Will Fukushima $10 Trillion Nuclear Catastrophe Bankrupt Japan? (There Is No Such Thing As Money) – by Washingtons_Blog – 13 November 2011

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I noted in April that a nuclear catastrophe could cost ten trillion dollars or more (many times more than the insurance which nuclear power operators are required to carry) … and could even bankrupt a country. Taipei Times notes today that, according to a Japanese author: A professor from the University of Tokyo has even estimated that it would cost up to ¥800 trillion [U.S. $10 trillion dollars], amounting to approximately 10 years of the national budget, if the soil and road surface of radiation-affected areas are to be cleaned up. The damage is so much that the Japanese government would go well beyond bankruptcy, Liu said. Of course, the Japanese government’s entire strategy from day one has been to cover up the severity of the Fukushima accident.
Given that Japan either won’t or is unwilling to pay for a real clean up of the Fukushima radiation, it appears that the people of Japan will pay for the accident with their health for generations to come. Indeed, Fukushima, the financial crisis and other major disasters like the BP Gulf oil spill were all caused by the 1%: (1) making insane bets that nothing would blow up, and (2) cutting every possible safety measure to make more money. And exactly like the toxic financial assets that the big banks dumped onto the national balance sheets of Greece, Italy, America and elsewhere – and ultimately the people – the Japanese government and Tepco are dumping the cost of the Fukushima disaster on the backs of the Japanese people in decreased health, vigor and prosperity. See this if you think we’re overplaying the severity of Fukushima. © Copyright Washingtons Blog, Global Research, 2011
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There is NO SUCH THING AS MONEY. We Socialist/Communist minded persons all know that and Japan in such a disaster should learn quickly what this phrase ‘There is NO SUCH THING AS MONEY’ means. It’s the parasitic Capitalist system and it’s citizens who cannot think without money (because they cannot conceive sharing or cannot trust the government – who needs to keep it’s word implicitly without any b.s. or lies) and say there is ‘not enough money’.
The cost of cleanup is ZERO. Move all citizens to at least 300km away or even to a friendly nation with un-used space to settle down – try Russia or even China, if under humanitarian action, Russia is willing to sell ALLODIAL land (can be paid over a few generations with no interest) on it’s territories for citizenship, where the 300km radius dwellers can build simple homes and experience low density organic living instead of wilting to death via radiation poisoning.
DO IT CHEAPLY Initial dwellings could be in the form of used containers with supplies of coal for heating (not power generators and radiators from suppliers costing 1 billion), and cultivation of food and collection of water (not via specialised hothouses or anything fancy – learn from the North Koreans how to survive cold areas – eat grass soil and bark or shoe leather if you need to (not enrich a contractor with MREs that self heat, canned food and dried noodles at most for the first few months as you wait for those edible ferns and wasabi roots to grow – yum-yum), informal educational areas (under a tree place donated benches and a chalkboard, not enrich a contractor with a 100 million dollar building), for toilets – COMPOSTING (not enrich a contractor with a 100 million dollar contract), should begin immediately.
After a period of 50 years THEN return to Japan to begin clean up. Right now the radiation suit contractors and suppliers or clean up contractors and suppliers will only be enriched. Russia has invited affected Japanese to go to Russia, how about appropriate parties above organising the above suggested solution instead of frying to death in the radioactive zone.
Finally for stop using nuclear power when there are so many alternatives, and nuclear armed states, stop using nukes and even in war stick to conventional warfare. What use are all the jewels and gold or infrastructure of a country that one has won in war, if these are all hopelessly irradiated?

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