Smokes and Guns

In Uncategorized on January 12, 2012 at 5:15 pm

Smokes and Guns

Death of the Gun Toting, Smoking American symbol of freedom (and colonialism in those cases where Native American Red Indians were ever dealt with less than fairly). No more Rednecks left? Just Metrosexuals?

For every street or shop that is no-smoking, there shuld be another for smoking. None of that hegelian dialectic or absolutism in application of law.

Am surprised that Texas isn’t here, those 10 Gallons could be banned next for being symbols of ‘racism’ if you guys aren’t careful. 2 and a Half Cowboys (Men) remain from the looks of it.

Illinois and Wisconsin are the very worst here probably, with extreme deterrents to gun ownership. These 2 states have made public a list of registered Gun Owners (effectively punishing forthright and open people while unregistered owners go unlisted) and personal information of Gun Owners.

The entirety of the USA needs to re-establish the goodly Cowboy (Totin’ Smokin’) culture instead of the 10th Crusade Corporate Ziono-inVADER nonsense USA has become.

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