Economic Policies

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Economic Policies

USA’s Wealth/Finance System (Pensions / Tax Structure / Tax Policy)

If Indiana would clean up it’s Tax Structure and Pension system, it could be the model of future governance ***FOR THE WORLD***.

Taxes of course should partake from various suggestions to further liberalise with preventive protections beyond what is current of course.

8 (Financially Independent) States quietly plan to drop out of the Federal Reserve – ftgfarm – 28th June 2011

She said the Federal Reserve Act (ONLY) applies to the Federal Government – not to any citizen of the United States. The IRS/FRB is not licensed, incorporated, bonded nor insured to do any business.

The IRS & FRB are private corporations – the IRS is nothing but a glorified bill/debt collector for the FRB-the IRS has NO police powers

Nor can the IRS/FRB claim any standing to:

1) any lawful contract with Your wet signature
2) Standing to claim any injury if You decide NOT to be a greatful Slave
3) No pres has the Constnl authority to sign We the Ppl into slavery to a private corporation
4) Congress cannot confer their Constnl authority UNder Art 1 Sec 8 to a private corporation per the Seperation of Powers Clause-cept there is NO 4th Branch of government known as the FRB, FTG
5) Title 26 USC is NULL & VOID per the Supremecy Clause of the US Consitution
6) Refuse any form of contact/contract with this (illegal groups or collusion with foreign powers) zionists fraud
7) 16th Amendment the law that never was?

Watch this 26 minute video:


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