Freeing Your Lives Once and For All – Vote Correctly ! – by @AgreeToDisagree – late December 2011

In Uncategorized on January 12, 2012 at 5:45 pm
Working the fields or that humans need to eat grain is ALSO a myth. Humans can well subsist on a diet of domestic animals and fruits that grow on trees and bushes. There might be no need to work any field at a certain densiy level. Labour could well be a thing of the past under this hunter-gatherer paradigm.
Note that a cow produces 15 litres of milk daily. With a small self sustaining herd, chickens, a water reservoir, and a number of fruit trees/plants on ALLODIAL land (without Eminent Domain powers which MP’s should be voted on the basis of their ability to abolish by) there hardly is anything to ‘labour’ about excepting specialty goods that can be produced by hand (shoes and handbags are made of leather, cloth-textiles and clothes are made by looms and tailors NOT fashion ‘houses’ – DO NOT COST thousands per article – actually it is inefficiency in the employment and supplier lines including tax import and export tariffs etc.. – with electronics costing virtually nothing in materials themselves but rather the factory machinery which could be calculated against the number of people intending to buy the product – an iPod does not cost that much if someone would do the math . . . ), barring the taxes that your idiot MPs again allow in law to begin with and should not be voted for unless they intend to abolish the same.
If MP’s abolish assessments and taxes on the subsistence land owners, and the fact that MONEY (food) DOES GROW ON TREES, who needs to work or labour or pay any taxes at all? The entire ‘democratic’ system is a ‘remake’ of feudalism via mob-rule (where a minority of one still has the right to express themselves though perhaps in venues commensurate with the size of their community without subject to harrassment or even subtle psychological abuses), and your new parasitic version of the monarch (not the limited types with only ceremonial powers) is government itself – especially those who are nepotistic within government (and less so but still harmful nepotists) within political parties where independent MPs should be in power instead.
Finally one does not need to own that much land but to be considerate, should have what produces a good amount for one’s family or extended family at most with reasonable space to walk around on and provide some privacy (1-2 acres minimal? No more than 100 acres at most . . . ) This is the end of big govt. but vote very carefully for pro-ALLODIAL anti-EMINENT DOMAIN candidates. Also make sure they are not nepotists, intend unlimited terms that result in a neo-feudalism or are plutocrats and quangocrats that will write policies or collude on policies that make economic conditions impossible via inflation.

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