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Cabbie in court for wearing denim jeans – by: Court Reporter Sean Fewster – December 08, 2011 12:00AM – posted by Shahram Forozandeh

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(The Advertiser) Taxi driver Shahram Forozandeh is facing trial for wearing the wrong pants to work.

A TAXI driver has been put on trial in the Adelaide Magistrates Court for allegedly wearing denim jeans on the job.

Shahram Forozandeh is being prosecuted by the Transport, Energy and Infrastructure Department over an alleged breach of the state’s taxi driver uniform standards.

The department claims he wore blue jeans “with orange stitching” but the Passenger Transport Act requires him to wear dress pants.

In another case this week, a driver was charged for allegedly obscuring his white dress shirt with a jacket.

Yesterday Bill Gonis, manager of public transport for the State Government, said uniforms were an important part of driver compliance.

“It’s especially important at this time of year that the public has confidence that taxi drivers are properly accredited and professional in the way they present themselves,” he said.

“Wearing proper uniform is one way to ensure a driver is complying with the regulations.”

Mr Forozandeh, 44, of Brooklyn Park, has pleaded not guilty to one count of failing to wear a uniform as specified. Giving evidence yesterday, Senior Transport Compliance Safety Officer Larry Cutufia said he issued an on-the-spot fine at Victoria Square on January 20.

“I knew they were jeans because of the colour, the material, the studs on the pockets and the predominately orange stitching on the seams,” he said. “That’s not wearing the proper uniform (of) navy blue, brown or black business-style trousers.”

Mr Cutufia said Mr Forozandeh claimed his work pants “had been ripped” and declined to step out of the taxi to be photographed.

Mr Forozandeh, representing himself, challenged Mr Cutufia’s account.

“You cautioned me that morning, you did not fine me on the spot … I did not receive the fine until May,” he said. “You cautioned me, I took a fare to Darlington and you decided to fine me after I left.”

Outside court, Mr Gonis said compliance officers were not required to meet a fines quota.

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Who cares what they wear or how their cars are modified? So long there is a TAXI sign atop the car with license, they drive in a reasonable manner and are not rude or whatever, have not been involved in criminal actions, they should be allowed to express themselves. This is ridiculous. Maybe make them produce/display ID/license by law if needed, but this enforcing of uniformity on the  person is just nonsensical.

You could give the uniform wearing cabbie a ‘compliance’ tag of some sort but that should be as far as it goes. In fact if the hirer of the cab does not mind naked drivers (as much as Burkha clad) drivers, there should be no issue as well.

Why the enforcement of bland jobsworthness even in cabs? Will there be a schoolboy haircut rule too? Where’s that greasy haired, shiny or hawaiian shirt wearing, gold chained stubble faced, smoking, leather/leopard print ripped pants wearing cabbie with a guitar and an assault rifle in the back?

An eyepatch? A hook for a hand? Come on, grow up don’t expect an emasculated industry standard . . . , have some chiclet chewing gum and blue m&ms . . . what type though it’s up to the people to figure out.

Stop being invasive creeps. Vote the morons that legislate uniforms or such abusive laws out at once! This is the real world. Vote only for Joe Publics who are worth no more than 401K (4.01M if generous), also see the pledge/questionairre below and ask your MP candidate or Assemblyman candidate, current MP or Assemblyman to sign with a cam taking down the signing in the presence of as many media reporters or people as possible :

Will your candidate allow taxi drivers to dress as they wish? Wear bondage gear? Cosplay? No? Then Taxi Drivers, time to shift your vote to another candidate. Ask that damn candidate if  they will let you wear jeans without being fined. If they don’t want to, then they don’t get your vote. Try Dr.Bombay :

 Naked Gun 33 1/3 : The Final Insult – cabbie Scene


Ideas for A ‘Manlier’ 2nd Amendment (2nd Amendment On Steroids!) – Mid February 2012

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Ideas for A revised ‘Small Firearms/Large Weapons Law’ – Gun/Weapon owner’s Responsibilities :

– Firing into the sky is legal provided it does not hit any aircraft

– Firing at consensual persons (with written or recorded permission not taken out of context) or property with consent is allowed
– Firing at oneself is allowed (injuries are not claimable for insurance or from the state)
– Modification of weapons is allowed

– openly carried weapons need no licence, while carrying hidden weapons, or hiding weapons (presumably for purposes of keeping thieves or criminals from getting hold of them) needs a licence
– private building owners may set their own policy for whether guns are allowed to be brought into buildings, if not must provide secure holding areas for weapons, this can override crowded area laws if clearly stated
– public government building concourses allow weapons to be brought in, secure areas of public government builings (i.e. staff areas) are weapons free zones

–  due to potential of high costs and clean up periods, crowded areas like CBDs, shopping centres or any High Rise zone, require that the safety be on at all times, warning will be issued to first offenders, small fines to repeat offenders for every 3rd offense.

Responsibilities / Legal Use

– To not fire at any wildlife not considered edible
– To not fire at civilians/peaceful foreigners unless threatened with lethal force
– To pay support and damages for any incidental deaths/building cracks/blemishes (road damage) from firing of weapon (large weapon)
– To pay clean up costs for large shell removal
– To pay damages for any ear/auditory damages shattered glass (this will make silencers fasshionable) if identifiable and lawsuit filed
– To stockpile quantities of ammunition amounting to not more that what is the military standard for what is issued to a 1 soldier multiplied by 3 (i.e. ammunition of 3 soldiers), on the battlefield. This ensures regular trips to the ammunition shop.

– Grenades or Mortars or Flamethrowers or Bazookas may be thrown in or fired into or directed at or launched at –

a) places where nobody cares about the damage (including derelict buildings or unbuilt areas) and if no non-consensual people (signed waiver and video pre-registered at any police station required as proof otherwise manslaughter charges will be applicable) are killed. If fires result, costs from the fire department will be applied against the firer.

b)  consensual persons; if non-consensual people (without signed waiver and video pre-registered at any police station) are killed, the firer will have to pay reparations and support or be killed in turn by the victim (if survives) or the victim’s family

– all weapons and ammunition are to be numbered and registered to the buyer and intended user or intended users at point of sale

– weapons may not be lent or carried by persons not registered as a user of the pre-serialised weapon

Prohibited Users

– violent criminals or any who have engaged in violent acts amounting to deaths are not permitted to carry to carry both hand or projectile weapons

– violent criminals or any who have engaged in violent acts not amounting to deaths are permitted to carry hand weapons but not projectile weapons

– any instance of accidental death by passers by will be the responsibility of the firer; the law of ‘Tooth for tooth, eye for eye, life for a life applies here.’ Torture may not be used by victims or families of deceased victims to kill a weapons firer who pruposly or accidentally killed a family member or friend with the authority (try non-sexual civil unions), but a similar method or any method of execution to be applied by the victim or victim’s family, can be used that produces equitable pain in application of causing death as well.

Warning and General Concerns On Society : Voting Method – Original Article – late September 2011

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About The Governments of the Day and treatment of Prisoners Since 1980, JDI has worked to end the sexual abuse of detainees, in the U.S. and around the world. At the heart of JDI’s mission lies a conviction that when the government removes someone’s freedom, it takes on the absolute responsibility to protect that person’s safety. JDI works with policymakers, corrections leaders, advocates, and prisoner rape survivors to end this form of violence, once and for all. No matter what crime someone might have committed, rape is not part of the penalty. “Prison rape not only threatens the lives of those who fall prey to their aggressors, but it is potentially devastating to the human spirit. Shame, depression, and a shattering loss of self-esteem accompany the perpetual terror the victim thereafter must endure.” Introduction to Rohypnol and Drugging of Citizens In Conjunction with Neurotech Use Rohypnol, generically known as flunitrazepam, is produced for prescription as a sleeping aid in countries outside of the UnitedStates. “It has physiological effects similar to Valium (diazepam), but is approximately ten times more potent. It is used also as an illicitdrug, often in combination with other drugs, such as heroin, cocaine, and alcohol.” The effects of Rohypnol, similar to all “date rape drugs”, are “impaired judgment and impaired motor skills”.

While the individual under the influence of the drug remains awake and somewhat conscious, they are often unable to properly make decisions or weigh consequences. Therefore, the individual is much more likely to be swayed by others and act on impulse without reason. The combination of impaired judgement, disinhibition (lack of social inhibition)and the impaired motor skills (similar to the ingestion of large amounts of alchohol), makes the taker vulnerable of sexual attack. It is strongly believable that, combined with neurotech, rohypnol and various other psychotropic drugs are also used on citizen dissenters with oppressive governments (this extends into public school systems where the same drugs can be used against unsuspecting students).

Fully expect the use of hypnosis, some computer or text message handphone based, in conjunction with other drugs on any person who has entered the opaque prison system to control their mindset, prevent dissention, and when combined with neurotech, the abuses become sever and Technfascist Police State. Prison System And Potential For Abuse with Psychotropics Combined with the fact that the prison system in most of the world has no tolerance or leeway of timing for visits and prisoners are strictly controlled at all times, and that food is not allowed into prison from the ‘outside’, it is very likely that such abuses routinely occur in the least developed nations as well as by people with access to such medications or in concert and link to medical fields. Crypto-Fascist Governments The medical profession is not about the Hippocratic oath, it could very well be a cabal of rapists who do not respect their charges even their families because of the ‘power’ they yield.

Fully extending into the sex trafficking network the criminal cartel, turf gang or even the police AND the MILITARY. Yes, the Military. Any country with a coercive National Service without Abstention options and backed with fines and jail terms (especially forced ones as in Taiwan, Malaysia and even the duplicituous citizenship entitlement offered by France via the Foreign Legion stint) and the military itself where VERY LIKELY many of the soldiers are drugged, then hypnotized into certain belief systems, with promotion criteria based on the ‘confessions’ given during ‘interrogation under influence of drugs. Religious Oppression Via Drugs and Neurotech Hence the attack on religious freedoms of all types, WITH – MOST CYNICALLY – the ‘elite’ being immune or passed over for such ‘treatments’.

The elite, such as the cartels of globalists centered around IMF and the military arm of NATO and the Commonwealth allies, locally ‘controlled’ and monitored by the local porch-Masons (note the possible drugged drinks induction where the new ‘member’ is subject to hypnosis and AGAIN used on members to ensure their allegiance) and psychiatric establishment, are used as a form of control – all the way up to, and back to the students who go to Western countries to doubtless get implanted or hypnotised. Investigations into use of hypnosis amongst other technological (neurotech) methods against any and all citizens should be considered alongside an open and transparent with publicly accessible security cam system for the prison system so that general citizens can watch over their charges, even though that system itself can also be abused or falsified. The only protection for the citizens of the world is cautious and logical voting patterns where the ONLY acceptable criteria for citizentry to vote are that the Candidate :

1) must be unaffiliated with non-foreign centred organisations (any seminar one goes to ‘with refreshments’ is likely a drugging opportunity)
2) religious groups – which is why China disallows Catholics
3) countries that disallow Burka illogically (in fact this may have neurotech written all over it, a prominent vendor I once knew said that Arabs use their wives to steal items when you are not looking – probably using neurotech then ‘Islamic honour’ to not allow a search)
4) FreeMasons, even ALL English Inns of Law if one wishes to be cautious)
5) perhaps strange groups with strange claims like Scientologists and Melchizedeks which appear to be controlling Hollywood???
6) ALL plutocrats worth 20 million and above, 2 million to be safe

The only people one may vote for are :

1) organisation uninducted Joe Public masses – the poorer the better
2) non-outstation traveling persons
3) unassociated or networked via ‘big business’ people who ‘suddenly made it rich’

There is very little sincerity in the Technofascist world we live in, and any poor voters had better not have any delusions of how free their country is and vote along strict criteria and study the logic behind every single bill and mode of thought of all their existing representatives.

From my own untrained viewpoint being a non-user of drugs (unless affected by the earlier described horrors of systematic abuse of citizens by LGBT and Organics or RLD advocacy unfriendly or perhaps APARTHEID governments – you know who you are, and if I were Boer I’d make sure I was no racist), and after years of study into politics as an activist and experience of persecution as the same, it would SEEM that the drugs trade constitutes an entire dimension of awareness that all such governments want to destroy, hence the immense popularity of the mind strengthening drugs (though equally as many government mind destroying drugs are being floated around – use organics only when in doubt but with GMOs one can hardly be certain these days) and the fear of governments of the same – including coca chewing itself that the UN, has most fearfully and suspiciously, banned recently.

Is Capitalism and the Commonwealth, the true Axis? Are the Communist thought methods, inclusive treatment of drugs by Mexico and Venezuela for instance, the true way forward for humanity, with their strict VISA vetting requirements a telling cautionary? In summary just VOTE POOR and UNEDUCATED and non-NEPOTISTIC.

Got the money? They don’t need the power. Got the power? They don’t need the money. Got both money and power? We the people don’t need them.

4 Articles on Stars and How They Shine Not Very Brightly Where it Counts – late September 2011 updated on Mar 2012

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What’s that old saying about never working with children or animals? Salma Hayek struggles with a giant cat during photocall – by Jade Watkins Last updated at 3:48 AM on 27th September 2011

The late great comedian, W.C. Fields said you should ‘Never work with children or animals.’ But Salma Hayek didn’t have a choice when it came to that famous old chestnut as she promoted her film Puss in Boots in Moscow, today. The 45-year-old actress appeared to be struggling with a giant ginger cat handed to her by an assistant during a photo call for the 3D movie.

Moggy melee: Salma Hayek struggles with a giant ginger cat during a photocall to promote her 3D animated movie Puss In Boots in Moscow today Moggy melee: Salma Hayek struggles with a giant ginger cat during a photocall to promote her 3D animated movie Puss In Boots in Moscow today Dressed in a Russian-inspired outfit consisting of a black printed dress and leather knee high boots, she looked perplexed holding onto her heavy feline friend. She did however feel a little more comfortable clutching onto a white fluffy kitty, beaming for the cameras as she cuddled the furry moggy in her arms.

The brunette beauty was also joined by co-star Antonio Banderas, with whom she posed and hammed around with for some publicity snaps. Having a ball: The brunette beauty was also joined by co-star Antonio Banderas, with whom she posed and hammed around with for some publicity snaps Having a ball: The brunette beauty was also joined by co-star Antonio Banderas, with whom she posed and hammed around with for some publicity snaps

The 51-year-old Spaniard looked casual and cool in a pair of light denim jeans, grey t-shirt and a black leather motorcycle jacket. New animated film Puss In Boots sees Banderas reprise his role as the swashbuckling cat from the Shrek films. Salma is a new addition to the cast, playing Puss’s love interest, a tuxedo cat named Kitty Softpaws.

Feline friend: Salma appeared more comfortable clutching onto a white fluffy kitty; beaming for the cameras as she cuddled the furry creature in her arms Feline friend: Salma appeared more comfortable clutching onto a white fluffy kitty; beaming for the cameras as she cuddled the furry creature in her arms Look into my eyes: The actress and the creamy kitty appeared to be captivated by one another The 3D film, which has been in the works since 2004, won’t be released in cinemas until November this year. Salma touched down in Russia sometime in the last 24 hours with her gorgeous little girl Valentina.

Their arrival came after the pair surprised onlookers over the weekend as they were escorted through LAX airport in a wheelchair. Pushed by an airport official, at first glance there were fears that the actress may have had some kind of injury. I’m watching you: Antonio kept a close eye on the cuddly cat But it appeared that the Frida star and her adorable girl, who just turned four this week, were just taking a ride. The mother and daughter duo were smiling as they were wheeled around to the departure gate to catch a flight. Salma held on tight to her mini-me daughter, who was pretty in a pink sweater, a matching rosette headband and grey jeans.

Salma’s arrival in Russia came after she and her daughter Valentina surprised onlookers over the weekend when they were escorted through LAX airport in a wheelchair Ride: Salma’s arrival in Russia came after she and her daughter Valentina surprised onlookers over the weekend when they were escorted through LAX airport in a wheelchair Salma and her family have been seen happy and relaxed during their travels, despite being hounded by recent claims from supermodel Linda Evangelista that Salma’s husband François-Henri Pinault is the father of her four-year-old son Augustin. The supermodel is battling the CEO in a New York court for $46,000 (£28,000)-a-month child support. Meanwhile, the actress is currently taking a break from filming Oliver Stone’s Savages in Los Angeles.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

It’s not right to coddle an adult animal like this. Maybe a young a animal at most separated from it’s mother by uncaring breeders from a pet shop. Animals should be socialising with their own kind in a natural environment. This is so unnatural. Constitutes animal cruelty. If you love something, you will let it go free. What does it truly want? To run off probably – into the wilderness and hunt small mammals or small birds. Not be isolated from it’s own community or species and be coddled – some young pets have been ‘coddled’ to death by the way – who knows intentionally?

This is something like where Orang Utans are used as surrogate babies. Or cats are doomed to a life of brainwashing among their tyrant owners who imprint their twisted mentality on the animals. Well cats grow up, and they do not ask to be neutered either, was it consensual, was the pet consulted? Didn’t even bother to learn their language huh? How would owners like that done to them instead? Little wonder some of the same owners say they want to come back as a ‘pet’ animal, little do they know the poetic justice that awaits them . . . Keeping of pets in isolation from communication with other pets AND at their leisure to roam, live a natural life in natural environments will one day be known as a cruel and barbaric practice. We live in dark times indeed, both man and pet . . . (. . . think slave breeding pens in early America or hobbling of Natives by breaking their legs . . . )


Lesbian The L Word actress thrown off Southwest Airlines flight for kissing her girlfriend by Daily Mail Reporters Last updated at 3:04 PM on 27th September 2011 Actress: Leisha Hailey said she was a victim of homophobic discrimination after being kicked off a flight

The lesbian star of ‘The L Word’ claimed in a stream of Twitter messages last night that she and her girlfriend were kicked off a Southwest Airlines plane for kissing during the flight. Leisha Hailey, 40, tweeted that a flight attendant had told her that Southwest ‘was a “family” airline and kissing was not ok’, and that she and her companion were then ‘escorted off the plane for getting upset about the issue’. ‘SouthwestAir endorses homophobic employees,’ she tweeted. ‘Since when is showing affection toward someone you love illegal? I want to know what Southwest Airlines considers a “family”.’ She went on to tweet: ‘Boycott SouthwestAir if you are gay.

They don’t like us.’ Hailey, who starred on Showtime network’s ‘The L Word’ as Alice, a bisexual magazine writer and radio host, also demanded a public apology. The 40-year-old has also had roles on Grey’s Anatomy, Drop Dead Diva and CSI and is part of the electropop duo band, Uh Huh Her. She came out as a lesbian at age 17 and previously had a five year relationship with Canadian country singer K.D. Lang. Personal identity: Leisha Hailey plays a bisexual magazine editor on ‘The L Word’ which centres around a group of lesbians and transgender people in LA Personal identity: Leisha Hailey plays a bisexual magazine editor on ‘The L Word’ which centres around a group of lesbians and transgender people in LA The airline issued a statement saying initial reports it received about the incident ‘indicate that we received several passenger complaints characterizing the behaviour as excessive’.

‘Our crew, responsible for the comfort of all customers on board, approached the passengers based solely on behaviour and not gender,’ the airline said. ‘The conversation escalated to a level that was better resolved on the ground, as opposed to in flight.’ ‘I condemn them’: Rick Santorum claims he didn’t hear gay soldier being booed at GOP debate The statement concluded: ‘We regret any circumstance where a passenger does not have a positive experience on Southwest and we are ready to work directly with the passengers involved to offer our heartfelt apologies for falling short of their expectation.

Vent: Leisha Hailey demanded a public apology from the airline via Twitter An airline spokesman declined to comment beyond the prepared statement. The incident comes a little over three weeks after another celebrity, Green Day rocker Billie Joe Armstrong, was complained he was booted from a Southwest flight in Oakland, California, because he was wearing his baggy pants too low. Actor and director Kevin Smith also ran into trouble with the low-cost airline last year when he was kicked off a flight for being too fat. The heavy star originally booked two seats, he jumped at the chance to fly standby on an earlier flight, where only one seat was available.

Though dress and size also seem to rile the airline, this is not the first time Southwest Airlines has been accused anti-gay remarks and actions. previously reported, an unnamed pilot was heard over the radio — unaware it was on — complaining that his co-workers were ‘a continuous stream of gays and grannies and grandes’ he doesn’t care to socialize with in between stops. An hour before the airline posted a link to the statement on its Twitter page, Hailey was retweeting a comment calling attention to a page on the Southwest website where the airline had highlighted its ‘outreach and commitment to the GLBT community’. Southwest is the official airline of GLAAD and other similar groups.

Outrage: Ms Hailey took to her twitter account to tell of the incident Talk about a megaphone: the actress has over 17,000 Twitter followers Comment: Southwest Airlines said they had to ask the actress and her girlfriend to leave after complaints from passengers.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Sue the airline for apartheid. Also if you are a real star or even worth 5 million, you could get your own private plane or helicopter and a private landing helipad that can be chartered by ORDINARY folk. Don’t subject yourself to this nonsense by flying with the public airports.

ow about setting up a private airport with Lady Gaga for example to give the people an option against the TSA? Oops, I forgot, Lady Gaga isn’t into much more than cosplay and does not care about the way here monsters get treated by the TSA or that would be little monsters starve in shelters or soup kitchens.

Private airlines anyone? Hello? Has American democracy ended and all that remains are stars that cannot be allowed to kiss on an airline? That are content to play with their imagery while the world rots away? American society crumbles?

Appearing naked (kudos the San Franners and Oregoners also Naked Subway, naker Day people for telling them Nudity is as acceptable as Burkha – were there ghostly draped Muslim women in either town yet? It’s their right . . . ), publicly lesbian, or draped in innards once in a while (even all the time) does not count as democracy – especially if you’re that wealthy to provide an alternative to the abuse of Big Society. Enough cash to make a difference and not a cent back to the society that fostered you with their wealth where it counts . . .

SUMMARY Stars shine in as many ways as they can. The 2 above examples could very well be sheeple among stars or stars turning into sheeple.

Which star is starry enough to end the TSA by starting an affordable private liner with private airstrips? Have an LGBT kissing allowed flight with nude air attendants of all sexes? Come on – SHINE, and not to dazzle the sheeple, but where it democratically counts if you dare not even run for election like Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzeneggar (terrible policy writer/vetter though – he terminated the people of California not the state of California) did.


George Clooney released after Sudan embassy arrest – 16 March 2012 Last updated at 21:52 GMT

George Clooney: ‘We were all in a cell together. It was nice”

George Clooney has been arrested for civil disobedience during a demonstration outside Sudan’s embassy in Washington DC on Friday.

The actor was taking part in a protest to warn of a humanitarian crisis in the volatile border area between Sudan and South Sudan.

He was detained alongside his father, Nick, but both have now been released after paying bail of $100 (£63).

George Clooney is a keen Sudan activist and has visited the area several times.

South Sudan celebrated its independence from Sudan in 2011, but relations between the two neighbours have worsened since then.

The country is one of the world’s poorest regions and has hardly any roads, railways, schools or clinics as a result of two decades of conflict leading up to independence from Sudan in July 2011.

Bitter disagreements remain over oil resources and borders, with conflict raging in the border region – the focus for Clooney’s concern.
‘We hope it helps’

Speaking to reporters following his release, Clooney said his key concern was the fate of those in the region.

“Best estimate is tens of thousands of people are going to die from starvation… this isn’t a famine, this is a man-made tragedy by the government of Khartoum to get these people to leave.”

“You never know if you are accomplishing anything… We hope it helps,” Clooney said.
George Clooney

Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play.

George Clooney gives evidence to US Senate Foreign Relations Committee

The actor said the arrest was his first, but added: “Let’s hope it’s my last.”

The Hollywood star, his father and fellow activists had been led away in handcuffs after reportedly ignoring repeated police warnings to leave the embassy grounds.

He was released three hours later after paying the bail fee.

Secret Service spokesman George Oglivie told the BBC how the arrest unfolded: “George Clooney was arrested for crossing a police line at the Sudan embassy and he’ll be transported to the Metropolitan police department second district.”

Also arrested, said Mr Oglivie, were Martin Luther King III, son of the civil rights leader; Massachusetts Democratic Congressman Jim McGovern; Virginia Democratic Congressman Jim Moran; and National Association for the Advancement of Colored People President Ben Jealous.

George Clooney’s arrest comes a day after he met President Barack Obama at the White House to discuss the Sudan situation.

Ahead of the rally, he said he thought the president was “very engaged” on the issue of Sudan.

Clooney also called on the Sudanese government to allow humanitarian aid in to the area immediately and to “stop randomly killing its own innocent men, women and children”.

The actor recently secretly travelled across the border to the Nuba Mountains in Sudan, where his group apparently witnessed a rocket attack. A YouTube video of the visit was uploaded on Thursday.

He told the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee this week that what was happening in the region was “ominously similar” to the violence in Darfur.

The UN estimates that nearly 300,000 people have died and 2.7 million been displaced since the Darfur conflict broke out in 2003.
Sudan: A country divided
Satellite image showing geography of Sudan, source: Nasa

The great divide across Sudan is visible even from space, as this Nasa satellite image shows. The northern states are a blanket of desert, broken only by the fertile Nile corridor. South Sudan is covered by green swathes of grassland, swamps and tropical forest.
Map showing Ethnicity of Sudan, source:

Sudan’s arid north is mainly home to Arabic-speaking Muslims. But in South Sudan there is no dominant culture. The Dinkas and the Nuers are the largest of more than 200 ethnic groups, each with its own languages and traditional beliefs, alongside Christianity and Islam.
Map showing infant Mortality in Sudan, source: Sudan household health survey 2006

The health inequalities in Sudan are illustrated by infant mortality rates. In South Sudan, one in 10 children die before their first birthday. Whereas in the more developed northern states, such as Gezira and White Nile, half of those children would be expected to survive.
Map showing percentage of households using improved water and sanitation in Sudan, source: Sudan household health survey 2006

The gulf in water resources between north and south is stark. In Khartoum, River Nile, and Gezira states, two-thirds of people have access to piped drinking water and pit latrines. In the south, boreholes and unprotected wells are the main drinking sources. More than 80% of southerners have no toilet facilities whatsoever.
Map showing percentage of who complete primary school education in Sudan, source: Sudan household health survey 2006

Throughout Sudan, access to primary school education is strongly linked to household earnings. In the poorest parts of the south, less than 1% of children finish primary school. Whereas in the wealthier north, up to 50% of children complete primary level education.
Map showing percentage of households with poor food consumption in Sudan, source: Sudan household health survey 2006

Conflict and poverty are the main causes of food insecurity in Sudan. The residents of war-affected Darfur and South Sudan are still greatly dependent on food aid. Far more than in northern states, which tend to be wealthier, more urbanised and less reliant on agriculture.
Map showing position of oilfileds in Sudan, source: Drilling info international

Sudan exports billions of dollars of oil per year. Southern states produce more than 80% of it, but receive only 50% of the revenue. The pipelines run north but the two sides have still not agreed how to share the oil wealth in the future.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
That $100 fine is laughable. Heck any 99%ter would not be given that ‘privilege’ and limelight for $100. The whole thing was contrived media b.s.! Stars do not best aid their country by leading limelight gaining protests but they CAN do something concrete like what Oprah did (schools in Africa), or open shelters for Veterans. This Sudan protest b.s. is high profile self promoting b.s..

It would be better to open a ‘Recuperation-Retirement Barracks’ (on the cheap somewhere so that more veterans can be housed, for the dignity of the ex-servicemen too injured to serve, than to perhaps let them DIE in dignity in than homeless on the street. George owes the military that much! Made a bundle off the film while the actual soldiers returend home to nothing? Its just a few meals and some cheap structures, Mr 160 million asset Plutocrat Thespian George.

Thats more than 300 401Ks you got there ‘Major Gates’. Support at least 100 veterans or go back to being a pretty boy (or as Hollywood says ‘Golden Boy’ i.e. Apple Polisher?). In any case People who defended the country are freezing or dying out there while you make noise about Sudan . . . while USA gets ass kicked by sang n1gg3rs, guess what plutocrats are doing? Profiting off the pain of others who defended them . . .


Pulling no punches! Following her painful split from Russell Brand, Katy Perry goes to war in video for Part Of Me – By Holly Thomas – PUBLISHED: 15:42 GMT, 16 March 2012 | UPDATED: 17:11 GMT, 16 March 2012

Her divorce from Russell Brand has dominated headlines, and the pairs’ individual reactions to the break-up have been documented at every painful turn.

Following reports surfacing of Russell making a return to his former Lothario ways, Katy appears to have gone into army-mode, and a clip from her forthcoming video for the single Part Of Me shows an unfamiliar side of the star.

Wearing full camouflage and face paint, Katy is seen being pulled to the ground and wrestling in the mud.

Scroll down for video…

It’s war: A clip from Katy Perry’s forthcoming video for her single Part Of Me shows the star in full army-mode

At one point the Teenage Dream singer is seen struggling underwater with a fellow ‘solider’.

Katy is seen sporting tomboyish short dark hair, a departure from her usual colourful locks.

She announced the preview on Twitter, writing:

‘That was THEN & this is NOW: Sneak peek of my NEW VIDEO for #PARTOFME @vevo. IN FULL EFFECT 3.21.12. RT!’

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yUcXvb @vevo. IN FULL EFFECT 3.21.12. RT!

Speculation had surrounded the singer’s new single Part of Me, which she performed at the Grammys and appeared to be about estranged husband Russell Brand.

With lyrics like, ‘You can keep the diamond ring – it don’t mean nothing anyway,’ many people believed that the song was aimed at the British comedian.

GI Katy: Katy sports tomboyish short dark hair in the tough new video, a departure from her usual colourful locks

Working out some aggression? The video sees Katy wrestling another female soldier in the mud

However, the 27-year-old has insisted that the track was written years before she even married Russell and their on going divorce proceedings have nothing to do with the song, despite their obvious relevance.

Katy said: ‘I wrote Part of Me two years ago and I always knew that Part of Me was a special song.

‘It feels like my life plays out with these songs. I feel like I’m in some kind of weird ‘Truman Show’ where I’m like, ‘Why is this single appropriate now and it wouldn’t have been appropriate then?’ It’s just so crazy.’

Tomboy: Katy is seen sporting short dark hair, a departure from her usual colourful locks

The blue-haired star added: ‘I guess the universe is kind of – we’re kind of like, dancing together in some weird way.

‘Does that make sense or am I being too hippie? I think it’s really important for me to write songs that are still honest and relatable because that’s what everyone else is going through.’

Her new song debuted during her performance at the Grammy Awards last month and it went straight to number one on the Billboard charts.

Mixed message: Katy says that the song was written long before her break-up with Russell, but there’s not denying the pertinence of the lyrics to her current situation

It was produced by Dr. Luke and mosty written by Bonnie McKee whom both were at the helm for her other chart toppers including California Gurls, Teenage Dream, and Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.).

The breakup anthem should help the star get over Russell, who is reportedly dating Mexican artist Oriela Medellin Amieiro, and her friends are encouraging her to get back in the saddle.

A source told ‘Katy has been very upset about the divorce.

Usual look: Katie looked pretty as usual as she performed at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles earlier this week

‘She never expected it to end and now she’s dealing with the aftermath.

‘But her friends are telling her to get back out there and date. They don’t want her to waste time being upset over Russell.’

Meanwhile Katy’s former love has found himself in hot water after being arrested form criminal damage to property.

Unforeseen trauma: Katy never expected to have to deal with divorce

A warrant was out for the actor’s arrest was issued soon after he threw a photographer’s phone through a window.

The 36-year-old comedian turned himself in to police in New Orleans Sheriff’s office today after learning he was wanted by officers.

According to TMZ, Russell was charged on two counts of simple criminal damage to property.
Russell Brand arrested for criminal damage after ‘throwing iPhone through window’

Mugshot: Russell Brand has beena rrested for criminal damage after ‘throwing iPhone through window’

Katy’s video will premiere worldwide during MTV First: Katy Perry on Wednesday, March 21, at 7:23 p.m. ET on MTV.

The star will also chat to MTV’s James Montgomery for 30-minutes about the video, her forthcoming album, Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection (out March 26), and her forthcoming concert movie, Katy Perry: Part of Me.

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Damn, if people/journalists want to comment on military matters they should have some knowledge. She’s not dressed as an American soldier, she’s dressed as a United States Marine. The combats she’s wearing are MARPAT not UCP. Duh!

– Tony, Basingstoke, 16/3/2012 19:44
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I can definitely relate to the ‘Truman Show’ comment…it’s weird having those out-of-body experiences, and I’m sure being in the spotlight only amplifies it. Kudos to her for still maintaining her creative drive, despite going through a rough emotional patch. Some people handle things like this much worse.

– JT, San Francisco, CA, 16/3/2012 19:42
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For a moment, I thought the top picture was Elijah Wood.

– floss, uk, 16/3/2012 19:35
Rating   5

Thought it was Adam Ant in the face paint!

– Caz56, London, England, 16/3/2012 19:25
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Is it me or does she look like Elijah Wood in the first pic?

– unknown, birmingham, 16/3/2012 19:04
Rating   24

I thought this was a photo of Elijah Wood!

– Neil, Maidenhead, UK, 16/3/2012 19:02
Rating   20

I’m sorry, but it’s impossible to take this woman seriously, so why produce a video with a military theme?? She’s all bubblegum.

– JR, San Francisco, CA, 16/3/2012 18:36
Rating   10

Honest to god… When I saw that first picture on the homepage I thought it was Elijah Wood.

– Dee, UK, 16/3/2012 18:33
Rating   6

She looks great, nice song and i’m looking foward to the full video.

– Sarah, UK, 16/3/2012 18:31
Rating   5

Thought it was Elijah Wood in the 1st pic!

– Paul , Essex, England, 16/3/2012 18:28

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Keep in character and donate something to the suffering veterans. Not lose character and go to the battlefield and become a celebrity liability like Prince William is in the eyes of the Navy. As for the other issue if not something contrived . . . school really never taught about this . . .

Rubbish police snatched my bin because it was 3ft out of place – by Colin Fernandez – 28th September 2011

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A load of old rubbish: Jane Pugh, from Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, was fined £30 by her local council when her bin was found to be two feet out of place Putting out the bins is not normally a chore that requires any great level of precision. But it is in the case of single mother Jane Pugh, who had her wheelie bin confiscated by the council for health and safety reasons after it was left three feet away from what was deemed the correct spot. To add insult to injury, the council demanded that she pay a £30 ransom for its return. The stand-off began in August when freelance writer Mrs Pugh found her bin had gone missing from the communal alleyway behind her house in Ansdell, in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire.

When she phoned up Fylde Council to report the loss, she was told the bin had been confiscated because it had been left in the wrong place. The official warned her to keep it in her back garden or face a fine of up to £1,000. Last night Mrs Pugh, 47, said: ‘I found the whole thing bonkers. I really couldn’t work out where I was supposed to put it. ‘I’ve got a really small garden and no garage so I had no choice but to put it in the back alley.’ After pointing out that the council’s edict was impractical, her bin was returned. A member of the council’s waste enforcement team also visited Mrs Pugh and agreed she could keep the bin in a smaller passage, known as a ginnel, leading off the main alleyway. But to ensure that she was complying with the new restrictions, council officials were secretly dispatched to inspect the alleyway five times to check she had kept the agreement. And it was not long before Mrs Pugh found, once again, that her bin had gone missing.

Wheeled away: The alley, with the smaller passage (centre) which leads to Mrs Pugh’s house She explained: ‘It seemed like too much of a coincidence so I emailed the council saying, “Why have you taken it again?” ‘And they came back with a long explanation that they have been inspecting the alley on a weekly basis, which I find baffling in itself, and that my bin was found to be out of place. They said on three out of five occasions the bin was found to be in the incorrect position and they’d even taken photographs. ‘It was like they were hoping to catch me out. The bin was only three foot from where it should have been.’ This time Mrs Pugh was told she would have to pay a £30 ‘release fee’ to get her bin back. She said: ‘The reasoning of the council is just bizarre – especially as officials were making frequent visits to check on the progress of my wheelie bin. Mrs Pugh said she found the whole thing bonkers and could not keep to the council’s edict because she had no room in her garden Mrs Pugh said she found the whole thing bonkers and could not keep to the council’s edict because she had no room in her garden ‘The fact is the bin had merely moved a few feet, not, as one would imagine, several miles.

‘I’m a busy single mum and I’ve got enough to do without frequently having to go into the back alley and check my bin is OK. ‘Am I supposed to go out every day to make sure no one has moved my bin?’ Since her bin was confiscated, Mrs Pugh has had to double-bag all her rubbish, put it in the car and drive it to the tip. A spokesman for Fylde Council said the bin had been removed following ‘a number of complaints’ but that Mrs Pugh could now get it back without charge. The spokesman added: ‘We would prefer not to waste public resources on minor issues of this nature and are quite happy to return the bin to the householder once again if she is prepared to stick to her agreement.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

If she is prepared to stick to her agreement? She has not agreed to be subject to a stolen bin or to pay for council services that STEAL her bin. It’s time to give the local government and local council the sack. It is time to remove all of the policy abusers. Perhaps a mass boycott of the council’s dustmen in favour of citizen created rubbish collection services? How much does a rubbish truck cost? How much does a driver and collector cost to hire? Drop the idiots who steal bins and open your own profiyable non-abusive business. In fact compete with the Dustmen by offering the same service at lower price until the colluding contractors become redundant. This is imposition of a ‘fear’ by threat of force (burglary of a bin in this case), mindset on the citizens if anything.

The councillor wants to control 3 feet of space? Vote the entire government and it’s abusive policy setters and colluding contractors out instead. The alternative is that people like Mrs Pugh get herself elected into office and then FIRE all neglectful councillors that allow such thefts and allow supercilious impositions of rules’ without amendments to occur, FIRE all spokesmen (who by being willing to be used by such Councils are not much better) and presumptuous ‘dustmen’ (who could have in spirit of the law REFUSED to take away bins but inconsiderately did. If the bureaucrat and quangocrat, even judiciary dishing out expensive jail term sentences that cost the taxpayer so much to enrich the prison contractors, don’t stop attacking the citizens, the citizens will attack them and make them into the pariahs they are.

In fact if enough independent MPs who understand and are in touch with such issues work together, the tax system could be overhauled (i.e. removed) as well, or limitless terms for MPs and especially Councillors ended, bureaucrat salaries lowered to (example : no more than 3 times average wage for the Cabinet, 2 times for senior management, 1.5 times for management and 1 time for all others). A bureaucrat’s salary should be no more than 3 times average wage. See below link for institutionalized corruption.

Average Wage Discrepencies With Reality Don’t tell the citizens anyone deserves anything more than the average wager much less free luxury services at the taxpayer’s expense. Time to take out the garbage in government.

3 Articles on Actual or Would Be Sex Workers – updated on late February 2012

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Prostitute Turns Blogger : Eternal truths of love and nature – by Li Xiguang – 21st September 2011

Sex worker’s stories tell eternal truths of love and nature (Global Times) China has over 200 million people writing or posting microblogs. Most of them are dull. But last week, I came across a Weibo by a young sex worker named Ruo Xiaoan, who could win the best journalism award for Weibo writing. Since prostitution has been criminalized in China, the sex industry is dark and murky. The millions of sex workers deserve to have a voice on Weibo. Microblogging can shed light in one of the darkest parts of this country.

Xiaoan has 170,000 followers and I hope her blog can educate people to treat these girls like human beings: “After the New Year, my first client demanded we meet in a car by the West Lake. He was seeking a thrill by having sex in a car. The West Lake looked so pretty. But he only cared about my body. I was simplified to a few human organs. He forgot that I am a woman, a young woman who is eager for love.” “We are being attacked as being abject things with a low place. But in my room, I have more books than condoms.

Those men who decorate their offices with books never took a second to look at the books when they walked into my room. They are more skillful in opening a condom than turning a book page.” Her writings are not porn. She isn’t seeking an unhealthy relationship with her followers. She writes about the relationship between sex and nature. When it is cloudy, she writes, “Hangzhou is gloomy. My roommate left for home. It was a year ago when we started sharing a rented apartment. We used to drink together and sometimes serve a client together. We laughed and cried.

Before she left, she gave me half a box of condoms.” When rain comes, she writes, “The sound of rain woke me up. He had left. He had placed gardenia, which he collected in the early morning, on the table. The flowers smell of fresh rain. It must be the most beautiful and most peaceful moment in his whole life. After he left my place, he disappeared into the crowd of the city.” When it is a sunny day, she writes, “I want to strip all my clothes, open the curtains and my legs, letting in the wind and the sunlight to wreck havoc on my body. Perhaps someone is peeping at me from a window. But the happiest thing is to expose your most private parts to nature.”

Her writings are thoughtful. But her blog is never a dreary soliloquy, but filled with narrative and incident. In one story she writes about a man’s guilty conscience. “A client bought me a dress. It looked good but did not fit me. ‘Take it back and give it to your wife,’ I said. He called me the next day, ‘My wife was so happy when she wore it.’ Then he cried and never contacted me since.”

In other stories, she relentlessly writes about the hypocrisy of her clients: “I told him on the phone, ‘If you spend the whole night chatting with me, I will take the initiative in the morning. I will not ask a fen from you.’ He came and talked with me. Before daybreak, he was waiting for my action. But I did not take action. I hated him for selling his thoughts and ideas for free sex. I would rather he had stripped me after he walked into the room.” “Festivals are always a sorrow for me. Those fat men who have twitched with my body are now with their families watching lanterns. They are not my clients. They are good husbands and good fathers.

Tonight, there might be a migrant laborer like me coming to my place. If he comes, I will not accept his money.” She does not advocate HIV prevention education, but she does give peer education to her fellow sex workers about being safe and healthy in her trade: “I held the condom and warmed it with my hand. I am not sure if he feels comfortable or not after I help him wear it. I do not want to be a prostitute today. I want to be his woman. I want him to wear the condom and take me.” Sex workers’ writings on Weibo pose a challenge to Chinese values. But Xiaoan smartly spills her secrets with beautiful stories. After reading her blog, I feel like I have had a long conversation with a real person.

The author is the director of the Tsinghua University International Center for Communication,

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

This is a possible example of poverty, lack of effort and/or laziness, perhaps lack of opportunity and someone who needs to get registered in a marriage agency. Unlike some persons who enjoy the work, she’s not interested to be a prostitute so she should not even be working as one then complaining about it. Legalize the adult services industry and release her from prison. No tax payer is interested in paying for her jail stint or enriching prison contractors. Finally she is too morose and thoughtful to be a good prostitute. Little wonder the guy cried after that call !

We need NATURALLY happy and naturally highly sexed sex workers who enjoy the work, otherwise it will be her fault when all the clients will end up breaching a form of spiritual/professional ethics (this could be considered among criteria for work in the sex industry – any person less than enthusiastic should not be licensed for example) for themselves and this girl as well. Natural inclination should be fully considered and in this case, shes just a generally lost person seeking identity. Imprisoning her is plain wrong and very cruel.

Finally LEGALIZE the adult services industry. This whole issue right up to the jail term is oppressive and childish, undemocratic. Take a leaf from any country where adult services are properly legislated, study and adopt the laws as appropriate.


Blogger turns prostitute : Works for free for 1 day to prove her point Thursday, 26 January 2012 17:50

Outspoken blogger, feminist and activist Ye Haiyan (???), also known online as Liumang Yan (??? “Hooligan Sparrow”), is no stranger to controversy. Last year, she appeared nude along with three other women and dissident-artist Ai Weiwei in a picture entitled “One Tiger, Eight Breasts”.

The picture led police to probe Ai Weiwei for pornography, and angry netizens subsequently posted their own nude pictures in an online protest in support of Ai.

In order to dive into the world of rural sex workers so as to better understand and to speak up for them, Liumang Yan decided to become a prostitute for a day last week.

To be more exact, she didn’t exactly prostitute herself — she offered sexual services free of charge to migrant workers in a dingy sex-shop where prostitutes are paid a paltry 10 to 20 RMB by each customer they serve.

Along the way, she posted updates on Sina and Tencent Weibo, telling her followers about the hardships faced by the women she met, and the men she served.

Oiwan Lam of Global Voices has translated a selection of her tweets. Here are some of them:


Prostitute stays prostitute : Police: $6 sex act leads to prostitution charge Wednesday, Jan 25 2012, 3:25 pm adopted from Corey Friedman

Shelby Star – A Shelby prostitute faces a prostitution charge after police say she performed a sex act on a city street Tuesday.

A Shelby prostitute faces a prostitution charge after police say she performed a sex act on a city street Tuesday. Misty Marie Kullman, 25, of the 200 block of Best Street, performed the sex act on a man outside a vehicle on Claxton Drive in exchange for $6, according to a magistrate’s order. Shelby police arrested her on a charge of misdemeanor prostitution. Police received a suspicious vehicle call on Claxton Drive and spoke to Kullman, who was a passenger in the man’s car.  Callmam told the officers  that the man had picked her up from her apartment and they were riding around and talking, according to a police report. The man admitted to police that he paid Kullman for a sex act, Officer D.K. Gemes wrote in the report. The man said he gave Kullman a $2 bill, three $1 bills and an assortment of change, which officers found on Kullman.

Misty Marie Kullman, 25, of the 200 block of Best Street, performed the sex act on a man outside a vehicle on Claxton Drive in exchange for $6, according to a magistrate’s order. Shelby police arrested her on a charge of misdemeanor prostitution.

Police received a suspicious vehicle call on Claxton Drive and spoke to Kullman, who was a passenger in the man’s car.  Kullman told the officers  that the man had picked her up from her apartment and they were riding around and talking, according to a police report.

The man admitted to police that he paid Kullman for a sex act, Officer D.K. Gemes wrote in the report. The man said he gave Kullman a $2 bill, three $1 bills and an assortment of change, which officers found on Kullman.

Police took a written statement from the man, but did not charge him with a crime. Kullman is scheduled to appear in Cleveland County District Court Friday morning.

***Commentator comments :

Misty Marie Kullman you are the best whore in the history of whoring. Three bucks, a 2 dollar bill and a handful of change makes sex possible for most low wagers (especially the cool ones). Gotta love those two dollar bills. If that was even legal tender – well in Singapore it was. Give out handjobs for Turf and Surf to top off. Pro-Thonys too? I know you kinda look like that Sideboob Showgirl, but still, 6 dollars for any sex act is a prosperous agreement. You’re leaving that 14 bucks on Joe Public’s table for his low stakes poker session or that beer drinking bout with his mates or that cheapo flat or 0.3 carat diamond ring for a future wife he hasn’t met but is saving for now.

Instead of sucking dick for loose change, advertise for bars on the stool, for a bucket of beer and all you can eat off the menu, this helps business as well as keeps people fed and in a warm place. Don’t even listen to a second offer. Otherwise blowing dudes for minimum wage the rest of your career is fair enough till you retire or decide to settle down and get married.

By CFK posted January 26th, 2012 at 1:20 PM


[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Legalize. And this is a very honest person and even a benchmark for ‘Sex Worker Trade Best Practices’, no gold digger for certain, working for minimum wage providing useful services that keep the guys happy, non-strifeful and productive at the workplace.

Maria needs to be represented by SWAV or PONY type groups and have those charges overturned as well as those prohibition era laws overturned. 15 mins (or was it less?) of work for full 1 hour minimum wage is bargain in Marie’s favour, 4 times over! Can’t expect someone to shell out their entire day’s salary for a few mins no? Don’t listen to the Shelby Star article here, they think everyone’s worth 401K when even 4.01K is already a rarity among the 99%. Who can afford to blow both cash and wad like that? Keep those charges reasonable, Johns need to eat too, and Maria leads the way.

This looks like the face of fair ‘fare’ – a 6 Dollar Hooker (not a 6 Million Dollar Fembot), can’t wait for the 5000 Block era ones – with meat popsicle options among the ‘classics’ we hope! Minimum wage and street cars rule! (Marie shown here modelling a nice Shelby dress from Coast . . . )

Marie shown here modelling a 'Shelby' dress from 'Coast' . . .



No more bets : Gamblers caught in cybercafes face six-month jail term – by Aizat Sharif and G. Prakash – 27th Sep 2011

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PETALING JAYA: Taking a leaf out of their Penang counterparts’ book, Selangor police are adopting a hardline stance on gamblers in internet cafes. They are now ready to arrest those caught patronising such outlets, with a potential six-month jail-term awaiting those found guilty. Previously, patrons found in the outlets during raids only had their statements recorded, with the cybercafe operators being the only ones charged. Now, they can be investigated under Section 7 (2) of the Common Gaming House Act 1953 which carries a fine up to RM5,000, a maximum six-month jail term or both. Errant or repeated gambling operators can be charged under the Restricted Resident Act 1933. Selangor police chief Datuk Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah viewed this move as the  rst step towards eradicating gambling in the State. He said the gambling menace had been a nuisance for years, forcing police to review how they tackle the issue.

Tun Hisan said the move made sense, as gamblers themselves were major contributors to the cybercafe operators’ income. “Without gamblers, the operators won’t have any business. As such, action against the operators only won’t solve the issue; both must be tackled at the same time,” he told The Malay Mail. He said action was all the more imperative as some of the gamblers were minors. On when the move would take place, Tun Hisan said the crackdown on gamblers would come into effect “very soon”.

It was reported that syndicates involved in cybercafe-based online gambling raked in around RM5 million a month. Illegal gambling outlets such as these also continued to be a thorn in the side, with Selangor police having conducted 3,876 raids at illegal gambling premises throughout the State in the first six months of this year. Cybercafes violate conditions of licences Datuk M. Saravanan The mushrooming of these outlets has also frustrated the Kuala Lumpur authorities. In 2009, Deputy Federal Territories Minister Datuk M. Saravanan (pic) claimed that as many as 90 per cent of the cybercafes in Kuala Lumpur were involved in illegitimate online gambling by adding gambling software in their computers. He said Kuala Lumpur City Hall had issued cybercafe licences in the hope that people would be computer educated, but from surprise checks, the licences of a number of cybercafe operators were found to have been violated.

The methods used to avoid detection made it difficult to shut down the premises. It was not known whether Kuala Lumpur police plan to follow suit. Penang police chief Datuk Ayub Yaakob announced on Sunday they would charge patrons caught gambling in cybercafes. He cited a growing trend of gamblers flocking to such cybercafes as the main reason behind the move. ON the outside, it looks like any other cybercafe. Once you go in, you realise it is a gambling hub. For one to start gambling in these so-called cybercafes is easy: Just spend five minutes watching someone play and you will know everything that’s needed to start you gambling with the user-friendly computers.

Cybercafes offering gambling games charged a minimum of RM5 or sometimes RM10, depending on the rates to start gambling or taking bets. Once money is paid, the gambler gets a certain amount of points to start playing.

For instance, for RM10, they may get 500 points. If they lose, points get deducted. If they win, they get more points. The bets differ, based on the type of games played. At the end of each gaming session, the players can redeem their cash based on points gained or go back empty-handed if they lose their bets. The games available in the computers include the classic ‘Jackpot’ where you earn points if the picture array, usually depicted by fruits, gets a match of three to five.

Other casino games such as ‘Blackjack’, ‘Roulette’ and ‘Three Pictures’ are also available. Most illegal cybercafes also have state-of-the-art security systems where, if there are raids, the caretaker could switch off the games on all the monitors by pushing a button on his computer. There are also cybercafes where only regular customers are allowed in.

These are usually cybercafes that have been raided before but are back in business through a different operator. For such cybercafes, the main entrance would be locked and one would have to ring the door bell to enter. The caretaker would decide whether to let you in or not. They also have closed-circuit television cameras at the entrance and at other strategic locations — mainly to keep an eye on the authorities.

On July 20 last year, Sentul police raided a cybercafe in Taman Mas Tiara, Jalan Ipoh, where bets of up to RM15,000 were being taken when it was raided. In the raid, police seized 16 jackpot machines and 23 computers, worth a total of about RM45,000.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

This is a childish incursion of dated laws on adults. Who the hell are these mere citizens to force people to not do what they want. What we do with OUR money is OUR business. Vote these idiots out and change the laws to allow gambling.

Everyone can decide if they want to gamble or not. None of your business and nothing against Muslims or the Police of course, BUT this is NOT your money, your time, or your premises. We bought and earned all of the above and will not tolerate your abuse of our human right to self determinism in consensual gambling with our fellow citizens. It’s fun for us though idiots will indeed bankrupt themselves as well.

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution. Human Rights Charter Article 3. : Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

Gambling is a liberty for all not prohibited by their religion. Allow current 4D outlets individual licenses, and to offer conventional card and dice, or one armed bandit games to the public. At most impose a maximum loss limit based on salaries and earnings. People who overshoot loss limits, can be barred from entering. Human Rights Charter Article 8. Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law. Consensual gambling between adults in premises they own or legally rent is a Human Right.

The effective remedy is to amend the offending laws. In the interim, arrests and fines shall not be levied against the Gambling Community of Sovereign Citizens. Human Rights Charter Article 12. No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

These laws are arbitrary interference with what gamblers consider fun. Everyone using their own money has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks. Again nothing against the police or Muslims. BN treats the citizens like children by taking away Human Rights as shown above. Vote for freedom. PR or 3rd force. Take a leaf from Penang? Don;t be foolish, DAP = PAP = Orwellian society.

Learn from Philippines: Areas under political dynasties the poorest – by Malaysia Chronicle – 27 September 2011

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Learn from Philippines: Areas under political dynasties the poorest PHILIPPINES – While saying it hasn’t yet established a connection between political dynasties and poverty, a policy think tank released initial results of a study showing that areas under the rule of dynasties are among the poorest in the Philippines.

The study, being prepared by the Asian Institute of Management Policy Center (AIMPC), said seven out of every 15 legislators are members of families that are considered political dynasties. Legislators belonging to political dynasties tend to represent areas with lower per capita incomes, and higher and more intense poverty levels, the study said. Roland Mendoza, AIMPC executive director, said the study isn’t yet linking political dynasties with poverty which, he said, needed further study and analysis.

Mendoza presented the study’s initial results last Friday at a policy forum, “Pathways to High and Inclusive Growth,” at the AIM Conference Center in Makati City. The AIMPC study said dynasties continued to dominate Congress. Current members of Congress, it said, tend to belong to richer families but have poorer constituents compared with legislators that are not members of dynasties. The forum was organized by the Kondrad Adenauer Stiftung Foundation, Unicef and Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility. At least 200 representatives from the academe, international organizations, business sector, civil society, humanitarian organizations, diplomatic corps and media were in attendance.

Dynasty categories The initial AIMPC study results listed four categories of legislators belonging to dynasties: Dynasty 1. These are members of the 15th Congress with kinship ties to legislators in the 12th, 13th and 14th Congresses. Dynasty 2. Members of the 15th Congress with kinship ties to legislators in the 12th, 13th and 14th Congress or with local officials elected in 2001, 2004 and 2007. Dynasty 3. Members of the 15th Congress with kinship ties to legislators in the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th Congress or local officials elected in 2001, 2004, 2007 and 2010.

Dynasty 4. Members of the 15th Congress with kinship ties to legislators in the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th Congresses and local officials elected in 2001, 2004, 2007 and 2010. According to AIMPC, 115 legislators (68 per cent of Congress) belong to the Dynasty 3 category or those with relatives who were legislators since the 12th Congress until the 15th Congress or local officials elected in 2001 or currently occupying elective posts.

At least 144 legislators are related to legislators or local officials who were elected in the 2001, 2004 and 2007 elections, AIMPC said. Mendoza said while political dynasties also exist in other democracies, like the United States, there is an increasing number of dynasties winning Congress seats in the Philippines.Wealthier legislators AIMPC said based on statements of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) that members of Congress are required to submit, legislators belonging to political dynasties tend to be wealthier, with an average net worth of P52 million (S$1.5 million), than those not belonging to dynasties with an average net worth of P42 million. The wealthier legislators tend to represent poorer areas, according to Mendoza. AIMPC also said members of political dynasties also dominate major political parties. It said 76 per cent of members of the former ruling party Lakas-Kampi are members of dynasties. At least 57 per cent of members of the now ruling Liberal Party belong to dynasties.

So do 74 per cent of members of the Nationalist People’s Coalition and 81 per cent of the Nacionalista Party. Young legislators, AIMPC said, are often perceived to represent reforms and innovation, but political dynasties are dominant among all age groups of legislators, including the youngest. AIMPC said 77 per cent of legislators in the 26-40 age group are members of dynasties. At least 64 per cent of those in the 41-55 age bracket are members of dynasties. Mendoza told the Inquirer there was a need for “sober evidence-based discussion” on how to institute reforms in the political and electoral system before the next elections in 2013. He noted how reform-minded political leaders, like former Pampanga Governor Fr. Eddie Panlilio and former Isabela Governor Grace Padaca, initially won but were later defeated in dynasty-dominated elections. – Asia One

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In a wealthier economy, the surfeit is not so obvious, but turns up in fractionated societies typfied by extreme wealth individuals and crony contracts and procurements. Where family members or proxies become extremely wealthy and monopolise entire sectors of industry to eventually collude to destroy OTHER countries like Thaksin (Thailand) and Lee (Singapore) in Telecoms.

In a wealthy society, this shows up in power madness, lack of democracy in the political party, dominance by family based cliques in nepotism, lack of ethics and ultimately a false sense of entitlement based on political seats which TERM LIMITLESS attitudes or refusal to declare assets typifies. Political dynasties lead to all of the above.

80 Arrested in Wall Street Protests – by EU Times – 25th September 2011

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Wall St protests: Police harsh, media silent? Some 80 people have been arrested in lower Manhattan as the ongoing “Occupy Wall Street” protest enters its second week. Police have been harsh in quelling the rally. However, not much of their violence is being reported by the mainstream media. Tensions are rising near Wall Street, where hundreds of demonstrators fed up with the existing financial system have camped out to protest against bank bailouts, the mortgage crisis and social injustice. They also protested the US state of Georgia’s recent execution of Troy Davis.

On Saturday, hundreds of protesters marched through lower Manhattan in the direction of Union Square, where police tried to corral them using orange plastic netting and used tear gas against some of protesters. Nearly 80 people were arrested in one day, the greatest number since the protest began on September 17. Protesters’ spokesman Patrick Bruner slammed the police response as “exceedingly violent,” saying that the protesters sought to remain peaceful. The videos posted online by eyewitnesses show violent actions by police. On one video, female protesters are being penned in and maced by police officers. On another, a young man is being brutally knocked down and arrested for apparently talking to an officer. Police said that most were arrested for disorderly conduct, obstructing vehicular and pedestrian traffic, resisting arrest and, in one case, assaulting a police officer. “We’re seeing an absolute erosion of our civil rights,” said 23-year-old student Patrick Bruner, of the “Occupy Wall St.” movement, according to NYDailyNews. While popular unrest in the Arab countries has been widely covered by mainstream media, the events right in the heart of New York City seem to be underreported. Major news outlets are either not paying it enough attention or making fun of the protesters.

The “Occupy Wall St.” movement had stated beforehand that its mission was to bring 20,000 people “to flood into Lower Manhattan, set up beds, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months.” According to the organizers, the demonstration was inspired by the massive protests that took place in Egypt, Greece, Spain and Iceland. An “Occupy Wall St.” group on Facebook calls on followers to “deploy this emerging stratagem against the greatest corrupter of our democracy: Wall Street, the financial Gomorrah of America.” The protesters claim that they are “the 99 per cent that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1 per cent.”

Protesters have set up a “wearethe99percent” web page, where those supporting the movement explain why they are protesting. “We are the 99 per cent. We are getting kicked out of our homes. We are forced to choose between groceries and rent. We are denied quality medical care. We are suffering from environmental pollution. We are working long hours for little pay and no rights, if we’re working at all. We are getting nothing while the other 1 per cent is getting everything. We are the 99 per cent,” the website reads.

“My parents put themselves into debt so I could get a fancy degree. It cost over a hundred grand and I have no job prospects. I am the 99 per cent,” says a college graduate. “I have a master’s degree and I am a teacher yet I can barely afford to feed my child because my husband lost his job due to … a chronic illness. His meds alone are more than I make in a month,” says a women from “the 99 per cent.” This is a photo of two white-collar police officers arresting a young woman for filming them. This is a photo of a white-collar police officer reaching over a barricade and ripping a young woman’s hair out. Police carry away a participant in a march organized by Occupy Wall Street in New York on Saturday Sept. 24, 2011.

Police take a participant, center, from a march organized by Occupy Wall Street after handcuffing him Saturday Sept. 24, 2011 in New York. This is a September 19th article by New York Times reporter Colin Moynihan that reveals a white-collar police officer reached over a barricade and took hold of a protester without provocation, and then lied about the details. Note the other two white-collar officers holding him up. Police say the arrests were mostly for blocking traffic. Charges include disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Protest: The group marched on Wall Street, forcing police to close some streets, disrupting financial workers’ commute, then onto Union Square Nowhere: Protest spokesman Patrick Bruner criticized the police response as ‘exceedingly violent’ and said the protesters sought to remain peaceful A man is arrested on 12th Street near Union Square. Dozens were arrested after a march from the Occupy Wall Street encampment in lower Manhattan. A female protester is restrained by police during the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstration in New York City, Saturday Sept. 24, 2011.

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WTF? Where are the counter arresters? Why was anyone allowed to be arrested at all? What were the odds 1 police to 1000 citizens? Then not a single person should have been arrested. There should be a prevent-arrest and counter arrest arrester ‘protocol’ among marchers in the future.

Think and organize otherwise don’t even bother to rally or march. Marching peacefully is a democratic right, though it does nothing compared to what turning up at the ballot can do. I do not advocate marches, but if you do march, make sure your fellow marchers do not get arrested for just marching.

Diebold voting machines can be hacked by remote control – by Brad Friedman – 27th September 2011

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A laboratory shows how an e-voting machine used by a third of all voters can be easily manipulated. Diebold voting machines can be hacked by remote control, lab finds It could be one of the most disturbing e-voting machine hacks to date. Voting machines used by as many as a quarter of American voters heading to the polls in 2012 can be hacked with just $10.50 in parts and an 8th grade science education, according to computer science and security experts at the Vulnerability Assessment Team at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois. The experts say the newly developed hack could change voting results while leaving absolutely no trace of the manipulation behind. “We believe these man-in-the-middle attacks are potentially possible on a wide variety of electronic voting machines,” said Roger Johnston, leader of the assessment team “We think we can do similar things on pretty much every electronic voting machine.” The Argonne Lab, run by the Department of Energy, has the mission of conducting scientific research to meet national needs. The Diebold Accuvote voting system used in the study was loaned to the lab’s scientists by, of which the Brad Blog is a co-founder.

Velvet Revolution received the machine from a former Diebold contractor Previous lab demonstrations of e-voting system hacks, such as Princeton’s demonstration of a viral cyber attack on a Diebold touch-screen system — as I wrote for Salon back in 2006 — relied on cyber attacks to change the results of elections. Such attacks, according to the team at Argonne, require more coding skills and knowledge of the voting system software than is needed for the attack on the Diebold system. Indeed, the Argonne team’s attack required no modification, reprogramming, or even knowledge, of the voting machine’s proprietary source code.

It was carried out by inserting a piece of inexpensive “alien electronics” into the machine. The Argonne team’s demonstration of the attack on a Diebold Accuvote machine is seen in a short new video shared exclusively with the Brad Blog [posted below]. The team successfully demonstrated a similar attack on a touch-screen system made by Sequoia Voting Systems in 2009. The new findings of the Vulnerability Assessment Team echo long-ignored concerns about e-voting vulnerabilities issued by other computer scientists and security experts, the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (an arm of the Department of Homeland Security), and even a long-ignored presentation by a CIA official given to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission. “This is a national security issue,” says Johnston. “It should really be handled by the Department of Homeland Security.” The use of touch-screen Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting systems of the type Argonne demonstrated to be vulnerable to manipulation has declined in recent years due to security concerns, and the high cost of programming and maintenance. Nonetheless, the same type of DRE systems, or ones very similar, will once again be used by a significant part of the electorate on Election Day in 2012.

According to Sean Flaherty, a policy analyst for, a nonpartisan e-voting watchdog group, “About one-third of registered voters live where the only way to vote on Election Day is to use a DRE.” Almost all voters in states like Georgia, Maryland, Utah and Nevada, and the majority of voters in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Texas, will vote on DREs on Election Day in 2012, says Flaherty. Voters in major municipalities such as Houston, Atlanta, Chicago and Pittsburgh will also line up in next year’s election to use DREs of the type hacked by the Argonne National Lab.

Voting machine companies and election officials have long sought to protect source code and the memory cards that store ballot programming and election results for each machine as a way to guard against potential outside manipulation of election results. But critics like California Secretary of State Debra Bowen have pointed out that attempts at “security by obscurity” largely ignore the most immediate threat, which comes from election insiders who have regular access to the e-voting systems, as well as those who may gain physical access to machines that were not designed with security safeguards in mind. “This is a fundamentally very powerful attack and we believe that voting officials should become aware of this and stop focusing strictly on cyber [attacks],” says Vulnerability Assessment Team member John Warner.

“There’s a very large physical protection component of the voting machine that needs to be addressed.” The team’s video demonstrates how inserting the inexpensive electronic device into the voting machine can offer a “bad guy” virtually complete control over the machine. A cheap remote control unit can enable access to the voting machine from up to half a mile away. “The cost of the attack that you’re going to see was $10.50 in retail quantities,” explains Warner in the video.

“If you want to use the RF [radio frequency] remote control to stop and start the attacks, that’s another $15. So the total cost would be $26.” The video shows three different types of attack, each demonstrating how the intrusion developed by the team allows them to take complete control of the Diebold touch-screen voting machine. They were able to demonstrate a similar attack on a DRE system made by Sequoia Voting Systems as well. In what Warner describes as “probably the most relevant attack for vote tampering,” the intruder would allow the voter to make his or her selections. But when the voter actually attempts to push the Vote Now button, which records the voter’s final selections to the system’s memory card, he says, “we will simply intercept that attempt … change a few of the votes,” and the changed votes would then be registered in the machine.

“In order to do this,” Warner explains, “we blank the screen temporarily so that the voter doesn’t see that there’s some revoting going on prior to the final registration of the votes.” This type of attack is particularly troubling because the manipulation would occur after the voter has approved as “correct” the on-screen summaries of his or her intended selections. Team leader Johnson says that while such an attack could be mounted on Election Day, there would be “a high probability of being detected.” But he explained that the machines could also be tampered with during so-called voting machine “sleepovers” when e-voting systems are kept by poll workers at their houses, often days and weeks prior to the election or at other times when the systems are unguarded. “The more realistic way to insert these alien electronics is to do it while the voting machines are waiting in the polling place a week or two prior to the election,” Johnston said.

“Often the polling places are in elementary schools or a church basement or some place that doesn’t really have a great deal of security. Or the voting machines can be tampered while they’re in transit to the polling place. Or while they’re in storage in the warehouse between elections,” says Johnston. He notes that the Argonne team had no owner’s manual or circuit diagrams for either the Diebold or Sequoia voting systems they were able to access in these attacks. The team members are critical of election security procedures, which rarely, if ever, include physical inspection of the machines, especially their internal electronics. Even if such inspections were carried out, however, the Argonne scientists say the type of attack they’ve developed leaves behind no physical or programming evidence, if properly executed.

“The really nice thing about this attack, the man-in-the-middle, is that there’s no soldering or destruction of the circuit board of any kind,” Warner says. “You can remove this attack and leave no forensic evidence that we’ve been there.” Gaining access to the inside of the Diebold touch-screen is as simple as picking the rudimentary lock, or using a standard hotel minibar key, as all of the machines use the same easily copied key, available at most office supply stores. “I think our main message is, let’s not get overly transfixed on the cyber,” team leader Johnston says. Since he believes they “can do similar things on pretty much every electronic voting machine,” he recommends a number of improvements for future e-voting systems. “The machines themselves need to be designed better, with the idea that people may be trying to get into them,” he says. ” If you’re just thinking about the fact that someone can try to get in, you can design the seals better, for example.” “Don’t do things like use a standard blank key for every machine,” he warns. “Spend an extra four bucks and get a better lock. You don’t have to have state of the art security, but you can do some things where it takes at least a little bit of skill to get in.”

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It is best that paper ballots are used with indelible ink for now. All electronic voting methods are non-effective and the quorum of 66.6% still need to be abided by.This measn voting should be EXTENDED beyond the mere 1 or 2 days to 1 WEEK or even an ENTIRE 3 MONTHS or even HALF YEAR instead.

This way as many citizens as possible can at their best leisure time get to vote instead. This will ensure that a very high quorum could be met in the longer period and also for campaigners to spend time hunting down voters as well to specifically get the ‘not yet voted’ person to vote.

In time even a LIVE VOTING system could be used, with candidates and post holders being tallied LIVE and moment to moment instead (any wars could be axed by as many citizens instantaneously online and live). The ballot should also be accepted at all government offices so that an even higher quota can be met. Electronic ballots as shown above are a failure, and the voting period seriously needs to be extended to allow as many people to vote as possible.

A responsible and transparent government cannot conveniently cram every voter to vote over a weekend, and then later claim a less than 66.6% quorum as a successfully conducted election. MORE TIME and LESS ELECTRONICS, also MORE TRANSPARENCY – i.e. any person who voted may access the records at the Election Commission, get lists of voters.

Finally the vote itself MUST be transparent and not secret as the ‘secrecy’ and unaccountability of the Election Commission itself compounded by Electronic Voting Methods if any will doubtless result in abuse of the elction system and sideline, all valid candidates if not made this transparent.