Herman Cain: “Manly” men like more pizza toppings – by Brian Montopoli – 14th November 2011

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Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said in an interview with GQ out Monday that one can tell how “manly” a man is by looking at how many toppings he puts on his pizza. He also said a pizza covered in vegetables is a “sissy pizza.” “The more toppings a man has on his pizza, I believe the more manly he is,” said the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO. Cain, laughing, then explained that “the more manly man is not afraid of abundance” before calling into question the manliness of a pizza with vegetables on it. “A manly man don’t want it piled high with vegetables! He would call that a sissy pizza,” Cain said.
The interview was conducted while Cain sampled a variety of pizzas at a Washington restaurant in mid-October, before Politico first reported Oct. 30 that Cain had been accused of sexual harassment more than a decade ago. At one point, he said he preferred a pie with arugula on it, prompting an interviewer to say “one would think that you’d brand that one the sissiest pizza of them all.” “Well, you didn’t let me finish answering the question the first time!” Cain responded, though the interview transcript does not suggest he was cut off. “It’s not only abundance; it’s taste. Okay? It’s taste.” Later, when a pizza covered in meat was brought to the table, Cain exclaimed, “NOW THAT’S A MANLY-LOOKING PIZZA!!”
Those were not the only food-related comments Cain made in the interview. Cain has compared himself to black walnut ice cream; asked what flavor Mitt Romney would be, Cain responded, “just plain vanilla.” He went on to call Rick Perry “rocky road” and deem Michele Bachmann “tutti-frutti” after initially insisting, when asked about Bachmann, “I’m not going to say it. I’m not going to say it.” “I know I’m going to get in trouble!,” Cain said after deeming Bachmann tutti-frutti. He went on to say that Ron Paul is “just not an ice cream flavor.” Cain said he would be “scared” if Paul was president and that he is “puzzled by some of his extreme statements, like ‘End the Fed!’ ‘End everything!'” He also criticized Perry, whom he suggested would not be an effective “communicator in chief,” and Rick Santorum, about whom he said, “I just don’t think that he would be an effective president.” As for Bachmann, Cain said he doesn’t “see great leadership qualities” in her. “I think she has some leadership qualities,” he said. “But I don’t see those qualities that are going to be strong enough to do many of the things that I know the next president of the United States is going to have to do.” Cain stressed his assessment is not because Bachmann is a woman, saying “Margaret Thatcher was a great leader. So that has nothing to do with her gender.”
At another point in the interview, Cain seemed to suggest he believes a majority of American Muslims are extremists, telling his interviewers, “I have had one very well known Muslim voice say to me directly that a majority of Muslims share the extremist views.” Asked if he agreed with that unnamed “Muslim voice” – whom Cain declined to identify other than saying “he is a very prominent voice in the Muslim community” – Cain said, “Yes, because that’s his community.” The interview comes in the wake of Saturday’s CBS News-sponsored Republican presidential debate as well as Cain’s wife Gloria’s first interview on the sexual harassment allegations against her husband, where she said the charges don’t ring true because Cain “totally respects women.”
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Aha! Not black enough! Hey Herman, try ‘black sesame’, liquorice, or ‘squid ink’ icecream, if not the stereotypical and innuendo typical chocolate (none of that rubbish synthetic black food coloring on the other hand, is obtained by combining FD&C red 40, FD&C blue 1, FD&C yellow 5, phosphoric acid, water and sodium benzoate – more allusions to fake ‘blackness’). Black walnut icecream is not black at all, black walnut isn’t even black on the inside, and black walnut ice cream looks merely brownish/spotty with the body of the ice cream being white. To top it off sprinkle a few grains of REAL Ebony (Black Walnut Hull Powder – HULL only), granulated black tea leaves, and a few baby Black Scorpions/Black Tarantulas/Black Olives on the mix, the way the North-east Asians sprinkle Gold (Yellow, maybe saffron as well?!?) on some of their top class recipes. ‘Black Kale’, Black Hollyhock Alcea rosea nigra for garnish rather than mint.
There you go, REAL BLACK ice-cream and a potential slew of new dishes and agriculture based on ‘blackness’ that are truly black. NLP wise eating the above foods could as much ‘blacken’ as mayonnaise does. How about a maiyonaise based on the above that ‘turns’ those eating black as well? Try black infused noodles as well for good measure.
Research BLACK MILK from BLACK COWS with black teeth . . . Can you see the ‘white’ world shivering in fear now? It’s doesn’t always have to be overly fetishized, over used chocolate. But 100% with the meat/veggie, quantity of pizza issues. Finally, revive any pantheons of Black Skinned Gods and revert to Animism as well. The core of Black Animist religion should be in Africa itself not in some white country which colonized Africans in the past. How about an ALL African (The Real) BLACK STEEL rock-band for a start? The current BLACK STEEL band is all white and an NLP if anything. Would make for very interesting lawsuits about the name etc..
Then black diamonds, black gold for jewellery . . .
Also :
Black Pearl Pepper The more sun it receives, the blacker the leaves. It is extremely ornamental and edible. Pasilla Bajio When fresh, this pepper is called ‘chilaca;’ (careful and be aware that in Malay this is a cuss word ‘Celaka’) it is also known as ‘chile negro.’ 8 to 10 inch long cylindrical peppers are thin walled, and dark green ripening to dark brown. They have less than 250 Scoville units and are mainly used dried for their rich, smoky flavoring in sauces.
Purple Flash Striking flashes of bright purple foliage stand out against almost black leaves while new growth is splashed with creamy white. Small glossy black peppers are hot and although mainly ornamental, are also edible. Plants grow about a foot tall with a slightly wider spread and a layered habit. Perfect for containers or planting in gardens, Purple Flash survives summer heat while still making an exotic display.
Purple Serrano This is a beautiful purple-fruited version of Serrano. Peppers turn deep purple and are a little longer than those of regular Serrano, but with the same candle-flame shape. Plants are tall and branching with the fuzzy foliage typical of Serranos. Very hot and wonderful for salsas as well as many other dishes. 85 days.
Amaranth is not mentioned as it’s more purple than black with Flash and Serano more black than their purple names, so those were included.
Whats sticky and white that Brer Rabbit hasn’t fought? They made him fight a black one – self infliction NLP against the African-American community if anything (Ah Enid . . . and to think so many thought you were writing innocent children’s books . . . ) ! So redirect and invent ‘white tar’ (no reference to Naphthalene), use black chicken feathers for good measure!

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