No Votes Unless Promised – by AgreeToDisagree (Original ‘Article’) – September 2011

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SUGGESTED VOTER CRITERIA required of politicians, that a political representative MUST promise to fulfill in a set timeframe under oath to resign that post for a by-election to occur if unfulfilled. They must be required to pass these bills or they have to resign. Again expect collusion with some playing good or bad cop to prolong citizen misery and unfair tax systems, so ONLY vote for Joe Publics worth as little as possible and with as little vested interest as possible.

********** BILL/CRITERIA 1 : OVERHAULS OF TAX SYSTEMS : **********

GENERALIZATIONS ON WEALTH and EQUITABLE IMPORT TAX SYSTEMS No import taxes beyond below Sliding Scale List on individual basis – Sliding Scale List : Total Asset based Import Taxes (to better effect wealth distribution and prevent waste)


No stamp duties, quit rents or property taxes will be applied against ALL property owners in low cost or middle cost properties. Property Value 1 Time all in one flat Tax (includes stamp duty etc..) 1 million 10% 3 million 30% 10 million 100% 30 million 300% 100 million 1000% 300 million 3000% 1 billion 10,000% These levels may seem excessive but given the astronomical amount of wealth sequestered by single individuals, the suggested taxes are not very high at all and will in fact end property speculation which drives property prices beyond acceptable levels. Driver license fees are based on a sliding scale and matched to earnings and assets of individuals, see chart below : 1000 1.00 yearly 3000 3.00 yearly 10,000 10.00 yearly

********** BILL/CRITERIA 3 : GOODS and SERVICES – IMPORT/Internal-Spending TAXES **********

Applicable Tax on All Imports/Internal Spending

Personal Assets
3K results in minus 10% handouts
10K results in minus 3% handouts
30K results in minus 1% handouts
Middle Low Wealth 100K 0%
Upper Low Wealth 300K assest 1%

This exempts the poor or middle poor from paying anything

Lower Middle Wealth asset 1 million 3% “Wealth Distribution Tax”
Middle Middle Wealth asset 3 million 10% “Wealth Distribution Tax”
Upper Middle Wealth 10 million 30% tax “Wealth Distribution Tax”

Note that taxes up to this point are not excessive as wealth is not excessive. The following wealth classes however are excessive and thus should have excessive taxes on earnings.

Lower Upper Wealth 30 million 100% “Wealth Distribution Tax”
Middle Upper Wealth 100 million 300% “Wealth Distribution Tax”
Upper Upper Wealth 300 million 1000% “Wealth Distribution Tax”

Taxes at this level are in fact levied against some citizens worth far less than 1 million in parts of the world

Lower Plutocracy 1 billion 3000% “Wealth Distribution Tax”
Middle Plutocracy 3 billion 10,000% “Wealth Distribution Tax”
Upper Plutocracy 10 billion 10,000% “Wealth Distribution Tax”

Personal Assets at the GDP of small nations sequestered by single persons are unacceptable as long as there are poor.

Invested assets are acceptable as these do create jobs (though consumer item types determine if that business useful to society or denudes wealth from fellow citizens), liquid assets are not. Luxury assets are also not acceptable so long as there are poor and starving about.

10 billion 30,000%
30 billion 100,000%
100 billion 300,000% (a single person does not need to sequester this much wealth)

The richer you are the more tax you pay. The poorest pay nothing and are even given handouts. Raised monies will be used for price controls of essential items, as many food products as possible, social welfare, free education, free medicine etc..

Other areas may not have yet been covered, updates to voter required promises as I come across ideas, suggestions, discourse and refutes welcome. This is not your failed Capitalism paradigm Economics, this is the foundation for Economics of the Future.


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