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(The Advertiser) Taxi driver Shahram Forozandeh is facing trial for wearing the wrong pants to work.

A TAXI driver has been put on trial in the Adelaide Magistrates Court for allegedly wearing denim jeans on the job.

Shahram Forozandeh is being prosecuted by the Transport, Energy and Infrastructure Department over an alleged breach of the state’s taxi driver uniform standards.

The department claims he wore blue jeans “with orange stitching” but the Passenger Transport Act requires him to wear dress pants.

In another case this week, a driver was charged for allegedly obscuring his white dress shirt with a jacket.

Yesterday Bill Gonis, manager of public transport for the State Government, said uniforms were an important part of driver compliance.

“It’s especially important at this time of year that the public has confidence that taxi drivers are properly accredited and professional in the way they present themselves,” he said.

“Wearing proper uniform is one way to ensure a driver is complying with the regulations.”

Mr Forozandeh, 44, of Brooklyn Park, has pleaded not guilty to one count of failing to wear a uniform as specified. Giving evidence yesterday, Senior Transport Compliance Safety Officer Larry Cutufia said he issued an on-the-spot fine at Victoria Square on January 20.

“I knew they were jeans because of the colour, the material, the studs on the pockets and the predominately orange stitching on the seams,” he said. “That’s not wearing the proper uniform (of) navy blue, brown or black business-style trousers.”

Mr Cutufia said Mr Forozandeh claimed his work pants “had been ripped” and declined to step out of the taxi to be photographed.

Mr Forozandeh, representing himself, challenged Mr Cutufia’s account.

“You cautioned me that morning, you did not fine me on the spot … I did not receive the fine until May,” he said. “You cautioned me, I took a fare to Darlington and you decided to fine me after I left.”

Outside court, Mr Gonis said compliance officers were not required to meet a fines quota.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Who cares what they wear or how their cars are modified? So long there is a TAXI sign atop the car with license, they drive in a reasonable manner and are not rude or whatever, have not been involved in criminal actions, they should be allowed to express themselves. This is ridiculous. Maybe make them produce/display ID/license by law if needed, but this enforcing of uniformity on the  person is just nonsensical.

You could give the uniform wearing cabbie a ‘compliance’ tag of some sort but that should be as far as it goes. In fact if the hirer of the cab does not mind naked drivers (as much as Burkha clad) drivers, there should be no issue as well.

Why the enforcement of bland jobsworthness even in cabs? Will there be a schoolboy haircut rule too? Where’s that greasy haired, shiny or hawaiian shirt wearing, gold chained stubble faced, smoking, leather/leopard print ripped pants wearing cabbie with a guitar and an assault rifle in the back?

An eyepatch? A hook for a hand? Come on, grow up don’t expect an emasculated industry standard . . . , have some chiclet chewing gum and blue m&ms . . . what type though it’s up to the people to figure out.

Stop being invasive creeps. Vote the morons that legislate uniforms or such abusive laws out at once! This is the real world. Vote only for Joe Publics who are worth no more than 401K (4.01M if generous), also see the pledge/questionairre below and ask your MP candidate or Assemblyman candidate, current MP or Assemblyman to sign with a cam taking down the signing in the presence of as many media reporters or people as possible :

Will your candidate allow taxi drivers to dress as they wish? Wear bondage gear? Cosplay? No? Then Taxi Drivers, time to shift your vote to another candidate. Ask that damn candidate if  they will let you wear jeans without being fined. If they don’t want to, then they don’t get your vote. Try Dr.Bombay :

 Naked Gun 33 1/3 : The Final Insult – cabbie Scene


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