Cato Institute Says $2 Trillion in ‘Cuts’ Will Increase Spending by $1.8 Trillion – by Tiffany Gabbay – 7th July 2011

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$2 Trillion in spending “cuts” seems to be the magic number cited by President Obama and members of Cogress in favor of raising the debt ceiling. The Cato Institute, however, released a video Wednesday explaining why those $2 Trillion might in fact be a series of smaller projected cuts over a ten year period. According to Cato, this year’s portion would only be around $200 Billion, which is still less than the interest paid on our federal debt. The video also asserts these “spending cuts” would only reduce baseline spending, ergo spending would actually increase to the tune of $1.8 Trillion overall.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Here’s a solution that will not need a single cent. Offer each person on food stamps or ‘council housing’, land for subsistence farming and make them live in a tent. Very Soviet era-esque, but when American citizens begin herding their own animals, composting rather than buying fertilisers, burning firewood rather than using electrical heaters and begin growing their own food, collecting rainwater/digging wells, making their own clothes from home grown cotton, ALL FOR FREE, USA will finally be rid of the debt caused by sequestration of land by the state and dependence on food stamps or homeless shelters (See below link on this group as well for homelessness solutions . . . ). Is Ending Homelessness Just a Dream? – Joel John Roberts – 13th June 2011 As for education.

Education does not need a 10s billions worth University, do it like they did in the past – in a Warehouse-Barn and do not allow ‘Professor’ to charge exhorbitant fees (i.e. no more than allows him to retire in comfort or with some dignity, not extreme wealth) simply because he groups up with other Professor’s and calls a bunch of buildings a University. Ditch those cars and vehicles, use draft animals which can also be eaten. Or bicycles as in China, with ‘sidecar’ attachments if carrying goods. No more spending on fuel. The other thing of course would be to END ALL EXPENSIVE WARS. Whos up for life in 1800s America? Better than post millenial decay as we see now for certain while USA indulges in wars without end. See? No 2 Trillion more in debt, IF USA decides to distribute land instead of sequester it under ‘the state’. It’s everyone’s country, distribute that UNUSED land already!

What do you want, for USA to go bankrupt and the angered relatives of those who died in the Middle East on either side to chase you bureaucrats back into your homes for writing policy that has no basis in reality?


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