Supermodel Janice Dickinson hit with $43k fine after failing to pay her tax bill AGAIN – by Paul Thompson – 2nd Jan 2011

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Not a great start to the year: Janice Dickinson is being chased by the taxman and has been hit with fines of $43,191 Former supermodel Janice Dickinson is known for saying what she wants. But the former America’s Next Top Model judge will have to do some smooth talking to avoid being locked up in jail for failing to pay her taxes. The 56-year-old has begun the New Year being chased by the taxman and has been hit with fines of $43,191. The latest amount comes on top of the $250,000 she allegedly owes to the taxman for unpaid taxes over the last two years. Documents obtained from the Los Angeles County Recorder of Deeds shows that a tax lien of $43,191 was placed on Dickinson on November 30th. Since 2009 the Internal Revenue Service have imposed fines of $250,000 for unpaid taxes. Dickinson, who has dated a string of high profile men including Mick Jagger and Warren Beatty, has decently sparked controversy when she alleged that America’s Next Top Model was ‘definitely rigged’. She claimed the winner of the show was chosen by executives at cosmetics giant Cover Girl rather than the panel of the judges. Dickinson was dubbed the first ‘supermodel’ and after her catwalk career ended she became reality TV star and appeared as a judge on America’s Next Top Model for four seasons. She also had her own show The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency and has appeared in the UK on Come Dine With Me and I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of here. Dickinson was unavailable for comment.
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To save face and punish the system for the insult and implied threat of incarceration, Janice should run for election and propose abolishing taxes for the poor. She still has to pay her taxes though. Good that she is not above the 20 million mark, which is just an affront to every starving or homeless person. Finally why impose jail – irrelevant punishment, this should have interest applied at most with a police/legal team (paid for on Janice’s/any tax offender’s time) sent by the government (perhaps when overdue up to half year mark – with interest applied) to extract the payment on the spot much like loan sharks do (though no physical violence applies, the interest is the fiscal violence deserved and should be no higher than any typical non-compound loan-type interest – nothing ridiculous). Write laws that make sense. Collect taxes with polite thugs paid for at the tax offender’s expense, or cart off property (with appropriate refunds if valuable), but jail at taxpayer’s expense? Just lame.

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