BN In A Good Position To Win Next GE – SunDaily – 12th December 2011

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PUTRAJAYA — Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today that Barisan Nasional (BN) is in a good position to win the next general election, which may take place early next year. The question, however, is whether BN will obtain a majority, he said, as a weak government would be attacked by the opposition, who would create issues to undermine it, he said. “I think they are busy campaigning to make sure they can win. The Umno General Assembly was quite good, the response was quite good. It looks like Umno is now back to being popular with the people,” he told reporters here at the Perdana Leadership Foundation. Dr Mahathir said the election might be held sometime next year, although the Parliament is not due to end its term until 2013. “If the election is held too early, states under opposition control might not want to go through with it because they want to retain those states and make a bid for other states. Maybe that would be their strategy. “But if the election is held very near the end of the term, there is no benefit for them. So they will have to come together, have the election together. It is up to the government to consider this,” he said. Asked whether Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s court case will play a role in the coming election, Mahathir said: “One way or another he will play a role.” Recalling the 1999 general election, he said when Anwar was found guilty of the court case then, he made use of the black eye incident and BN lost about 300,000 votes from the Malays. “The Chinese voted for BN. The Chinese were very strong supporters of BN because we succeeded in tackling the currency crisis and many of them were saved from bankruptcy. That’s why we retain the two-thirds majority, although Umno lost a lot of seats,” he said. However, many of Anwar’s strong followers and people who believed in him have left him, Mahathir said, including Dr Chandra Muzaffar and lawyer Zainur Zakaria, who no longer believe in the things he said. Those who left him are now shooting back at him and condemning him, he said. “In 1999, he was very strong because he was in jail and he had his black eye and said that I conspired to get rid of him. Why would I conspire? I wanted to step down anyway,” he said. (Bernama)
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Impossible that BN wins except at the handful of most corrupted UMNO stronghold constituencies of the past 50+ years where enough voters have been bought up (i.e. funds accessed by ex-PMs) and even then susceptible to corruption chareges IF the judiciary replaced IF Bar Council has tghe guts to sue ex and even Supreme Court Judges.
BN is an entrenched version of PR with both exhibiting similar flaws. PR however is the lesser evil being not yet entrenched so that 3rd force or indies can take them down easier. Also PR is more likelier to end apartheid so how could BN be in a good position to win given that Forced COnscription, Vehicular AP, and Road Toll, no gambling outlets other than 4D or Adult industry legalized, are still in place with no solution?
The only reason to vote PR is to correct the b.s. that BN even now with it’s mandate refuses to remove or amend. And nobody likes PR that much either. PAS is too contentious (too Muslim) though ethical, maybe not Malay enough either. 3rd Force is the best and freshes solution for the political scene. It’s same old same old with BN and PR, also PR has a nepotistic component that harks from UMNO, not the best even when weighed against closed clique NWO-aligned MCLM, and perhaps KITA (unfortunately ex-UMNO but good replacement for Malay party par excellence for it’s moderate stance, excepting ) which dropped PKR due to quorum issues and ethics. Vote 3rd Force!

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