Economic Policy and Freedoms

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Economic Policy and Freedoms

Overview of Fiscal status, Fiscal responsibility, and Freedoms of States in USA.

Indiana is the best with both initiatives into cancellation of fiat and lowest Federal sequestration of land. (Indiana should also grant Allodial Titles and scrap Eminent Domain laws)

Trailing are North Dakota, Missouri and New Hampshire which also do not wish to continue the Fiat System, though slightly worse than Indiana in Federal land sequestration.

Ohio, Tenessee, Alabama and Kansas have least land sequestration overall, but lack initiative for cancellation of fiat.

All above listed 8 states above are the freest states in the USA.

Strangely New York, California and Rhode Island rank alongside Arizona, Nevada, South Carolina and Florida rank the most oppressive states in USA. Two flaws each, pertaining to 2nd Amendment, Internet Lockdown (am surprised that Ron Paul wants Internet Lockdown, and though his view on ending the Federal Reserve is correct, he is NOT trying to switch from Fiat to Gold and Silver – practice what you preach!!!), or Racism.

Easy solution for USA ! Move to the freest states and let the oppressive ones rot OR vote in a candidate that will ensure freedoms equal to that if Indiana ! If no such candidate exists, then run for election YOURSELF. USA can still lead in example, meanwhile remove ALL extraterritorial military bases and end those wars against the Middle East !

Indiana (Governor Mitch Daniels – phenotypically similiar to Governor Ron Paul for what it’s worth, should pls cut out Internet Lockdown and join the 10 States supporting Gold and Silver over Fiat as well – only then he’d be truly Presidential material) is the heart of the USA and possibly the freest place WORLDWIDE !

(Chart may be again updated)


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