UN Security Council Restructure via plebiscite of UN/NAM disenfranchised States – 26th March 2011 (Original Article)

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Seeing how the Libyan ‘No-fly Zone’ (much like Iraq) was undemocratically justified in a 10th Crusade style form (i.e. wait for Zion/Caucasian/NWO ‘friendly’ nations to be elected into the council so as to have majority vote to attack any nation by – typically a non-Caucasian one isolated into desperation), set this mind, if not at the prompting of others, thinking. As of this day, there are 15 members of the Security Council, consisting of five veto-wielding permanent members (China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States) and 10 elected non-permanent members with two-year terms. This is inequitable and must be replaced.

The result is this simple NAM/AU/OIC Proposal (or plebiscite of nations fronted by NAM to subsume or boycott the UN itself) for Amendments to better include representation of Ethnicities Worldwide) :

Security Council Amendment (through the vote of 192 nations worldwide – barring microstates with tiny populations not justifying a full vote and ‘pariah’ status nations or nations occupied under duress) A total of 13 REGIONAL Rotated Seats result as shown below.

1) Veto Nations removed and to only be represented by local nations within groupings in 3 year terms to ensure disproportionate Caucasian representation removed

Russia = 1 Permanent Seat (perhaps with members of the Federation taking turns heading?)
African Union Region = 1 Permanent Seat (rotated between AU nations)
European Union Region = 1 Permanent Seat (rotated between all EU nations – France and England abolished as Veto seats, this means GERMANY and all other EU nations may take a turn at the EU Security Council seat, not England and France always)
Organisation of Islamic Conference = 1 Permanent Seat (inaugurally held by proposed Caliph and later rotated among all Middle Eastern nations)
Greater India Security Council = 1 Permanent Seat Rotated between Bangladesh/SriLanka/Maldives/India/Pakistan/Nepal South American Region = 1 Permanent Seat (rotated btn South American and Independent Carribean nations)
First Nations of Canada = 1 Permanent Seat First Nations of USA = 1 Permanent Seat Pacific Region Australia AND New Zealand AND Hawaii UNDER Aboriginese AND Maori AND Hawaiian led Governments = 3 Permanent Seats
Nusantaran Malay Region = 1 Permanent Seat
North East Asian Region = 1 Permanent Seat (rotated between China/United Korea/Japan/Mongolia – China abolished as permanent)

2) There will be no more elected seats. All above 13 regional seats should cover all nations and will be represented in turns. This way almost no wars can occur. Any refinements welcome.

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