Observations on Parasite Bureaucracy Paradigms (circa Jan 2012) :

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*IN THE USA* the below number of civil servants cited in below 2 articles to administer 300 million citizens are already considered 300% too many civil servants under state employ almost 3 million civilian employees.

Unit 8 Bureaucracy: A Controversial Necessity

Click to access dia_8_guide.pdf

USA’s civil service has got to go on record as being quite overbloated… A lean efficient government in USA should be 1 million only :

*IN MALAYSIA* the below number or civil servants to administer 30 million citizens by ratio is considered 1500% too many civil servants under state employ :

Deflate the bloated civil service | Free Malaysia Today

Malaysia’s civil service has got to go on record as being the most overbloated in the world.  As at 2010, it numbers about 1.2 million employees … A lean efficient government in Malaysia should be 40,000 only if in ratio to USA’s lean bureaucracy version.

Thus the inefficiency and opportunity for collusion become extremely serious, 15 times more than USA as of now, and 15 times as 3rd world-like, should be 15 times less. It is doubtful that even in the Statist Soviet Union era, that bureaucracy was as large as Malaysia’s own today in 2012. No offense to civil servants, but think about your fellow citizens and do the ethical thing. Vote for a government that will consider the reality of where Malaysia is headed.

Then consider the article below :

Panic Over Pay Rise – Sin Chew Daily – Wednesday, 07 March 2012 18:12

Who does not like to get their pay rise? Then why are some people panic over it?

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak brought the 1.4 million civil servants the good news of pay rise on 8 March 2012, and the minimum wage policy for the private sector will also be revealed soon. The country seems to have been moving towards a high-income economy.

Some people are happy, but some are worried. Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is worried that if productivity is not improved but only salaries are adjusted, the country might follow the footstep of some Western countries and face bankruptcy.

I believe that he was referring to the pay rise in civil service sector. Adjustments to the benefits of civil servants will affect the overall situation.

For example, former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad announced in May 2007 that salaries in civil service sector would be increased from 7.5% to 35%, there was also an additional 20% of increment for military and police personnel, as well as 100% increment for living allowance. The annual expenditure then increased by RM6.8 billion.

The people speculated that it was an election candy and this time, it is estimated that the pay rise between 7% to 13% would again, cause billions of additional expenditure.

Pay rise will worsen the budget deficit and administrative expenditure will further nibble the development expenditure.

The private sector faces a greater pressure, as talents might flee to the public domain. After the implementation of the minimum wage policy, the overall pay will rise. Since foreign workers and non-technical staff are receiving a minimum wage of RM1,000, it is impossible not to increase the salaries of middle level officers.

Another negative impact is, a major pay adjustment would lead to price hikes. Salaries are indeed increased, so do prices.

The current situation is almost the same as the situation in 2007, when the BN was also planning for the general election. However, the involving area is wider this time, as it includes the private sector. Would the country be able to withstand the wave of major pay rise this time?

One of the advantages of Malaysian manufactured products is cheap prices. The increase of costs will cause the fall of competitiveness and weak company performance could lead to lay off.

If the government keeps spending based on political considerations, our children and grandchildren might have to bear the debts and pay the price.

I also wonder, even if everyone gets a RM300 pay rise, would it be enough to afford the rising cost of living? For example, since the My First Home Scheme was launched, banks have never approved a 100% loan for young people earning less than RM3,000 a month. They are not eligible to buy RM400,000 houses.

Would young people be able to purchase houses just by implementing the minimum wage policy and increasing civil servants’ salaries? The root of the problem is not only about salaries, but also uncontrolled market speculation.

Self-sufficient in food could reduce the people’s food expenditure.

According to the World Bank’s growth report in 2008, Strategies for Sustained Growth and Inclusive Development, the key to get rid of the middle-income trap includes to successfully transform economic structure into technology-intensive industry, be active in independent innovation, ensuring a rapid growth for the services industry, accumulating wealth and having a sound system.

Malaysia lacks transformation conditions and would the pay rise bring a negative impact? Would it cost the country a heavy price?

-Sin Chew Daily

Commentator commentaries found on :, 07 March 2012 19:09 posted by @stupidBNThe repercussion of such implementation will be spiraling inflation that we have never witnessed before. There are many companies that employ thousands of workers who earn around RM500 to 900 per month. Under the proposed scheme, salaries for such workers will have to be doubled. Where does the government think the extra money will come from? So for such companies, the only option is to increase their prices. Think of small business such as food stalls and retail businesses which employ just a few workers majority of which only make enough to live by. Many will also have to resort to employing illegals to cut cost. Unemployed Malaysians will find it much harder to find employment. Many SMEs will have to close shop.

Wednesday, 07 March 2012 19:08 posted by @Cock talks

The civil service sector is getting their pay increase . The private sector especially those from sabah and sarawak may have to increase their workers’ pay by about 40% in order to earn the proposed basic pay . who is going to foot all these extra .

With most of the private sector employers forcing to see their business going burst . Where is the government going to secure the extra taxes to pay the civil sector ?
It is easy to promise , but difficult to fulfilled lah

Wednesday, 07 March 2012 18:57 posted by @coke

Don’t forget. Malaysia also having one of the highest number of public holidays. So if I were a business man. I won’t come to Malaysia as

1. High number of public holidays
2. High income tax
3. Unfriendly government policies
4. Quota systems and others

Congratulation to the lazy workers for it

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Hope there are many thinking citizens in government which are still by themselves not enough to win BN an election. If they vote for BN due to the bonuses, they had better be aware that their decision to vote BN and salaries will destroy the country and in turn send Malaysia into the hands of the IMF. Civil servants and uniformed groups, better vote for a better government than destroy the country, Malays will indeed be extinct if these sorts of salaries are paid out when a full 80% of Malaysian civil service jobs should be abolished to reach USA’s level or 99.94% to reach USA’s preferred ‘lean and mean’ level !

Btw Sinchewdaily, why disallow comments on your site? MC gets the traffic volume because commenting is allowed, the traffic here would be Sinchew’s portal’s otherwise.

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