Class versus Wealth – Both Not Synonymous February 16, 2011 at 12:53am

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Here’s something that may be updated at anytime as I believe it is not complete, but interesting and plentiful enough to put up here for anyone to read and to learn conscience or a sense of purpose and structure with.

A = Apex (Aristocracy) / UC = Upper Class / MC = Middle Class / LC = Low Class

(1) Differentiating Class and Wealth Wealth Level (the existing wealth one has moved than kept) A Philanthropist with who Gives Away Everything (but may still run own charities) / Lives Ascetically to set an example Would run for Parliament/Senate to displace Bad Politicians who wrote and continue to write bad and unconstitutional or profiteering laws UC Philanthropist (but Race Specific In Charity) Ceiling Sequester in Wealth / Lives 401K Comfortably Refuses to Apply Tax Loopholes BUT will challenge any flawed-corrupt Tax Systems MC Sequests and invests ONLY in own country / Local Banks / Lives Ostentatiously- Occasional Splurge / Applies Tax Loopholes That Believes in LC Plutocrat but invests in other countries / Use Foreign Banks / Splurges-Loses at Gambling Moves Money to Tax Havens to avoid taxes

(2) Class Based Personal Values (Match and compare) A Philanthropy, Civilisational, Universal value / Ambivalence, balance, diversity / Equality Aware of Universal codes, may not lack anything, all encompassing views Uc Philosophy, Interreligious, Ideology etc. / narrowness-inwardness-Apartheid Aware of Ethical Codes, may lack SQ, generous to their own clade Mc Limited by tenets/practices of Religion, artisan, communalism-closedness / Binary- either/or Aware of Professional Codes, may lack EQ, practical and calculative Lc Materialism, Real-politik, Philistines / formlessness, nepotists Corrruptible, unprincipled, may lack IQ, may not turn back on these, lazy minded and undiligent Classes A or Uc, may or may not be matched by wealth or empirical intelligence or even EQ, they could dedicate time in their studies to be poorer, hence also the ‘noble savage’ or in case of intelligent ‘idiot savant’. In a 4th world or materialistic thus LC zeitgeist society, plutocracy tends to be the all in all. In a 3rd world or materialistic thus MC zeitgeist society, skill and professionalism tends to be the all in all. In a 2nd world or materialistic thus UC zeitgeist society, principles and ideologies tends to be the all in all. In a 1st world or materialistic thus A zeitgeist society, perfection tends to be the all in all.. MC (nominally skilled professional) and LC (nominally Mercantile) could have attained great wealth but it is easy to identify the plutocrat/narcissist (as opposed to the philanthropist) as the LC minded sequesterers of wealth, knowing full well others around them still suffer. Billionaire’s motto ” No 3rd World in my Backyard ! ” Remember?

(3) Participating ‘Food / Hospitality’ Outlets Type of Outlet Right to use outlet once A Every 10 meals purchased for the poor / 10 people sheltered UC Every 3 meals purchased for the poor / 3 people sheltered MC Every 1 meal purchased for the poor / 1 person sheltered LC Everyone can use LC outlets. Permanent rights to use A should be purchasable via support of state soup kitchens and homeless shelters.

(4) Honorifics/Styles Title Basis outside of exceptional personal actions or merit – Number of people sheltered via flats donated OR number of degrees sponsored. This right of style should be official (entitled to appropriate state funeral as well) and given by the state or the ruling sovereign if any. So if you see someone who has given away everything for a title, having a VIP Pass Plate on a junk of a vehicle, that award is qualified. Propose that VIPs be exempt from internal public travel expenses. All public transport free (not that they need to use, but when they do they would be recognized for their aid). External travel expenses are only allowed if official and at the invitation of the foreign government with background checks to ensure no business links are present in extended family or proxies.

HH 30000 Tk TEm 10000 T TEx 3000 Ds TMHon. 1000 Ts Hon. 300 Dt Basis for title award also must include all Apex requirements such as non-participation in – corruption / conflict of interest / vested interest / nepotism (non-corporate outfits exempt, everything else is no go).

Note on honorifics for politicians : Propose that honorifics for ALL representatives in parliament be scrapped while active (can be applied LATER by a second vote by the people AFTER 2 term limit has ended – enough indulgence of egos, if they do a bad job, NO HONORIFIC for them) as these foster exclusivity rather than inclusion. Politics and government bureaucracy are CIVIL SERVICE posts, Politicians or Committee post bearers are ALWAYS temporary with term limits, though membership in a political party is not limited and formers are not designated any title of any sort to keep them on their toes and prevent influencing minds via cult of personality or ethos. (4) Guess? Was too tacky at glance. Will work on it abit and update later.

Money can’t buy class. It can only buy trappings of class. The value system of a multi-billionaire can very well remain that of a peasant or lower life form concerned with survival. Are you merely human or a Saint? The wealth and lands of the world belong to all mankind, to think you ‘own’ anything is a sign of low class.


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