Warning and General Concerns On Society : Voting Method – Original Article – late September 2011

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About The Governments of the Day and treatment of Prisoners Since 1980, JDI has worked to end the sexual abuse of detainees, in the U.S. and around the world. At the heart of JDI’s mission lies a conviction that when the government removes someone’s freedom, it takes on the absolute responsibility to protect that person’s safety. JDI works with policymakers, corrections leaders, advocates, and prisoner rape survivors to end this form of violence, once and for all. No matter what crime someone might have committed, rape is not part of the penalty. “Prison rape not only threatens the lives of those who fall prey to their aggressors, but it is potentially devastating to the human spirit. Shame, depression, and a shattering loss of self-esteem accompany the perpetual terror the victim thereafter must endure.” Introduction to Rohypnol and Drugging of Citizens In Conjunction with Neurotech Use Rohypnol, generically known as flunitrazepam, is produced for prescription as a sleeping aid in countries outside of the UnitedStates. “It has physiological effects similar to Valium (diazepam), but is approximately ten times more potent. It is used also as an illicitdrug, often in combination with other drugs, such as heroin, cocaine, and alcohol.” The effects of Rohypnol, similar to all “date rape drugs”, are “impaired judgment and impaired motor skills”.

While the individual under the influence of the drug remains awake and somewhat conscious, they are often unable to properly make decisions or weigh consequences. Therefore, the individual is much more likely to be swayed by others and act on impulse without reason. The combination of impaired judgement, disinhibition (lack of social inhibition)and the impaired motor skills (similar to the ingestion of large amounts of alchohol), makes the taker vulnerable of sexual attack. It is strongly believable that, combined with neurotech, rohypnol and various other psychotropic drugs are also used on citizen dissenters with oppressive governments (this extends into public school systems where the same drugs can be used against unsuspecting students).

Fully expect the use of hypnosis, some computer or text message handphone based, in conjunction with other drugs on any person who has entered the opaque prison system to control their mindset, prevent dissention, and when combined with neurotech, the abuses become sever and Technfascist Police State. Prison System And Potential For Abuse with Psychotropics Combined with the fact that the prison system in most of the world has no tolerance or leeway of timing for visits and prisoners are strictly controlled at all times, and that food is not allowed into prison from the ‘outside’, it is very likely that such abuses routinely occur in the least developed nations as well as by people with access to such medications or in concert and link to medical fields. Crypto-Fascist Governments The medical profession is not about the Hippocratic oath, it could very well be a cabal of rapists who do not respect their charges even their families because of the ‘power’ they yield.

Fully extending into the sex trafficking network the criminal cartel, turf gang or even the police AND the MILITARY. Yes, the Military. Any country with a coercive National Service without Abstention options and backed with fines and jail terms (especially forced ones as in Taiwan, Malaysia and even the duplicituous citizenship entitlement offered by France via the Foreign Legion stint) and the military itself where VERY LIKELY many of the soldiers are drugged, then hypnotized into certain belief systems, with promotion criteria based on the ‘confessions’ given during ‘interrogation under influence of drugs. Religious Oppression Via Drugs and Neurotech Hence the attack on religious freedoms of all types, WITH – MOST CYNICALLY – the ‘elite’ being immune or passed over for such ‘treatments’.

The elite, such as the cartels of globalists centered around IMF and the military arm of NATO and the Commonwealth allies, locally ‘controlled’ and monitored by the local porch-Masons (note the possible drugged drinks induction where the new ‘member’ is subject to hypnosis and AGAIN used on members to ensure their allegiance) and psychiatric establishment, are used as a form of control – all the way up to, and back to the students who go to Western countries to doubtless get implanted or hypnotised. Investigations into use of hypnosis amongst other technological (neurotech) methods against any and all citizens should be considered alongside an open and transparent with publicly accessible security cam system for the prison system so that general citizens can watch over their charges, even though that system itself can also be abused or falsified. The only protection for the citizens of the world is cautious and logical voting patterns where the ONLY acceptable criteria for citizentry to vote are that the Candidate :

1) must be unaffiliated with non-foreign centred organisations (any seminar one goes to ‘with refreshments’ is likely a drugging opportunity)
2) religious groups – which is why China disallows Catholics
3) countries that disallow Burka illogically (in fact this may have neurotech written all over it, a prominent vendor I once knew said that Arabs use their wives to steal items when you are not looking – probably using neurotech then ‘Islamic honour’ to not allow a search)
4) FreeMasons, even ALL English Inns of Law if one wishes to be cautious)
5) perhaps strange groups with strange claims like Scientologists and Melchizedeks which appear to be controlling Hollywood???
6) ALL plutocrats worth 20 million and above, 2 million to be safe

The only people one may vote for are :

1) organisation uninducted Joe Public masses – the poorer the better
2) non-outstation traveling persons
3) unassociated or networked via ‘big business’ people who ‘suddenly made it rich’

There is very little sincerity in the Technofascist world we live in, and any poor voters had better not have any delusions of how free their country is and vote along strict criteria and study the logic behind every single bill and mode of thought of all their existing representatives.

From my own untrained viewpoint being a non-user of drugs (unless affected by the earlier described horrors of systematic abuse of citizens by LGBT and Organics or RLD advocacy unfriendly or perhaps APARTHEID governments – you know who you are, and if I were Boer I’d make sure I was no racist), and after years of study into politics as an activist and experience of persecution as the same, it would SEEM that the drugs trade constitutes an entire dimension of awareness that all such governments want to destroy, hence the immense popularity of the mind strengthening drugs (though equally as many government mind destroying drugs are being floated around – use organics only when in doubt but with GMOs one can hardly be certain these days) and the fear of governments of the same – including coca chewing itself that the UN, has most fearfully and suspiciously, banned recently.

Is Capitalism and the Commonwealth, the true Axis? Are the Communist thought methods, inclusive treatment of drugs by Mexico and Venezuela for instance, the true way forward for humanity, with their strict VISA vetting requirements a telling cautionary? In summary just VOTE POOR and UNEDUCATED and non-NEPOTISTIC.

Got the money? They don’t need the power. Got the power? They don’t need the money. Got both money and power? We the people don’t need them.


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