Still not running for President? Donald Trump? – by Michael Zennie – 24th December 2011

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Donald Trump ditches GOP and eyes independent White House bid (a week after candidates refused to attend his debate) Flip-flop: Donald Trump has only been a Republican since 2009. Now he’ll be an ‘independent’ Donald Trump has left the Republican party, a week after GOP presidential candidates spurned him and refused to attend a debate he was moderating. The billionaire real estate mogul’s allies have said he left because he was ‘disgusted’ by Republicans in Congress and he is considering a third-party presidential run of his own. But a headline debate that the Donald was planning to moderate flopped after only Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum — two of the seven major Republican residential candidates — said they would participate. Despite his announcement in May that he would not seek the Republican presidential nomination, the Donald has kept alive speculation about a bid for the White House this year — as he did in 2000, 2004 and 2008. Mr Trump’s allegiance to the Republican party didn’t last long; he only joined in 2009. He had been a registered Democrat since 2001.
Fox News commentator calls Obama a ‘skinny, ghetto crackhead’ on air Republican candidate Michelle Bachmann harangued by ‘gay robot’ on the campaign trail in Iowa Mr Trump, whose reality TV show ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ premiers in February, claims most of the presidential contenders wouldn’t commit to the Newsmax-sponsored debate because he wouldn’t rule out running for president himself. A political sideshow? Pundits and Washington insiders have called Donald Trump’s presidential ambitions a ‘political sideshow’ for their irreverence and inconsistency. Here are a few details of the Donald’s political history: Considered running as a fiscally-conservative, socially-liberal third-party candidate in 2000 Joined the Democratic Party in 2001 Criticized President George W. Bush for starting the Iraq War Floated running for president in 2004 and 2008 — but didn’t Joined the Republican Party in 2009 Surged to the top of some 2012 GOP primary polls after re-igniting President Obama’s ‘birth certificate’ debate Decided not to run for president May 16 after a month of media speculation The debate, originally scheduled for December 27, would be the last one before the Iowa caucuses and the official start of the presidential primary season. Last week, Mr Trump backed out of hosting the debate, as well. He has already reached out to Americans Elect, a third party that has already gotten itself on the ballot in 13 states including California, Florida, Michigan and Ohio.
‘Couple Donald Trump’s name recognition with his extraordinary wealth and Americans Elect truly becomes a viable force in determining who the next president will be,’ Michael Cohen, a lawyer for Mr Trump, told ABC News. ‘One thing is for certain, Donald Trump is adamant that Barack Obama must be defeated in 2012 under any circumstances.’ On Thursday, Mr Trump changed his political affiliation in New York from Republican to ‘blank,’ sources told Politico. The move was too late to matter for 2012 — Mr Trump will still legally be a Republican until the presidential election in November, the Washington politics website reported. The Apprentice ‘You’re fired’: The Donald, in addition to his political ambitions, still hosts Celebrity Apprentice, which debuts a new season in February ABC News said Mr Trump left the GOP because he was ‘disgusted’ by the Republicans in Congress, who bowed to political pressure and approved a temporary extension of the payroll tax cuts Friday. This isn’t the first time Mr Trump, who is the host of the reality TV show the Apprentice, has basked in the glow of presidential speculation. He openly considered running as a third party candidate in 2000 and also considered White House bids in 2004 and 2008 but never followed through. His name recognition and vast fortune, estimated at about $2.8 billion, helped him surge to the top of one early poll, though pundits criticized him as a ‘political sideshow.’
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Dem/GOP = Hegelian Eclectic (Bad) Plutocrat 1%ters (Bad) = 2 bads
Trump as 3rd Indie = Plutocrat 1%ter (Bad) = 1 bad
Joe Public as 3rd Indie = 99%ter (Good) = 1 good
Hegelian Eclectic might be removed but Trump is no 99%ter. Unless Trump funds dozens of candidates on a people’s ticket, he might be surprised to find a Joe Public type beating him if he runs entirely alone. If Trump fettes and supports a majority of Joe Publics (1 bad + several goods), then perhaps he could win because he would be bringing something to the table of American politics. Otherwise it’s another one man show (cult of personality) and no different from if the voters went for Joe Public. Between a Joe Public and a plutocratic Trump, the voters should know that a Joe Public will be safer. Between a Joe Public alone, and 10 Joe Publics supported by Trump, Trump will certainly win. If Trump brings in a lot of regular guys, (like a plumber not earning 250K a year), or even an ex-bodyguard who’s of moderate wealth, the people would know Trump was going all out for the American people rather than stoking an ego. Don’t forget the Latino, Black, Russian, Brazilian, Indian and Chinese candidates among Joe Publics, and a truly challenging 3rd Force party headed by Trump could change America and the face of the world (think future of humanity not personal profit btw . . . ). But as a single person? Might as well begin another season of ‘Apprentice’ in business as usual, Joe Public will have to do it themselves somehow . . . A political sideshow? Only if the man who can set up an entire political party in time for 2012 in all states does not do this. In which case a quintessential ‘Foghorn’ would have been born . . . much noise, no action.

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