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Remove all items/systems products that need Fuel or Electricity

1) Use of smaller non-pollutive wood and sail ships again in place of single massive diesel guzzlers.

2) Beast of burden run cargo trains (elephants and howdahs for the wealthy, horses and carriages for the regular, bullocks and mules for the poor) for transport of goods or transport in general.

3) Aerodynamic hot air balloons in place of airplanes? Does one really need to get somewhere so quickly that one needs to leave a 747 sized carbon billion gallon fuel polluting footprint as opposed to some hot air?

4) “Rickshaw” / “Sedan Chair” culture that will support the entire lives of 1 to 4 people via 30 year contracts instead of buying a single vehicle equivalent to 2-5 low cost flats.

5) Go low tech on entertainments too. Start retraining musicians and actors for local stages instead of buying TVs. The state could support Town criers instead of supporting Radio Stations which use electricity and cause people to use electricity. Use messenger pigeons instead of handphones.

6) Do not use factory production machines. Start building and training weaving loom workers and tailors instead of paying for multi-million dollar machines that pollute the envioronment. Button carvers and makers using shellfish and wood buttons.

7) Use centralised ‘Fanning’ systems powered by workers or have personal maids for fanning. Would you rather support a human being, or pay the idiot electric company bill and their idiot executives to pollute the world and be rude to you? Use beeswax or animal oil candles instead of paying for electricity again.

8) Eat whole fresh foods rather than high preservative coloured/flavoured canned/plastic packed foods. There will be no need for canning factories or the mines that need to produce tin or other metals to can foods with. Use herbs and traditional medicines instead of often dangerous chemical and unpronounceable based pharmaceuticals. Reinstitute the milkman network.

9) Go back to using printed books made with carved or impressed plates and organic dyes. I strongly believe that 1 day’s use of a computer could cause more pollution than a single medieval era book would leave behind. Support artists with REAL talent instead of media companies paying software platform developers BILLIONS. Use the abacus instead of the calculator.

10) Replace tractors with bullocks and elephants. What would you rather have? A potential meat and bone/leather/horn/ivory source that exquisite furniture can be made out of that is biodegradable, or a pollutant producing crop sowing or harvesting machines like backhoes that rust and need ungodly amounts of maintainence which again require parts manufactured in polluting factories? Go organic, in this case, let your machinery be that provided by nature in the form of beasts of burden.

11) Street lights would be maintained by crews of oil-lamp or candle lighters and even sponsored by citizens so inclined to buy the oil or candles. Would such workers not be a better choice to support than the impersonal and abusive electric producers that hold us all by the throat that pollute the entire land? High rises could use stone and gear weighted systems that could be managed and support a team of engineers, instead of a lift component or lift maker. Support PEOPLE not machines. The electricity bill for the lifts alone should be enough to pay the lift engineers quite well AND  not pollute.

12) Flagstone (wealthy), cobblestone/mortar (average), or gravel (budget) roads could be used in place of tar or the pollutive tarring machines. No to pollutive cement factories!

13) Reinstitute the nightsoil system in conjunction with the Corprovore Terrarium.

Combined with the organic solutions earlier mentioned, Nuclear technology and GMOs would seem sheer insanity when so many organic sources of human or animal powered, fuelless, electricity free possibilities exist. Who needs electricity for quality of life? Electricity in fact destroys quality of life.

that wouldn’t workWed, 12/15/2010 – 10:13 — Anonymous

that wouldn’t work work because everything the world is trying to achieve is PROGRESS, doing everything or even one thing in your solution would mean we would go and live in the 16th century which is a major setback. We must get rid of CO2 and pollution by improving not by doing the oppsite.

yours sincerely,

Ben van Heumen

I don’t think its a setback.

Fri, 12/17/2010 – 16:13 — AgreeToDisagree

I don’t think its a setback. The lack of density and leisurely pace of life in the 16th century was very pleasant and meaningful. Progress is not speed, progress is QUALITY OF LIFE, and in that we have REGRESSED because of PROGRESS.

There will be no CO2 or pollution either. Maybe it will be a setback for those profiteering off consumerism and ‘big government’ or using technology to hide behind so their inadequacy as people will be less apparent, but material objects and speed can never buy happiness.

Consider the good aura of tree lined healthful low density environment of the 16th or even earlier century. That is truly PROGRESS.

yours sincerely,


The day you agree to a

Mon, 03/21/2011 – 17:09 — Anonymous

The day you agree to a personal five year contract of retrieving and caryying ‘night soil’ we will agree with all of your ideas.

Everyone produces the stuff, so everyone pulls their own weight (shovels their own sh1t)
Sun, 05/08/2011 – 22:43 — Anonymous

Everyone produces the stuff, and should carry their OWN sh*t. Besides did you not see the ideas on use of slugs and salt ‘eating’ bacteria to deal with the human waste problem? No need to carry night soil? Sounds like someone in the sewage industry feels a need to get personal . . .

Read carefully then comment. Whats this got to do with moi? There will always be contractors . . .

But that could be something in the line of national service (for city dwellers who will get to choose when they shovel sh*t, watch Mad Max b4???) if not using their own pit system and linked to the centralized one. A Hazmat type suited system with disinfecting showers at exit and entry points could be implemented though, or the stench and bacterial load could kill.


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