Local resistance building on Virginia’s eminent domain change – by David Sherfinski – – 24th November 2011

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(The Washington Times) A state constitutional amendment to expand Virginia’s eminent domain laws is meeting local resistance, with the city of Alexandria agreeing to contribute as much as $5,000 for a lobbying firm to help fight the legislation. The amendment, sponsored for the 2012 General Assembly session by Delegate Rob Bell, Albemarle Republican, attempts to change the Virginia Constitution by updating a law enacted in 2007 that says private property can be taken only when the public interest dominates the private gain, among other conditions. “The goal is to put [the amendment] into the constitution so that it can’t be tinkered with,” Mr. Bell said. However, the nonpartisan Virginia Municipal League and Democrat-controlled Alexandria City Council oppose the amendment because it provides for property owners to be compensated for “lost profits and lost access”caused by government action. Arlington County also opposes the measure as part of its draft 2012 legislative package. Though the Alexandria council is against the proposed change, members support the 2007 law, said Bernard Caton, the city’s legislative director. He cited as an example a median strip that prevents left turns into a business, resulting in a drop in daily revenue of $1,000 to $800 and potentially leaving taxpayers on the hook for the difference.
That Alexandria agreed to provide up to $5,000 for a firm to help lobby against the amendment, though,rankled Mr. Bell. “I think it’s awful that local governments are using local dollars to try to take property from taxpayers,” he said. Newly elected House Majority Whip Jackson H. Miller, Manassas Republican, supports the proposed amendment, saying it is simply a matter of protecting the small property owner against the power of government and large industry. “It doesn’t stop eminent domain for true public use, and that’s what I think is important,” he said. The amendment passed with wide support during the 2011 General Assembly session, with help from Mr. Bell. It cleared the House by a vote of 83-15 and the Senate by a vote of 35-5. But to amend the state constitution, the measure must pass again in the assembly before going to the public as a voter referendum on the 2012 ballot. Despite the broad support, Mr. Bell said, amendment supporters are girding a fight. “We are not taking anything for granted,” he said. © Copyright 2011 The Washington Times, LLC. Click here for reprint permission.
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Who are the 83 Congressmen and 35 Senators who voted for this ‘power to state’ rather than ‘power to people’ law? They are UNVOTABLE and represent Feudal era attitudes towards property ownership. Who are the 15 Congressmen and 5 Senators who voted for ‘power to people’? These are the TRUE patriots who would fight the War of Independence all over again. Voters pay attention – and give the 83 and 35 (118 bad politicians) the boot. These 118 bad politicians do not represent American values of an Eminent Domain abuse free society. Meanwhile study Allodial titles as well and make sure that the nexct time you vote, to make sure your Congressman or Senator or Governor makes clear on the above two laws – 1) Abolishment of Eminent Domain laws and 2) Establishment of Allodial Property in law No nation can grow or have a stable community if developers in collusion with the TERM LIMITLESS political oligarchs have the power to shift and kick out any citizen from his property. Vote properly Americans before it become American’t ! Or Amerika.
Who knows even Russia and China might have more property rights, those 83 and 35 might well be commie dictators at heart clothed in the sleek corporatism of American values to want to deny such protective measures as in . . . look up on ‘Nail House’ and see how Chinese citizens and Chinese government handles this issue. Their homesteads and estates span 1000s of years.
And these 118 politicians cannot abide Allodial rights or removal of Eminent Domain laws? The onus is upon city planners which the taxpayers pay the salaries of to PLAN AHEAD, not uproot and inconvenience existing communities, especially older communities. there is lots of space to build on in the USA, go there and build whatever you want instead (barring nature reserves or other geographically valuable areas etc..). Vote the 118 out! And how many of them have had their 15 minutes (2 terms)? Remove those who want the right (Eminent Domain) to physically remove American citizens from your property – Feudal Style! Forgot all about the Red and Blue Coats, the War of Independence eh? Remove the oppressors of Liberty and Democratic Freedom (barring limitless terms, if the 118 change their minds, no problem – those who do not wany to pudge i.e. abuse power, are promoting a very dangerous trend indeed – American citizens do you know what to do?)!

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