Crime and Drug Legalisation Charts

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Crime and Drug Legalisation Charts

If Indiana would legalise Organics (and Adult Services Districts), it would be the freest most democratic state in the USA and of course the world.

All GMO (Genetically Mutated Organism) states should be considered potential depopulation-agenda/pro-mutation danger zones.

Marah Freedom
Beware the giant hogweed: Monster plant that can cause BLINDNESS invades New York

Combine uncontrolled growth of noxious plants with irradiated areas (meaning genetic solutions will no longer be valid for control as DNA of the Hogweed becomes changed and unaffected by poisons like round up), nuke waste storage, depleted uranium ammo and potentially mutagenic/DNA-degenerating vaccines, USA will be not much in the next 3-4 generations being an overgrown GMO jungle of poisonous plants. Just like Dr. Moreau would like? (And if not careful, lots of Americans would become ‘furries’ as ‘Adoptive Measures’ to counter effects of poisonous GMOs that will be edible to only them.) Try the below site on what happened to hamsters exposed to GMOs :

Wait till this hogweed somehow breeds with spore bearing plants like the Sugi and Hinoki that grow at equal speed. Water and Air Purifier companies, Hazmat Suit and Bio-Dome manufacturers will be in for a bonanza! Anyone ready to stop an unliveable ‘Planet USA’ from occuring? Domestic Bio-Terrorism lawsuits now please!

Meanwhile NewWater’s parallel (3% grey/waste water in Singapore’s pipes – such a rich country can’t desalinate at least up to 2010 after this grey water issue was highlighted . . . ), NewFood has been invented by the Japanese : Japanese Scientists Invent Steak Made from Human Poop

So much for high density Urban lifetsyles and Capitalism . . . at least in subsistence food paradigms even in the Societ era, the rain falls from the sky, comes from wells or flows from rivers, and meat really comes from animals.

Guess which elites will not be having their own private farms or rainwater collecting water table areas while YOU have grey water and reconstituted sh1t everyday? Better vote against the plutocrat or nepotistic oligarch or else!
July 7, 2011 at 8:53am


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