Pope to attack ‘moral vacuum’ that caused summer riots in New Year’s Day speech By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 2:01 AM on 31st December 2011

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The Pope will launch a renewed attack on the ‘moral relativism’ he has blamed for Britain’s summer riots.

Pope Benedict will say in tomorrow’s New Year’s Day message that neither peace nor justice are obtainable if the values expressed in the Ten Commandments are rejected.

His words represent another severe criticism of moral relativism, the humanistic creed that holds there can be no objective standard on which to base morality.
Scathing message: Pope Benedict XVI will attack ‘moral relativism’ which he blames for the summer riots

Scathing message: Pope Benedict XVI will attack ‘moral relativism’ which he blames for the summer riots

They come months after the Pope told Nigel Baker, Britain’s Ambassador to the Holy See, that the spread of the ideology was to blame for the August riots, saying it caused ‘frustration, despair, selfishness, disregard for life and liberty’.

He said that every person ‘must move beyond the relativistic horizon and come to know the truth about himself and the truth about good and evil’.

‘Deep within his conscience, man discovers a law that he did not lay upon himself, but which he must obey,’ he says in his written message, entitled Educating Young People in Justice and Peace.

‘Its voice calls him to love and to do what is good, to avoid evil and to take responsibility for the good he does and the evil he commits.’

Pope Benedict has taught the significance of the natural moral law throughout his seven-year pontificate.

Root of the riots: The Pontiff says the ideology causes frustration and despair

According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, this law is considered natural because it is part of the nature of a person, inscribed on every human heart and enabling people to good from evil, and truth from falsehood.

His message adds: ‘The exercise of freedom is intimately linked to the natural moral law, which is universal in character, expresses the dignity of every person and forms the basis of fundamental human rights and duties.

‘The right use of freedom, then, is central to the promotion of justice and peace, which require respect for oneself and others, including those whose way of being and living differs greatly from one’s own.

‘This attitude engenders the elements without which peace and justice remain merely words without content: mutual trust, the capacity to hold constructive dialogue, the possibility of forgiveness, which one constantly wishes to receive but finds hard to bestow, mutual charity, compassion towards the weakest, as well as readiness to make sacrifices.’

He will also hit out at the promotion of individualism, through which a person ‘ends up contradicting the truth of his own being and forfeiting his freedom’.

He adds: ‘On the contrary, man is a relational being, who lives in relationship with others and especially with God’.

Pope Benedict ends his message by addressing young people directly, encouraging them to work hard and pursue a life of ‘humility and dedication.

The Pontiff ends his message for the 2012 World Peace Day of January 1 by addressing young people, encouraging them to work hard and pursue a life of ‘humility and dedication’.

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Save for the attack on individualism which is the basis for preventation of stagnation, this article reads well. Religions are a massive franchise and tool of control likely instututed by rulers in 0 bc and earlier if not to foster a love for one’s own tribe. Individualism is the single most important thing, and we will be confounded and pleased by the so many or so few others that are exactly the same as us. Viewed from the pope’s viewpoint of negative relationism, positive relationism needs to be fostered, not submitted to by individuals for society to progress.

The mouthpiece of the 2011 year old Egregor encapsulated as the dead spirit of Christ speaks some sense, though one would never know if this Pope has ever channelled that spirit of Christ he claims to know. Ecclesiastical politics would see to it that it is impossible to achieve the spirituality to do so! It is non-relational or individualistic conscience that ensures the above values.

Some of us sought these voices for decades (and found only the World would respond), others went through the motions and played the ‘political game in Church’ instead to reach papal power which is a zero if that pedo defender reputation does not end or reparations other than Church closures are not made.

Without knowing all sides, a religion can never move forward, how about switching over to obviously copied wholesale trinity of Ilia, Remus and Romulus gentrified from and spliced with Judaism?

A nice Wolfskin wearing Pope bearing a Wolf ivory stave (after clearing all the pedo nonsense honestly and without favour) could do much more to galvanise the Roman Empire region of this day, not the brimstone of Aramea which is not even native to Rome and it’s planetary (Archonic) deities, Aramaic is not the Italian language or culture, and the vast richness of culture that native Roman faiths had is not Aramaic in nature nor should it be fusion-culture if Romans are proud of their origins (the Holy Trinity of Ilia, Remus and Romulus) . . .


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