Rioters no worse than bankers, says Archbishop of Canterbury in his Christmas Day sermon – by Paul Sims – 26th Dec 2011

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‘Bonds have been broken, trust abused and lost’, Dr Rowan Williams tells congregation The thugs behind this summer’s riots were no worse than Britain’s bankers, the Archbishop of Canterbury suggested yesterday. Delivering his Christmas sermon at Canterbury Cathedral, Rowan Williams claimed society had been torn apart by the violence that erupted in August. ‘The most pressing question we now face, we might well say, is who and where we are as a society,’ said Dr Williams. ‘Bonds have been broken, trust abused and lost. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams gives his Christmas address at Canterbury Cathedral The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams gives his Christmas address at Canterbury Cathedral ‘Whether it is an urban rioter mindlessly burning down a small shop that serves his community, or a speculator turning his back on the question of who bears the ultimate cost for his acquisitive adventures in the virtual reality of today’s financial world, the picture is of atoms spinning apart in the dark. ‘And into that dark the Word of God has entered, in love and judgment, and has not been overcome; in the darkness the question sounds as clear as ever, to each of us and to our church and our society: “Britain, where are you?” Where are the words we can use to answer?’ He asked the congregation to learn lessons about mutual obligation from the events of the past year.
His comments, which formed part of his closing remarks, will undoubtedly spark debate among those who claim the rioters were crying out for help and those who believe their behaviour was wanton vandalism. Making reference to the Book of Common Prayer, which reaches its 350th anniversary next year, the Archbishop said it was an example of how ideas of duty and common interest can be expressed. Tottenham: Silhouetted against a blazing building, riot officers in formation prepare for the next wave of attack during the summer’s riots ‘The world has changed, the very rhythms of our speech have changed, our society is irreversibly more plural, and we have – with varying degrees of reluctance – found other and usually less resonant ways of talking to God and identifying who we are in his presence,’ he said. ‘If we used only the Prayer Book these days we’d risk confusing the strangeness of the mysteries of faith with the strangeness of antique and lovely language. ‘But we’re much the poorer for forgetting it and pushing it to the margins as much as we often do in the Church. And it is crucial to remember the point about the Prayer Book as something for a whole society, binding together our obligations to God and to one another, in a dense interweaving of love and duty joyfully performed.’ Pope attacks festive frivolity It is not the first time the Archbishop has highlighted August’s disturbances, which spread from Tottenham in North London to cities across the country, including Manchester and Birmingham. Earlier this month he spoke about the ‘enormous sadness’ he felt during the riots, watching homes and shops being destroyed. In his spiritual message, the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, called for Britons to turn their backs on materialism and remember the meaning of Christmas. ‘The message of Christmas is clearly about that authentic peace child, Jesus Christ,’ he said.
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Society’s physical violence is doubtless caused by FISCAL VIOLENCE (the bankers threw the first punch and have been punching everyone for decades doing financial violebnce evertytime a CEO of a failed form gets a golden parachute or employees get raises far beyond inflation, causing even more inflationa nd destroying wealth distribution . . . ) which arises from ethical violence. When ethics disappear, the financially strong become abusive, and then the poor will retaliate with physical violence which is the only thing they have. We are all capable of violence and the onus is on those with the capacity and ability to prevent violence, ensure safety and dignity. When there is nothing left but decades of drudgery that will indeed inspire a quick exchange, a life for a life occurs, though the state or relatives, may end up taking over where that 1% fell. Without reforms after that the relatives will again be felled by angry 99%ters. Can’t share abit? If you want to watch the 99% suffer, the 99% will make you suffer instead. What is the Church doing about this? They have not acted, their voice is lost, they are only interested in a cult of an anthropomorphised god. How does that relate to the starving or viciously persecuted for their supposed ‘lack of morality’ when the Church is flush with wealth and comfort, basking in diminishing respect from oligarchies and internal ecclesiastical politics? With an entire institution behind you Rowan, and all used in the wrong manner, you have no hold over the plutocrats, the unethical/collusive law makers and politicians also quangocrat NGOs. The church will not survive the depredations of these groups which undermine the stability of the nation and world, with the Church a silent bystander, well at least till you spoke so gently against bankers. We are entering a plutocrat/collusive-politician based neo-feudalism, but one without god. And only have technology to comfort us (dreaming about an anthropomorphised god will never be enough), or in some cases technology abuses us as well. And lo and behold, scapegoats in the form of the wealthy and inactive are there for the 99% to take their frustration out on . . . they could share the wealth but rather have riots . . . ***Commentator comments : I have some advice for the Archbishop! Go for a haircut, have a shave, take a long hot shower, and, most important of all, GIVE IT A REST! We’ve had enough of the regurgitated PC claptrap! Don’t worry, the bankers will get theirs without Rowan Williams waxing eloquent every 2 minutes! – Christopher Smithers, London United Kingdom, 26/12/2011 03:58 [[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]] Facial fair is a personal choice. Christopher, you’re not one of those subverted metrosexual clean shaven feminist males speaking for the Militant Feminists are you? How about switching to Prose Edda and Mabinogi Rowan, a nice green robed Druid could reach this generation better than the fire and brimstone of Aramea. ***Commentator comments (continued) : So we now have a man who doesn’t really believe in the Bible and its teachings telling us we should. The C of E has consistently dumped the parts of the Bible which don’t fit in with its modern viewpoint and its highly politicised opinions. Christianity has now become a pick and mix religion where you only need to adhere to the bits you like and ignore those you don’t because they don’t fit in with our society. It’s about time the Church began to set out exactly what it thinks its current roll is, a political advocate of those it feels are deserving of its support or an organisation to provide spiritual succour to those who believe in the teachings of the Bible. – Chrisj, Huddersfield, 26/12/2011 03:37 This stupid old man confuses Christianity with Communism, he is a cowardly useful 1diot. I like the way he said they smashed up shops that served the community, so if they didn’t serve their community then it would have been a fair target? The rioters were and are lazy workshy scrounging vermn created by the easy welfare types like him love – Mike, London, 26/12/2011 2:16__ You confuse Christianity with Conservatism. If only many of the casino bankers had been workshy! It would have been far better for the country’s well being had many of them been on the dole collecting JSA. – Richard, Norwich, UK, 26/12/2011 03:01
He’s right. Bankers play the system (capitalism) because they can with impunity. Rioters loot because they can with impunity. It’s about time people realised that there’s a class of people who are at the apex of capitalism and are able to exploit the system with impunity. They are no different to the despots who bleed countries dry. – Richard, Norwich, UK, 26/12/2011 02:57
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]] The ‘Suits’ are supposed to lead by example, but in being corrupt and abusive, make themselves vulnerable to justified retaliation by the 99% who will tear them apart because there is nothing else left for the 99% to do. Those who sequester wealth are thus marked for culling by their own selfishness and inconsiderate neglect of their fellow man. Keep throwing those financial punches, we’ll see who lasts longer in a protracted riot vs. financial oppression paradigm. We’ll see the hellfires and Mad Max stle society on Earth before long, if plutocrats and ‘bankers’ keep on this way.
***Commentator comments (continued) : He’s right. Bankers play the system (capitalism) because they can with impunity. Rioters loot because they can with impunity. It’s about time people realised that there’s a class of people who are at the apex of capitalism and are able to exploit the system with impunity. They are no different to the despots who bleed countries dry. – Richard, Norwich, UK, 26/12/2011 02:57

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