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Compromise Politics and the Battle for the Middle Ground – by Farish Noor – 15th November 2011

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And so, after what appears to have been a rather long meeting that stretched beyond four hours, the Pakatan Rakyat coalition has come to a compromise, of sorts. That the result of the compromise may not be to the satisfaction of everyone is to be expected. But nor should anyone expect such a discussion to lead to definite results with one side surrendering all its claims to another — That’s the nature of coalition politics and anyone with any experience or knowledge of coalition politics in Western European countries like France, Germany, Holland, Greece or Italy would know that as well. Furthermore it ought to be noted that in some countries like Italy where compromise politics has been the norm for decades, there has been no negative result as far as the economic performance of the country is concerned: Italy remains a G20 player despite the fact that since World War Two there has hardly been any instances when one party came into power with total control over the Parliament. So why worry?
Malaysia, it has to be said, despite its small size and geographical location, is an extremely difficult country to govern: Representative politics of any kind will have to take into account its complicated and sometimes confusing demography and ethnic-religious landscape; and anyone who wishes to occupy the seat of Prime Minister will have to balance all these centrifugal demands that threaten to rip the national social fabric asunder. Adding to the difficulty is problem that Malaysian politics remains divided along cleavages of ethnic, linguistic, cultural, religious and class divisions, and the rise of communitarian parties that represent their specific constituencies also means that coalition politics becomes a contestation of different, sometimes divergent, communitarian interests as well. Which brings us back to the contentious Hudud debate that has been resurrected of late, and why this issue wont go away. Some say that it was unreasonable for PAS to demand the enactment of Hudud punishments, though others might also state that it would be unreasonable to expect PAS to give it up. After all Socialist parties are not asked to give up Socialism any more than Conservative parties asked to give up Conservatism. But what if a Socialist party was forced to form a coalition with a Conservative one? How and where would the compromise come about? It seems that for now the Pakatan will stick to the line that PAS has the right to speak, discuss, propose and even formulate and demand Hudud. I concur with this, on the basis that all parties have the right to discuss the basic tenets and demands of their ideology. But PAS also has to accept the fact that this right to demand is also accompanied by the right to disagree and reject, and on that grounds other parties also have the right to reject their demands as well. That too, is part of compromise coalition politics, and all the parties of the Pakatan better wise up to that. So, in the lead-up to the coming General Elections, we are left with little to do but to speculate on the possible outcomes. All this speculation is, of course, hypothetical- and thus cannot be verified/falsified at this stage. But as Malaysia’s political parties have demonstrated some degree of normativity and predictability in their behaviour, we can make tentative predictions as to what might happen in some instances:
Scenario 1: BN wins big, on the scale of 2004 In the event that PM Najib’s public relations exercises bear fruit, there is the slim possibility of a rebound. What then? Well again it all depends on the composition of a BN majority government and how the seats in Parliament and the State Assemblies be distributed. We recall that in 2004 when former PM Abdullah Badawi won a huge mandate – in fact, the biggest in Malaysian history – the government was dominated by one party, UMNO. Interestingly, it was at this time that UMNO’s clear majority and dominance gave Badawi the opportunity to reform his party and the country by extension. But instead the Malaysian public was witness to a series of actions – keris-waving and all that – that effectively robbed the BN of its credibility in the eyes of the wider Malaysian public. But in the event that there is a more even spread of seats (however unlikely) between the BN parties this time, then the PM will have to balance the demands of UMNO, MCA, Gerakan et al. at a time when Malaysia’s economic pie is shrinking and communitarian-economic demands are rising. Needless to say, it wont be an easy task.
Scenario 2: Pakatan wins big, on the scale of 2008 or bigger Should the reforms of PM Najib be stalled (for whatever reasons, including sabotage by his own supporters and resistance from his own coalition) then we are faced with the possibility of a PR government: Something unprecedented in Malaysian history. Now let us clear some misconceptions first: Some have said that a PR government will be an unstable one because it would be a coalition government; but frankly this critique does not hold water as the BN has always been a coalition too, like the Alliance (Perikatan) from the 1950s to the early 1970s. Being a coalition is not a problem for the PR; but rather balancing the demands of the different parties which they have to do. In such a scenario a second question emerges: What if a PR government is dominated by PAS? Or DAP? Or PKR? It is perfectly fine (and correct) for the Pakatan’s leaders to say now that Hudud will not be implemented without the consent of the Pakatan as a whole. But what if PAS dominates a Pakatan Federal government, and has a majority in the same way that UMNO did in 2004? And what if it is DAP that dominates the government with the same sort of majority instead?
The outcome of such a result may throw out of balance the coalition that has been built thus far, which brings us back to the starting block: Like it or not, BOTH the BN and PR are coalitions and in the event that one side assumes power (One side has to assume power, naturally) BOTH coalitions will have to find ways and means to seek and secure a working consensus that will alienate as few Malaysian voters as possible. Yes, it is frustrating for ordinary Malaysians to see their fate and the fate of the nation being tossed in the air by politicians who discuss in closed rooms behind closed doors. Yes, it is worrying that most of us don’t even know what sort of horse-trading is taking place, and what the deals and compromises are.
Yes, it is worrying that in the end compromises may be made that will affect our lives and futures in a permanent way; and to know that the sentiments of the lonely individual do not count in the calculations of our political representatives and leaders. But that is the nature of politics and is, in fact, how politics has been conducted in Malaysia since 1957/63. I for one have no doubt whatsoever that nobody in the corridors of power cares about me, my life, my aspirations or even my single vote. We are statistics, and not important unless aggregated in large numbers. My only hope is that as the politicians in this country debate, bicker and bargain with/against each other, at some point cool reason, common sense and pragmatism might eventually prevail – and that the politicians of both coalitions and all parties will take into account the national interest for once. Farish Noor is a well-known political writer and Senior Fellow at Singapore’s NTU
[[[ *** RESPONSE ** ]]]
Don’t you mock ‘ASPIRATIONS’ to EQUALITY ‘Farish’. We are Legion for we are many. I for one have no doubt that EVERYBODY in the corridors of power WHO MATTERS AT ALL cares about me, my life, my *aspirations* and my single vote. We are NOT statistics, and you Farish in callously using such a term as ‘mere statistics’ to describe ALL voters , as Malaysian Insider’s John Lee has in the same manner merely labelling a very influencial class of voters as ‘chattering classes’, have regressed into a hegemonist who dehumanises the voters and typical propagandist that tacitly endorses APARTHEID. We are equal citizens and will not be mere taxpayers for people like Farish or Azmi to use as pawns or sacrifice rights to in selfish and self glorifying games, academia or politics.
Singapore and it’s aspirations from neglectful attitudes and articles as these, will be finished by the 13 point plan should they follow the plan laid out. Else a nice natural disaster or 2 via spirit or technology or whatever, will put paid to the ignorance of those who presume to oppress and subjugate with pernicious and pretentious articles as yours. No address of APARTHEID in Article 1 of the UNHCR, no address of NEPOTISM, no address of abuse of ARTICLE 18 of the UNHCR, then he goes on to call the very voters ‘STATISTICS’. Your political commentry and attitude to the voters is detestable and arrogant. Must have been converted into one of the ‘elite uncaruing faces’ PAP is so known for.
There will be EQUALITY by the UNHCR or prohibition of Asabiya or hell to pay. Win the battle but lose the war, and in the view of 2 fading and 2 rising superpowers, some of their citizens with no sympathy for APARTHEID and capable of equally rampant and punishing and disenfranchising racism displayed by you-know-who that no nation could survive, the other 2 with no sympathy fundamentalism, the voters and their home nations severely slighted and now mocked as ‘statistics’, will be accorded the respect they deserve or for certain they will be back to reclaim their rights, with interest to boot (50+ years of reverse APARTHEID sound fair?).
Anyone ready to write a REVERSE Reid-Commission for ‘Reparations’ to the Orang Aslis, Indians and Chinese in Malaysia? All WORLD CITIZENS who do not believe in APARTHEID of course and who would speak up for the oppressed will of course not be affected. He who would use such divisions to forward himself is no academic at all. Disappointing one Farish ! Or refute where wrong and not hide behind abuse and falsehoods employed against the HONEST and NEUTRAL citizens who will be quite happy to show you a statistic of few or 50+ years worth in GE13 or after Singapore is re-assimilated as per to counter the colonial English’s long term plans.

Understanding our rights – by Azmi Sharom – 3rd December 2011

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Understanding our rights (who’s ‘us’ that you term it ‘our’. The rights of Humanity are elucidated in the UNHCR and more) – by AZMI SHAROM – 3rd December 2011
(Who decides what rights are? Who are you to tell us what understanding is? Good Cop is no better than Bad Cop if they BOTH do not intend the meritocracy of EQUALITY.) Brave New World (Your article is not brave or new, read the responses in parentheses to find out why . . .) Rights are not something to be played with. It is not a political tool to be bandied about. It is fundamental and inherent. It exists in us simply because we are civilised men and women. RIGHTS are the weapons of the powerless. And just who are the powerless? Well, in my view, it is most of us. (Strong start, no mention of the oppressed minorities. Fair enough, this is the first sentence after all.)
Ordinary folks who either do not hold the reins of government machinery or have the means to control those who hold the reins. That is why only those who are powerless or who have been powerless can truly appreciate rights. (No mention of the oppressed minorities yet . . . its alright as minorities await with bated breath . . . ) We only have to look at history to see that to be true. The Magna Carta was created because the nobility of Britain felt powerless against the King. The American Declaration of Independence takes the shape that it does because the founding fathers wanted to ensure that they would never again be under the yoke of a distant king. (Goes on to cite history to sound well read pressumably, doubtless reading no more or better than all of us citizens ESPECIALLY non-Bumis can, isn’t it about time to mention the APARTHEID?) Our own leaders, during the early days of our existence as a nation also understood this need for rights, having been ruled by an oppressive force more powerful than them.
Of course there are those with short memories who belittle rights when they have power, bemoan the lack of them when they lose power and belittle them again when they have power once more. But then, there will always be the utterly unprincipled in any community. The human race has evolved. We have values which prevent the strong simply taking what they want from the weak. Our laws are in place so that we can be assured a person who is bigger than us can’t simply knock us out and take our wallets. And just as we have laws to protect us against thieves and thugs, so too do we have principles which prevent the rulers from abusing us. (Beats around bush of generalities for 2 paragraphs, no mention of minorities or APARTHEID yet.)
As a race we have come a long way from “only the strong will survive”. And that is due to the civilising of human kind. ( And shades of entitledment begin creeping in as if you are the only one who holds the privilege – Malay? – to pontificate a ceremah on Human Rights. When you say ‘race’ do you mean human or Malay? Let us say I was being hypersensitive, but you cannot neglect the APARTHEID against the minorites yet can you?) Rights therefore are the current pinnacle of this civilising process. It indicates that we are civilised. (Self affirmation but yet still no mention of Bumi APARTHEID) Related to human rights is democracy. When we choose our own leaders, we ensure that we are not led simply by someone who is going to force himself or herself onto us. Once again, we see a principle which empowers the powerless. (Glow speak. Propagandist or academic?) This is why I care so much about human rights and democracy.
This is why I get furious when those who do not understand or choose not to understand, take my rights away. (‘My rights’ Azmi says, not ‘our’ rights. If you care about human rights you REALLY should mention APARTHEID against the minorities.) That is why I work on the premise that we must have as much rights as possible. (Fair enough, the sence of communalism disappears for a moment. Bravo. But no mention of APARTHEID issues affecting near 30% of the population? A conscientious academic would mention even if the demographic was 5% of the population.) Of course I understand there are limitations to everything, including rights, but those limitations must be made with the aspiration that a complete right is the ideal. (APARTHEID Apologism gently applied, tacitly displayed by the lack of mention of Bumi APARTHEID against the minorities, perhaps I am wrong, oh why no mention of APARTHEID against minorities yet?)
It is only with these aspirations in place will we ensure that whatever limitations imposed are the barest minimum and with the smallest effect on our rights. (The key word, and I suspect that Azmi must be familiar, as with his fellow ‘academic’ ‘Farish’ from Singapore – as the rest of the world is familiar with – ‘aspirations’, EQUALITY is a given as the Sin of Asabiya forbids, the UNHCR forbids, Malaysia is a signatory. One was being diplomatic when using the word aspiration, would you be diplomatic to acknowledge the APARTHEID applied against the minorities who need EQUALITY?) Rights are not something to be played with. It is not a political tool to be bandied about. It is fundamental, it is inherent. (It is FUNDAMENTAL, here are the subtle huffings of BUMI apartheid in choice of words, we appreciate subtlety but when it promulgates retention of APARTHEID policy, prevents ‘aspirations’ of EQUALITY, all respect is lost for what we thought was an EQUAL human and honest academic. Fundamental? Iffy iffy writers . . . )
It is not something that can be given for it exists in us simply because we are civilised men and women. (Then he backs up a little thinking we cannot see the non-mention of the APARTHEID inflicted against the minorities. You think we are unaware? Or maybe you convince yourself we won’t notice. APARTHEID of Bumiputra has to be mentioned – for EQUALITY is civilisation and those who will not address ‘aspirations’ are not civilised humans. Are you a civilised human Azmi?) The powerful do not wish to see this. It is up to us, the powerless, to remind them. (Finishes with a platitude, uses the word ‘us’. Entirely omitting the issue of BUMIPUTRA APARETHEID. Unconscionable! Or neglectful? Abit too young for the latter, so why did you do it Azmi?)
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Disregarding private lives of activists and would be politicians destroyed on purpose, ‘aspirations’ is something that needs to be taught the likes of you via reverse policies if you don’t even reply . . . perhaps the inglorious English Colonials were right with that rather vicious entry in a certain encyclopedia about ‘laziness’ and ‘TREACHERY’. Is Azmi dishonest or toeing a mainstream media line?
To with clarity condemn APARTHEID is necessary to cement your position as an academic and citizen with consideration for your fellow non-Muslim, non-Malay citizens ‘Azmi’. Another disappointment of an article posing as something worth wasting a few minutes reading, and the word ‘aspiration’ and the address of Bumi APARTHEID gets another pass over no better than UMNO’s failure to review Special Malay privileges (including Malay Reserve land) . You’re wasting the readers’ time until you speak CLEARLY and unambiguously against BUMIPUTRA APARTHEID and even APOSTASY without punishment for Muslims – Azmi – there are VERY big fish out there while you blather semi intelligent sounding platitudes and tinker with words and phrases here. Refute with a simple answer regards the 3 items. – YES OR NO?
Do you endorse :
1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.
This question, nay exhortation, for endorsement for the above 3 items will likely be met with an elegant silence. And most elegantly the fruits of selfish minded ambivalence (if any) will be reaped by future academics and the rest of the nation using your ambivalence, abettment and tacit approval of BUMIPUTRA APARTHEID via failure to mention. If this article is the best this race can offer, (where my postings on your IDEAS site have gone entirely ignored) then there is little hope for the host race of this nation. Do prove me wrong and endorse the above.
I used to look up to the content in your articles earlier on, but here it would appear you fall short of being objective ‘academic’, or have been subverted or muzzled by the establishment since the last few years. If this offends you that you wish to demand I remove it, I will, but it will be telling and damningn what that happens. Until then I hope there will be at least 1 academic that understands that without EQUALITY (an ‘aspiration’) there is no sense of country and that takes the effort to respond where necessary to clear the air – that their intentions are EQUALITY – a most worthy ‘aspiration’.
Make clear your stand Azmi or slink back into the shadows of mainstream media and false academia. We have plenty of citizens and bloggers who know better than to believe in or tolerate offensive meandering ipropaganda, who know what injustice and dishonesty just transpired here – if any. Refute with a simple answer regards the 3 items. – YES OR NO?

2 Articles on Differentiating Democracy and Mob Rule – posted by @AgreeToDisagree – 5th December 2011

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ARTICLE 1 Friday, 02 December 2011 19:30 Are you sure? Is Malaysia still a democracy? Written by Nawawi Mohamad, Malaysia Chronicle
The line separating good and evil passes neither through states nor between political parties either, but straight through the human heart – Alexander Solzhenitsyn To measure success, there has to be a bench mark or a comparison to a similar situation elsewhere; we cannot compare Malaysia with Malaysia, it will prove nothing. However today, Malaysia is at crossroads in almost every aspect of our daily lives and activities; social, religious, economy, education and politics. Which nation should be compared to Malaysia at this point of time as the situation is much worse than that expected? Lest, readers should jump on Singapore – it is in a league in a league of its own. A popular ‘dictatorship’ is indeed a real rarity. So, let’s compare Malaysia with Russia, which has just only experienced democracy in 1990. Russia has also experienced turmoil, upheavals, revolutions and has also been bailed out twice – once by the USA to the tune of about USD1 billion to stabilize the rouble in 1996, and another by the IMF and Japan amounting to USD 22.6 billion in 1998 under President Boris Yeltsin. These bailouts were necessary to prevent the Russian economic meltdown which would have affected the world’s economy. Snap shots of early post perestroika Russia compared with Malaysia today Immediately after communism was rejected by the Russians with the fall and disintegration of the USSR in 1990 under Mikhail Gorbachev with his perestroika, the country turned chaotic without a coherent system of running the country. But it is a norm during the transition period for any mass changes or revolution. Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak too has his own version of change – the Economic Transformation Program. In Gorbachev’s Russia, those in power were the same people from the Communist party but in different clothes. The most peculiar aspect of the Russian problem was the mafiya who got things done for the authorities; in fact they controlled the authorities. They are the big criminals, the ones called vory v zakone – thieves in law! They have their mafiya lieutenants, the brodyagi – pit bulls – to harass any stubborn citizens. Our Polis Di Raja Malaysia and the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission have apparently been acting that way too. Anyway, the pitbulls and the mafiya had the most advanced weapons, cars and all the good things in life that money could buy. The local government was so corrupt that fake items sold by street vendors were often of better quality then those supplied by government outlets.
By the way, this has some similarity to Najib’s Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia or KR1M products! Still, capitalism had arrived in Russia, wrapped in hope and glory. At that time though, it didn’t seem as if it had come to save Russia, but to finish it off instead. The word “demokrad” grew to have two meanings; the first was obvious, the second was thief. Russia was then from its own citizens’ point of view the vorovskoi mir – or thieves’ world, and in which runs the krugovye poruki or family circle. This sounds quite familiar to the Shahrizat Jalil-family run NFC in Gemas but more so in terms of what the UMNO-BN government has done with our funds and resources thus far as one big family, helping themselves without being invited and often without permission. With capitalism, more foreigners continued to come to Russia and to be Russian is to be suspicious of foreigners. Look at what has happened in Malaysia – forreign workers fare better than many of the poorer Malaysians! The ordinary Russian citizens lamented, “It is one thing to be poor when you are building something. It is another thing to be poor so that some rich thief can get richer”. Isn’t the situation in Malaysia the same as this? Present day Russia Anyhow, that was before. The present day Russia has been able to get back its greatness, well at least it is much better off anyway, so much so that the Russian president was recently able to tell NATO-US that Russia would boost its strike nuclear capabilities if NATO refuses to cooperate with Moscow in the European missiles defense project. Contrast with Malaysia, who cannot even fire a single missile used by the RMAF fighter jets unless the US gave the password. This fact was admitted to by Mahathir not too long ago. We can’t even control our borders against the tide of illegal immigrants marching in. A report in EUobserver in September this year that Russia is also in a position to help bail out another Eurozone economy. Eurozone member Cyprus is set to join Greece, Ireland and Portugal by seeking external aid to prop up its finances. But unlike the EU and IMF bail-out packages, its loans are to come from Russia with “no strings attached”.
In November, Reuters reported that Russia led a second USD 440 million bailout fund for Belarus part of a USD 3.0 billion package. Malaysia, on the other hand, may soon also be on the list of those who need bailing out. But by whom, is the question? The IMF? Won’t it impose the strictest conditions with so many strings attached? Russia has also been able to tap its natural resources for development and its oil and gas are being supplied to almost all of the east European countries and many other natural resources are still waiting to be tapped. As for Malaysia’s own natural resources – well, put it this way. We can’t even get some decent discount although the country is a net exporter of oil! Russia’s business entrepreneurs have succeeded as if capitalism was all along in their DNA. Even in the space industry, Russia has managed to stay firm while the USA has scrapped its space shuttle program. The Russian spacecraft Soyuz is the only vehicle that is available to serve the international space station now. For Malaysia the UMNOputera millionaires have all gone bankrupt. Russians have been indoctrinated not to believe in God and religion; it was opium. But now the Russian Orthodox Church has long been recognized by the state – even Vladimir Putin attends the services. Other religions are thriving and are being tolerated by the state, and of course there are restrictions but this not unexpected in Russia. While it is on the right footing to be a world economic force, Russia is in the BRIC group of countries. It is still cautious of foreigners due to security, financial espionage and various reasons to ensure its success. Whereas on the Malaysian end, the people seem to have briefly lost their their way due to religious intolerance. Russia moves forward on democracy, Malaysia goes backwards On the whole, Russia is now giving their citizens more freedom. Although the process has been slow, it has been consistent and there seems to be no turning back. Compare against Malaysia, which still uses the ISA despite Najib promising to repeal the archaic law. So which is the more democratic or sincere state no? Russia or Malaysia? One has gone through major upheaval but survived and is not better than before. As for the second – which is Malaysia – the ruling elite have had their way for more than 5 decades. The people go to the ballot boxes and on the surface, democracy flourishes but in reality this is backsliding. In 20 years, Russia has been able to grow and expand its democracy. In 54 years, Malaysians are still chasing their own tails and walking backwards in response to the negative tempo hammered out by the ruling elite in Najib’s ruling party, Umno. Not to be facetious, but what does this say about Najib and Putin, or would a more meaningful reflection be – his party Umno and the KGB. Malaysia Chronicle
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Nawawi Mohamad, endorse :
1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.
And Malaysia will become a real democracy. BTW mob-rule is not democracy either so make space for all and sundry appropriate to location etc.. End forced military conscriptions, unconstitutional Vehicular AP, section 377B, denial of right of non-Muslims to access gambling venues other than 4D, and denial of non-Muslims the right to a legalized adult industry services industry. If the various items above will be promised by Nawawi in his independent MP’s campaign, many Malaysians would consider him a true democrat and potential PM material. Malaysia would be well loved by the world insteda of being a pariah as of now. read the comments on the below link for an idea of what is TRUE democracy and what is Mob-rule by majority : Dear Hisham, let’s compare shooting stats with Eng & Wales – 30/11/2010
ARTICLE 2 Australia’s ruling party backs gay marriage Sapa-AFP | 03 December, 2011 09:18 Models kiss the hands of a man dressed in drag as they display wedding dresses and suits during a same-sex wedding dress fashion show in Buenos Aires, November 17, 2011.
Argentine designers and wedding planners organized what they claim is the first gay wedding dress fashion show in the world after recent boom in same-sex nuptials since gay marriage was legalized last year in Argentina. Australia’s ruling Labor Party has voted in favour of gay marriage, despite Prime Minister Julia Gillard being an outspoken against gay marriage. Australia’s ruling Labor Party on Saturday voted to support gay marriage and to allow lawmakers a conscience vote on the issue should a same-sex marriage bill be brought to parliament. After passionate and emotional debate at the party national conference in Sydney, delegates agreed to change their platform in favour of marriage equality for gay couples. Prime Minister Julia Gillard opposes gay marriage and had called for the party to accept a conscience vote on the issue if a private member’s bill was brought to parliament so MPs are not obliged to vote on the party line. Her proposal was accepted by a vote of 208 to 184. The vote to change the platform to support gay marriage was accepted on voices. Gillard said the conscience vote was “the right decision”. “I wanted to have a conscience vote and we will,” she told reporters. Marriage is mandated by federal legislation in Australia and under the Marriage Act is deemed to be between a man and a woman. However, same-sex couples have equal rights to heterosexual couples in areas such as pension schemes and medical benefits. In opening the debate, Gillard had called for respectful discussion. “We will have this debate in a climate and atmosphere of respect,” she said. Gillard has long argued that she believes that marriage is between a man and a woman and has said her government will not seek to change the Marriage Act. But the issue was repeatedly raised during the 2010 election and many within Labor have pushed for the party to change its platform. “Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex Australians are part of our community,” said Andrew Barr, who moved that Labor endorse gay marriage. “We’re not nameless, faceless people who live on the margins of society. “We deserve the respect and the dignity afforded to others. We deserve equality.”
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Not educated enough or too educated to see this? This ruling is simply mob rule too. For example, in the 208 constituencies for gay marriage, they can permit gay marriage. In the 184 constituencies against, they can forbit gay marriage. This way EVERYONE gets to be happy instead of 184 unhappy constituencies. It isn’t all or nothing, it can be to each constituency his own. Above form of lack of constituency diversication ends up bullies by sheer numbers instead of having concessions for preference on all sides. This way the fundo types can live in a gay marriage forbidding neighbourhood, while the libertarian/atheistic types can live in a gay marriage allowing neighbourhood. Whats with the hegelian eclectic and the complete capitulation and silence of the 184 on this mode of thought? Fight for a common sense solution as above suggested and everyone would have their own constituency, or at least be able to move to one, perhaps in a property exchange format overseen by the government. There could be one for Hudud (Burkha wearing, alcohol and pork forbidding, limb hacking types), one for Luddites (anti-technology Mennonite types), one for clean living Nudists (i.e. they don’t run around having sex while naked but just happen to prefer being naked all the time), one for organics drugs bars, another for CLOTHED ONLY type of Red Light District goers (VIP type clubs etc), another for non-clothed type of Red Light District goers (sub-culture oriented), there could be another constituency for ‘anything goes’ (this probably would have the most tolerant people and see the best leaders from), one for open carrying of guns all the way up to bazookas (misfire such heavy weapons and the deaths, damages and jail terms would likely bury the offender – teaches caution and control IMHO) . . .
Each unique constituency should be of a size that represents the size of the demographic, and each could live in a way that makes their hated group able to live a life they want to even as they bitterly cling on to, as Obama said, – ‘Guns and Religion’. I’d advocate against my own preferences that the 184 ‘against gay marriage’ constituencies above be allowed to forbid gay marriage (or at least 50% of the ‘against’ bunch – which means 82 constituencies reserve the right to forbid gay marriage), even though the 208 constituencies who allow it are a majority. This suggestion is truly democratic (Representative Democracy) and not mob-rule based (Majority Based). Am with Prime Minister Julia Gillard for her 184 ‘against’ constituencies to forbid AND also for the 208 ‘for’ constituencies. WHY NOT BOTH? Why so unsophisticated or one track minded? In fact at least 1 of EVERY TYPE of constituency should be permitted in EVERY truly modern country. “ALL deserve the respect and the dignity afforded to others. ALL deserve equality.” That goes double when considering Malaysia’s BUMIPUTRA APARTHEID . . . would PM Julia Gillard send a stern missive to the UN and perhaps a courtesy call to PM Najib, also Malaysia’s ‘leaders’ on all the apartheid against minorities AND oppressive application of religion on Muslims especially?

3 Articles on Prostitution – posted early December 2011

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ARTICLE 1 Naked female activists call for ‘Euro 2012 without prostitution’ A group of Ukrainian women stripped off for a topless demonstration against the threat of prostitution during Euro 2012. Protesters of women activist group FEMEN Angry: Protesters of women activist group FEMEN demonstrate against prostitution (Picture: REUTERS) Five members of the Femen women’s rights group donned flesh-coloured knickers and tights for the eye-catching protest. They also adorned their underwear with miniature footballs and wore toilet paper around their shins. The organisation believes that Uefa is encouraging the legalisation of prostitution during the 2012 European Championship, which kicks off in June. Spokeswomen Inna Shevchenko has alleged the international football organisation is ‘trying to influence our government’ to make the practice of selling sex legal in time for the competition. Demonstrators at the event carried banners with the slogan ‘Euro 2012 without prostitution’. However, the protest was short lived as police arrived soon after it began, and dragged the women away. Members of the Femen group are known for staging naked protests around Europe. Ms Shevchenko has previously explained the group’s unusual tactic by stating that classic feminism ‘no longer works’. ‘It is, if you excuse me, impotent. But what we do brings the desired effect. That’s why not only Ukraine needs us, but Europe as well. We are planning to take over the world,’ she said.
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Rather inconsiderate and unrealistic group, taking the role of sexually liberated women who cynically wish to deny men sex. Subversive c0ckteasers if anything? They obviously while young and suitable for sex work, do not understand the male libido or sho consideration for the male tourists. A “Wo-male” activist group needs to be set up. “Wo-male” should be an all male, naked except for a sock worn over the penis (was going to say penis sheath but that could be too culturally biased unless in a country that does use those), counter protest group demonstrating to encourage prostitution.
ARTICLE 2 (Compilation of excerps from various sources) Price Control Advisory / General Pricing For Prostitutes – Original Article by @AgreeToDisagree – 4th December 2011
Twice or thrice national minimum hourly wage for each trick is typical and a reasonable maximum charge for somethin which is effectively leisure.
‘A prostitute who works 7 days a week charging minimum wage of RM5 to RM15 per trick rather than per hour to earn RM100-300 servicing up to 20 clients per day which amounts to RM3000 per month,’ says a woman’s NGO. ‘However, the prettier ones will cost more (up to 3 times minimum wage) and also the diligent one in an hour can earn as much as 50 after 10 blowjobs or 3 sex sessions at the local glory hole. In general prostitutes manage to earn no more than what a degree holder in senior management does – around 10,000 at most, with as an unwritten rule a full 10% given to madams, pimps or agents, not too much different from property agent’s commissions.’
Most of these women are from poorer Asian countries or lower class families in socially immobile Europe and the Americas. In the Middle East a foreign “wife” on a one to one assignment costs between RM30 for 6 hours and RM100 for 24 hours.
Due to social strata/status issues, and sensitivity about minimum wage for more laborious work, this prevents prostitution and pimping as a profession from proliferating uncontrollably in society. Promotion of formal legalisation of adult industry work is underway in many countries.
Examples of Abuse from lack of Legislation
Sex parties are organised by prostitutes with 4 participants, to large ones with more than 30 participants. The venue is kept secret until the last minute as existing laws tend to be interpreted to disallow even non-Muslims to have sex parties, except at private residences. Once attedees are confirmed, an sms by handphone is sent to participants. The newcomers are made to pay between RM100 to RM300 to attend, and the entrance collection is distributed by the organisers.
With a legalized sex party, there can be no abuse of such entry fees. However due to prohibition era laws in less enlightened societies, sex is a ‘rare commodity’ subject to extraction of bribes to avoid the cumbersome legal system (which states adult service industry services are illegal in Malaysia or that sex work monopolized by such groups), and compounded by the fact that no legal protection exists, it is better to not visit Malaysia or other 3rd world repressive societies due to the backward laws and opportunists or overcharging ‘clubs’ who should be boycotted.
Most people need to have sex, and most people also earn barely enough to buy a home, so until price controls and legalisation occurs, it is best to seek such fun elsewhere and not be taken advantage of financially at least.
The government and judiciary need to legalise to address this problem that doubtless plagues any adult with any measure of healthy libido. According to Harian Metro, the services of an Arab woman “social escort” for reach as high as RM500 for the whole day, in Kuala Lumpur. Now think, why would anyone want to waste the cash on such unreasonable fees for what should even be free? Sex workers deserve to earn no more than what a degree holding professional at most – in general this is about 3000 to 10,000 a princely sum considering that no education debt comes with this profession as a premium.
Legalize Prostitution and impose price controls before the greedy people who doubtless ‘feed’ greedy police to ignore their activities, corrupt the morals of the impoverished or greedy. This is the best way to encourage higher values and yet at the same time ensure those who do have the libidos to indulge do not end up frustrated or being overcharged far beyond what is rather enjoyable work.
The only exception is the sale of virginity as seen below : “A student auctions her virginity to pay for a masters degree in Family and Marriage therapy has seen bidding hit £2.5million ($3.7m). Natalie Dylan, 22, claims her offer of a one-night stand has persuaded 10,000 men to bid for sex with her. Last September, when her auction came to light, she had received bids up to £162,000 ($243,000) but since then interest in her has rocketed. The student who has a degree in Women’s Studies insisted she was not demeaning herself.” To demean means to “debase, as in dignity or social standing.” Dignity means “The quality or state of being worthy of esteem or respect.” Or “Inherent nobility and worth.”
This one off fund (much like evading education fees to work in the adult sector, though some are simply inclined to wards this profession like adult star Sasha Grey) especially from impoverished comes at extreme social cost, effectively barring entry and climibing the social ladder which most families from middle classes hope to do some day limited the participation to the poor or the greedy.
Compared against a marriage to a poor or socially low status man and subsequent dependency though, this has become a viable social interaction, though even then those who understand sublimination of poverty into something spiritual itself are yet another dimension in the variety of individuals and variety of self expression which should NEVER be manipulated but allowed full autonomy in decision, usually concurrent with the social and personal expression of the parents as well as the society they come from. Sex work always will carry the stigma of ‘inclusiveness’ and a sense of mass consumerism that upper crust types so detest.
Typically though and legally, from various reports, sales of virginity reach no higher than 5000-8000 local monetary units is small towns, to 20,000 to 50,000 local monetary units in large towns, with the above case an exception that was hyped out of proportion. Sales are usually only reserved for the prettier adolescent aged persons.
ARTICLE 3 Drive-in/Drive-thru sex stalls – Zurich Considering Drive-In Sex Stalls, Making Prostitution More Convenient For Everybody Written By Esteban November 21st, 2011
How many times have you wanted to pick up a hooker on the way home from work, only to have your desire for a quickie thwarted by a lack of motel rooms that rent by the quarter hour? Well, residents of Zurich, Switzerland, may soon have a solution to this common problem. Back on September 14, the city parliament voted in favor of a proposal to erect a new publicly funded prostitution facility outfitted with what they are calling “performance stalls.” Basically, these are drive-in sex rooms that allow customers to be quickly and conveniently “serviced” in (or on, I suppose) their own automobiles. In addition to these sex stalls, the new prostitution facility would include a variety of amenities and services for the McHookers, such as an on-site counseling office. As you might imagine, there has been a great deal of opposition to this plan to build a modern drive-in/drive-thru whore house. However, critics aren’t really opposed to the facility on moral grounds. For the most part, they’re fine with people buying and selling sexual favors. What they don’t like is the “socialist” idea of using public money ($2.8 million) to finance the private economic endeavors of sexual entrepreneurs. As councilor Ruth Anhorn explains, “It is about the oldest profession in society. The taxpayer should not co-finance a bordello.” Opponents have succeeded in calling a referendum on the issue. So now taxpayers themselves will get to decide if they want to spend their money on a public drive-in sex facility. How would you vote?
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Vote aye. How about some pedestrian sex stalls for ‘Walking Streets’ (non car venues) as well? It’s not too different from breastfeeding IMHO as a natural function, and Sex Stalls for pedestrians shouldn’t be too far off – for Red Light Districts and Adult Services Districts at any rate.

Death caused public fury but Mayor backed industry – by Mike O’brien – 5th December 2011

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Tourists shock as THIRD Central Park carriage horse collapses in just six weeks on busy New York street. Third horse fell after busy Sunday ferrying tourists. Another white horse died in Manhattan in October Another exhausted Central Park carriage horse has collapsed on a busy New York street – bring the total to three in just six weeks. The horse fell to the ground late afternoon on Sunday on 59th Street and Central Park South. The area was filled with tourists at the time, who looked shocked as the horse lay motionless.
Exhausted: The horse colllapsed on 59th Street and Central Park South on Sunday Eye witness Mary Xanthos told MailOnline: ‘I saw the horse laying on its left side for a few minutes. ‘Then about six people managed to get the horse back on his feet, which also took a minute or two. ‘The horse was apparently taken back to the stable. ‘I just hope he’ll receive a proper veterinary exam.’ Distressed: The carriage horse fell after a long day of ferrying tourists around Central Park Another horse fell in Manhattan in early November, reigniting tensions over the horse-drawn-carriage industry. The debate had flared two weeks earlier when a horse died, and was said to be in terrible pain. The accuracy of that was called into question when the same vet changed her statement days later, saying that animal rights groups pressured her to hint the animal was abused.
Though representatives from the Horse and Carriage industry say that the most recent incident was not caused by illness or neglect and was simply an accident, many animal rights activists are calling for the complete end of the historic industry that caters to tourists. Tumble: A horse fell after tripping on the carriage mechanism in early November, making it the second carriage related accident in two weeks Traffic: The accident was on Broadway near Columbus Circle by Central Park, right in the heart of the evening traffic Traffic: The accident was on Broadway near Columbus Circle by Central Park, right in the heart of the evening traffic The horse that tumbled Friday in Columbus Circle, on the south west side of Central Park, is still alive after his hind leg got caught in the carriage shaft, causing him to hit the ground. ‘Yet again it’s another illustration of why these horses do not belong on the streets of New York City,’ said Carly Knudson. Friday night’s incident comes just two weeks after another horse, named Charlie, collapsed and died on his way to Central Park on October 23.
The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) paid for Charlie’s initial autopsy, and released a statement saying that the horse suffered from a stomach ulcer and a fractured tooth. Tragic: The New York carriage horse collapsed and died in the street as it made the early morning commute from its stables to Central Park to begin its shift Outrage: Campaigners argue that the number of collisions and the suffering of the animals make the cost of the industry too high Outrage: Campaigners argue that the number of collisions and the suffering of the animals make the cost of the industry too high Dr Pamela Corey, speaking on behalf of the ASPCA, then released a statement saying that that they were ‘very concerned that Charlie was forced to work in spite of painful maladies’.
Ms Corey has since been fired from her job because she later released a correction, lessening the severity of the ASPCA’s first statement, creating another drama amid the debate. In her correction, Ms Corey tried to clarify that any statements saying that it was false to interpret that Charlie was abused. She said instead that the ulcers were common among working horses, and that there was no way to know if the animal was feeling any pain. Native: Lea Michele grew up in New York and said that putting an end to hansom cabs was the first issue she wanted to work on with PETA Native: Lea Michele grew up in New York and said that putting an end to hansom cabs was the first issue she wanted to work on with PETA ‘I was under a lot of pressure during the writing of that press release and that the mistake and the need for the correction is the result for that pressure,’ Ms Corey said in her second statement. She was promptly suspended without pay. After Charlie’s death, a representative from the Horse and Carriage Association of New York said: ‘It’s not something that happens regularly – our horses are taken care of.’
The continuation of horse drawn carriage has been a point of contention with animal activists for years, though the debate truly picked up steam this year as four horses have fallen since late July. Singer Pink and actresses Pamela Anderson and Lea Michele have worked with the group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals for years and both issued statements condemning the practice. Ms Michele, a native New Yorker, wrote an open letter to Mayor Michael Bloomberg after the death of Charlie, calling hansom cabs dangerous. Attention-grabber: Actress Pamela Anderson has been a longtime supporter of PETA and has posed for many of their campaigns Mr Bloomberg has long been a supporter of the industry, saying it promotes tourism and helps the horses. ‘Most of them wouldn’t have been alive if they didn’t have a job,’ the Mayor said of the horses. As an alternative, there is a city council bill that would replace the horse drawn carriages with vintage-replica electric cars. The thought is that the cars would still provide the economic tourism boom typically earned by the horses and be safer for the city’s residents- both human and animal.
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Horses should not be banned entirely because a few were abused or the current company running the services abuses. It could continue under another properly run one that does not overwork the horses. More attempts at ending variety and homogenization of culture. What was the War of Independence fought with? Cars?
No respect of history or retro-sub-culture. Such Amerikkans. Bunch of Mussolini minded poseurs posing as a democracy. If a bullock cart owner with a bullock wants to pound the streets all the way up to the White House, he jolly well should be allowed to. Whats wrong with the USA these days? More and more rules? Horse can have FUN navigating traffic as well (even horses could enjoy a challenge) if the driver is not abusive and they get plenty of rest (and are not subject to non-consensual neuterings – easier said than done but to be PC this cannot be ignored . . . ).
Re-design that carriage mechanism based on the previous accidents. It may not be profitable as a business but like the Beefeaters or Swissguard, horse rides are certainly viable and should be kept for diversity’s sake, a reminder of the PEACEFUL among Pilgrims (not those who absed the Native Red Amirican Indians).
More hegelian eclectic, more all or nothing b.s. . . . are there any Americans left in America? This feels like someone pulling a 911 and TSA on the horse carriage ride industry . . .

Alec Baldwin was kicked off flight – by Daily Mail Reporter – 7th December 2011

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‘He was extremely rude and called the crew inappropriate names’: American Airlines on why 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin was kicked off flight The 53-year-old deactivates Twitter account after drama Actor Alec Baldwin was ‘extremely rude to the crew’ and called them ‘inappropriate names’ on a flight out of Los Angeles yesterday – and it led to him being kicked off the plane. American Airlines said in a statement issued on its Facebook page today that it would provide the facts of the matter after ‘an extremely vocal customer’ publicly identified himself.
Pictured: 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin at LAX airport, moments after being thrown off American Airlines flight for ‘playing iPhone game’ Baldwin is obsessed with an iPhone app game called Words With Friends Gamer: Baldwin was playing iPhone app game Words With Friends. The 53-year-old refused to to turn off his phone at the appropriate time, then stood up, took his phone into the toilet and slammed the door, according to the airline. He was pictured at LAX looking agitated after being removed from the plane. The statement reads: ‘He slammed the lavatory door so hard, the cockpit crew heard it and became alarmed, even with the cockpit door closed and locked. ‘They immediately contacted the cabin crew to check on the situation.
‘The passenger was extremely rude to the crew, calling them inappropriate names and using offensive language. Given the facts above, the passenger was removed from the flight and denied boarding.’ Re-issued: Baldwin is seen at an American Airlines counter getting another flight Success! Baldwin leaves the counter with a new ticket firmly in his hands Not happy: Baldwin’s demeanour could only be described as annoyed American Airlines said phones must be turned off for taxiing and takeoff. The 30 Rock star’s Twitter account has been deactivated today, but in earlier tweets he criticised the airline and vowed never to fly with them again. ‘Flight attendant on American reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving,’ he wrote along with the hashtag, ‘#nowonderamericaairisbankrupt’ Baldwin then updated his flight status, writing: ‘Now on the 3 o’clock American flight. The flight attendants already look…..smarter.’ He later tweeted that he was finally on his way, with a dash of satirical humour.
Finally home: The actor was later seen arriving at JFK airport after the ordeal On his way: Baldwin tweeted to his fans that he was finally on his way, with a dash of satirical humour Flight status: Earlier Baldwin updated his flight status informing that he had been re-booked on another flight Flight status: Earlier Baldwin updated his flight status informing that he had been re-booked on another flight ‘#theresalwaysunited Last flight w American. Where retired Catholic school gym teachers from the 1950’s find jobs as flight attendants,’ he wrote. The actor was finally arrived at JFK in the evening, after what had this time appeared to be a drama-free trip home. Whispers of Baldwin’s America Airlines began yesterday when Michael J. Wolf, Founder and Managing Director at, tweeted:’On an AA flight at LAX. Alec Baldwin removed from the plane We had to go back to the gate. Terrible that everyone had to wait’ His side of the story: Alec tweeted his response after the incident exploded on the Twitterverse Reamed: Alec was ‘reamed’ off a flight today, but made a 3pm departure with the same airline.
Another Twitter user wrote: ‘Alec Baldwin should never be allowed to fly quite frankly. His liberal politics represent a clear and present danger to the U.S.’ Before another added: ‘I was on the plane and yes Alec Baldwin was kicked off for grabbing 2 bags of peanuts and that is clearly an FAA violation. He may do time.’ Baldwin has allowed his temper get the better of him in the past. In 2007, he horrendously left a voice mail for his young daughter calling her a ‘rude, thoughtless little pig.’ He later apologised and wrote a book inspired by the incident. Career high: Baldwin is riding high with his career thanks to his starring role in 30 Rock Crosswords: Alec, here on the set of 30 Rock in New York last week, is also an avid fan of crosswords
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
He can afford his own private plane and any number of private airstrips around the USA or world. I can’t understand why he should fly a public line at all to begin with. He could also invite ‘guest passengers’ to avoid the TSA and eventually who knows set up his airline where the stewardesses or stewards are masochists that do enjoy getting insulted and called names, maybe slapped or beat around a little as well (Slap, pummel or punch with that FREE drink or FREE tidbit? – see below Article 1.5 for employee potential . . . ), where ‘playing iPhone games’ is ALLOWED. WTF thrown off for iPhone games?!?
Whats this, the Soviet Cold War Era Airline? “Put handphone/iPod down or horse ride you!” People with the money – they are not making the most of it.
As for : “The 30 Rock star’s Twitter account has been deactivated today, but in earlier tweets he criticised the airline and vowed never to fly with them again.”
Alec can set up a Twitter of his own for all people who have had their Twitter deactivated as well. Short of the violent and obviously uncivilised option, you can’t be beaten if you try, and this guy sure as hell can afford it. Alec’s 40 million personal asset can set up a major city to major city airline (i.e. NY, LA, Miami, Ottawa, Mexico City, Berlin, Moscow, New Delhi, Beijing for a start.) Call it “REAL AMERICAN” airlines.
And this could be a non-profit or barely there profit outfit. You can see how wealthy the airline bosses and top shareholders are, Alec could destroy the airline business on his own with his private and humanely cheap airline if he put his mind to it. Then the article goes ” Success! Baldwin leaves the counter with a new ticket firmly in his hands “.
Whats the big deal about getting a ticket? Success?!? No frills, no paperwork. Bring your own food and water. End of story. There’s success. Not all this glorified slick uniformed b.s. and aggravation, tiny sniping taxes for even what should be free like refreshments and tidbits, or supercilious attitudes. Park your car on the parking fee free dirt clearing (who needs tar?), pay the bouncer, get on the plane by X-hours and leave when the plane lands at X-destination.
We don’t need a big production, we need to get from city to city. Barebones Air gets you there.
Rampage Jackson Grants Fan Request — Yes, I’ll SLAP You in the FACE!!!
UFC face pummeler Rampage Jackson got one crazy request from a ballsy fan last night — dude wanted to get SLAPPED IN THE FACE … and Rampage obliged. Rampage was leaving Greystone Manor nightclub in L.A. … when a fan with a pain fetish approached Jackson and asked to be cracked in the mouth. Never one to deny a fan …  Jackson bestowed the 5-finger honor across the fan’s jaw — and the fan couldn’t have been HAPPIER! You gotta check out his reaction … hilarious.
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Spanka-claus has an apprentice . . . and this one is not white. Maybe another 1 billion more properly directed ones for ‘all them flayins’.

New Bill Allows Military To Detain You Indefinitely – by Sam Taxy – 6th December 2011

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It’s a bad sign when George W. Bush’s defense team thinks that a military bill goes too far in violating your rights. But we’ve got just that with the passing of the National Defense Authorization Act. This bill authorizes the military to detain American citizens indefinitely without giving them their Constitutional rights. Basically, if the military suspects that an American citizen has terrorist ties it can just throw them in military jail without the rights to habeas corpus, an attorney or just about anything. Let’s say that again — this new bill, which passed the Senate with an alarming majority, allows the military to arrest American citizens on American soil and keep them without trial. It’s being called the “America the Battlefield” bill, because it treats your front yard like a battlefield — and every citizen like a potential enemy. It basically puts a giant asterisk next to the Bill of Rights saying, “unless we don’t feel like it.”
It’s no wonder that former a Bush State Department adviser said that this bill “would likely have been as strongly opposed by the Bush administration as by the Obama administration.” The same people who brought us waterboarding and the PATRIOT Act think that this is a step too far. In fact, the only people who think that this is a good idea are the people who voted for it in Congress, which has an approval rating lower than that of BP during the oil spill or Hugo Chavez, just to name a few. Even those who trying to see the law with an optimistic light, as Atlantic’s Andrew Cohen does, can only concede that at best “the Senate avoided the worst result here.” Not exactly ringing praise. The Obama administration has signaled that it might veto this egregious attack on Americans’ rights, but his decision is still up in the air. To let him know how important constitutional liberties are to them, thousands of people are petitioning the President to veto the bill. If he fails to veto, it will likely go to the Supreme Court. Maybe it’s not so bad — since corporations are people, the government could just indefinitely detain Goldman Sachs.
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Good article up to the point of : Maybe it’s not so bad — since corporations are people, the government could just indefinitely detain Goldman Sachs. Make laws that can detain corporations and do not treat them as people – in the context of allowing monopolies anyway. Rewrite laws that allow police to detain people into laws that do not allow police detentions. Do not ‘filibuster’ this indirect acceptance of maybe it’s not so bad – the last sentence is ambivalent and dangerous when interpreted by less discerning minds (i.e. highly educated ‘brainwashed’ people too busy working to think critically or colluding bureaucrats that intentionally use this to turn a democracy into a fascist state.

Online gaming industry: To regulate or not? – Topix – 8th December 2011

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SINGAPORE- It would be better for governments to license and regulate the online gambling industry than to turn a blind eye to the growing number of online punters worldwide, a PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) report released on Wednesday argued. This, especially as the global financial crisis strains public sector finances, it said. “With governments now facing severe fiscal constraints and eager to replenish their coffers, their attention has been caught by the potential of legalised and licensed online gaming services as a valuable source of tax revenues,” it said.
“There is also a strong argument that, since consumers will engage in illegal online gaming anyway, it is better to license and tax it than to allow the revenues to go to unlicensed operators.” There are no studies on how big the online gaming community here is, but Singapore is one of the fastest growing casino gaming markets in the Asia-Pacific region, which is tipped to overtake the United States in 2013 to become the world’s largest region for casino gaming. Gaming revenue in Asia-Pacific, the PwC report projected, will grow from US$34.3 billion (S$43.96 billion) last year to US$79.3 billion in 2015. It also estimated that revenues from the two integrated resorts here will jump from US$4.4 billion this year to US$7.2 billion in 2015. Online gambling is outlawed in Singapore but Singapore Pools allows punters to place lottery or sports bets through the phone using pre-paid accounts.
Noting that there is “tremendous growth in online gaming, especially in poker”, gaming analyst Jonathan Galaviz felt that governments in the region should certainly seize the growth opportunities. “It’s probably an appropriate time for governments to, at the minimum, seriously research the issue and get up to speed on the topic for thoughtful policy discussions,” said the chief economist of Galaviz & Co, a consulting firm for casinos. But other gaming analysts Today spoke to were against such a policy decision, saying legalising online gambling will likely cause a significant social impact. Said Mr Felix Ling, a senior partner at casino consultant Platform Asia Management Services: “Once you allow online gambling, you are indirectly encouraging more people to flock there. “Yes, there are some people who are already gambling on the Internet anyway, but how many are there? If you legitimise online gambling, the number of problem gamblers will shoot up and you can’t even track the problem or control it.” Agreeing, Dr Derek da Cunha, author of Singapore Places its Bets, a book on the social and economic impact of the entry of casinos into Singapore, said: “If the Government were to legalise online gaming, it would simply give respectability to this activity.
A consequence of that would be to draw new or novice players who would not otherwise engage in online gaming.” He added that the social consequences would be “incalculable, especially when people who are supposed to be at work, use their computers or handheld mobile devices to start punting”. Dr da Cunha also noted that Singapore is not in a situation where it has to find new sources of tax revenues to plug significant budget deficits. He said: “Government finances are healthy, and the Government already has a raft of revenue streams that draw in vast amounts of monies for the Government’s coffers.” – Today
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Regulate REAL LIFE gambling you technofascist oppressors, oligarchs and family bloc nepotists. Online gambling is pathetic and an insult to the intelligence to the citizens of a country. Could we have REAL gambling at REAL outlets? Next we will be making Snooker or Basketball online (not that the latter should be so overpaid when the economy is collapsing – maybe a law to prohibits wealth asset for sportsmen from reaching above 20 million until all the homeless and starving or orphaned in their hometeam’s city has been eradicated) as well, then that will be the end of general health and physical activities. Back to gambling Want to play a card game? Dominoes? Dice? Craps? Jackpots? Roulette? Leave the computer NERD world alone and have REAL OUTLETS (IRL!!!) and REAL PEOPLE and REAL CROUPIERS (if not robot croupiers) instead. This is just insulting and another reason for PAP to be given the boot. PAP can stay online by itself, the rest of the Singaporeans can gamble for real even if only in terms of cents and not hundreds at a time. Its for FUN not a profit engine or for ‘VIPs’ with money. Sickening PAP government policy writers. In civilisation, I’d say 95% of people thus far are base/common minded – the wealthiest (hoarding wealth mindlessly being the very worst people (out of sheer insecurity and refusal, even cynicism, to trust or invest in the society that grew them such wealth in the fist place . . . ), politicians being the greediest for power and most disregarding of term limitrless ALL potential dictators and possibly genocidal absolutists. Thats what makes philsophers and those face conscious noble families so ‘upper crust’. That top 5% people with a sense of ethics though are doubtless not participating in society sufficiently – probably in fear, though some will just charge ahead to make a point.
Where’s that Confucian Ethics class in school? Start them off young, those who lose their way later will indeed become the 95% of common rabble as life (or the propaganda and even psychiatric establishment) wears them down. Those who keep their principles though will be the true 5%, disregarding trappings of course. For wealth, there is also the 99% poor or average wealth types that the 1% parasitise off who need to sock their own message via the vote to. If you vote, check the assets or if the candidate even wants to declare assets. For power and hegemony issues, any who don’t want to engage the public to discuss term limits (you can identify them as the politicians who practice ‘elegant silence’ (more like tacit approval to abet vested interest), lower taxes should also be dropped as being unvotable. Regulate online gambling? There is no need for online gambling if small gambling outlets opened from 4D outlets are available. REAL life gambling is already over-regulated as it is. Here’s a spot of occult theory – real life gambling is an outlet for the Quantum chakra which is being harnessed by evil governments . . . by creating an inhumane environment where no real life gambling is allowed, the only outlet for this chakra would be to WORK as part of the machinery at whatever god forsaken industry WITHOUT consent – this is an abuse of SPIRITUAL Human Rights.
So do gamble as much as possible though with friends privately at least instead of enriching professionally trained croupiers (more so at 1 to 1 odds – i.e. the more players the safer), gamble like this until the law which can be changed by voting in the right MP, allows small outlets, possibly with LOSS LIMITS prohibitions on people who lose up to 10% monthly salary or 10% of total assets. A register could be used nationwide to prohibit those who have lost their limit for the month. Stop this over-regulation by voting PAP out. Vote for MPs who will ABOLISH GST VAT even Income Tax and COEs instead. This is a distraction. The above are the real issues to base votes on. Vote poor and term limit accepting representatives only! Also limits of maximum Capital assets! Wealth and land distribution means harmony. Gambling in small outlets is a Human Right that no government has a right to take away.

Exco members to…

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BUTTERWORTH: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has promised that all 11 state executive councillors including him will declare their assets to the public within a month. He said the declaration would include assets before and after they assumed office on March 2008, so that the people could make a comparison. “The (state) exco has now approved this and the assets of (our) exco members will be made known soon. We will first start off with our exco members,” he said on the sidelines of the Penang DAP convention here yesterday. However, Lim said spouses of the state exco members were exempted from doing so. DAP chairman Karpal Singh said the party central executive committee would also plan for all DAP MPs to declare their assets soon. “It has been done in the past.” Deputy Chief Minister I Datuk Mansor Othman, when contacted, welcomed the move, saying it should also be emulated by the other 29 state assemblymen in Penang. This move signifies the commitment of the state government to be transparent, Mansor, who is from PKR, said. He also urged the 11 Umno backbenchers to emulate the state exco members by declaring their assets. According to Mansor, the state government wanted to do it earlier this year but due to a technical oversight, the move was delayed. “We have received feedback from a consultant on how best to declare our assets including addressing the legality issues,” he added.
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Which citizens said they can be councillors? 300 quangocrats out of 1.5 million citizens do not legitimise the presence of the 11 unelected, DAP ENFORCED forced upon citizen councillors. These are NOT our councillors we did not vote for them. Plenty of citizens can declare their assets, but to be elected at a 66.6% quorum in open elections is another thing. WHERE ARE the local council elections as promised, you obfuscating parachute Chief Minister and product of nepotism? These 11 councillors cannot be justifed by mere asset declarations, and after months of waiting when assets could already be shifted to proxies and cronies (relatives again for sure).
DAP delayed for months and years before this asset declaration. Our local supermarket chain owner one Ameer Ali Mydin had the smarts to notice and bring this up. Pakatan’s propaganda apparatus immediately began it’s dirty work no differently from BN. See link below :
And even if assets were declared instantly when asked for months ago, these 11 were still NOT THE CITIZEN’S CHOICE IN A LOCAL COUNCIL ELECTION AT 66.6% QUORUM. Honest and ethical government is not DAP’s specialty. And look at the mass sackings and defections from DAP enough to set up another party. I suggest that all DAP formers and potential independents like Mydin join together to form a 3rd Force party to remove oligarchs and nepotists, godfathers and supremos, blocs of relatives.
A second UMNO arises but in the form of Malaysia’s very own PAP ! Vote the unvotable 50% of DAP out! Vote all other dynasties in Pakatan out! We do not need councillors we did not vote for, asset declared or not! A CM who dies not understand this is unsuitable to be CM either ! Re-election at quorum or no votes for DAP! (And guess where this leaves BN’s standards even . . . ) APANAMA: DAP’s democracy in Penang Vote for 3rd Force!
Do an asset check on proxies and relatives of DAP and Pakatan people, probably they’d be no better than BN. You don’t need a golden parachute nepotist to tell you how.  Transfer to proxies and cronies and relatives in small amounts or in cash AND then declare assets 3 years later? I

think Mydin’s Ameer might be a better CM.

Transfer to proxies and cronies and relatives in small amounts THEN get them to buy gold, diamonds or other not so easily seen valuables (not a condo for example – poor Sharizat didn’t think they would track something so obvious . . . same way gold or diamonds or offshore bank accounts mioght not be so easy to hide either . . .  ) that can be resold later or easily hidden in foreign tax haven bank vaults etc… Enough private eyes or insiders though and all purchases and assets hidden away can still be exposed.

THIS IS TAXPAYER MONEY NOT THE POLITICIAN’S MONEY ! Also term limits on ALL Excos and politicians ! No careerists, no sequestration of power as much no sequestration of wealth ! An oligarch is no better than a plutocrat, even less so nepotistic versions of the same!

BN In A Good Position To Win Next GE – SunDaily – 12th December 2011

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PUTRAJAYA — Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today that Barisan Nasional (BN) is in a good position to win the next general election, which may take place early next year. The question, however, is whether BN will obtain a majority, he said, as a weak government would be attacked by the opposition, who would create issues to undermine it, he said. “I think they are busy campaigning to make sure they can win. The Umno General Assembly was quite good, the response was quite good. It looks like Umno is now back to being popular with the people,” he told reporters here at the Perdana Leadership Foundation. Dr Mahathir said the election might be held sometime next year, although the Parliament is not due to end its term until 2013. “If the election is held too early, states under opposition control might not want to go through with it because they want to retain those states and make a bid for other states. Maybe that would be their strategy. “But if the election is held very near the end of the term, there is no benefit for them. So they will have to come together, have the election together. It is up to the government to consider this,” he said. Asked whether Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s court case will play a role in the coming election, Mahathir said: “One way or another he will play a role.” Recalling the 1999 general election, he said when Anwar was found guilty of the court case then, he made use of the black eye incident and BN lost about 300,000 votes from the Malays. “The Chinese voted for BN. The Chinese were very strong supporters of BN because we succeeded in tackling the currency crisis and many of them were saved from bankruptcy. That’s why we retain the two-thirds majority, although Umno lost a lot of seats,” he said. However, many of Anwar’s strong followers and people who believed in him have left him, Mahathir said, including Dr Chandra Muzaffar and lawyer Zainur Zakaria, who no longer believe in the things he said. Those who left him are now shooting back at him and condemning him, he said. “In 1999, he was very strong because he was in jail and he had his black eye and said that I conspired to get rid of him. Why would I conspire? I wanted to step down anyway,” he said. (Bernama)
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Impossible that BN wins except at the handful of most corrupted UMNO stronghold constituencies of the past 50+ years where enough voters have been bought up (i.e. funds accessed by ex-PMs) and even then susceptible to corruption chareges IF the judiciary replaced IF Bar Council has tghe guts to sue ex and even Supreme Court Judges.
BN is an entrenched version of PR with both exhibiting similar flaws. PR however is the lesser evil being not yet entrenched so that 3rd force or indies can take them down easier. Also PR is more likelier to end apartheid so how could BN be in a good position to win given that Forced COnscription, Vehicular AP, and Road Toll, no gambling outlets other than 4D or Adult industry legalized, are still in place with no solution?
The only reason to vote PR is to correct the b.s. that BN even now with it’s mandate refuses to remove or amend. And nobody likes PR that much either. PAS is too contentious (too Muslim) though ethical, maybe not Malay enough either. 3rd Force is the best and freshes solution for the political scene. It’s same old same old with BN and PR, also PR has a nepotistic component that harks from UMNO, not the best even when weighed against closed clique NWO-aligned MCLM, and perhaps KITA (unfortunately ex-UMNO but good replacement for Malay party par excellence for it’s moderate stance, excepting ) which dropped PKR due to quorum issues and ethics. Vote 3rd Force!