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Freeing Your Lives Once and For All – Vote Correctly ! – by @AgreeToDisagree – late December 2011

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Working the fields or that humans need to eat grain is ALSO a myth. Humans can well subsist on a diet of domestic animals and fruits that grow on trees and bushes. There might be no need to work any field at a certain densiy level. Labour could well be a thing of the past under this hunter-gatherer paradigm.
Note that a cow produces 15 litres of milk daily. With a small self sustaining herd, chickens, a water reservoir, and a number of fruit trees/plants on ALLODIAL land (without Eminent Domain powers which MP’s should be voted on the basis of their ability to abolish by) there hardly is anything to ‘labour’ about excepting specialty goods that can be produced by hand (shoes and handbags are made of leather, cloth-textiles and clothes are made by looms and tailors NOT fashion ‘houses’ – DO NOT COST thousands per article – actually it is inefficiency in the employment and supplier lines including tax import and export tariffs etc.. – with electronics costing virtually nothing in materials themselves but rather the factory machinery which could be calculated against the number of people intending to buy the product – an iPod does not cost that much if someone would do the math . . . ), barring the taxes that your idiot MPs again allow in law to begin with and should not be voted for unless they intend to abolish the same.
If MP’s abolish assessments and taxes on the subsistence land owners, and the fact that MONEY (food) DOES GROW ON TREES, who needs to work or labour or pay any taxes at all? The entire ‘democratic’ system is a ‘remake’ of feudalism via mob-rule (where a minority of one still has the right to express themselves though perhaps in venues commensurate with the size of their community without subject to harrassment or even subtle psychological abuses), and your new parasitic version of the monarch (not the limited types with only ceremonial powers) is government itself – especially those who are nepotistic within government (and less so but still harmful nepotists) within political parties where independent MPs should be in power instead.
Finally one does not need to own that much land but to be considerate, should have what produces a good amount for one’s family or extended family at most with reasonable space to walk around on and provide some privacy (1-2 acres minimal? No more than 100 acres at most . . . ) This is the end of big govt. but vote very carefully for pro-ALLODIAL anti-EMINENT DOMAIN candidates. Also make sure they are not nepotists, intend unlimited terms that result in a neo-feudalism or are plutocrats and quangocrats that will write policies or collude on policies that make economic conditions impossible via inflation.

Still not running for President? Donald Trump? – by Michael Zennie – 24th December 2011

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Donald Trump ditches GOP and eyes independent White House bid (a week after candidates refused to attend his debate) Flip-flop: Donald Trump has only been a Republican since 2009. Now he’ll be an ‘independent’ Donald Trump has left the Republican party, a week after GOP presidential candidates spurned him and refused to attend a debate he was moderating. The billionaire real estate mogul’s allies have said he left because he was ‘disgusted’ by Republicans in Congress and he is considering a third-party presidential run of his own. But a headline debate that the Donald was planning to moderate flopped after only Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum — two of the seven major Republican residential candidates — said they would participate. Despite his announcement in May that he would not seek the Republican presidential nomination, the Donald has kept alive speculation about a bid for the White House this year — as he did in 2000, 2004 and 2008. Mr Trump’s allegiance to the Republican party didn’t last long; he only joined in 2009. He had been a registered Democrat since 2001.
Fox News commentator calls Obama a ‘skinny, ghetto crackhead’ on air Republican candidate Michelle Bachmann harangued by ‘gay robot’ on the campaign trail in Iowa Mr Trump, whose reality TV show ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ premiers in February, claims most of the presidential contenders wouldn’t commit to the Newsmax-sponsored debate because he wouldn’t rule out running for president himself. A political sideshow? Pundits and Washington insiders have called Donald Trump’s presidential ambitions a ‘political sideshow’ for their irreverence and inconsistency. Here are a few details of the Donald’s political history: Considered running as a fiscally-conservative, socially-liberal third-party candidate in 2000 Joined the Democratic Party in 2001 Criticized President George W. Bush for starting the Iraq War Floated running for president in 2004 and 2008 — but didn’t Joined the Republican Party in 2009 Surged to the top of some 2012 GOP primary polls after re-igniting President Obama’s ‘birth certificate’ debate Decided not to run for president May 16 after a month of media speculation The debate, originally scheduled for December 27, would be the last one before the Iowa caucuses and the official start of the presidential primary season. Last week, Mr Trump backed out of hosting the debate, as well. He has already reached out to Americans Elect, a third party that has already gotten itself on the ballot in 13 states including California, Florida, Michigan and Ohio.
‘Couple Donald Trump’s name recognition with his extraordinary wealth and Americans Elect truly becomes a viable force in determining who the next president will be,’ Michael Cohen, a lawyer for Mr Trump, told ABC News. ‘One thing is for certain, Donald Trump is adamant that Barack Obama must be defeated in 2012 under any circumstances.’ On Thursday, Mr Trump changed his political affiliation in New York from Republican to ‘blank,’ sources told Politico. The move was too late to matter for 2012 — Mr Trump will still legally be a Republican until the presidential election in November, the Washington politics website reported. The Apprentice ‘You’re fired’: The Donald, in addition to his political ambitions, still hosts Celebrity Apprentice, which debuts a new season in February ABC News said Mr Trump left the GOP because he was ‘disgusted’ by the Republicans in Congress, who bowed to political pressure and approved a temporary extension of the payroll tax cuts Friday. This isn’t the first time Mr Trump, who is the host of the reality TV show the Apprentice, has basked in the glow of presidential speculation. He openly considered running as a third party candidate in 2000 and also considered White House bids in 2004 and 2008 but never followed through. His name recognition and vast fortune, estimated at about $2.8 billion, helped him surge to the top of one early poll, though pundits criticized him as a ‘political sideshow.’
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Dem/GOP = Hegelian Eclectic (Bad) Plutocrat 1%ters (Bad) = 2 bads
Trump as 3rd Indie = Plutocrat 1%ter (Bad) = 1 bad
Joe Public as 3rd Indie = 99%ter (Good) = 1 good
Hegelian Eclectic might be removed but Trump is no 99%ter. Unless Trump funds dozens of candidates on a people’s ticket, he might be surprised to find a Joe Public type beating him if he runs entirely alone. If Trump fettes and supports a majority of Joe Publics (1 bad + several goods), then perhaps he could win because he would be bringing something to the table of American politics. Otherwise it’s another one man show (cult of personality) and no different from if the voters went for Joe Public. Between a Joe Public and a plutocratic Trump, the voters should know that a Joe Public will be safer. Between a Joe Public alone, and 10 Joe Publics supported by Trump, Trump will certainly win. If Trump brings in a lot of regular guys, (like a plumber not earning 250K a year), or even an ex-bodyguard who’s of moderate wealth, the people would know Trump was going all out for the American people rather than stoking an ego. Don’t forget the Latino, Black, Russian, Brazilian, Indian and Chinese candidates among Joe Publics, and a truly challenging 3rd Force party headed by Trump could change America and the face of the world (think future of humanity not personal profit btw . . . ). But as a single person? Might as well begin another season of ‘Apprentice’ in business as usual, Joe Public will have to do it themselves somehow . . . A political sideshow? Only if the man who can set up an entire political party in time for 2012 in all states does not do this. In which case a quintessential ‘Foghorn’ would have been born . . . much noise, no action.

Richard Quest’s World Worsts – by Doug Lansky – 27th May 2009

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Richard Quest Who? Host of CNN’s Business Traveller and Quest Means Business. Richard may have a law degree, but he has worked in broadcasting for more than 20 years covering business, major world events and travel. If you own a TV, chances are you already know Richard’s work. To check out his show online, visit Titanic Nominations 1. Worst Airport Miami International if I am coming off an international flight. I have missed more internal connections there than anywhere, simply because of the sheer number of people going through immigration. If you arrive when a Caribbean, Latin American, Central American or Mexican flight has arrived, you have time to get married and divorced in the line. 2. Worst Flight Any flight involving a European low cost carrier that has little respect for passengers will do, but the most notable was the now defunct Maxjet from London to New York. The cockpit windshield broke and we diverted to Iceland, where there were no plans and no preparations for us. 3. Worst Airport Lounge Among the worst is Cairo – it’s a miserable lounge with poor facilities. 4. Worst Toilet Any time when I have to use “natural conveniences” while filming in the desert, forest or outdoors. I cannot stand the “bush toilet.” My insides just decide not to co-operate. Obviously something deeply Freudian going on. 5. Worst Meal I HATE, LOATHE, DETEST the breakfast buffet in hotels. Fine for the cold stuff, but seeing eggs and meats just sitting there – Ugh! And I am up and down like a yo yo as I remember the milk, oh, forgot the butter. Damn, now need the jam. Oh no, now the toast is ready. Just give me a good old fashioned US-style diner where I can sit and enjoy my breakfast with the morning paper. Agree or disagree? Take the 2010 worst travel survey
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These so called ‘anchors’ are another form of 1% people. They earn 2-10 million a year, that comes up to 20 million to 100 million in 10 years. That is worth 50 to 250 people’s retirement funds in a single decade’s work where others work for 3-5 decades at least. How about if an anchor after getting up to 401K in salary or expenditures, will be required by law to quit and another anchor is placed instead? It gets tedious seeing the same people AGAIN and AGAIN as if the entire TV network had no other people, as if there were no other people who deserved that job or who deserve to share that job. These ‘anchors’ are TOO RICH for being a mere mouthpiece. Also TV networks should not saturate the viewers with the same person and voice, this is psychic imprinting, is unhealthy and manipulative, probably politically motivated. Would any honest TV network spread the wealth? A single appearance for 30 mins makes these ‘anchors’ more than what another hardworking citizen does in a week. We the taxpayers did not vote in a government that disregards the above issues. Ask you MP about this to see their views then decide if votable or not.
Better 2 months worth of work for so many different citizens, to end up with 100 more people who will not be poor, than a single plutocrat journo-presentator while so many homeless bu photogenic and charismatic citizens left on the wayside suffering and contributing negativity and even worse. The difference? 99 less likely to riot people, 99 less homeless people . . . do the math. If the entire workforce and hiring paradigm of these plum jobs are well distributed, we’d have less problems with poverty. Obviously nepotism or unfair practices in wealth distribution. End this form of APARTHEID.

Complaints Of The Week – Pathetic service from ASTRO B’YOND – by Administrator 6th February 2010

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I would like to bring to the attention of whoever is reading this email. ASTRO service need to buck up. You guys are offering such a pathetic service which makes me wonder why such a reputable company has such bad service. No wonder customers are running away. Let me cut the chase and go to the point. On the 23rd January, my new B’YOND decoder couldn’t be switched on and since I was very busy I didn’t bother too much. On the 24th January morning the decoder was still not able to power up. I called your CUSTOMER SERVICE in the morning and reported the problem. I got the call back from the so called TECHNICAL SUPPORT later in the evening around 7 pm. That is almost 11 hours after I made the report. I was informed that the decoder might have some hardware problem and was informed that the technician will be calling me to replace the unit. The ASTRO technician only visited my house on the 26th January around 9 pm to replace the B’YOND decoder. By the time I’ve lost several days without ASTRO. He told me that the service can be activated in the morning on the 27th January since ASTRO need to synchronies the new Decoder and the previous B’YOND smart card. On the 27th, around 4 pm someone from ASTRO called me up and told me that they have a system problem where they are unable to synchronize the decoder with the smart card. I was annoyed and told the person to expedite. Seems like getting annoyed at your customer service is a daily routine for me after this. She never called me nor the decoder was working. Another day without ASTRO. On the 28th I called up ASTRO again in the afternoon, and was given all kind of excuses. I told the agent to call me in 1 hour since she said she needed 4 hours. No calls came even after 4 hours so don’t dare tell I’m unreasonable. Around 5 pm something I called up ASTRO was really agitated. I blew but this agent was willing to listen to me. He took some initiative in getting some answer and finally they told around 10 pm that the smart card need to be replaced. That is the procedure. A new SMART card with a new decoder. Why the ASTRO technician know this or why was your previous customer service agent do something about it? I was given an option to collect the smart card or ASTRO will send it via Courier service. I don’t have time for you people. It’s not my problem but your ignorance hence told them to courier it.
That was on the 28th. I waited patiently from 29th till today and not sight of the replacement card since they told me it will take 3 – 5 days I called up ASTRO again and was shocked to find out that the card was shipped only today. What is going on with your company? This is the problem with monopoly. Get to work and see where the root of the problem is. Do a post mortem and find out why the delay. Anyway, I want to know from 23rd January till today I have no service to my B’YOND decoder. What is the compensation for me ? If I don’t pay on time, you guys disconnect my account and charge me RM 10 for reconnection. Now I want to know how ASTRO going to tackle this. Malaysia is so backward at least 5 years in HD TV technology and was excited when ASTRO launched this service. What is the point when you charge for the HDTV and on top of that the customer need to patiently put up with the nonsense that you guys call SERVICE. Please go through the chronology of the event and don’t bother calling me to find out the details since your record should have all the details. I need explanation and need to know when the new SMART card will arrive my mailing address. I NEED ANSWERS. Malay Mail HOTLINE – I think is the frustration as a consumer we have to go through every day. Please publish this on the newspaper since I’ve given ASTRO enough time to act on my problem and I’ve not seen any resolution till date. I’m taking this up with the National Consumer Complaints Centre as well. National Consumer Complaints Centre – Please take note on how the customers are treated unjustly.
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Strongly believe that a ‘smart meter’ type recorder (perhaps even modifier, ELF/EMF emitter) of biological functions and camera might also be hidden within the ‘decoder’. It is decoding your brainwaves if not nothing else – a form of neurotech. And on top of that you are paying 20-100 times more than what other nations are paying. This is likely in collusion with, and with the permission of guess which government? Vote carefully against political parties who intend end freedom. SMART METERS: A triple threat « The PPJ Gazette
Satellite dishes and unlimited channels can be free, also your privacy not sacrificed because you use Astro services, if your MP candidate makes it law. Now ask your MP candidate if they will legalize privately owned satellite dishes (means no monthly fees, no ‘penalties’, no delays, no potential for electronic bugging etc..) to enable a thriving and innovative indie engineering and technician scene than giving the entire monopoly to a mind control, potentially living room invading outfit like Astro. So choose your MP carefully making sure that they will promise to end dangerous and invasive Satellite TV monopolies by making privately owned Satellite dishes legal, and make sure they are not racist or nepotistic or of a unlimited-term (Oligarchic) mindset, believe in EQUALITY and ending cold war era Soviet style forced conscriptions that are meaningless considering that Robocop I/II (1987, 1990) type ‘infantry’ are likely already available and can be safely controlled by remote from bunkers in any event of war.

Moderation Holds Potential To Guarantee Peace, Harmony – MySinChew – 23 December 2011

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KUALA LUMPUR — Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said that considering the landscape of today’s social, political and economic development, moderation holds the potential to guarantee some level of peace and harmony. He said extremism, as witnessed by many, is not an acceptable school of thought and has all the risks of causing lasting damage to a nation. Expressing his views in his latest entry on his blog, the prime minister said he believed that the world in the 21st century seems to be in a state of permanent flux where radical changes can take place anytime, unprecedented and unannounced. He said such changes have been seen in the recent revolutionary wave in the Middle East and parts of North Africa, dubbed as the Arab Spring. “We have learnt that the power of the people’s voice is so strong that even decades-old dictators were ousted, to make way for new democracies. “These incidents and many others are discerning indications that global leadership must take on a new approach for the sake of safeguarding peace and harmony. I am certain that leaders from all over the world will respond positively to my call for a global moderation movement,” he said. Najib pushed for a “global movement of moderates” at the United Nations general assembly in New York last year and the quest was continued during the Langkawi International Dialogue in Putrajaya in June, the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth in October and the Apec Summit in Hawaii last month. The prime minister said that by prioritising the people and by putting them first, the government is able to keep itself checked and always balanced on the middle ground.
“To me, this is the right thing to do, as governments exist to serve the people thus the voice of the people must always be heard when fashioning policies and programmes. “And this is exactly the promise I made in the 1Malaysia agenda – People First, Performance Now,” he said.
However, Najib said, it must be remembered that in order to succeed, moderation must be equally shouldered and practised by the people, as well as the leadership. He said that while the voices of the people often can bring about change, it is the moderate behaviour and attitude, formed on the basis of mutual respect and acceptance, that ensures that the change is positive and good for the nation. In the entry, Najib also announced that Kuala Lumpur is to host the inaugural International Conference on the Global Movement of the Moderates next year. He said this historic event will not only be an important milestone for Malaysia, but will also be an important testimony to the world that we are indeed one nation synonymous to unity and harmony. Najib said he is also excited of the possibilities of Malaysia being referred to as the benchmarking case study of a nation of the moderates to the rest of the world. “This is an opportunity for us to not only showcase our 1Malaysia spirit to the world but also a chance for us to strengthen our dynamism further as a nation living in peace and unity despite our different backgrounds, races, cultures and beliefs. “We should be proud of ourselves and let this be a reminder for us to be thankful for being a Malaysian. We should make the very best out of this chance,” he said. (Bernama)
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2 classes of citizenship with one class getting far much more is not moderate at all. Without equality there can be no harmony, this only showcases a 2 Malaysias (and Apartheid Malaysia) spirit to the world, and weakens our dynamism further as a nation living in enforced peace and false/threat-propped unity despite our different backgrounds, races, cultures and beliefs. It is good Najib no longer used that language about crushed bodies (there may be peace but a very miserable one that will ultimately impoverish and damn an entire race – do you see Malays and Muslims sigbled out in India and China, even USA or Russia subject to Bumiputra APARTHEID type policies?) but the inequality and hence lack of moderation continues to harm an insincere peace, contrived and forced harmony. This will be no milestone, but another mummery that further blackens Islam’s reputation itself, even as so many suffered for so long aspiring for :
1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.
Najib must not convince himself what he thinks the Rakyat actually thinks, but to face the reality of the harmful conditions the Rakyat suffer (this includes no respect for Article 18 of the UNHCR that Malays have to face, even as apartheid afflicts the Indians and Chinese, even Orang Asli . . . ) that Najib has the mandate to end but does not. Najib will lose that same mandate from inaction on his responsibility to the nation.

Rioters no worse than bankers, says Archbishop of Canterbury in his Christmas Day sermon – by Paul Sims – 26th Dec 2011

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‘Bonds have been broken, trust abused and lost’, Dr Rowan Williams tells congregation The thugs behind this summer’s riots were no worse than Britain’s bankers, the Archbishop of Canterbury suggested yesterday. Delivering his Christmas sermon at Canterbury Cathedral, Rowan Williams claimed society had been torn apart by the violence that erupted in August. ‘The most pressing question we now face, we might well say, is who and where we are as a society,’ said Dr Williams. ‘Bonds have been broken, trust abused and lost. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams gives his Christmas address at Canterbury Cathedral The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams gives his Christmas address at Canterbury Cathedral ‘Whether it is an urban rioter mindlessly burning down a small shop that serves his community, or a speculator turning his back on the question of who bears the ultimate cost for his acquisitive adventures in the virtual reality of today’s financial world, the picture is of atoms spinning apart in the dark. ‘And into that dark the Word of God has entered, in love and judgment, and has not been overcome; in the darkness the question sounds as clear as ever, to each of us and to our church and our society: “Britain, where are you?” Where are the words we can use to answer?’ He asked the congregation to learn lessons about mutual obligation from the events of the past year.
His comments, which formed part of his closing remarks, will undoubtedly spark debate among those who claim the rioters were crying out for help and those who believe their behaviour was wanton vandalism. Making reference to the Book of Common Prayer, which reaches its 350th anniversary next year, the Archbishop said it was an example of how ideas of duty and common interest can be expressed. Tottenham: Silhouetted against a blazing building, riot officers in formation prepare for the next wave of attack during the summer’s riots ‘The world has changed, the very rhythms of our speech have changed, our society is irreversibly more plural, and we have – with varying degrees of reluctance – found other and usually less resonant ways of talking to God and identifying who we are in his presence,’ he said. ‘If we used only the Prayer Book these days we’d risk confusing the strangeness of the mysteries of faith with the strangeness of antique and lovely language. ‘But we’re much the poorer for forgetting it and pushing it to the margins as much as we often do in the Church. And it is crucial to remember the point about the Prayer Book as something for a whole society, binding together our obligations to God and to one another, in a dense interweaving of love and duty joyfully performed.’ Pope attacks festive frivolity It is not the first time the Archbishop has highlighted August’s disturbances, which spread from Tottenham in North London to cities across the country, including Manchester and Birmingham. Earlier this month he spoke about the ‘enormous sadness’ he felt during the riots, watching homes and shops being destroyed. In his spiritual message, the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, called for Britons to turn their backs on materialism and remember the meaning of Christmas. ‘The message of Christmas is clearly about that authentic peace child, Jesus Christ,’ he said.
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Society’s physical violence is doubtless caused by FISCAL VIOLENCE (the bankers threw the first punch and have been punching everyone for decades doing financial violebnce evertytime a CEO of a failed form gets a golden parachute or employees get raises far beyond inflation, causing even more inflationa nd destroying wealth distribution . . . ) which arises from ethical violence. When ethics disappear, the financially strong become abusive, and then the poor will retaliate with physical violence which is the only thing they have. We are all capable of violence and the onus is on those with the capacity and ability to prevent violence, ensure safety and dignity. When there is nothing left but decades of drudgery that will indeed inspire a quick exchange, a life for a life occurs, though the state or relatives, may end up taking over where that 1% fell. Without reforms after that the relatives will again be felled by angry 99%ters. Can’t share abit? If you want to watch the 99% suffer, the 99% will make you suffer instead. What is the Church doing about this? They have not acted, their voice is lost, they are only interested in a cult of an anthropomorphised god. How does that relate to the starving or viciously persecuted for their supposed ‘lack of morality’ when the Church is flush with wealth and comfort, basking in diminishing respect from oligarchies and internal ecclesiastical politics? With an entire institution behind you Rowan, and all used in the wrong manner, you have no hold over the plutocrats, the unethical/collusive law makers and politicians also quangocrat NGOs. The church will not survive the depredations of these groups which undermine the stability of the nation and world, with the Church a silent bystander, well at least till you spoke so gently against bankers. We are entering a plutocrat/collusive-politician based neo-feudalism, but one without god. And only have technology to comfort us (dreaming about an anthropomorphised god will never be enough), or in some cases technology abuses us as well. And lo and behold, scapegoats in the form of the wealthy and inactive are there for the 99% to take their frustration out on . . . they could share the wealth but rather have riots . . . ***Commentator comments : I have some advice for the Archbishop! Go for a haircut, have a shave, take a long hot shower, and, most important of all, GIVE IT A REST! We’ve had enough of the regurgitated PC claptrap! Don’t worry, the bankers will get theirs without Rowan Williams waxing eloquent every 2 minutes! – Christopher Smithers, London United Kingdom, 26/12/2011 03:58 [[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]] Facial fair is a personal choice. Christopher, you’re not one of those subverted metrosexual clean shaven feminist males speaking for the Militant Feminists are you? How about switching to Prose Edda and Mabinogi Rowan, a nice green robed Druid could reach this generation better than the fire and brimstone of Aramea. ***Commentator comments (continued) : So we now have a man who doesn’t really believe in the Bible and its teachings telling us we should. The C of E has consistently dumped the parts of the Bible which don’t fit in with its modern viewpoint and its highly politicised opinions. Christianity has now become a pick and mix religion where you only need to adhere to the bits you like and ignore those you don’t because they don’t fit in with our society. It’s about time the Church began to set out exactly what it thinks its current roll is, a political advocate of those it feels are deserving of its support or an organisation to provide spiritual succour to those who believe in the teachings of the Bible. – Chrisj, Huddersfield, 26/12/2011 03:37 This stupid old man confuses Christianity with Communism, he is a cowardly useful 1diot. I like the way he said they smashed up shops that served the community, so if they didn’t serve their community then it would have been a fair target? The rioters were and are lazy workshy scrounging vermn created by the easy welfare types like him love – Mike, London, 26/12/2011 2:16__ You confuse Christianity with Conservatism. If only many of the casino bankers had been workshy! It would have been far better for the country’s well being had many of them been on the dole collecting JSA. – Richard, Norwich, UK, 26/12/2011 03:01
He’s right. Bankers play the system (capitalism) because they can with impunity. Rioters loot because they can with impunity. It’s about time people realised that there’s a class of people who are at the apex of capitalism and are able to exploit the system with impunity. They are no different to the despots who bleed countries dry. – Richard, Norwich, UK, 26/12/2011 02:57
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]] The ‘Suits’ are supposed to lead by example, but in being corrupt and abusive, make themselves vulnerable to justified retaliation by the 99% who will tear them apart because there is nothing else left for the 99% to do. Those who sequester wealth are thus marked for culling by their own selfishness and inconsiderate neglect of their fellow man. Keep throwing those financial punches, we’ll see who lasts longer in a protracted riot vs. financial oppression paradigm. We’ll see the hellfires and Mad Max stle society on Earth before long, if plutocrats and ‘bankers’ keep on this way.
***Commentator comments (continued) : He’s right. Bankers play the system (capitalism) because they can with impunity. Rioters loot because they can with impunity. It’s about time people realised that there’s a class of people who are at the apex of capitalism and are able to exploit the system with impunity. They are no different to the despots who bleed countries dry. – Richard, Norwich, UK, 26/12/2011 02:57

Marah Freedom Imbi landowners cede underground rights in coup for MRT Corp – by Yow Hong Chieh – 28th December 2011

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Dec 28 — Imbi landowners have agreed to surrender a portion of their underground land rights to MRT Corp for Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit (KVMRT) tunnelling works, sources revealed. The deal represents a major victory for new project owner MRT Corp, which inherited from Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd (SPNB) on September 1 the difficult task of negotiating with disgruntled landowners. A source told The Malaysian Insider that a points of agreement was signed earlier today between MRT Corp and at least three-quarters of landowners on Jalan Kamuning, Jalan Inai and Jalan Bukit Bintang whose lots will be affected by tunnelling work. Another source familiar with the deal said the land titles would remain with their respective owners but with an added restriction to limit enjoyment of underground land rights, to a depth to be determined soon.
The points of agreement will pave the way for a more comprehensive mutual agreement, expected to be inked next month. “It’s a good deal. The landowners will retain the titles but surrender them for an endorsement so everyone knows there’s a tunnel underneath. That’s another way of saying there are limits to the rights underground,” the source said. MRT Corp chief executive Datuk Azhar Abdul Hamid confirmed the deal when contacted but declined to elaborate on the terms. MRT Corp is expected to issue a statement on the matter tomorrow. The agreement appears to be a coup for Azhar, who is under pressure to resolve the ongoing land acquisition issues which he has warned may delay the completion of the KVMRT by up to six months.
The dispute began soon after landowners in Chinatown, Imbi and Bukit Bintang were informed that the government would acquire all lots lying above the KVMRT tunnel as owners’ rights extend to the centre of the earth under Malaysian law. Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) chief executive Mohd Nur Kamal said landowners could then apply for stratum titles but added there was no guarantee Putrajaya would re-alienate the surface land back to them. Many questioned the need for compulsory acquisition of both surface and underground land as the National Land Code 1965 was amended in 1990 to allow underground land to be acquired without affecting surface rights. Unhappy landowners have mounted a high-profile campaign marked by numerous protests, signature drives and accusations that Putrajaya was conducting a “land grab” in order to defray project costs. The RM40 billion KVMRT, meant to ease traffic congestion in the Klang Valley, is Malaysia’s most expensive infrastructure project to date. Five landowners from Bukit Bintang and three from Imbi have also challenged the acquisition in court and were granted leave to seek judicial review of the federal gazette by the High Court here. It is understood that the application for judicial review filed by the Imbi landowners on September 6 has been “put on the backburner” following today’s agreement with MRT Corp. Construction of the Sungai Buloh-Kajang (SBK) line of the KVMRT will begin in the second or third quarter of next year and is scheduled to be completed by end-2016, with services commencing in January 2017. The SBK line will cover a distance of 51km, of which 9.5km — including seven of the 31 stations — will be underground.
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]] ‘ “It’s a good deal. The landowners will retain the titles but surrender them for an endorsement so everyone knows there’s a tunnel underneath. That’s another way of saying there are limits to the rights underground,” the source said. ‘ Rubbish. if the 99% say you are out of power and have no rights underground there will be none. So voters do vote for the right MPs who recognize the older version of :
Cuius est solum, eius est usque ad coelum et ad inferos (Latin for [for] whoever owns [the] soil, [it] is theirs all the way [up] to Heaven and [down] to Hell) often appearing in the shorter form Cuius est solum eius est usque ad coelum, omitting et ad inferos “and to hell”, is a principle of property law, stating that property holders have rights not only to the plot of land itself, but also to the air above and (in the broader formulation) the ground below. WITHOUT the following section in modern law :
In modern law, this principle is still accepted in limited form, and the rights are divided into air rights above and subsurface rights below. Property holders generally have a right to the space immediately above and below the ground – preventing overhanging parts of neighboring buildings – but do not have rights to control flights far above their property, or subway construction below.
In dense urban areas, air rights may be transferable (see transferable development rights) to allow construction of new buildings over existing buildings. If enough 99%ters vote appropriately, any law can be amended including the so-called ‘modern’ amendments. Think nail houses, then think nail basements. And understand that ANY MP, Assemblyman or Minister that does not endorse and intend to grant ALLODIAL ownership and abolish EMINENT DOMAIN powers, is immediately a 1%ter and unvotable. Even a lawyer, or Apex classer, major industry player not of the 1% (even10%) that does not endorse the above should be subject to boycott. Vote based on this criteria and find out for yourself how terrible the odfds are to freedom, democracy and liberty, even as gambling modes other than 4D, adult services districts, are already denied against Human Rights and common sense to non-Muslims but effectively allowed underground. Stop being hypocrites and just legalize. For certain even the PDRM would be happier with this sort of arrangement so that their mud raking activities would be minimalised and that they can deal with REAL problems at hand like Ministerial level corruption.

The year the government repeatedly changed its mind – MalaysianInsider – 31 December 2011

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KUALA LUMPUR — A growing public demand for accountability forced the government this year to make many about-faces and policy U-turns, characterising what critics would say was a weak administration but supporters might call responsive management. And voters will get to eventually decide if they want to punish or reward Barisan Nasional (BN) when Datuk Seri Najib Razak calls elections. The Malaysian Insider reviews some of the year’s notable changes in position and direction. Bersih 2.0 rally The first Bersih rally in 2007 was credited with shrinking the ruling coalition’s voter support in Election 2008 that led to Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s early exit from government and his successor, Najib, appeared keen to avoid a repeat. The Najib administration initially moved to nip the problem in the bud by detaining several individuals campaigning for the July 9 rally on suspicion of security risks to King and country and banning T-shirts bearing the images of communists as well as yellow-coloured clothes. But days before the street march in the capital city, the Yang di-Pertua Agong stepped in to calm the rising storm and the seventh prime minister softened the government’s stance against Bersih 2.0, led by lawyer-activist Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan, and offered the 62-member coalition the use of a stadium of choice for its rally demanding a cleaner and more transparent electoral system. When the electoral reform movement demanded Stadium Merdeka, Najib said he meant the Shah Alam stadium in Pakatan Rakyat-controlled Selangor, leading to yet another stalemate. The 72 hours leading to the rally became fuzzy as misinformation reigned.
City police issued a lockdown on the capital and got a court order barring entry to 92 individuals, including the movement’s leaders. However, videos of harsh police action against the peaceful protestors went viral online and through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Faced with global criticism, the government conceded it may have mishandled the incident. PSC electoral reform On August 15, five weeks after the July 9 rally, Najib announced the set up of a bipartisan Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) on electoral reform, addressing Bersih 2.0’s eight demands. But the very next day, Najib’s deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the PSC would only fine-tune and not reform the electoral processes. It was not the first time Muhyiddin had voiced a different view from his boss, raising questions of unity within the Najib Cabinet. The PSC kicked off its public hearings for feedback on November 11, and several recommendations have been made since. The Election Commission has endorsed recommendations like indelible ink for the next general election. Bumiputera quota Pro-Bumiputera quotas remain as part of the government’s economic policies.
On September 27, Najib said, “We want to do away from (with) quotas but we must support them (Bumiputera entrepreneurs) in a way that would allow them to grow” in a bid to calm growing unhappiness with the affirmative action plan that favoured one community. After suggestions that the PM had decided to abolish quotas, Najib clarified three days later: “I did not say we want to abolish quotas, but I said we cannot be too reliant on them”. National Feedlot Corp scandal It started off with Najib being firmly with Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil, after story broke that her family members had been very liberal with the use of a RM250 million soft loan to a National Feedlot Corporation. The company was set up to reduce Malaysia’s dependency on foreign beef. However the pasture for the company extended as far as Bangsar condominiums and other baffling purchases. As the attacks grew on Shahrizat’s CEO husband, Umno’s resolve to defend its Wanita Umno chief weakened, as did the reluctance of the authorities to investigate the case. Police and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency eventually started investigations after seeing widespread public dissatisfaction. Peaceful Assembly Act/Bill 2011 On the eve of Malaysia Day on September 16 Najib went on live television and promised the end of oppressive laws such as the Internal Security Act, Banishment Act and a slew of laws used to suppress political dissent. There was a collective sigh of relief, but within days his cousin Hishammuddin announced that there would be new laws to fill the void. On November 24, as a show of progress since Bersih 2.0, the Peaceful Assembly Bill was tabled. It was pilloried instantly by legislators, and citizens were not far behind. Critics said the new law, despite its name, would create more restrictions on the right of the public to assemble than the laws it would be replacing. The government was forced to modify part of the law but many social activists and opposition politicians remain unhappy with the legislature that was eventually passed by Parliament. -themalaysianinsider
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This article went : ‘ And voters will get to eventually decide if they want to punish or reward Barisan Nasional (BN) when Datuk Seri Najib Razak calls elections. ‘ Nothing against Najib here (other issues like APARTHEID notwithstanding) but how is it that the 99.999% cannot decide but 1 man decides when to call elections? MPs who want to be voted, need to change the law to allow the voters to decide when to call for elections rather than the PM or at least for the MPs at 66.6% quorum to decide when to call elections. Democracy means 66.6% quorums not a one man decision! Another dated law aspect of constitution to be amended! bar Council, still not hitting the books yet? What is Bar Council doing about constitutional things like these, much less neurotech abuse of citizens much less Section 377B, and University Colleges Act, Printing Presses Act? March around then hide and hope it blows over? Do you know how long the APARTHEID issue has been addressed by some of us that Bar Council dare not even touch on?

Supermodel Janice Dickinson hit with $43k fine after failing to pay her tax bill AGAIN – by Paul Thompson – 2nd Jan 2011

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Not a great start to the year: Janice Dickinson is being chased by the taxman and has been hit with fines of $43,191 Former supermodel Janice Dickinson is known for saying what she wants. But the former America’s Next Top Model judge will have to do some smooth talking to avoid being locked up in jail for failing to pay her taxes. The 56-year-old has begun the New Year being chased by the taxman and has been hit with fines of $43,191. The latest amount comes on top of the $250,000 she allegedly owes to the taxman for unpaid taxes over the last two years. Documents obtained from the Los Angeles County Recorder of Deeds shows that a tax lien of $43,191 was placed on Dickinson on November 30th. Since 2009 the Internal Revenue Service have imposed fines of $250,000 for unpaid taxes. Dickinson, who has dated a string of high profile men including Mick Jagger and Warren Beatty, has decently sparked controversy when she alleged that America’s Next Top Model was ‘definitely rigged’. She claimed the winner of the show was chosen by executives at cosmetics giant Cover Girl rather than the panel of the judges. Dickinson was dubbed the first ‘supermodel’ and after her catwalk career ended she became reality TV star and appeared as a judge on America’s Next Top Model for four seasons. She also had her own show The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency and has appeared in the UK on Come Dine With Me and I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of here. Dickinson was unavailable for comment.
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To save face and punish the system for the insult and implied threat of incarceration, Janice should run for election and propose abolishing taxes for the poor. She still has to pay her taxes though. Good that she is not above the 20 million mark, which is just an affront to every starving or homeless person. Finally why impose jail – irrelevant punishment, this should have interest applied at most with a police/legal team (paid for on Janice’s/any tax offender’s time) sent by the government (perhaps when overdue up to half year mark – with interest applied) to extract the payment on the spot much like loan sharks do (though no physical violence applies, the interest is the fiscal violence deserved and should be no higher than any typical non-compound loan-type interest – nothing ridiculous). Write laws that make sense. Collect taxes with polite thugs paid for at the tax offender’s expense, or cart off property (with appropriate refunds if valuable), but jail at taxpayer’s expense? Just lame.

The Make-Up of the Malaysian Judiciary – by Mohd. Kamal bin Abdullah – 13th November 2011

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(Malaysian Unplugged) Who We Appoint to the Seat of Justice is a Matter of LIFE and DEATH for Malaysians “….Who are THESE JUDGES who wield such power over us, a power reserved for GOD? Who are these MERE humans with the power to wrest children from their mothers and to condemn men to death or cage them like beasts in penitentiaries? Who possesses the power to strip us of our professions, our possessions, our very lives? THEY make law. THEY may take away your wife or your good name or your freedom or your fortune or your life. THEY are omnipotent. And the question is: To whom have we so carelessly granted that power? Are THEY the kind who would understand YOU , who from their experiences would know something of the fears and struggles you have faced? Will THEY care about YOU or about JUSTICE?” – Gerry Spence, American lawyer Judicial Diversity Creates Confidence by Roger Tan Read here for more How does Malaysia fare with judicial diversity? Is ours a more representative bench?
There is (are) a fair number of women and non-Malay judges at the High Court level, but not in the appellate courts. In fact, since Merdeka, only one white, two Chinese, one Indian and one womanwere appointed to head the High Court of Malaya. They were, respectively, Tun James Beveridge Thomson (1957-1963); Tan Sri Ong Hock Thye (1968-1973) and Tan Sri Gunn Chit Tuan (1992-1994); Tan Sri Sarwan Singh Gill (1974-1979); and Tan Sri Siti Norma Yaakob (2004-2006).
JUDICIAL APPOINTMENTS COMMISSION Further, the members of our Judicial Appointments Commission comprise: six Malays, one Chinese, one Indian and one east Malaysia bumiputra, and only one of the nine members is a woman. To my mind, the situation could be due to a dearth of non-Malays in the Judicial and Legal Services, but overall women still outnumber men in this sector. SESSIONS COURT Currently, in respect of Sessions Court judges, there are: 119 Malays (56 are women), two Chinese (women), five Indians (three are women), nine east Malaysia bumiputras (four are women) and one Others (a woman).
MAGISTRATES COURT For Magistrates, there are: 139 Malays (84 are women), two Chinese (men), one Indian (woman) and four east Malaysia bumiputras (all men). However, there are probably MORE non-Malays serving in the Attorney General’s Chambers. But if other judicial officers such as deputy and assistant registrars are added, women would almost double men. This is not a new phenomenon as, in the last two years, women have doubled the number of men entering the legal profession.Of course, non-Malay law graduates prefer to enter the legal profession rather than join the Judicial and Legal Services with the view, whether rightly or wrongly, that private practice is more lucrative. In fact, with the revised remuneration scheme, the current basic pay of a magistrate who is a fresh law graduate is RM1989.45 (with additional perks worth about RM1,000 depending on the location where the magistrate serves). This, of course, is far better off than his predecessor in earlier days, like in the early 1980s when a magistrate’s basic pay was only about RM1,050. In any event, if the reason for under-representation in the appellate judiciary by NON-MALAYS is due to a lack of meritorious candidates in the Judicial and Legal Services, then resort should be had to the pool of meritorious candidates among senior members of the Bar just like in the case of Jonathan Sumption, QC who recently made history by being the first lawyer to be elevated directly to the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.
Having said that, let no one mistake me as advocating a quota system or positive discrimination on the grounds of gender, race and religion in judicial appointments because that would go against Article 8(2) of the Federal Constitution. I am also mindful of the views expressed by some women judges themselves, such as the former justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, Justice Claire L’Heureux-Dubé. She argued that it was not enough to have simply more women or minorities on the bench.“What we need”, as she was quoted by Australian judge, Justice McHugh, “is a change in attitudes, not simply a change in chromosomes.” I disagree. If there exists a total absence or a huge disproportionate presence of women and minorities at appellate courts, something must be wrong somewhere. It is my considered opinion that the Judicial Appointments Commission should always encourage a diverse judiciary which is more representative of the make-up of our country. We must also correct any perception that our judges, who are the arbiters of civil laws, are not fair and independent especially when they adjudicate upon sensitive issues such as race and religion. It follows that who we appoint to the seat of justice is a matter of life and death. As one of America’s finest trial lawyers,
Gerry Spence, put it so trenchantly: “Who are these judges who wield such power over us, a power reserved for God? Who are these mere humans with the power to wrest children from their mothers and to condemn men to death or cage them like beasts in penitentiaries? Who possesses the power to strip us of our professions, our possessions, our very lives? “They make law. They may take away your wife or your good name or your freedom or your fortune or your life. They are omnipotent. And the question is: To whom have we so carelessly granted that power? Are they the kind who would understand you, who from their experiences would know something of the fears and struggles you have faced? Will they care about you or about justice?” It is, therefore, my honest view that judicial diversity and meritocracy should go hand in hand because a judiciary which does not reflect the society’s diversity will ultimately lose the confidence of that society. In other words, the strength of any judiciary is primarily dependent on public confidence even if seated on the bench are monolithic judges who are most meritorious. This is achievable if there is the political will, and one only need to look at how successfully Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama did in bringing diversity to the American judiciary.
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Kamal’s article sets Kamal apart from all the propaganda or opposition paid propagandists. A paragon of Malay honesty. Will Mohd. Kamal bin Abdullah be fetted for a Malay title? This sort of honesty is certainly PM material in the making, brutally honest and not slithery about the facts and figures. Run for candidacy Kamal if you can endorse the below 3 items :
1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.
;if if possible set up a political party of your own! If Tengku Haris, Malik Imtiaz Sarwar and Sreekant Pillai are not using RPK blab-outing as an excuse to not run for politics, you guys (alongside those dozen or more sacked from DAP including potentially Dr.Ramasamy DCM of Penang) could form the core of a REAL political party that is UNHCR compliant (Articles 1 and 18 being the toughest to implement properly) and free from Islamic sin of Asabiya. Then consider the various other issues I have highlighted as well like TERM LIMITS for MPs, Assemblyman and political party committee bearer posts, EMINENT DOMAIN ABOLISHMENT, ALLODIAL implementation, non-4D based gambling outlets, and adult services industry venues, non-Muslim zones (so that Singapore can be re-assimilated). Some of us have been sabotaged into non-viability (may still try), but others have not and should not just run off at the first chance (the above 3 mentioned) or as in Kamal’s case, not even try at all despite the admirable honesty that some you-know-who’s dare not even want to mention – Allah (or your choice of deity or non-deity) help us if they are crypto-racists! Kudos to Kamal and all Malays who believe in the above 3 items. Run against the racists and put an end to the misery of so many living in Malaysia!