Death Of The White Race by Wyatt Kaldenberg – 17th May 2010

In England, Germany, racism on January 21, 2012 at 5:56 pm

A Nigger radio station from Los Angeles was broadcasting a preacher’s speech entitled, “1996: The Year White Women Stopped Having Babies.” The Nigger said that in 1995 the birth rate among White women was the lowest it has ever been in history, and in 1996 the number of babies born to White women was 10% lower than the year before. The Nigger claimed that this meant the death of the White Race. More and more White women are refusing to give birth to the White man’s babies. The talking ape went on to say that it is even worse for the White Race, because not only is the amount of babies White women are having the lowest it has ever been, but, also, 30% of all babies White women gave birth to in 1996 were non-white. The Black racist said that this is not just happening in America, but in all White nations. White women are refusing to give birth to the White Devils’ babies! He told his fellow primates that there will be no Race War for the control of the West, because in one or two generations, there won’t be enough young Whites to defend any White nation. The Devil will lose his land by default.

I have two questions. First, is this Nigger correct? And second, if this is true, why the hell did I have to hear it from a freaking Nigger? The survival of the White Race is the paramount issue of our age, but our intellectuals are not monitoring the condition of our race. People who can’t function in the real world become teachers, and people who are too stupid to teach become intellectuals. Most of the intellectuals in the Resistance are bogged down in the defensive position of Holocaust Revisionism. They feel that we need to argue with the Jews over how many scum-bag criminals can fit in an oven. Who else but the intellectuals would come up with such a stupid platform as the Holocaust debate? Holocaust Revisionism helps the Kikes control the international debate by focusing on Jewish suffering. David Irving claims 2 million Jews died, while other Revisionists say it was more like 200,000 or even less. The Revisionists parade “friendly” Jews around to prove they are not anti-Semites, but merely concerned citizens seeking the truth. Revisionism gives the Jews a platform to whine about the Holocaust, for how could the poor Jews allow these denials to go unanswered? Holocaust Revisionism is a Jew’s dream-come-true. Whether the number dead is 6 or 2 million or even 1 Jew, it really doesn’t matter to the Jews as long as the debate focuses on the Jew as the victim. Instead of worrying about the past, we should be preparing the White masses for the future.

So, what is the future for the White race? According to the Bureau of Census, in 1996, 73% of the 264. 6 million who live in the U. S. are White. However, according to the MacMillan Almanac, most Puerto Ricans are automatically defined as White by the U. S. Census. Furthermore, any Spic who claims to be White is counted White by the Census Bureau, and all babies born to White women are defined as White, regardless of the father’s race, unless the mother makes a request that her baby be classified as non-White. If a half-Nigger man and a White woman have 10 children, they are all counted as one big White family. Therefore, the number of American Whites is less than 73% of the population, but there is no way to get a true head count under ZOG. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, in 1960,122. 7 babies were born to every 1,000 White women between the ages of 15 and 44. In 1992, there were only 66. 5 births per 1,000 breeding age White women. The White birthrate in 1992 was 54% of what it was in 1960. In other words, during the 32 years up to 1992, the White American birth rate has dropped by 46%. The White race has never had a war where 46% of our babies died. In 1348, the Black Plague, according to many historians, killed between 30% to 50% of the Whites living in Europe. Many people see the Plague as the worse tragedy to befall our race. However, most casualties from the Black Death were adults who were weak, elderly, or sick. Every single Aryan to die from the birth control plague is a baby. If 46% of all White American babies in 1992 were to suddenly die of some unknown disease, the masses would be in an uproar. They would be demanding that the government do something to save our children. However, since our babies are dying not from a disease, but from birth control, no one cares, and ZOG can sweep our demise under the rug. The Plague is not just in the United States; it is sweeping across the White world. The White birth rate in numerous Aryan nations is even lower than the United States.

In tiny Iceland, the Vietnamese refugee birth rate is four times higher than native Whites (Comment : Shut it – LBSM breeding is the worse kept open secret and you had to bring it up on STorm Front? Duh . . .) . ZOG has a large military base in Iceland and many Nordic women throw themselves at Nigger and Spic soldiers in order to get U. S. citizenship. ZOG is turning Iceland into a mud island. America is the cancer of the Aryan world. 60 Minutes had a program on the expiring fertility of Russians after the fall of Communism. American-style Capitalism has not brought the promised Utopia, and poverty has made the abortion clinics rich.

Unemployment has driven many Russians to alcohol and of the few White babies born, many suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome. The only White nation to have a baby surplus is Ireland, and if the rest of the White world drowns in a sea of mud, Ireland will not be far behind. The race struggle is international. No White nation lives in a vacuum. What hurts one White nation hurts all White nations. The National Center for Health Statistics’ figures are misleading, for the N. C. H. S. divides America up in only three races: Black, Yellow, and White. According to their 1992 data in the U. S., Black women had a birth rate of 83.2, Gooks 67.2, and Whites 66.5. However, in what group does the N. C. H. S. put American Indians, Arabs, Mexicans, or any of the other races which don’t fall within these three categories? I could not find a clue of how they view Indians and Arabs, but in one piece of literature they stated: “Among White ethnic groups, Latinos (especially Mexicans) have the highest birth rate.” According to someone in this branch of ZOG, every greasy pregnant South American Indian who crosses the border is doing us a favor by increasing the White birth rate. It is obvious that White birth in 1992 had dropped far below 66. 5. How much farther below that number I can’t tell. Was 1995 the lowest White birth rate in history? Was the 1996 White birth rate 10% lower than the year before? Is 30% of the so-called White birth rate non-White babies born to White women? I don’t know, but a Nigger said it was so, and it would not be very liberal of me to disagree with a talking monkey. Our birth rate has fallen way below the replacement level, and that some people in ZOG are lying by re-classifying Spics as Whites to make it appear that our numbers are higher. It is hard to find correct data on the race question because, firstly, ZOG doesn’t want the White masses to learn what is happening, and, secondly, because most of the eggheads in the Resistance are stuck in the quicksand of Holocaust Revisionism and can’t get out. I don’t know, nor do I care, how many Jews died in the Holocaust. If Hitler did kill six million Jews, I won’t lose any sleep over it. The Jews have been kicked out of nearly every civilized nation on Earth. If the Jews weren’t so evil, people wouldn’t kill them. If any one is to blame for anti-Semitism, Hitler, and the Holocaust, it’s the Jews. If the Jews weren’t so damn anti-White, there wouldn’t be a need to kill them. I don’t care that their religion is odd. I don’t care that Irv Rubin has a face like a horse. I don’t care that Jews own liquor stores in the Black community. I don’t care that they steal land from the Sand-Niggers and that their soldiers gun down unarmed Muslim children. However, I do care that the Jews attack my people with the fury of a rabid wolf. For the 5,000 years of hate crimes the Jews have inflicted upon the White race, Adolf Hitler would have been justified in killing 6 million Jews.

Do you really need to say anything more about the Holocaust?If Hitler killed 6 millions Jews (Comment : Methinks he only killed 600,000 because 60 million people died in WW2, it is inconceivable that 10% died in death camps . . . the numbers were likely inflated to elicit more ‘pity’ – aka justification for the lobbyists to act the way they do to get all kinds of concessions . . . ), then this proves there really is a God. If Hitler killed 6 million Jews, then it was an evil necessity, and I hate the Jews for making the Holocaust necessary. Hitler was a kindly Uncle, provoked into action by Jewish wickedness. How odd of the Jews not to have learned anything from the Holocaust. It’s not healthy to attack the Aryan race.

After centuries of White backlash, the Jews still haven’t got it through their thick skulls that to mess with the White race means death, but what else can we expect from a race filled with intellectuals? The White race needs to keep its eyes on the prize. The prize is the survival and advancement of the White Race. White birth rates are a survival issue. The mud invasion is a survival issue. Overthrowing ZOG is a survival issue. But worrying about dead Jews is just White guilt, and White guilt is Jewish.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Saw the above article posted and would like to give some thoughts. This war can be fought ideologically and ethically by seeking origins that will doubtless neutralise any enemies like Iran, though any imagined subjugation after they reinstated being Persian or readopting Zoroastrianism will not be any easier. Iran can be a deadly adversary to Whites where even Afghanistan is already a Graveyard of Superpowers (guess which Empire just bit the dust), try to seek yourselves instead of provoking them, even as the originally Persiatic Iranians seek themselves – should the Shah’s Peacock Throne and the Zorastrianism faith (look up Towers of Silence very eco-friendly and probably ‘Deathly’ enough for the neo-gothic among storm fronters – by the way, neo-goths were from what I remember reading Southern Europe, were also dark haired and someawhat ‘swarthy’ of complexion . . .) system be reinstated so that Iran would recultivate it’s Persiatic roots rather than the foreign Bedouin Islamic one.

You whites could take a long and deep breath, and be afforded safety without proper impetus for a jihad. The Muslims too, at least those that are civilised, want no major wars as well. Conversely never let it be said that it was whites who continue to cause war. Payback will be far worse than what is happening from the 5/6ths non white population/ 3/4 no-white land control globally unless bio-chemical/dna wars occur, which will in time be equally hazardous to whites in the long run as these things mutate and are impossible to contain globally.

Don’t even mention Nukes, as even Ahmidanejad is distancing himself from those already . . . conventional warfare? Maybe, but the outcry could result in a pogrom against whites and that will be no better on the conscience of Mankind. On faith, sad to say, Christianity was received by a beige (sorta brown) skinned, dark haired dark eyed Aramaean (Aramea covers parts of modern Syria/north east Iran) and not anyone remotely ‘white’.

The Norseman (Blond with Blue eyes) or Celts (red haired with Green eyes) have nothing to do with the Bible as faith but rather the Prose Edda or Mabinogi, Nordic Pantheon. Read up on your faith origins.

You guys may remember the architectural forms, perhaps the red neck pathos, but almost forget the faith and language issue, even the English Freemasons are prone to subversion should Egypt instll a Constitutional Pharoanate (probably Ramses’ descendants exist but might have converted to Islam, though the Egyptian faith system has been researched and revived to perfection by Free Masons – sadly who have not a drop of Egyptian blood in them being mostly English (Angles were incidentally from Germany, the hated KRAUTS . . . ). The Crusades were fought under the Aramean Cross. You guys didn’t notice that whites (both main types, though Anglo-Saxons had made near mincemeat of the Celts also) had some gains earlier (raiding English monasteries from Scandinavia) but were sucked into Machiavellian/Judaic/English-Colonialistic mess that USA and some of the EU is still paying for.

To progress, you Stormfronters must unlearn what you have learned, some of it anyway. Free Masonry is faux Judeo-Egpytian at best, modern Egyptians are NOT Muslims by native faith, Iranians are PERSIANS that were defeated by a specific tribe of Bedouin Arabs and converted, as the and your enemies are IGNORANCE of origins for a start.

And the Masonic themes in Dr.Who or whatever movies like Vendetta are unhappy fusions of Egypto-Judaic-Christian elements that being pure-blood minded folk Storm Fronters will be intolerable by the sheer ‘mix-bloodedeness’ of the entire system. It’s from ‘Sand Niggers’ though the Egyptian Pharoanate nominally based around Free Masonry will take offense at that term, as much as the slanty eyed East Asian or brown skinned Central Asian races claiming Christianity (or being porch-Masons of subordinate non-English clubs) will draw derision from Whites though they do not say it to retain their influence.

You want purity? Read some history and geography, study faith system origins, turn back the pre-invasion/pre-fusion-cultural era. You will find that : Jews were originally the priestly caste of the last Egyptian Pharoah (who was branded Heretic for his laziness to worship the Egyptian Pantheon as it stood to worship pre-monotheistic Amon-Ra who was to become the first monotheistic God of Moses instead – egregor or actual god, we cannot tell for sure, ask the Wind or the Moon, maybe they’ll tell you if you are deemed worthy) who were exiled when the Pharoah fell, to what they founded as Israel – with Solomon as their new King on the back of the core of Egyptian culture they rewrote as Monotheism and Jewry alongside the Tablets and commandments.

This is not an issue barring the egregor-god subsumption by the new form of Sun god Amen-Ra, but modern Zionism is a plague on the Palestinians, plague on US economy, and probably if uncontrolled, all of mankind – the non-Judaic ‘Gentile/Goyim’ kind mainly. Muslims have a similar term ‘Dhimmi’ for non-Muslims but this is applied only by the most extreme regimes . . . Romania/Rome/Greece (South East Europe), is not Scandinavian Nordic nor Celtic, for that separate race of people though part of EU, features dark haired, beige (brownish) skinned people.

The true Roman’s (Kittim to the Jews and with no certain numbers of far off Legions, became part of the Gypsy population, so unfairly depicted in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, after Rome fell) faith is in elder Roman gods/planetary intelligence gods (Archons) later offensive attributed and converted into Goetic and Solomonic demons by Christians. Any efficacy of said Pentacles derived from the subvertion from leaked energies than the fountainhead of origin. Romans are much like the elder Han Chinese (who became decadent enough to fall to nomads several times, though the last nomadic Empire adopted wholesale (or was swallowed by) the highly developed Chinese imperial cultural identity. Being a tiny majority made the Manchu need to blend in, in order to ‘rule’ China as it would take too long to develop a culture that matched the Han one. Many Ming era scions still survived though and waited for a time to rise again, (now looks good).

As in nature with Han Chinese as the heart of the Eastern Continental Caucasian, with the younger Frankish Sabbatean races from the 8th century (German/French – Charlemagne’s brood) playing the part of Manchus in your (unfortunately dark haired) Hitler’s failed revival of the Aryan – even Aryan are of dark Northern Indic stock to begin with and have Dravidian blood mixed in much of the supposedly pure population, and the Taj Mahal though most recognizable perhaps ned a re-Hindification as it was in fact built by a Muslim Sultan, rather than a Maharajah, though India has several extant Maharajah’s this day to counterweigh the white sovereigns of the West whatever ethnicity or faith (original or not) . . .

Your true ‘white’ gods are the Tuuatha de Danaan (for the Red haired green eyed whites) and Odin/Thor’s Pantheon (for the blue eyed blond haired whites) respectively, and, the Holy Books not either New or Old testament BUT the Mabinogi and Prose Edda. Your true ancestors were Africanesque fashioned spear carrying deerskin wearing semi-naked Woad painted plainsmen of the Northern Isles (said to have Faerie blood in their ancestry and thus linked to the Unseelie Courts), Druids/Wiccans (nominally sorcerors like Merlin (that were recopied and cast as ‘Gandalf’ in horrendous popular fictional parodies, don’t even get started on Harry Potter) who was known to be part-draconic or part-otherworldly blood at least), LOTR-esque Bards and Bear or Wolf Skin clad Warriors and Druids. Not violent xenophobic skinheads and crusaders, KKK klansman (Mortal Kombat to that), though both could be retained and formalized as an ‘Outer Order’ of sorts much like Middle East’s and East Asia’s ‘outer-order’ porch Mason faux Anglophiles. That armoured knight thing, is an entirely fusion Anglo-Saxon-Sabbatean-Frankish on Aramean ‘convert’ Christian fallacy, as a pretext by even more bored aristocrats to war on Middle Easterners for ‘stealing’ their already non-original franchise monopoly in Monotheism (adopted from Judaism on the death of a man named Christ) than anything else.

The crusades were a lie, the fighting between the Orange and other Churches in Ireland (get your own King Irishmen, and so should Scotland and Welshland) and England sheer DELUSION. Finally, the Queen of England is half-German on the paternal side, they renamed their family name from German Couburg Saxe-Gotha (still a de facto noble house in Germany this day) to jolly faux-English Windsor to avoid being removed by angry Englishmen at the height of the ‘Hitler Nazi Era’ when all things and persons German or half-German in the Queen’s case, were attacked as Nazi.

Who among English blood Stormfronters advocates reinstatement of any extant 100% English blood noblemen from House Hanover as the rightful king of England? Too few remember anything but the latest fusions which get further tangled as time goes by. These are not your wars, not your angst to carry, and while martial like the dark haired, brown skinned Spartans, the real white was a far more handsomely cultivated, cultured and civilised nation if anything (barring monastry raids or random violence) or the Viking slave trading that went on for a few centuries.

Various sources were taken for this response, if any inaccuracies are present please inform and correct.

Have fun rethinking your entire reality Stormfronters, best of luck in finding your true roots

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