Ideas for A ‘Manlier’ 2nd Amendment (2nd Amendment On Steroids!) – Mid February 2012

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Ideas for A revised ‘Small Firearms/Large Weapons Law’ – Gun/Weapon owner’s Responsibilities :

– Firing into the sky is legal provided it does not hit any aircraft

– Firing at consensual persons (with written or recorded permission not taken out of context) or property with consent is allowed
– Firing at oneself is allowed (injuries are not claimable for insurance or from the state)
– Modification of weapons is allowed

– openly carried weapons need no licence, while carrying hidden weapons, or hiding weapons (presumably for purposes of keeping thieves or criminals from getting hold of them) needs a licence
– private building owners may set their own policy for whether guns are allowed to be brought into buildings, if not must provide secure holding areas for weapons, this can override crowded area laws if clearly stated
– public government building concourses allow weapons to be brought in, secure areas of public government builings (i.e. staff areas) are weapons free zones

–  due to potential of high costs and clean up periods, crowded areas like CBDs, shopping centres or any High Rise zone, require that the safety be on at all times, warning will be issued to first offenders, small fines to repeat offenders for every 3rd offense.

Responsibilities / Legal Use

– To not fire at any wildlife not considered edible
– To not fire at civilians/peaceful foreigners unless threatened with lethal force
– To pay support and damages for any incidental deaths/building cracks/blemishes (road damage) from firing of weapon (large weapon)
– To pay clean up costs for large shell removal
– To pay damages for any ear/auditory damages shattered glass (this will make silencers fasshionable) if identifiable and lawsuit filed
– To stockpile quantities of ammunition amounting to not more that what is the military standard for what is issued to a 1 soldier multiplied by 3 (i.e. ammunition of 3 soldiers), on the battlefield. This ensures regular trips to the ammunition shop.

– Grenades or Mortars or Flamethrowers or Bazookas may be thrown in or fired into or directed at or launched at –

a) places where nobody cares about the damage (including derelict buildings or unbuilt areas) and if no non-consensual people (signed waiver and video pre-registered at any police station required as proof otherwise manslaughter charges will be applicable) are killed. If fires result, costs from the fire department will be applied against the firer.

b)  consensual persons; if non-consensual people (without signed waiver and video pre-registered at any police station) are killed, the firer will have to pay reparations and support or be killed in turn by the victim (if survives) or the victim’s family

– all weapons and ammunition are to be numbered and registered to the buyer and intended user or intended users at point of sale

– weapons may not be lent or carried by persons not registered as a user of the pre-serialised weapon

Prohibited Users

– violent criminals or any who have engaged in violent acts amounting to deaths are not permitted to carry to carry both hand or projectile weapons

– violent criminals or any who have engaged in violent acts not amounting to deaths are permitted to carry hand weapons but not projectile weapons

– any instance of accidental death by passers by will be the responsibility of the firer; the law of ‘Tooth for tooth, eye for eye, life for a life applies here.’ Torture may not be used by victims or families of deceased victims to kill a weapons firer who pruposly or accidentally killed a family member or friend with the authority (try non-sexual civil unions), but a similar method or any method of execution to be applied by the victim or victim’s family, can be used that produces equitable pain in application of causing death as well.


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