Insane Salary Levels Beyond Average National Wage

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Insane Salary Levels Beyond Average National Wage

The salary of the highest government functionary should be not more than 2 times the flat rate equivalent to their country’s national wage per person.

This way civil servants and legislators will not be inclined to write pro-plutocratic policy that makes life difficult for everyone else. Singapore is worse than Indonesia in this respect.

Of course prohibitions on participation in GLC or holding of second jobs, ESPECIALLY Directorships should be prohibited as well to ALL functionaries or civil servants.

That way civil service would be a truly noble job. China and India are most exemplary here on the national average wage to Salary ratio, but their GLC business links and possible immense corruption and collusion leave much to be desired.

Singapore of course is the worst example IN THE WORLD with family links throughout all levels and 2nd most highest salaries against GDP.

These checks and balances are only for the honest and ethical, not impossible to implement, but for a sustainable economy, these measures and yardsticks and fiat removal itself are the best practices that will ensure a nation is truly exceptional and having values beyond material greed and warmongering.

Stephen Yeo said : Goh Chok Tong once told the Financial Times: “It’s quite an exceptional family, the siblings and the wives and so on are all doing well. So there is a perception problem. You have just got to make sure that everything that is done is transp…See More
September 27, 2011 at 6:31pm

Marah Freedom said : Any salary of any bureaucrat should NEVER be more than 3 times average wage. Modest salaries breed modest government. Extreme salaries makes extreem government gives false sense of entitlement to civil SERVANTS. The SG salary scales are sheer obscenity and the SG voters either ignorant or ill informed of whats going on.
September 28, 2011 at 1:30am · 1

Marah Freedom said : For example if USA or China being no.1 and no.2 economies as of this posting respectively decide to announce that ‘commensurate with their national average wage levels’ and by virtue of being largest economies in the world, that they deserve to have the highest salaries worldwide as well, that would make sense to a point where salaries of bureaucrats or cabinet is within a range of 3-5 times average wage.

But Singapore with a poor average wage and a GDP 1000s times less in economic activity and size compared to the largest economies and countries or populations in the world but having the highest salaries in the world is merely a display of institutionalised corruption and shameless cronyism.
November 2, 2011 at 6:16am


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