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Death Of The White Race by Wyatt Kaldenberg – 17th May 2010

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A Nigger radio station from Los Angeles was broadcasting a preacher’s speech entitled, “1996: The Year White Women Stopped Having Babies.” The Nigger said that in 1995 the birth rate among White women was the lowest it has ever been in history, and in 1996 the number of babies born to White women was 10% lower than the year before. The Nigger claimed that this meant the death of the White Race. More and more White women are refusing to give birth to the White man’s babies. The talking ape went on to say that it is even worse for the White Race, because not only is the amount of babies White women are having the lowest it has ever been, but, also, 30% of all babies White women gave birth to in 1996 were non-white. The Black racist said that this is not just happening in America, but in all White nations. White women are refusing to give birth to the White Devils’ babies! He told his fellow primates that there will be no Race War for the control of the West, because in one or two generations, there won’t be enough young Whites to defend any White nation. The Devil will lose his land by default.

I have two questions. First, is this Nigger correct? And second, if this is true, why the hell did I have to hear it from a freaking Nigger? The survival of the White Race is the paramount issue of our age, but our intellectuals are not monitoring the condition of our race. People who can’t function in the real world become teachers, and people who are too stupid to teach become intellectuals. Most of the intellectuals in the Resistance are bogged down in the defensive position of Holocaust Revisionism. They feel that we need to argue with the Jews over how many scum-bag criminals can fit in an oven. Who else but the intellectuals would come up with such a stupid platform as the Holocaust debate? Holocaust Revisionism helps the Kikes control the international debate by focusing on Jewish suffering. David Irving claims 2 million Jews died, while other Revisionists say it was more like 200,000 or even less. The Revisionists parade “friendly” Jews around to prove they are not anti-Semites, but merely concerned citizens seeking the truth. Revisionism gives the Jews a platform to whine about the Holocaust, for how could the poor Jews allow these denials to go unanswered? Holocaust Revisionism is a Jew’s dream-come-true. Whether the number dead is 6 or 2 million or even 1 Jew, it really doesn’t matter to the Jews as long as the debate focuses on the Jew as the victim. Instead of worrying about the past, we should be preparing the White masses for the future.

So, what is the future for the White race? According to the Bureau of Census, in 1996, 73% of the 264. 6 million who live in the U. S. are White. However, according to the MacMillan Almanac, most Puerto Ricans are automatically defined as White by the U. S. Census. Furthermore, any Spic who claims to be White is counted White by the Census Bureau, and all babies born to White women are defined as White, regardless of the father’s race, unless the mother makes a request that her baby be classified as non-White. If a half-Nigger man and a White woman have 10 children, they are all counted as one big White family. Therefore, the number of American Whites is less than 73% of the population, but there is no way to get a true head count under ZOG. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, in 1960,122. 7 babies were born to every 1,000 White women between the ages of 15 and 44. In 1992, there were only 66. 5 births per 1,000 breeding age White women. The White birthrate in 1992 was 54% of what it was in 1960. In other words, during the 32 years up to 1992, the White American birth rate has dropped by 46%. The White race has never had a war where 46% of our babies died. In 1348, the Black Plague, according to many historians, killed between 30% to 50% of the Whites living in Europe. Many people see the Plague as the worse tragedy to befall our race. However, most casualties from the Black Death were adults who were weak, elderly, or sick. Every single Aryan to die from the birth control plague is a baby. If 46% of all White American babies in 1992 were to suddenly die of some unknown disease, the masses would be in an uproar. They would be demanding that the government do something to save our children. However, since our babies are dying not from a disease, but from birth control, no one cares, and ZOG can sweep our demise under the rug. The Plague is not just in the United States; it is sweeping across the White world. The White birth rate in numerous Aryan nations is even lower than the United States.

In tiny Iceland, the Vietnamese refugee birth rate is four times higher than native Whites (Comment : Shut it – LBSM breeding is the worse kept open secret and you had to bring it up on STorm Front? Duh . . .) . ZOG has a large military base in Iceland and many Nordic women throw themselves at Nigger and Spic soldiers in order to get U. S. citizenship. ZOG is turning Iceland into a mud island. America is the cancer of the Aryan world. 60 Minutes had a program on the expiring fertility of Russians after the fall of Communism. American-style Capitalism has not brought the promised Utopia, and poverty has made the abortion clinics rich.

Unemployment has driven many Russians to alcohol and of the few White babies born, many suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome. The only White nation to have a baby surplus is Ireland, and if the rest of the White world drowns in a sea of mud, Ireland will not be far behind. The race struggle is international. No White nation lives in a vacuum. What hurts one White nation hurts all White nations. The National Center for Health Statistics’ figures are misleading, for the N. C. H. S. divides America up in only three races: Black, Yellow, and White. According to their 1992 data in the U. S., Black women had a birth rate of 83.2, Gooks 67.2, and Whites 66.5. However, in what group does the N. C. H. S. put American Indians, Arabs, Mexicans, or any of the other races which don’t fall within these three categories? I could not find a clue of how they view Indians and Arabs, but in one piece of literature they stated: “Among White ethnic groups, Latinos (especially Mexicans) have the highest birth rate.” According to someone in this branch of ZOG, every greasy pregnant South American Indian who crosses the border is doing us a favor by increasing the White birth rate. It is obvious that White birth in 1992 had dropped far below 66. 5. How much farther below that number I can’t tell. Was 1995 the lowest White birth rate in history? Was the 1996 White birth rate 10% lower than the year before? Is 30% of the so-called White birth rate non-White babies born to White women? I don’t know, but a Nigger said it was so, and it would not be very liberal of me to disagree with a talking monkey. Our birth rate has fallen way below the replacement level, and that some people in ZOG are lying by re-classifying Spics as Whites to make it appear that our numbers are higher. It is hard to find correct data on the race question because, firstly, ZOG doesn’t want the White masses to learn what is happening, and, secondly, because most of the eggheads in the Resistance are stuck in the quicksand of Holocaust Revisionism and can’t get out. I don’t know, nor do I care, how many Jews died in the Holocaust. If Hitler did kill six million Jews, I won’t lose any sleep over it. The Jews have been kicked out of nearly every civilized nation on Earth. If the Jews weren’t so evil, people wouldn’t kill them. If any one is to blame for anti-Semitism, Hitler, and the Holocaust, it’s the Jews. If the Jews weren’t so damn anti-White, there wouldn’t be a need to kill them. I don’t care that their religion is odd. I don’t care that Irv Rubin has a face like a horse. I don’t care that Jews own liquor stores in the Black community. I don’t care that they steal land from the Sand-Niggers and that their soldiers gun down unarmed Muslim children. However, I do care that the Jews attack my people with the fury of a rabid wolf. For the 5,000 years of hate crimes the Jews have inflicted upon the White race, Adolf Hitler would have been justified in killing 6 million Jews.

Do you really need to say anything more about the Holocaust?If Hitler killed 6 millions Jews (Comment : Methinks he only killed 600,000 because 60 million people died in WW2, it is inconceivable that 10% died in death camps . . . the numbers were likely inflated to elicit more ‘pity’ – aka justification for the lobbyists to act the way they do to get all kinds of concessions . . . ), then this proves there really is a God. If Hitler killed 6 million Jews, then it was an evil necessity, and I hate the Jews for making the Holocaust necessary. Hitler was a kindly Uncle, provoked into action by Jewish wickedness. How odd of the Jews not to have learned anything from the Holocaust. It’s not healthy to attack the Aryan race.

After centuries of White backlash, the Jews still haven’t got it through their thick skulls that to mess with the White race means death, but what else can we expect from a race filled with intellectuals? The White race needs to keep its eyes on the prize. The prize is the survival and advancement of the White Race. White birth rates are a survival issue. The mud invasion is a survival issue. Overthrowing ZOG is a survival issue. But worrying about dead Jews is just White guilt, and White guilt is Jewish.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Saw the above article posted and would like to give some thoughts. This war can be fought ideologically and ethically by seeking origins that will doubtless neutralise any enemies like Iran, though any imagined subjugation after they reinstated being Persian or readopting Zoroastrianism will not be any easier. Iran can be a deadly adversary to Whites where even Afghanistan is already a Graveyard of Superpowers (guess which Empire just bit the dust), try to seek yourselves instead of provoking them, even as the originally Persiatic Iranians seek themselves – should the Shah’s Peacock Throne and the Zorastrianism faith (look up Towers of Silence very eco-friendly and probably ‘Deathly’ enough for the neo-gothic among storm fronters – by the way, neo-goths were from what I remember reading Southern Europe, were also dark haired and someawhat ‘swarthy’ of complexion . . .) system be reinstated so that Iran would recultivate it’s Persiatic roots rather than the foreign Bedouin Islamic one.

You whites could take a long and deep breath, and be afforded safety without proper impetus for a jihad. The Muslims too, at least those that are civilised, want no major wars as well. Conversely never let it be said that it was whites who continue to cause war. Payback will be far worse than what is happening from the 5/6ths non white population/ 3/4 no-white land control globally unless bio-chemical/dna wars occur, which will in time be equally hazardous to whites in the long run as these things mutate and are impossible to contain globally.

Don’t even mention Nukes, as even Ahmidanejad is distancing himself from those already . . . conventional warfare? Maybe, but the outcry could result in a pogrom against whites and that will be no better on the conscience of Mankind. On faith, sad to say, Christianity was received by a beige (sorta brown) skinned, dark haired dark eyed Aramaean (Aramea covers parts of modern Syria/north east Iran) and not anyone remotely ‘white’.

The Norseman (Blond with Blue eyes) or Celts (red haired with Green eyes) have nothing to do with the Bible as faith but rather the Prose Edda or Mabinogi, Nordic Pantheon. Read up on your faith origins.

You guys may remember the architectural forms, perhaps the red neck pathos, but almost forget the faith and language issue, even the English Freemasons are prone to subversion should Egypt instll a Constitutional Pharoanate (probably Ramses’ descendants exist but might have converted to Islam, though the Egyptian faith system has been researched and revived to perfection by Free Masons – sadly who have not a drop of Egyptian blood in them being mostly English (Angles were incidentally from Germany, the hated KRAUTS . . . ). The Crusades were fought under the Aramean Cross. You guys didn’t notice that whites (both main types, though Anglo-Saxons had made near mincemeat of the Celts also) had some gains earlier (raiding English monasteries from Scandinavia) but were sucked into Machiavellian/Judaic/English-Colonialistic mess that USA and some of the EU is still paying for.

To progress, you Stormfronters must unlearn what you have learned, some of it anyway. Free Masonry is faux Judeo-Egpytian at best, modern Egyptians are NOT Muslims by native faith, Iranians are PERSIANS that were defeated by a specific tribe of Bedouin Arabs and converted, as the and your enemies are IGNORANCE of origins for a start.

And the Masonic themes in Dr.Who or whatever movies like Vendetta are unhappy fusions of Egypto-Judaic-Christian elements that being pure-blood minded folk Storm Fronters will be intolerable by the sheer ‘mix-bloodedeness’ of the entire system. It’s from ‘Sand Niggers’ though the Egyptian Pharoanate nominally based around Free Masonry will take offense at that term, as much as the slanty eyed East Asian or brown skinned Central Asian races claiming Christianity (or being porch-Masons of subordinate non-English clubs) will draw derision from Whites though they do not say it to retain their influence.

You want purity? Read some history and geography, study faith system origins, turn back the pre-invasion/pre-fusion-cultural era. You will find that : Jews were originally the priestly caste of the last Egyptian Pharoah (who was branded Heretic for his laziness to worship the Egyptian Pantheon as it stood to worship pre-monotheistic Amon-Ra who was to become the first monotheistic God of Moses instead – egregor or actual god, we cannot tell for sure, ask the Wind or the Moon, maybe they’ll tell you if you are deemed worthy) who were exiled when the Pharoah fell, to what they founded as Israel – with Solomon as their new King on the back of the core of Egyptian culture they rewrote as Monotheism and Jewry alongside the Tablets and commandments.

This is not an issue barring the egregor-god subsumption by the new form of Sun god Amen-Ra, but modern Zionism is a plague on the Palestinians, plague on US economy, and probably if uncontrolled, all of mankind – the non-Judaic ‘Gentile/Goyim’ kind mainly. Muslims have a similar term ‘Dhimmi’ for non-Muslims but this is applied only by the most extreme regimes . . . Romania/Rome/Greece (South East Europe), is not Scandinavian Nordic nor Celtic, for that separate race of people though part of EU, features dark haired, beige (brownish) skinned people.

The true Roman’s (Kittim to the Jews and with no certain numbers of far off Legions, became part of the Gypsy population, so unfairly depicted in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, after Rome fell) faith is in elder Roman gods/planetary intelligence gods (Archons) later offensive attributed and converted into Goetic and Solomonic demons by Christians. Any efficacy of said Pentacles derived from the subvertion from leaked energies than the fountainhead of origin. Romans are much like the elder Han Chinese (who became decadent enough to fall to nomads several times, though the last nomadic Empire adopted wholesale (or was swallowed by) the highly developed Chinese imperial cultural identity. Being a tiny majority made the Manchu need to blend in, in order to ‘rule’ China as it would take too long to develop a culture that matched the Han one. Many Ming era scions still survived though and waited for a time to rise again, (now looks good).

As in nature with Han Chinese as the heart of the Eastern Continental Caucasian, with the younger Frankish Sabbatean races from the 8th century (German/French – Charlemagne’s brood) playing the part of Manchus in your (unfortunately dark haired) Hitler’s failed revival of the Aryan – even Aryan are of dark Northern Indic stock to begin with and have Dravidian blood mixed in much of the supposedly pure population, and the Taj Mahal though most recognizable perhaps ned a re-Hindification as it was in fact built by a Muslim Sultan, rather than a Maharajah, though India has several extant Maharajah’s this day to counterweigh the white sovereigns of the West whatever ethnicity or faith (original or not) . . .

Your true ‘white’ gods are the Tuuatha de Danaan (for the Red haired green eyed whites) and Odin/Thor’s Pantheon (for the blue eyed blond haired whites) respectively, and, the Holy Books not either New or Old testament BUT the Mabinogi and Prose Edda. Your true ancestors were Africanesque fashioned spear carrying deerskin wearing semi-naked Woad painted plainsmen of the Northern Isles (said to have Faerie blood in their ancestry and thus linked to the Unseelie Courts), Druids/Wiccans (nominally sorcerors like Merlin (that were recopied and cast as ‘Gandalf’ in horrendous popular fictional parodies, don’t even get started on Harry Potter) who was known to be part-draconic or part-otherworldly blood at least), LOTR-esque Bards and Bear or Wolf Skin clad Warriors and Druids. Not violent xenophobic skinheads and crusaders, KKK klansman (Mortal Kombat to that), though both could be retained and formalized as an ‘Outer Order’ of sorts much like Middle East’s and East Asia’s ‘outer-order’ porch Mason faux Anglophiles. That armoured knight thing, is an entirely fusion Anglo-Saxon-Sabbatean-Frankish on Aramean ‘convert’ Christian fallacy, as a pretext by even more bored aristocrats to war on Middle Easterners for ‘stealing’ their already non-original franchise monopoly in Monotheism (adopted from Judaism on the death of a man named Christ) than anything else.

The crusades were a lie, the fighting between the Orange and other Churches in Ireland (get your own King Irishmen, and so should Scotland and Welshland) and England sheer DELUSION. Finally, the Queen of England is half-German on the paternal side, they renamed their family name from German Couburg Saxe-Gotha (still a de facto noble house in Germany this day) to jolly faux-English Windsor to avoid being removed by angry Englishmen at the height of the ‘Hitler Nazi Era’ when all things and persons German or half-German in the Queen’s case, were attacked as Nazi.

Who among English blood Stormfronters advocates reinstatement of any extant 100% English blood noblemen from House Hanover as the rightful king of England? Too few remember anything but the latest fusions which get further tangled as time goes by. These are not your wars, not your angst to carry, and while martial like the dark haired, brown skinned Spartans, the real white was a far more handsomely cultivated, cultured and civilised nation if anything (barring monastry raids or random violence) or the Viking slave trading that went on for a few centuries.

Various sources were taken for this response, if any inaccuracies are present please inform and correct.

Have fun rethinking your entire reality Stormfronters, best of luck in finding your true roots

Billionaire George Soros ‘slapped 28-year-old Brazilian ex-lover – by Tom Leonard and Daniel Bates – 12th August 2011

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Billionaire George Soros ‘slapped 28-year-old Brazilian ex-lover and tried to choke her after he refused to give her $1.9m Manhattan apartment’ When it comes to finance, he is a master speculator, making billions thanks to his uncanny ability to predict movements in the market. But it seems there is one area in which George Soros’s famous foresight may have failed him – women.
The 81-year-old financier, known as the Man Who Broke the Bank of England after reportedly making millions during the 1992 UK currency crises, is being sued for £31million by his 28-year-old Brazilian ex-girlfriend. Arm in arm: The couple in happier times, before the split and bitter money battle Soap star Adriana Ferreyr claims Mr Soros slapped her in the face and attempted to choke her as they argued over property in bed together. The actress says she had been in a relationship with him for five years before he dumped her last year. But, according to a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, there was a brief reconciliation in August last year in which the couple spent a night together at Mr Soros’s home in New York’s Upper East Side. It was there that Mr Soros allegedly made one of his rare misjudgments. Miss Ferreyr claims that while they were in bed Mr Soros, who has an estimated £8.9billion fortune, ‘bluntly’ told her that a £1.2million apartment he had promised her in New York had been given to another woman.
Loving couple: George Soros and Adriana Ferreyr in an undated photo.
Miss Ferreyr has filed a $50m lawsuit after their five-year relationship ended acrimoniously Loving couple: George Soros and Adriana Ferreyr in an undated photo. Miss Ferreyr has filed a $50m lawsuit after their five-year relationship ended acrimoniously Furious Miss Ferreyr claims Soros threw a glass lamp at her, choked her and slapped her around the face Matters were not helped when the Hungarian-born financier allegedly added: ‘I gave it to my girlfriend and she is flourishing.’ In the inevitable row which followed, ‘Mr Soros slapped Miss Ferreyr across the face and proceeded to put his hands around her neck in an attempt to choke her,’ the lawsuit claims. Miss Ferreyr says she managed to evade him and picked up a glass lamp to protect herself. Mr Soros then allegedly grabbed the lamp and tried to hit her with it, narrowly missing.
She claims she ran into the office next to Mr Soros’s bedroom and called police to the $1.9million apartments at 30 East 85th Street in Manhattan. The building at 30 East 85th Street contains luxury properties in a prime Manhattan location. Miss Ferreyr claims the confrontation traumatised her to the point she was ‘unable to function in her day-to-day life’. She says she has since had to have treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. Mr Soros strongly denies the allegations. William Zabel, Mr Soros’s lawyer, called the suit ‘frivolous and entirely without merit’. Although he admitted his client had an ‘on-again, off-again’ relationship with Miss Ferreyr, he said the complaint was ‘riddled with false charges and is obviously an attempt to extract money from my client, who is known to be a very rich man’. He added: ‘The police investigated the incident referred to and concluded that no assault occurred. George Soros did not slap, choke or throw a lamp at her.’
Miss Ferreyr, a former child actor and star of Portuguese McDonald’s commercials, says she first met Mr Soros five years ago. By 2007, they were in a ‘serious and meaningful’ relationship, she says. She claims she found her ‘dream home’ on the seventh floor of a luxury high-rise block just two streets from Mr Soros’s home, and that he agreed to buy it for her. But she says he then twice broke promises to buy her flats in the building. And after learning she was going to rent a flat there instead, Mr Soros hired private security men to ‘follow and intimidate’ her, she claims. Mr Soros ‘not only breached his multiple promises…but he proceeded to engage in a deliberate and malicious campaign of extreme and outrageous harassment and intimidation against Ferreyr, which has directly resulted in her suffering and continuing to suffer severe emotional distress and damages,’ says the suit.
THE HUNGARIAN (Patrician) WHO BROKE THE BANK OF ENGLAND Hungarian-born Mr Soros, while being a notable philanthropist championing liberal causes, is also known as the ‘Man Who Broke The Bank Of England’. He made an estimated £600 million during the 1992 ‘Black Wednesday’ UK currency crises, correctly predicting that the British government would have to devalue the pound. On 16 September, 1992, his fund sold short more than $10 billion worth of pounds, profiting from the UK government’s reluctance to either raise its interest rates or float its currency – finally withdrawing from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism and devaluing the pound. In 1997, the UK Treasury estimated the cost of Black Wednesday at £3.4 billion. Her lawyer, Robert Hantman, said it was unfortunate she had to resort to court action as she had hoped to settle the dispute privately. He said: ‘It’s 1/7000th of his wealth. She just wants what he promised her.’
But a source close to Mr Soros, whose birthday it is today, said: ‘This is nothing but a woman scorned who is out to get paid. ‘These claims are outrageous and he will seek to dismiss them at the earliest opportunity. ‘George is dealing with this well – this is a man who survived the Holocaust. The suggestion he attacked her is without merit.’ Mr Soros’s private life is rarely touched on in the U.S.. Married and twice divorced, he has five children. In the past few years, Mr Soros’s reported girlfriends have included the violinist Jennifer Chun and former Miss Russia Anna Malova. In 2007, there were rumours linking him with Queen Noor, widow of King Hussein of Jordan, but he said they were baseless. Praised in the U.S. as a generous philanthropist who has sunk millions into liberal causes, Mr Soros is most famous in Britain for betting against the pound. In September 1992, his fund sold short more than $10billion worth of sterling, profiting from the British government’s reluctance to either raise its interest rates or float its currency – before finally withdrawing from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism and devaluing the pound. The Treasury later estimated that the whole episode cost the British taxpayer £3.4billion.
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Ferreyr = Fenrir? Fenris? An attempt to bind your spirit animal no less Soros!
Lots of theoretical stuff and stabs in the dark on the nature of society and reality, so read with a grain of salt or your favourite substance. Face of troublemaking ex type confirms itself (wherever there are actions towards justice – Soros is a hateful plutocrat/financier type but he did take down BoE maybe that was what he came back to this world for) you have this particular tybe showing up, well we all know who they are now don’t we?), and a Roman legionaire in spirit perhaps through time, who subconsciously attacked his ancient enemies’ wallets at least, and their adopted faith. Probably a reincarnation of a high ranked legionairre or Patrician. South Eastern Europe (Roman Empire) where the ‘less than white’ Caucasians (derisively termed Slavic nations ‘Slaves’???) of former Imperial Rome spanning perhaps Romania, Hungary, Austria Slovenia Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Sarejevo, Montenegro, Bulgaruia, Macedonia, Albania, Greece, Italy (and of course Rome – now a 2 sq km microstate itself) which should be recapitalised again under a new Imperator and Patrician class, – HUNGARIANS being part of the Roman Epire, still fighting a war that they are winning with the help of new colonial free friends also abused in the past. Long time coming – retribution, Return of the Kittim (Jedi??? Ah Lucus the Wolf – another high ranked Legionaire or Patrician, just genius . . . ) . . .
George and George (Remus and Romulus?!?) should meet up and discuss some very ‘deepthings’ with a high ranking ‘Gypsy’ or few, so many truths about where the ‘West’ is heading would be revealed. Where this leaves mental autonomy for some of us though, is just unpleasant to think about. These last bits if not a longshot. Note the synchronicity/coincidence in numerology. 1.9 million apartment, 1.9 billion in taxes (Thaksin/Lee-Clan) and be conscious of the phenotype factors which are becoming clearer and clearer. Also Hollywood might be a manipulative ‘reality’ bending outfit rather than a agenda free entertainment industry. Perhaps it is time to detach from Hollywood cliques and stay with truly independent ‘mosquito outfit’ film makers without any occult learnings or leanings. We want to be entertained, not sucked into a milllenia old war.
For the rest of the Romans, never vote for plutocrats and vote only Joe Public types with no international links (such as Rotary or Masons or whatever, they will draw your country into a sticky agenda filled mess and no end of wars or politics that ultimately only benefit a few). Heck to be absolutely sure, make sure your Joe Public type doesn’t even have a degree or proper education or even left the country for good measure. Education especially at tertiary looks like a brainwash mill / reality binder and collusion opportunity than anything else. Beware citizens of the world and vote properly !
In either case, hail Rome (in taking down the BoE?), and for various whites at least, all roads do lead to Rome (in the Western Continent and USA at least). Synchronicity is interesting to delve into is it not?

Fancy yourself as a Top Gun? – by Mike Larkin – 2nd September 2011

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Chris Brown drives around in F-86 styled Lamborghini that would make Tom Cruise jealous It looks like disgraced singer Chris Brown fancies himself as a bit of a Top Gun. The entertainer has been pictured driving his own custom Lamborghini car with a specially modified look based on the legendary F-86 Sabre. No doubt even Tom Cruise’s Maverick character would have cast an admiring glance at the RnB singer’s unique set of wheels as he sped through Downtown Los Angeles yesterday. Top Gun: Chris Brown was clearly living out his fantasy as he drove his custom Lamborghini into a building in Downtown Los Angeles yesterday
Top Gun: Chris Brown was clearly living out his fantasy as he drove his custom Lamborghini into a building in Downtown Los Angeles
And the F.A.M.E singer would not have looked out of place pulling up to take part in the film’s famous beach volleyball scene in such a fashionable ride. His custom paint job goes so far as to have specially painted on rivets along each of the luxury sports car’s panels. The F-86 is an historic aircraft that is famous for being the US’s first swept wing fighter which could counter the similarly-winged Soviet MiG-15 in high speed dogfights over the skies of the Korean War. It set its first official world speed record of 670 miles per hour in September 1948, and its ability to fly around the sound barrier saw it remain in use as a front-line fighter in numerous air forces until the last active operational examples were retired by the Bolivian Air Force in 1994.
Thumbs up: No doubt Maverick would give his seal of approval to the arrogant star’s expensive new car
Bad boy star Brown, who pled guilty to assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, has clearly taken the title of his hit song Look At Me Now to heart. Even Pimp My Ride presenter Xzibit would have been impressed at his specially commissioned paint job. The spoiled 22-year-old clearly loves flaunting the wealth he has earned from his chart-topping career. He wore a $22,000 Rolex watch to the MTV Video Music Awards last week, but almost lost the diamond encrusted timepiece. Brown resorted to throwing it off stage after the accessory came loose during his performance. The original and best: The legendary F-86A Sabre figther jet which Brown’s paint job is lifted from Rip off: Brown’s specially commissioned custom look copies how the jet looks down to painted on rivets on each of the panels After taking it off he tried to throw it to a safe place – but his ham-fisted effort saw it end up in sea of audience members. Luckily a kind-hearted fan handed it in to one of his security personnel, but the multi-millionaire could not even be bothered to thank them in person.
A spokesperson for the star said: ‘Although Chris did not get to meet the fan, he is very appreciative of the fan’s actions.’ After being slammed for not being appreciative, he later offered the girl a reward for her honesty. His spokesperson said: ‘Chris’ bodyguard didn’t get the name of the girl who returned the watch, but they’re hoping she’ll contact them so Chris can personally thank her and reward her with tickets and backstage passes to his new tour.’ It comes after the singer reportedly displayed more bad behavior during a friendly basketball game at an LA fitness centre last month. Welcome at the party: No doubt Chris would be welcome at the film’s famous volleyball scene if he pulled up in his cool car Welcome at the party: No doubt Chris would be welcome at the film’s famous volleyball scene if he pulled up in his cool car When fellow players failed to impress the singer, he let rip a tirade of homophobic abuse, yelling anti-gay slurs to the horror of onlookers. He allegedly shouted offensive insults such as ‘you’re a f****t’, and ‘that’s a gay move’, a source said. According to RadarOnline, as soon as anyone made the slightest error during play he became incensed. His entourage threatened to boot out witnesses taking pictures during the basketball match – despite the fact the gym members had as much right to be there as Chris. It wasn’t the first time the singer has been in trouble for making homophobic comments. Last December Chris was forced to tweet an apology after calling ex-B2k member Raz B a ‘homothug’.
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Chris can afford to buy a F-86 jet and start a ‘Warbirding club’ with his fellow black Americans that have enough wealth. No excuses for doing that to his car. Some thoughts on different ‘war-crafting’ options. For an open system in the military so that the people do not need to depend on a potential army that may in fact be used against them (also to save money), as in the Crusades of the past, where criteria to join a war as Knight errants was armour and a horse, or at least infantry (with suggest that any and all citiznes with the cash to fund – a weapon, an armoured vehicle, tanks, biplanes, jets, artillery, bombers, warships (think historical privateering and letters of marque) be given a proper rank and be allowed to hire a crew with a uniform vehicle option featuring the best craft from established manufacturers (this will be a point of contention but will bring healthy discussion and innvation between the gaps and interactions rather than a collusive military industrial complex).
This way the people are armed, they will not be subject to the state yet they will feel loyalty and patiotism as well. They will also be a people of conscience and decide whether a crusade occurs or not (enough peace loving warship owners and the wr is off), and finally there will be no collusion between state and the manufacturers of equipment to defraud anyone. This way the very wealthiest instead of being bored and decadent at clubs or eating or playing ‘skins’ with their cars, could be doing military drills with their fellow rich, hiring crews they will need to drill yet balance with their own personality (or lack of it), something more useful than the lack of entertainments that drives them into politics to ruin perfectly good countries, or more pathetic collect expensive race crs and get into accidents.
They want to militarise YET on their preferred terms (what if someone has the money to fund a single troop that he would like to get into war game with others later? what if the uniform is leather and chains during peacetime, craft being the motorcycle – thee are your REAL men, not metrosexual clubbers drinkers and drug addicts fukign everything in sight). Government has made it impossible to feel a sense of loyalty to the country as they own the military craft. The criteria for loyalty to the true leaders is the right to have an active stake in the war or defense of the nation. At the same time, do know that only the younger, less matured or less civilised will participate (see how they conduct themselves or the unifrms they adopt of what tactics they use – Hell’s Angels for example, could well be a fighter squadron excepting their lack of wealth, so if a group of Chris Browns buy fighter jets and begin training formations, the whole gang thing will become far much more and will of course be very good for morale and reputations of black Americans in general, as the Chinese who might very well be engaging in the sport of ‘warbirding’ anytime soon), and thus build a social structure around military citizens and their educated philosopher class types instead.
How about bringing Hollywood to Africa? Liquidate your wealth, carve out a mini-satrapy in Africa, and invest in your own township instead of being 1 rapper or musician only in the USA. Time to think of your cousins in Africa – they are closer to the Chinese businessmen than you, an ethnic African for willy’s sake! Alot could be done in time, perhaps joining elections, making something of the county your forefathers came from, investing in your true roots ‘is what I’m saying’. get to know some African Kings. Get some African titles of nobility for good works in building Africa !
Driving around in a faux-F-86 can’t be considered doing enough with what you have! MLK would turn in his grave! Buy a few hundred thousand acres of land and distribute it to any deserving (i.e. not drug dealing or gang banging types, but those ordinary folks stuck in envioronments that could prevent them from becoming middle classers) poor black families for example.
Break the system! And don’t worrry about the gentrification factor, it can always be preserved in a form of entertainment. Buy a few abandoned blocks and keep it all nice and ‘hoody’. Make a theme park of it. Invite grafitti artists to paint the town whatever colour they like. After hours, hold real fights, gun fights even. meanwhile a stronger emergent class of black American citizen grows in the land you bought for them . . . you cannot be considerde a disgraced singer if you do this and hang around the African royalty back home. THIS is real gentrification, not corporate (white?!?) America taking over Haarlem. If not SPONSOR some college kid to run for candidacy in your stead. You c an be the man behind the man, like Obama looks like he has someone pulling his strings at times . . . Finally, when you’re up to it, try giving Ru Paul a visit just to prove you are not what they say you are. It’s as bad as white racism against blacks and who cares what they do to themselves? It’s none of anyone’s business.

ANIMAL CRUELTY IN MALAYSIAN DOG POUNDS – by Siewyoong Chin – 23rd February 2010

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Dear Friends, I am writing to share with you the cruel practice of starving dogs to death in Malaysian municipal dog pounds. To understand how this is done, please read the following:
1) 2),_Setapak_@_7th_February_2009,_Saturday.html (This clip contains footage of how a local council puts dogs to death last year) In Malaysia, it is the practice for government municipalities to appoint a few selected commercial contractors to catch dogs for a fee. The fee of between MYR 30-45 per dog captured is very lucrative income by Malaysian standards. It thus becomes a very attractive incentive for these commercial contractors to capture as many dogs as possible every day – strays and licensed dogs alike.
Once captured, the dogs are sent to the government animal pounds. Here, they are caged and often left to starve and thirst for days on end. The lucky ones die a quick death; more often than not – they die a slow torturous death from exhaustion, thirst and hunger. This scene is repeated daily in many dog pounds in Malaysia. It is a paradox, that while the majority of Malaysians are caring and God fearing people (the official religion clearly states that being brutal towards animals is a grave sin), many still think it is their right to treat dogs cruelly. Perhaps this is due to the widely held belief that dogs are ‘impure’, and hence it is perfectly acceptable to treat them inhumanely. While there is a prescribed “standard operating procedure” in animal pounds, this is rarely adhered to. Local councils condone the mistreatment of dogs by their staff. Protests by independent pet rescuers over the years has been dismissed as overeaction.
Independent rescuers such as MalaysianDogsDeserveBetter ( and Furry Friends Farm ( have been working tirelessly to raise public awareness and to lobby for changes. However, progress has been painfully slow over the years. If you happen to be visiting Malaysia, spare a thought for the strays you see in the streets. Chances are, it will be a matter of time before these strays are caught by some commercial dog catcher appointed by a local council, and die a slow torturous death in a local dog pound. Please help raise awareness and stop this cruel practice by :
1. Sharing this information with other animal rights groups
2. Writing to register your concerns to Members of the Malaysian Parliament:
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Let commission be commensurate with the effort and time. Minimum wage per dog will be fine. It may take even less than 5-10 mins to bag a stray, but they get 1 full hour’s pay – hence minimum wage per dog. This is a humble, unskilled, fairly simple and undesirable job, don’t make it into a gold mine to cronies at cost to the taxpayer.
When graduates who take years and  spend 10s or 100s of thousands to get a degree barely make ends meet, dog pounders should not get so much money that a degree is worth less than being a crony. The regular citizens might as well catch their own stray dogs and collect the reward as in Vietnam (or was it Cambodia) where to protect rice crops, any person who kills and brings in a rat, gets paid, no matter who.
Otherwise if commissioned to specific individuals (the voters should not vote people that legislate such selective awarding which doubtless will only reach their friends and family in sheer NEPOTISM to cement their term limitless OLIGARCHY towards dictatorship), ONLY minimum wage will be tolerated. Lets not over-inflate the egos of people in untrained ‘professions’ like these alright, especially if crony selective based?

If Pakatan Rakyat won, this is what would happen to Malaysia… – by Iskandar Dzulkarnain – 3rd September 2011

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Everyone in this country is fixated on when the next general election will be. It is probably the most hotly awaited news. Everyone is sure who will win. Be Enders, or so the supporters of BN are called, cannot wait to know the results. Neither can the Pakatanis, or the supporters of the Pakatan Rakyat led by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim. If Anwar does trounce Prime Minister Najib Razak’s BN as he is widely expected to, the casualties at the coalition that has ruled for 5 decades would be high. There is even talk of mass capital flight and how hundreds of shredding machines have been ordered and put on standby to shred all incriminating documents. Yes, there will be ensuing chaos in the aftermath of GE-13, but that is politics. And politics can be rather dirty.
Now, Pakatanis are adamant come GE-13, it will be De End for the Be End for a full range of reasons. Hopefully, they won’t be lulled into a false sense of complacency by a recent poll that showed a sharp 6 percentage point plunge in Najib’s popularity. The battle is far from over, in fact it hasn’t even begun. So before the DAP, PAS and PKR start to count their chickens before the eggs even hatch (yes, many of the MPs and ADUNs are already congratulating themselves – gross!), they really should spend more time tightening their strategy and machinery which is still far, far from satisfactory. But for us, normal Malaysians who are not contesting, let us envisage a future without the BN. How would life be like with the Pakatan? Celebrations on the streets Surely, there will be mass celebration in the urban cities and towns all over the country. People will surely come out into the streets with genuine smiles and happiness to join in the festivities and cheer over the demise of a stifling regime, which has no one to blame but itself for its overgrown arrogance.
Long-awaited reforms will be implemented as soon as Parliament convenes. Those that can be implemented immediately will be announced in the media. The new Pakatan government will launch a campaign to explain and re-educate the people of their basic rights. Malaysians will be called on to unite and treat each other as equal citizens and not as strangers from another race. Awkward at first, but Malaysians will shyly accept the fact and join hands to declare that we are all Malaysians irrespective of the colour of our skin. Gradually, our identification, birth certificates and passports will cease to carry the declaration for race. The religion tag too may be dispensed with in the future, as Malaysians starts to value their sense of new found freedom. The Race Relations Act will be passed to ensure that racism will be an offence under the law. Racism won’t disappear overnight but it will never be officially sanctioned or practised as it is now.
Under such a refreshing environment, sooner or later, everyone will pick up the courage to break the ice and embrace each other’s identities. There should be unabashed blossoming of multiracial friendships, which should be encouraged rather than discouraged. Meritocracy and competition would be gradually restored as Malaysians compete for a better tomorrow with the government formulating strategies to assist the weaker ones. Malaysians will come out of their shells and dare to be different, now that there is no more ‘big brother’ hanging over their shoulders to say “this cannot or that cannot”. Getting rid of all the tools of oppression A Royal Commission will finally be formed to check and transform the Royal Malaysia Police into a world class, 21st century organisation that is efficient, clean and trustworthy, dedicated to serving the people and the nation with integrity and respect for human rights, while at the same time maintaining total independence. Another Royal Commission will be formed to ensure that the Malaysian Armed Forces are made totally apolitical and independent in their discharge of duties. They will also be reminded that their duty is to the King and Country and to defend the nation and not to pander to the political big-wigs. No, no, that is certainly not the job-scope of the Malaysian Armed Forces.
The Judiciary will be revamped to reflect total independence and as a check and balance to the Executive and Legislature branches of the Malaysian governmental system. Meanwhile, the civil service would also see beneficial changes where salaries can rise more commensurately with the market when the unwarranted fats are trimmed. The Pakatan government will implement wide-scale job retraining to ensure enough skilled workers are available for the jobs market. The Cabinet too will see a downsizing with the disposal of unimportant Ministries and Ministerial posts. The archaic and obsolete Internal Security Act, Official Secrets Act, the Printing Presses and Publications Act, the Sedition Act and the Emergency Ordinance will be abolished. People will be encouraged to speak up without fear, while the mainstream media currently controlled by the BN would be given total press freedom to publish the unvarnished truth while upholding the journalist etiquette on false and misleading news. We are all sons and daughters of the Earth The bumiputra status will not be abolished as feared but the government will see to it that these will be gradually extended to everyone else. The government will also carry out projects to accord Internet access to the rural inhabitants, in an effort to create a pool of knowledgeable citizens. In all probability, English will once again be the medium of instruction for Science and Mathematics.
Vernacular schools may be barred in favour of National Schools where Malay and English are the teaching medium, and a choice of either Chinese or Tamil as a compulsory third language. Most educationists believe that nationalism starts from young, and separating children at a tender age only leads to unnecessary division. Governance using the Competency, Accountability and Transparency (CAT) system will be implemented at the Federal level, as well as in all States governed by the Pakatan. This would spell the end of corruption. Cronyism too will disappear as compulsory tendering exercises eliminate the roots of corrupt practises. Anwar and team will also implement wide-scale job retraining to ensure enough skilled workers for the jobs market. It would also review existing policies and cut down on the unnecessary foreign labour that drains our economic progress and can pose a risk to our safety and security. Factories and plantations will be encouraged to turn to full-automation to address the growing dependence on foreign labour. The economy will remain as the new government’s biggest headache. To maintain and prop up the economy, the government will have to review the 2011 budget with hefty spending cuts and abolish capital-intensive projects and divert badly-needed funds to critical sectors. Salaries will increase as a minimum pay scale comes into force, which will benefit a large sector of Malaysians and boost the national economy with bigger spending power. To attract foreign investments the government will increase free trade practises that will benefit the nation in the long run. At last, the healing process can begin The healing of the country will begin, as Malaysians look forward to a brighter and more exciting future.
Life as we know it will change for the better and will evolve further into a totally different society from what we are now – a comatose and even dying society over-oppressed by 50 years of BN authoritarian rule. Malaysians must be ready for change and learn to do things differently. To excel, we would need to work harder and catch up, as there would be no more corrupt opportunities for instant riches. But should BN win, the political, economic and social climate will remain unchanged. Yes, Najib and UMNO will promise the sky and reforms aglore. But we know they won’t keep their promises as they have never done so before. Barely a month down the road, Ibrahim Ali and gang will show up and threaten the minority races and split the Malays all over again. Life would be the same as it has been the past 50 years and everything will be just as it is. Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin goes on to become the next Prime Minister for the next five years. The peace will be disrupted by Perkasa-wannabes each time the UMNO politicos need to distract the nation from another of their hare-brained multi-billion ringgit schemes, for example the two upcoming French-assisted nuclear power plants. What a difference a general election can make. Really, Malaysians must value their vote and choose wisely. – Malaysia Chronicle
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
1) But for us, normal Malaysians who are not contesting, let us envisage a future without the BN. How would life be like with the Pakatan?
This assumes much. Who says the next NON-PARTY citizen won’t defer to Pakatan’s parties ‘forevermore’?
2) Long-awaited reforms will be implemented as soon as Parliament convenes. Those that can be implemented immediately will be announced in the media.
I still don’t see Local Council Elections and a re-election for PKR’s 8% failure of a quorum instead of the minimum 66%.
3) The new Pakatan government will launch a campaign to explain and re-educate the people of their
basic rights.
The right to have MPs and Assemblymen or political party posts that do not have limitless terms is a basic right. The rights of taxpayers to not have MPs or Assemblymen assigned 750K and 120K for their funerals and regular salary raises way beyond GDP that do not DROP with GDP in bad years is also a basic right. Basic Rights are Human Rights Charter Rights. This means :
4) We are all sons and daughters of the Earth The bumiputra status will not be abolished as feared but the government will see to it that these will be gradually extended to everyone else.
This is too vague and does not promise anything with a timeframe. If you can’t do it rest assurted that 2 superpowers are well and ready to make efforts to crush countries that attempt to dhimmify. Apologism for apartheid will not be entertained, Zul.
5) Getting rid of all the tools of oppression A Royal Commission will finally be formed to check and transform the Royal Malaysia Police into a world class, 21st century organisation that is efficient, clean and trustworthy, dedicated to serving the people and the nation with integrity and respect for human rights, while at the same time maintaining total independence.
Talking big but vague again? Tools of oppression are the UNLIMITED TERMS for MPs and Assemblymen, tolerance of NEPOTISM and OLIGARCHY within Pakatan’s own ranks, remaining silent on Vehicular-AP and Forced Military Conscriptions (which I believe Pakatan intends to use later even after BN falls) and issues like Buah Pala, Gambier Threat and other abuses.
6) The healing of the country will begin, as Malaysians look forward to a brighter and more exciting future. Life as we know it will change for the better and will evolve further into a totally different society from what we are now – a comatose and even dying society over-oppressed by 50 years of BN authoritarian rule.
Mr.Lovefest Zul has us all going hip hip hurray, but voters can surely see whats wrong with Pakatan can’t they?
You speak well for your masters CP30 but miss out so many facts that that glowing feeling you wish to convey amounts to mere fluff. Pakatan (DAP/PAS quasi-fundos Christian/Islam) = PAP (Masonist) = USA (Fascist) = Zion (Satanist) !
Please be honest to the Rakyat. The first term at Fortress Komtar has already said much. I bid all citizens to run for candidacy against all nepotists, term limitless cliques, plutocratic and apartheid elements in both coalitions. Or vote for and join 3rd Force : SUPP, M0CS, KITA, MCLM, PCM, Borneo Front, Konsensus Bebas, HRP, PSM ! With whatever independent candidates. Learn how to vote with strategy in below link :
***Commentary : This comment was disallowed by the Malaysian Chronicle media portal which favours the Pakatan Opposition. Instead of engaging to refute, having an open discussion that betters and educates the Rakyat, they prefer to abuse their ownership powers of media portals that allow them to omit and misdirect, prevent growth of the citizen political-psyche, disallow and censor to better their propaganda purposes. Malaysian Chronicle (or it it the moderators?), the people who value such discourse are very disappointed in you. And Rakyat be wary of people who would keep your awareness of politics at a lower level than their own so they can manipulate you.

‘I blame it on my genes’ – by John Stevens – 7th September 2011

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700lb Californian woman enters the record books as the world’s fattest woman After reaching 700 pounds, Pauline Potter has officially entered the record books as the world’s heaviest woman. But the 47-year-old from Sacramento, California, now says she wants to lose weight so she can enjoy every day life again. Mrs Potter had boasted that men think she is a ‘sex goddess’ and she has ‘fantastic sex every day’, but she now struggles with daily life and cannot turn over in bed and or fit in her car. Record breaker: Pauline Potter has entered the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s heaviest living woman Record breaker: Pauline Potter has entered the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s heaviest living woman She wants to lose as much as 500 pounds in order to be able to go dancing, go on road trips and fit in seats at the theatre. The world record holder, who currently weighs 643 pounds, blames her upbringing as the main reason for her size. She said that being overweight is in her genes and that as a child there was an ‘overabundance’ of food.
‘My mom was over 400 pounds and my dad over 600,’ she said. ‘I have eight siblings all which are over 300, except one. This big: Mrs Potter weighed 700 pounds at her peak Difficulty: Mrs Potters says that she struggled to get dressed This big: Mrs Potter weighed 700 pounds at her peak and hopes to lose up to 500 pounds In the pool: Mrs Potter goes swimming between three and five times a week at a warm water therapy pool where she does lengths to keep mobile In the pool: Mrs Potter goes swimming between three and five times a week at a warm water therapy pool where she does lengths to keep mobile ‘We were just raised, that if it was happy we’d celebrate with food, if it was sad, oh you fell down and skinned your knee, here’s ice-cream.’ Mrs Potter said that she has repeatedly postponed losing weight, but has decided it is now time to do something about her size as daily life is becoming very difficult and she has to rely on her son for help. ‘Everything is difficult from getting dressed to taking a bath,’ she said.
‘To reaching, you know, I can’t put my own socks on. ‘As far as my daily activity I do, everything is very difficult and thank goodness I have a very good relationship with my son and he is very helpful. He helps me do anything that’s difficult.’ Before she was fat: Mrs Potter thinks the roots of her obesity lie in her childhood and her genes Before she was fat: Mrs Potter thinks the roots of her obesity lie in her childhood and her genes Before she was fat: Mrs Potter thinks the roots of her obesity lie in her childhood and her genes Growing up: Mrs Potter said that her family used to turn to food for both celebrations and commiserations Growing up: Mrs Potter said that her family used to turn to food for both celebrations and commiserations Growing up: Mrs Potter said that her family used to turn to food for both celebrations and commiserations The Californian mother tries to keep mobile by going to a warm water rehabilitation pool three to five times a week where she does laps. But she has to use a mobility scooter to get around and can no longer get into her car. Mrs Potter said that one of her problems is that she likes all foods, except sauerkraut and Brussels sprouts, and said she has food every one or two hours. ‘I’d be happy at 200 [pounds] maybe 300 but probably more 200 would be my ideal weight,’ she said. Support: Mrs Potter said that she relies on her son for help doing everyday things that she cannot do along with her sisters Support: Mrs Potter said that she relies on her son for help doing everyday things that she cannot do along with her sisters
Too big: Mrs Potter cannot get in her car any more so has to use a mobility scooter to get around
Too big: Mrs Potter cannot get in her car any more so has to use a mobility scooter to get around
Record books: Mrs Potter is featured in the new Guinness Book of Records
‘I would be in seventh heaven. I could dance, I could go watch Baseball games, I could walk into a Theatre and sit in the seats, I could go on road trips again with my son, we could go to Reno and gamble.’ Mrs Potter is looking for a nutritionist and doctor to help her, but said she also has the support of her network of friends online. ‘I have a lot of friends online,’ she said. ‘I go online there’s a support group on there with other heavy friends, so we talk quite a bit online, we exchange phone numbers, we talk on the phone or we email.’ Mrs Potter said she regrets getting as big as she has and would not recommend her lifestyle to anyone. ‘I don’t even know how to say, it’s not fun, it’s not fun at all,’ she said. ‘There is no physical freedom.’ ‘As far as even rolling over in the bed. Thank goodness I have an electric hospital bed, and I can grab on to the bars to roll over. ‘I am mobile to a certain extent but it’s difficult. I just struggle every day to hang on to what little bit of mobility I have. It’s very hard.’ For more amazing records check out the new Guinness World Records 2012 out on September 15th. Visit for more information
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
For love of diversity, I suggest the fattest breed with the fattest (also thinnest with thinnest). Losing fat people in society would be like losing a distinct species of animal or plant. They may not be the best or healthiest specimens of humanity but equally valid and rebuke to those who would force everyone to look like clones of the way governments impose their will on what is acceptable or not (as if to avoid bullying one neede to be less than fat, looks horrible to some of us, but thats the challenge to those attempting to impose a mono-system that threatens conformity and uniformity.
Ms.Potter challenges the system by being fat so she is a hero! Mob mentality is nonsense and a tool of control even in preferences in aesthetics, so keep eating to the limits of health that adds mass in a way that does not affect longevity! Don’t ‘blame’ it on your genes, treasure those genes and attenuate them by breeding with even fatter (but healthy) people! This is not for everyone but if there was anyone who needed to build on what they have, Pauline Potter is just such an example !

Golden series: The danger of holding Gold in the long term – by Sam Chee Kong – 8th September 2011

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Golden series: The danger of holding Gold in the long term “Gold has no utility other than looking shiny and pretty. Gold demand equals fear demand and when people becomes more afraid than you in a year or two, then you will make money but if they are less afraid, then you will lose money. Gold by itself doesn’t produce anything and is a bad investment in the long run” – Warren Buffet on Gold Investment Gold is not an Investment as perceived by a lot of investors but rather it is an Insurance against bad times.
As Warren Buffet said, the demand for gold is equal to fear demand. That means the demand of gold will be correlated to the level of uncertainty in the marketplace .The more uncertain the marketplace, the higher the demand for gold. An intelligent investor during uncertain times, will add gold in his/her portfolio as part of asset allocation. It will be a smart move to just allocate a small percentage of your portfolio, probably about 3-5% to gold. This is to ensure that, if there are any huge dislocations in currencies and economies, you will still be protected in one way or another. Why only allocate such a small percentage and not more? Is Gold not a good investment? Two camps Firstly, gold price is highly manipulative, as demonstrated during the past decades. There is always a tendency for the fiat currency regime to suppress the price of gold whenever it possess a threat. Currently, we have two camps of people. One belonging to the fiat currency, while the other is pro-gold standard. As such, there is a war going on between the fiat currency regime and the gold standard.
Unfortunately, those people that are calling the shots are the ones that are running the “fiat currency” regime. They will not hesitate to use any means available, either through the central bank, Presidential Orders and etc to suppress gold. Contrary to popular belief that The Federal Reserve is government owned because of the word FEDERAL, it is not. The Federal Reserve is actually a privately owned entity. It consists of 12 regional Reserve Banks and are mainly owned by the many member commercial banks. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York holds the largest percentage of shares (53%) in the Federal Reserve System. The two largest shareholders of the New York Federal Reserve are JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup. JPMorgan and Citibank are the financial cornerstone of Morgan and Rockefeller empires. So, being the largest shareholders of New York Federal Reserve meant that, they are also the largest shareholders of the Federal Reservesystem in the U.S, since NY Federal Reserve holds the largest share in the system. The cartel that owns the “fiat currency” also owns CME. So basically by owning the Federal Reserve, these cartels virtually have unlimited supply of “fiat money” at their disposal. Rockefeller is also known to be a shareholder of Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and at the same time also has a very large short position in gold futures, up to the tune of a few hundred billion dollars. So, there is a natural tendency for him to suppress the price of gold by using CME to hike the trading margins in gold. Volcker sent gold into a 20-year downtrend Secondly, if the margin hikes by CME don’t work, the Federal Reserve through Bernanke will not hesitate to invoke a Paul Volcker 1981’s “shock and awe’. In 1981, the then Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Paul Volcker in his bid to end the effects of ravaging inflation (13.5% in 1981) from commodities and gold, raised the interest rate to 21.5% in 1981. At the same time, foreign dollar holders were then also dumping the dollar in protest over the foreign policies of the Carter administration. As a result of the interest hike, it has officially ended the bull market for gold from the 1970s to 1981. Gold price went into a downward spiral for the next 20 years. The tripling of the interest rate at the same time also forces global interest rates to go through the roof, triggering a global recession. By 1982, the dollar’s status as the world reserve currency was restored.
Roosevelt confiscated gold, will Obama follow
Finally, during the last Great Depression in the 1930s, there were bank runs and shutdowns. Also, following England’s 1931 decision to remove the pound sterling from the gold standard, foreigners returned to the US for gold. At that time, the Federal Reserve Note (FRN) was 40% backed by gold. The authorities know that that if everyone starts converting their dollar holdings into gold, then in no time there would be no gold left to back the currency. Hence, the money supply system would collapse completely. Something drastic needed to be done, to halt the alarming trend. So on 5th April 1933, President Roosevelt confiscated the gold of Americans by changing the FRN from a promise to pay in gold into legal tender itself, backed by the full faith and credit of the United States. He debased the US dollar by 40% overnight, by raising the price of gold from $20.67 per troy ounce to $35.00 per troy ounce. However, nobody could take advantage of Roosevelt’s offer because people were not allowed to exchange their gold until 31st December 1974, when Americans were then allowed to buy, sell and hold gold. It is like having a counter in the KLSE suspended for the next 40 years and by the time it reopens in 2051, I don’t think many of us will be around. Desperate time requires desperate measure and we will not be surprise if the Obama administration will again confiscate gold. As you can see the odds of winning in this game in the long run is biased towards the cartels.
As long as those in charge are pro “fiat currency”, then gold price will always be suppressed and they can resort to any measures that they deemed right, even by using arm twisting tactics. Then the biggest killer – gold futures vs spot Nobel laureate Nouriel Roubini, after several false calls for a market top when the price of gold touched USD830 and USD1,300 twittered the following message, with emphasis added. “SPAM (American pork luncheon meat) is a better hedge against inflation than gold: you can eat it and it can lasts 1000 years. Gold is as Keynes aptly said, a barbarous relic.” Anyway for the sake of discussion, as we know the price of gold futures precedes spot gold price. So, when everyone starts to scramble for physical gold, naturally all those who are holding paper gold futures will start dumping when they realize there will be no physical gold for delivery. This will lead to a collapse in the price of gold futures. Since spot gold price follows the price of gold futures, what will it be of spot gold prices? Can anyone enlighten me on this, please? – Malaysia Chronicle
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
The agenda to keep the ‘Fiat Currency’ machinery which can can print limitless quantities of paper with zeros alive is what @Sam Chee Kong (probably another ‘funny money’ ‘monopoly money’ advocates) seems to be pushing. We have to take away that power from all governments to end their dominance of the economy. Sack all governments giving raises when the economy is at negative GDP, it cannot grow forever as overpopulation will be occur. And when debt cannot be covered by growth that cannot occur beyond absolute ecological limits on population support, barring crony/nepotist free new governance or technological paradigms, the debt which was intended to be covered by growth that will never come will result in wars of attrition, economic depression and starvation, and the high crime levels and loss of democratic rights. At that point all fiat will be worth nothing, gold however could maintain it’s minimal value which is reflective of the state of economy – so long as a modicum of civilisation remains. In a Mad Max/Water World scenario, of course gold will be worth nothing. But that is quite unlikely, so gold is still alright to invest in and gives much power to the citizens over the unlimited printing of fiat. The dishonest politician (like Pakatan 1 foot in the door) of course wants to be in control of such governance paradigms that allow unlimited printing of fiat (enrich slevs faster than economy destroys itself).
PAS, please send one of your Dinar proponents to handle this DAP globalist fiat stooge, stop the promotion of fiat by greedy and unaccountable F(i)atheads ! Expect gold to at least maintain it’s value when the fait currency system collapses or to match inflation at the very least – it cannot drop in value. Note also that paper gold (pass book gold) is 80 times oversold (i.e. the bank does not have the actual reserves – it is selling you an empty promise in hopes that it’s investment of your money will outstrip the value of the rise of gold, if thaty doesn’t occur, you will find a bankrupt bank unable to physically deliber when all fiat currencies become Banana notes, starting with the 87 trillion in debt USA). Meanwhile remember what we are voting for :
1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution. ;and vote only for MPs or Assemblymen that can endorse clearly on the 3 items.
***Commentary : This comment was censored by Malaysia Chronicle. No reason was given. No discourse was allowed. (Seem familiar? Thats authoritarian Malaysian media portals for you. Think of the way they titles the programmes here as well. In USA it’s all about the Apprentice, in Malaysia it’s all about the ‘Mentor’ . . .

Peacocks, Prostitutes & TVs Found In Mexican Prison – The Australian – 8 November 2011

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ACAPULCO, Mexico — A surprise search at an Acapulco prison netted two peacocks, 100 fighting cocks, 19 prostitutes, 100 plasma TVs and two sacks filled with marijuana, authorities told journalists on Tuesday. Police found six female inmates living in the male part of the prison, which was also the section where the peacocks were found, the BBC reported. Police in the Mexican resort city also found several bottles of alcohol and knives, The Associated Press reported. Guerrero state spokesman Arturo Martinez says federal and state police searched the prison before dawn Monday. Martinez didn’t say how the women, birds and the other banned objects got into the prison. He referred to the peacocks as “pets.” In July, prisoners in the northern state of Sonora were found to be raffling off a luxury cell fitted out with an air conditioner, refrigerator and DVD player, according to the BBC. The resort city has been plagued by crime since last year when gangs began fighting for control after the arrest of Edgar Valdez Villarreal, also known as “La Barbie.” Cock fighting is popular in parts of Mexico.
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Eye for eye tooth for tooth. If someone had been torturing others sexually by withholding access to partners, the punishment of disallowing sex in turn would be relevant.
But for entirely unrelated offenses like robbery or smuggling, a relevant punishment like helping to search for, or at least sort and number stolen or smuggled goods of equal value would be more relavant. Prostitutes should be legal in prison especially to the unmarried as they do much to lessen the aggression factor between inmates by relaxing sexual tension.
Unless prison is intended to be a sexual discipline centre, there is not reason to deny inmates access to sex, thus prostitutes or interactions between male inmates and female inmates at least are relevant. Very much like incarceration or fines (denial of access to pets, denial of general entertainment) do not address the reasons for some crimes, especially victimless crimes, denial of release of sexual tension or having access to emotional comfort of pets (though pets should also have access to similar species to socialise, their stints with ‘owners’ – employers more than anything else a form of WORK that requires compensation . . . ), and general entertainment (though selection of certain programmes specific to their offense should be prevented) in prisons is equally meaningless.
Riots, killings and breakouts will be less likely if prisoners are entertained or have something to occupy themselves with. Include chain gang stints (though not under inhumane conditions and with consideration for the inmates’ health) as well to make them productive. With all that pent up energy, little wonder the riots, killings and breakouts. Incarceration worst of all, costs money to the taxpayers and ethically and morally, it is unconstitutional to apply punishments that do not address the causes of specific crimes, results in a 3rd world paradigm of punishment, waste of resources. There should be no issue with the ‘finds’ above.