Native American America

In Native American, Native Rights on January 12, 2012 at 5:24 pm

Native American America

For a start as a form of consideration and sense of fairplay, how about RESERVING Governor’s seats for the Central State of each Native Region so that the First Peoples will finally get to represent their own?

This reserved concept should comfortably cover 51% of representation so that a First Peoples Native American Red Indian will have a good chance of becoming President. It is a shame that all this while mostly WASPs have been President with no NA/NC ever, much less as Governor.

As the original peoples of the land, USA and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, deserve as much – to represent their own country and own peoples at the UN or NAM or any world body.

Of course any Governor must be as pure NA/NC blooded as possible too, we can’t have a Mr.Smith or Mdm.White or Colonel Plum or General Custard with 25% NA blood as a governor in each Native region. Time to give America back to the First Peoples ! How about it, fair minded Americans of all races?

A better Rushmore . . . 300 years of colonialism v.s. 50,000 years or more of Native American peoples . . .

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