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Introducing a terrarium form habitat with featuring solid waste eating slugs. Biologically natural and 100% green. Apart from the earlier mentioned open air method earlier suggested, we could also use :

(1) Slugs For Processing of Meat Waste & Solid Sewage
– solid waste be fed to coprovores like slugs
– when slug populations grow too large, they can be given (after a period of cleansing via ‘clean’ diet) to ducks or geese or any animals that eat slugs, these animals can be in turn eaten by humans
– when slug casts begin to pile too high, casts may be also used as fertilizers of plants (after a period being denatured in simulated open air/sunlit but enclosed environments – maybe a multi storey building with high ceilings so allow more light in) which can be later fed to livestock animals
– solid waste again given to slugs (solid waste sanitation problems solved)

Further degradation of solid waste within residential unit terrariums could be incorporated via mirrors within sealed glass “Light Ducts” (similar to Air Ducts but utilising sunlight reflected onto the terrarium floor to ensure optimal solar exposure.)

(2) Worms for Non-Meat Food Waste / Composting
– worms are fed vegetable matter
– dead worms are fed to slugs
– over population used for chicken feed (always eat free range birds/fowl !)
– worm casts are used as fertilizer

(3) Processing of Liquid Waste
– this removes the need for pollutive Nitrate Fertilizer Factories
– in this method, salt must be removed from the urine must be somehow treated to remove salt beforehand, any ideas apart from salt free diets and tertiary water treatment?
– if the salt problem can be solved (probably not too difficult), the 1:20 urine/water ratio by some opinions mixture with water make a water based good nitrate fertiliser that is not too concentrated
– air can be further passed through the mix to better help bacteria oxidize ammonia, this may be optional as it adds a layer of cost
– a second level of processing, can also be included in the leaching area where other microbes in gravel can break the nitrate into carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas.
– the third level of processing including UV light method disinfection can ensure leached water is even be reusable in toilet unit flushing or even irrigation.
– with a final level of processing being use of plants that store easily accessed water (i.e. water vines) and later purification with Moringa extract, filtration, and of course boiling and maybe a second round of UV treatment again. No chemicals !

With these 3 systems side by side, all organic waste could be handled quite easily in a chemical free manner. The strategy is have sufficient numbers of slugs or breed larger forms of slugs and earth worms bred to consume all the organic solid waste humans living in a particular family can produce.

Leaching will be included in the system as with septic tanks to allow drainage of liquid waste into separate tank that will be de-salted (solution not yet included) and used as nitrate fertilizer.

Combined with strict use of ONLY organic materials in all industries, this 100% green biological waste removal system (which replaced septic tanks) when sufficiently refined to go into mass production, will end mankind’s waste issues. No more sewers or burgeoning septic tank problems !

Update to above on the Salt issue – Sun, 05/08/2011 – 22:47:

The salt issue can be solved with ‘salt eating bacteria’ which could be used in tandem with the slugs. Slug casts and slugs as mentioned could be reused for fertilizer and feed for livestock.

Salt Eating Bacteria


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