMNO, barring those with extreme wealth from corruption of course, who DO NOT represent a Malay majority of any sort – denounce the APARTHEID goodly Malays and join the Global Village by inviting the minorities as equals among yourselves even as you are welcome in their homelands as equals, free from APARTHEID of Bumiputraism.)

UMNO can repeat CSL type attacks ad nauseum, but such childish and prurile actions cannot sustain APARTHEID, and APARTHEID, eventually Plutocracy and Corruption, will still fall by minority vote, by contrition or by Muslim ethics and the Malay sense of fairplay, the righteous and self determinism, EQUALITY and the Human Rights Charter will triumph. MCA/MIC/Gerakan/PPP/non-apartheid UMNO/ etc. are you ready to END THE APARTHEID by leaving BN as an independent Coalition? You certainly have eniugh money and power to put an end to it, be the will of the people or be willed away by the people.

Beijing-Shanghai high-speed train makes debut – 30th Jun 2011

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BEIJING: High-speed trains linking China’s two main cities Beijing and Shanghai make their commercial debut Thursday — a step seen as vital to ease pressures on the country’s overloaded transport system.

The $33 billion rail line, which has been operating on a trial basis since mid-May, will halve the journey time to under five hours and could hurt airlines operating on the busy route plagued by delays and cancellations. The fast link, which has been hit by safety concerns and graft, is opening a year ahead of schedule and will be able to carry 80 million passengers a year — double the current capacity on the 1,318-kilometre (820-mile) route. “It could play a transformational role in shaping the future economic dynamics in coastal China… by creating more spillover effects to regions lying along the sprawling high-speed railway line,” Ren Xianfang, an analyst at IHS Global Insight , told AFP. But for the airline industry, the impact could be “destructive”, she warned. One-way ticket prices will range between 410 and 1,750 yuan ($63-$270) subject to further adjustments, vice rail minister Hu Yadong said earlier this month, compared with about 1,300 yuan for a flight between the two cities. Anxious about losing passengers to the new line, airlines have slashed some ticket prices by as much as 65 per cent to below the cost of the cheapest rail pass, state media said Wednesday, citing figures from travel website But Frederic Campagnac, the general manager of transport and logistics consultancy Clevy China, believes the fast link will have a positive impact on airlines by forcing operators to be on time. It will “put pressure on the airlines to keep more on their schedule,” Campagnac said.

Work on the high-speed railway started in April 2008 with a planned investment of 220.9 billion yuan. China has invested heavily in its high-speed rail network, which spanned 8,358 kilometres at the end of 2010 and is expected to exceed 13,000 kilometres by 2012 and 16,000 kilometres by 2020. But huge investment has also made the sector a hotbed for corruption, which has raised concerns over the costs and safety of the high-speed rail links. China’s state auditor in March revealed that construction companies and individuals had last year siphoned off 187 million yuan in funds meant for the Beijing-Shanghai link. This followed the sacking of former railways minister Liu Zhijun in February, who had allegedly taken more than 800 million yuan in kickbacks over several years on contracts linked to China’s high-speed rail network. The railway ministry has said the trains would run between 250 and 300 kilometres per hour on the Beijing-Shanghai link, although the line is designed for a maximum speed of 380 kph. The speed is in line with a nationwide directive made public in April that said all high-speed trains must run at a slower pace than previously announced — no faster than 300 kph — to make journeys safer. Despite the slower speeds, urban areas located within 300-400 kilometres of Beijing and Shanghai “will become kind of suburbs to the big cities” because it will be possible to do a return trip in one day, Campagnac said. “All the cities on the way will benefit from the line,” he said.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Suggestion to the PRC on solution to cost and affordability issues. Equitable Charge System – 12 trips (2 per day for a 6 day week) will be calculated to cost a flat 10% of salary. Hence each trip TO AND FROM **ANY** location, should at very most only cost 0.8.3% of what a person earns rather than a flat rate that can come up to 5% or even 20% of a lower income person’s monthly salary to effectively prevent a poorer person from travelling to Beijing or Shanghai even ONCE a month perhaps for leisure. Even at this level of pricing consider that by the 100th trip one makes in a single month, one would have spent a whopping 83% of one’s salary in total which is extreme. Hence the cost of using what is supposed to be a public facility would not be considered cheap as well. All jobless people should have FREE access as a matter of compassionate governance. Imagine a person who is looking for a job. He cannot afford to pay for a ticket. This one-way ticket prices will range between 410 and 1,750 yuan ($63-$270) is WAAAY above the affordability of most lower income earners equal to an entire month’s salary in some cases. If the railway was intended for ALL citizens of China including the 2000-3000 yuan and below earners, then please use the above earnings based * ” Percentage of Salary Calculated ” * system instead. The cost of the ticket is extreme. Finally, for the wealthier that do use the rail, their higher 0.83% calculated against their salary IS MOST Socialist in nature and *directly* distributes wealth according to Socialist methods. Reconsider the system or at the very least allow a weekly complimentary 2 way trip to all 3000 yuan and below earners so that they can see and shuttle between their beloved Capitals as freemen of this post-Cultural-Revolution, post-millenial era in China’s history. Otherwise this neglect of the pricing system will make any initiatives towards wealth distribution or the espousal of Socialism MEANINGLESS. If public transport is inaccessible to the public, what is the point of building it?