Fancy yourself as a Top Gun? – by Mike Larkin – 2nd September 2011

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Chris Brown drives around in F-86 styled Lamborghini that would make Tom Cruise jealous It looks like disgraced singer Chris Brown fancies himself as a bit of a Top Gun. The entertainer has been pictured driving his own custom Lamborghini car with a specially modified look based on the legendary F-86 Sabre. No doubt even Tom Cruise’s Maverick character would have cast an admiring glance at the RnB singer’s unique set of wheels as he sped through Downtown Los Angeles yesterday. Top Gun: Chris Brown was clearly living out his fantasy as he drove his custom Lamborghini into a building in Downtown Los Angeles yesterday
Top Gun: Chris Brown was clearly living out his fantasy as he drove his custom Lamborghini into a building in Downtown Los Angeles
And the F.A.M.E singer would not have looked out of place pulling up to take part in the film’s famous beach volleyball scene in such a fashionable ride. His custom paint job goes so far as to have specially painted on rivets along each of the luxury sports car’s panels. The F-86 is an historic aircraft that is famous for being the US’s first swept wing fighter which could counter the similarly-winged Soviet MiG-15 in high speed dogfights over the skies of the Korean War. It set its first official world speed record of 670 miles per hour in September 1948, and its ability to fly around the sound barrier saw it remain in use as a front-line fighter in numerous air forces until the last active operational examples were retired by the Bolivian Air Force in 1994.
Thumbs up: No doubt Maverick would give his seal of approval to the arrogant star’s expensive new car
Bad boy star Brown, who pled guilty to assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, has clearly taken the title of his hit song Look At Me Now to heart. Even Pimp My Ride presenter Xzibit would have been impressed at his specially commissioned paint job. The spoiled 22-year-old clearly loves flaunting the wealth he has earned from his chart-topping career. He wore a $22,000 Rolex watch to the MTV Video Music Awards last week, but almost lost the diamond encrusted timepiece. Brown resorted to throwing it off stage after the accessory came loose during his performance. The original and best: The legendary F-86A Sabre figther jet which Brown’s paint job is lifted from Rip off: Brown’s specially commissioned custom look copies how the jet looks down to painted on rivets on each of the panels After taking it off he tried to throw it to a safe place – but his ham-fisted effort saw it end up in sea of audience members. Luckily a kind-hearted fan handed it in to one of his security personnel, but the multi-millionaire could not even be bothered to thank them in person.
A spokesperson for the star said: ‘Although Chris did not get to meet the fan, he is very appreciative of the fan’s actions.’ After being slammed for not being appreciative, he later offered the girl a reward for her honesty. His spokesperson said: ‘Chris’ bodyguard didn’t get the name of the girl who returned the watch, but they’re hoping she’ll contact them so Chris can personally thank her and reward her with tickets and backstage passes to his new tour.’ It comes after the singer reportedly displayed more bad behavior during a friendly basketball game at an LA fitness centre last month. Welcome at the party: No doubt Chris would be welcome at the film’s famous volleyball scene if he pulled up in his cool car Welcome at the party: No doubt Chris would be welcome at the film’s famous volleyball scene if he pulled up in his cool car When fellow players failed to impress the singer, he let rip a tirade of homophobic abuse, yelling anti-gay slurs to the horror of onlookers. He allegedly shouted offensive insults such as ‘you’re a f****t’, and ‘that’s a gay move’, a source said. According to RadarOnline, as soon as anyone made the slightest error during play he became incensed. His entourage threatened to boot out witnesses taking pictures during the basketball match – despite the fact the gym members had as much right to be there as Chris. It wasn’t the first time the singer has been in trouble for making homophobic comments. Last December Chris was forced to tweet an apology after calling ex-B2k member Raz B a ‘homothug’.
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Chris can afford to buy a F-86 jet and start a ‘Warbirding club’ with his fellow black Americans that have enough wealth. No excuses for doing that to his car. Some thoughts on different ‘war-crafting’ options. For an open system in the military so that the people do not need to depend on a potential army that may in fact be used against them (also to save money), as in the Crusades of the past, where criteria to join a war as Knight errants was armour and a horse, or at least infantry (with suggest that any and all citiznes with the cash to fund – a weapon, an armoured vehicle, tanks, biplanes, jets, artillery, bombers, warships (think historical privateering and letters of marque) be given a proper rank and be allowed to hire a crew with a uniform vehicle option featuring the best craft from established manufacturers (this will be a point of contention but will bring healthy discussion and innvation between the gaps and interactions rather than a collusive military industrial complex).
This way the people are armed, they will not be subject to the state yet they will feel loyalty and patiotism as well. They will also be a people of conscience and decide whether a crusade occurs or not (enough peace loving warship owners and the wr is off), and finally there will be no collusion between state and the manufacturers of equipment to defraud anyone. This way the very wealthiest instead of being bored and decadent at clubs or eating or playing ‘skins’ with their cars, could be doing military drills with their fellow rich, hiring crews they will need to drill yet balance with their own personality (or lack of it), something more useful than the lack of entertainments that drives them into politics to ruin perfectly good countries, or more pathetic collect expensive race crs and get into accidents.
They want to militarise YET on their preferred terms (what if someone has the money to fund a single troop that he would like to get into war game with others later? what if the uniform is leather and chains during peacetime, craft being the motorcycle – thee are your REAL men, not metrosexual clubbers drinkers and drug addicts fukign everything in sight). Government has made it impossible to feel a sense of loyalty to the country as they own the military craft. The criteria for loyalty to the true leaders is the right to have an active stake in the war or defense of the nation. At the same time, do know that only the younger, less matured or less civilised will participate (see how they conduct themselves or the unifrms they adopt of what tactics they use – Hell’s Angels for example, could well be a fighter squadron excepting their lack of wealth, so if a group of Chris Browns buy fighter jets and begin training formations, the whole gang thing will become far much more and will of course be very good for morale and reputations of black Americans in general, as the Chinese who might very well be engaging in the sport of ‘warbirding’ anytime soon), and thus build a social structure around military citizens and their educated philosopher class types instead.
How about bringing Hollywood to Africa? Liquidate your wealth, carve out a mini-satrapy in Africa, and invest in your own township instead of being 1 rapper or musician only in the USA. Time to think of your cousins in Africa – they are closer to the Chinese businessmen than you, an ethnic African for willy’s sake! Alot could be done in time, perhaps joining elections, making something of the county your forefathers came from, investing in your true roots ‘is what I’m saying’. get to know some African Kings. Get some African titles of nobility for good works in building Africa !
Driving around in a faux-F-86 can’t be considered doing enough with what you have! MLK would turn in his grave! Buy a few hundred thousand acres of land and distribute it to any deserving (i.e. not drug dealing or gang banging types, but those ordinary folks stuck in envioronments that could prevent them from becoming middle classers) poor black families for example.
Break the system! And don’t worrry about the gentrification factor, it can always be preserved in a form of entertainment. Buy a few abandoned blocks and keep it all nice and ‘hoody’. Make a theme park of it. Invite grafitti artists to paint the town whatever colour they like. After hours, hold real fights, gun fights even. meanwhile a stronger emergent class of black American citizen grows in the land you bought for them . . . you cannot be considerde a disgraced singer if you do this and hang around the African royalty back home. THIS is real gentrification, not corporate (white?!?) America taking over Haarlem. If not SPONSOR some college kid to run for candidacy in your stead. You c an be the man behind the man, like Obama looks like he has someone pulling his strings at times . . . Finally, when you’re up to it, try giving Ru Paul a visit just to prove you are not what they say you are. It’s as bad as white racism against blacks and who cares what they do to themselves? It’s none of anyone’s business.

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