Be Objective In Aspiration To Reduce Civil Servants – New Straits Times – 16th December 2011

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KUALA LUMPUR – The opposition should be rational and objective when comparing the number of government servants in Malaysia, and abroad. Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Dr Koh Tsu Koon said the opposition should not only look at numbers but at the definition of public service.He said public service, as found in several developed nations, did not cover the education sector and security agencies. “However, in Malaysia, teachers, police and armed forces personnel are included in the 1.3 million-strong civil service. Teachers alone number 500,000 but we are still short of teachers,” he said when winding-up the debate on the 2012 Supply Bill for the Prime Minister’s Department at the Dewan Negara here on Thursday. He was responding to the aspiration of opposition leaders who wanted to reduce the number of civil servants if they won the 13th general election. On encouraging other communities into the public service, he said the government was carrying out various efforts, including holding meetings with Chinese and Indian non-governmental organisations. (Bernama)


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A nation is not the government. A government is not the people. And to suggest that the redundant post people are supported to ensure political power is mere feudalism rather than efficiency and meritocracy. I guess that means Tan Sri Dr KTK’s degree (aka Team Killer Koh) needs to be withdrawn because he was not making sense as an academic but making sense as a politician? What is good for politics though, is not necessarily good for the nation, just as apartheid is not good for citizens.

By statistics Malaysia has 200% more than some of the best countries. And civil servants who are sponging off the rest of the taxpayers should examine their beliefs ethical or religious. Would the deity of your choice (in Malaysia’s case majority Malays – Allah) think your presence in costing your fellow citizens their tax monies is spiritually correct? Without a nation but only a political party that hires 200% more civil servants than necessary, any nation will fall, much like USA and England. Be objective indeed.


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