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Building blocks rely on spatial skills normally found in males. by Jon Harrison ( January 18, 2012

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50,000 Feminists Take Umbrage at Pink Legos

You’d think feminists would want to encourage Lego’s pitch to young girls.

I’m a little bit conflicted on this, because I know stirring controversy is exactly what they want to draw attention to their “cause”. This sort of thing should probably just be ignored, but they’ve gotten on a nationally syndicated radio show. The presentation was particularly objectionable. It was taken for granted that feminist theory is proven and academically sound.

A consumer product targeted at children is so unsafe and dangerous that an organized campaign to have it be banned from the marketplace had arisen with growing support.

What was it this time? Tainted Chinese baby formula. Choking hazard happy meal toys? Collapsible asphyxiation strollers? According to the presenter, this was a far more sinister menace.

Pink Legos. The snappable building block toy enjoyed by generations of children.

So what’s the big deal? As it turns out, when viewed through feminist prism lenses any girl who is exposed to (let alone plays with) this toy will become a wife and mother, someone who is feminine and forfeits her chance to be a brain surgeon or win a Nobel prize in astrophysics.

Lest you think this is a hoax, the original petition (with 47,000+ signatures & counting) can be found at “Tell Lego to Stop Selling Out Girls.”

All interested parties who want to support women’s right to choose the color of her daughters Lego’s are invited to sign my counter-petition.

You’d think feminists would want to encourage Lego’s pitch to young girls.

Building blocks rely on spatial skills normally found in males. Oops, have I just committed a sexist “gender stereotype”?

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Gender Insularism is a luxury. These feminists are the result of lower society of formerly parentless, or single parent, or abused women supported by men from the same group assserting their position, that is not bad in itself, but to attempt to destroy the form and structure of the upper classes and the stable and nomral non abusive among family units they never had to chance to enjoy and are obviously jeqalous of, and those from stable and happy traditional families. is just plain hatred and jealousy.

Probably 90% of feminists are from stable backgrounds that do not wish to destroy traditional families, these 50,000 feminists sure don’t sound like any serious feminists to target toys obviously targeted at traditional families’ kids. There could be parallel toysets targeting the Feminist/Single parent group advertised at the same time for the toy company to be PC. Why should they feel aggrieved unless they are just emotionally unstable about happy families and throw themselves into work and criticism of toys?

3 Articles on Football – reposted by @AgreeToDisagree – 1st February 2012

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David Beckham files appeal to reinstate $25m lawsuit against prostitute who claimed he paid her for sex By Paul Thompson Last updated at 9:21 AM on 20th January 2012

David Beckham is once again going after a prostitute who claims he paid her $10,000 (£6,450) for sex.

His lawyers have filed an appeal to get his $25million (£16.1million) lawsuit against Irma Nici reinstated by a court claiming there was no proof of her allegations.

Nici, 26, told a U.S. magazine that Beckham paid her for sex romps in New York and London.

Boiling mad Becks: David Beckham is re-appealing his court case against prostitute Irma Nici

Here to stay: The football player announced his new contract with the LA Galaxy this morning at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles

The LA Galaxy star sued Nici and InTouch magazine for libel and demanded more than $25m in damages.

But the case was thrown out by a Los Angeles judge in 2010 after he ruled the magazine article wasn’t libelous and was in the public interest.

The judge also said the magazine had published the article in good faith believing the false story of Nici

Beckham, who has signed a new two year deal with LA Galaxy, denied ever meeting Bosnian born Nici.

He was able to prove he was not in the same city as Nici when she claimed they had sex.

The lady of the night in question: Becks reportedly paid Irma Nici $10,000 for a sexual encounter

Nici had claimed she had sex with Beckham at Claridges Hotel in London but the 35-year-old star was able to show he was never at the hotel but at a hospital visiting his sick father Ted, who had suffered a heart attack.

Beckham’s lawyers have now filed an appeal with the Appeals Court in Los Angeles against the previous court judgement and want the case reinstated, according to documents obtained by RadarOnline.

As part of their case they say InTouch magazine, part of the German owned Bauer Group, failed to produce critical documents to back up Nici’s claims she slept with Beckham.

Something made him smile: Despite his lawsuit, Becks appears happy to have re-signed with the Galaxy

The 62 page court filing by Beckham’s legal team says: “Bauer did not offer any information or evidence that would even suggest that it sought or received any corroborating from Nici,

Davis, or the alleged prostitute, which would prove or disprove the veracity of the Article.

Beckham was unable to seek or to confirm information as to why In Touch did not request any of this corroborating information.

When Nici claimed she had slept with the former England star Beckham and his wife Victoria dismissed the allegations as ‘completely untrue and totally ridiculous’.

He immediately began legal action in Los Angeles Superior Court against In Touch for unspecified damages for libel, slander and emotional distress.

***Commentator Comments :

Here’s what other readers have said. Why not add your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards. The comments below have been moderated in advance. sorry girl, but your story would have been more beleivable if your target had been a balding, middle aged has been.

– kate, wales , 20/1/2012 08:32
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To all of you saying why doesn’t he move on??!! Ok, imagine some lowlife made money out of claiming you cheated on your family with them and was still telling people this long after you tried to take them to court….. would you just “let it go”? I know I wouldn’t and would continue to go after them until I had taken every penny they earned from the lies they spread about me – I’d then donate it to charity as I am sure Saint Becks will do!

– Kane, London, 20/1/2012 08:19
Rating 40

Actually I see the sales of his underwear/bodywear brand and empire skyrocketing. These idiots who have made up all these stories have just made him wealthier, more marketable and brandworthy.

– fre, euro, 20/1/2012 08:17
Rating 9

He needs to carry on with this action mainly to make other would be claimants think twice before inventing stories. I am sure that if he wins, which is more than probable I think, he will donate any damages received to charity.

– Philip May, Southampton UK, 20/1/2012 08:16
Rating 38

To all those who say why is David bringing this up again, well, if I had been accused of anything like this and I could prove the person was lying I would want to clear my name too. Also this, I use the word “woman” loosely should not get away with selling downright lies for money.

– N Williams, UK, 20/1/2012 08:12
Rating 22

Beckham Beckham Beckham. Is there anyone else living on planet earth? The man is a no no . No talent .No charisma. No class.

– patrick burns, hayling island hampshire, 20/1/2012 08:08
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Good for him. I hope he wins the case

– Chelsey, Durban, South Africa, 20/1/2012 08:05
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Spitting image of Victoria.

– anon, Northumberland, 20/1/2012 07:47
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There is a resemblance with Victoria. Similar features, hair and skin.

– not applicable, not applicable, 20/1/2012 07:35
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Most of the people posting here are obviously from the UK. If you were from the US, you would know that it is virtually impossible to win these cases in the US because of the First Amendment. Libel is exceptionally difficult to prove in the US, and the laws and Courts afford newspapers very extensive protection. To win, he must PROVE the allegations are not true; that the newspaper was aware of this before the fact; that they intentionally published what they knew to be an untrue story; and that they did so maliciously. The latter is often the killer.

– David , LA, 20/1/2012 07:23

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

You’re David F***in Beckham (overpaid 1% plutocrat footballer sequestering billions) for crying out loud. Do you have too much time on hand to play legal cases and end up associating with a prostitute? Let her say what she wants. Heck offer to pay for her education or buy her a small apartment in skid row to ‘shut her up’. Meanwhile this is too far below you to pay attention. The fact that you do bother even makes it appear there really was something going on . . . not very Posh at all. 10K makes someone a gold digger, not a prostitute.

The 62 page court filing . . . hey if you are who you are Dave, 6.2 words on national TV will do. ” Take this cheque and leave me alone – bi***. ” The judge should throw the case out as well and not entertain this nonsense. Slap both parties with a fine Judge, and see if they will bring you to Supreme Court. If they do then consider the whole thing an exercise in patience. Any one with common sense would applaud this saving of taxpayer funds.


The United Arab Emirates crushed Lebanon 6-2 in a friendly on Sunday. So maybe in an effort to make things interesting or maybe just because he simply does not conform to acceptable standards of penalty kicks, the U.A.E.’s Awana Diab decided to attempt an absolutely ridiculous penalty. And it worked.

Diab’s setup seemed like any other for a penalty, but as he ran up to the ball, he stopped, turned around and backheeled the it toward the goal. Stunned by the audacity, madness and nerve it takes to try and score a penalty with your back to the goal, the keeper just stood and watched as the ball trickled into the net.

Acrobatics aside, the back-flip penalty kick has nothing on this.

U.A.E. manager Srecko Katanec did not appreciate Diab’s creativity, though. He immediately substituted the player out of the match and after the game said that he would be disciplined for the “disrespectful act.”

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

It is possible that a Maradona, a Pele, a Beckham, or a Globetrotters’ Team, are only present because they are SANCTIONED by merchandisers and football club cartels. ‘Nothing special unless we say so.’ The World Football CARTEL now has a monkey wrench in a non-conformist where they intended for someone else (nepotistic) to be that special player.

So they penalise and so indirectly warn all players in inndirectly the watchers as well to get back into line. No personality, only uniformity, obey or be punished.

A goal is a goal even if he bounces it off a dick shaped ball guard. MAYBE it is time for LOCAL City sponsored teams with access to their own football pitches to organise their own games and BOYCOTT the football cartel that penalises footballers with personality. This whole system is corrupt, right down to the penalties to the unique footballers with unconventional playing forms (think Kungfu Panda or SPace Jam?!? – this guy has developed his own Sect of Football Skills! Backwards Facing Sect of Football vs. Blindfold Sect of Football – can imagine all the conformists’ heads spinning at the thought . . . frankly football with 3 variants of players like this would be so much more fun – ‘So what style does he use? Forwards, Backwards or Blindfolded?’ Third leg (4th rathet . . . ) in the GMO future?).

Of course if you want to say that he somehow paralyzed the goal keeper by facing him backwards, prove it medically and scientifically, otherwise accept the goal, trust the U.A.E. to be staid conformists, guess what contributes to such SOUL OPPRESSING impositions of conformity . . .


Corinthians to bid £35 million for Tevez Tuesday, 12 July 2011 07:06 Arjun Wadhwa

Argentine international striker Carlos Tevez has been pining for a move away from Manchester for over a year and it appears his desire to move closer to home to be with his family is very likely to come to fruition as one of his former clubs, Corinthians, have declared an interest in signing him.

Tevez, a controversial legend in Manchester, where he first mesmerized the red half of the City before his infamous move to join the Middle East revolution igniting
the blue half has spent the last 5 years in England making in excess of 200 appearances scoring 93 goals. He was signed by Sir Alex Ferguson from West Ham United, who he famously saved from relegation by scoring against Manchester United on the last day of the 2006-07 season.

Tevez then went on to spend 2 years at Manchester United, for whom he made 99 appearances but was largely seen by Sir Alex as a supporting striker to Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney. Tevez left United in a huff in the summer of 2009 and had two very successful seasons at Manchester City, guiding them to their first title in 34 years, the FA Cup.

Tevez, though broke the hearts of the Man City faithful by submitting a transfer request in December 2010, and though he was cajoled into completing the season, it is highly unlikely that sweet talk will work its magic twice.

A move away from Manchester looked rather unlikely though with City having spent close to £45 million to land the Argentine. It was widely believed that in this inflated market there would be few, if any, clubs in South America who would have the spending power to be able to fashion a move for the 27-year old.

However, reports emerging out of Brazil indicate that Corinthians are flush with funds courtesy of a mega million TV rights deal. Tevez spent two seasons with the

Sao Paulo club and was quite prolific with them too, netting two goals every three games!

Corinthians’ director of football, Duilio Monteiro Alves, stated in an interview to Lancenet: “I don’t want to get our fans’ hopes up. We’ll try. That’s all I can say. It isn’t impossible. It’s a dream we’re trying to realise. He is interested in returning, everybody knows that. He has said several times he would play for Corinthians or Boca Juniors again.”

“With that interest on his part, we are interested in his coming. For that to come true, it is distant. But we are going after him and we have initiated talks.”

While Corinthians’ initial offer of £35 million might be slightly below Manchester City’s expectations, they will do well to accept it, given that there are unlikely to be many suitors for Tevez who will be able to manage that kind of cash. While City undoubtedly are not desperate for money, it would be in their best interest to balance the books somewhat and relieve a player who is begging to leave the club.

It is very likely that English football could have well seen the last of Carlos Tevez.
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

This is shocking. No sports person is worth more than a comfortable middle class or lower upper class retirement. 35 million on sportspersons when England is in risk of default is the sign of a very imatured and unrealistic society. Who set the values for sports people?

You could build 100 stadiums in the 3rd world for a single player. Create arable land and cropping areas enough to feed a million people for as long as they work the fields. Imagine how much easier the 3rd world would be to ‘control’ than to leave them miserable and poor until they take up arms and become Taliban or topple your so called benevolent dictators?

But those sports clubs have no idea have they now? It used to be that sports people were not methods for tax haven users to spread their dirty money by and actually played the game after they retired and set up a modest sports facility in their neighbourhood. Will all sportsmen please return to reality and refuse to be used like this? There is something extremely wrong with these figures and the way the sports system is being run. Could someone in the inside take up on this and expose sports fraud for the nation destroying past time it is?

Burglar broke into house, raped student as she slept by her boyfriend, and attacked two other women the same night By Suzannah Hills Last updated at 3:24 PM on 20th January 2012

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Rape victim briefly woke up and ‘felt a man’s arms around her and thought it was her boyfriend’ Boyfriend awoke to find the rapist still in bed next to them and chased him out the flat before calling police. Cat burglar sexually assaulted three women in one night after creeping over roofs to break into houses

Rapist: Travis Gotting was branded ‘unpredictable and volatile’ by a judge after sexually assaulting three women

A cat burglar sexually assaulted three young women in a night of terror after creeping along rooftops to break into their homes, a court heard.

Travis Gotting, 20, broke into two different student houses where he sexually assaulted the young women and stole items from around their apartments.

Reading Crown Court heard he even started having sex with one of the women as she lay sleeping with her boyfriend lying next to her in bed before the couple awoke and chased him from their home.

Gotting was yesterday told by a judge that he was ‘unpredictable and volatile’ and will serve a minimum of four years in prison for the public’s protection before he can be considered for release.

The court was told Gotting, from Shinfield, Reading, who admitted burglary, rape and sexual assault, had been seen clambering over the rooftops of homes in an area popular with students studying at Reading University.

He then climbed into one flat through an unsecured window and sneaked into the second floor bedroom of a 20-year-old student as she slept following a heavy night out.

Jailed: Travis Gotting, 20, was imprisoned for a minimum of four years by Judge Stephen John at Reading Crown Court

Prosecutor Sandra Beck said:

‘She became aware of someone saying to her “hello baby”. [[[ *** bwah haha . . . ooo I can’t resist . . . – lemme repeat the script from – Mortal Kombat I (1995) *** ]]]

Sonya Blade (Bridgette Wilson-Sampras) : Wheres’s Kano?

Kano (Trevor Goddard d.2003) : Uh, hurr durr, Hello baby . . . did you miss me?”

The Movie wasn’t on so ‘Entity’ (Not Auntie . . . ) replies instead : In Nigeria !

Islamist insurgents kill over 178 in Nigeria’s Kano

Back to the article . . .

She had gone to bed alone. ‘She felt hands upon her, she felt the person touch her under her pyjamas.’

The startled victim woke up and ordered Gotting out of her room. Gotting then crept into the room of her 20-year-old flatmate, who lay asleep in bed with her boyfriend.

Miss Beck added: ‘She awoke and felt a man’s arms around her and thought it was her boyfriend.

‘She was half asleep and thought no more of it.

‘She had a recollection of having sex from behind and at some point she fully woke up and her recollection was that there was a stranger between them.

‘Gotting got up and said something about being in “Dave’s house”. Her boyfriend chased him out and called the police.’

Gotting escaped with a number of items stolen from the property, in Earley Road, Reading, and half an hour later struck at another home just 100 yards away in nearby Donnington Road.

He then entered a room where two sisters were sleeping and when one awoke he told her that the landlord had given him permission for him to stay.

But when the 21-year-old woman bent down to get him a sleeping bag, Gotting touched her bottom, so the sisters ordered him to leave.

After he’d left they noticed items were missing – including cash, an iPod and a mobile phone.

Miss Beck said both women from the first house targeted by Gotting no longer felt safe in their own homes.

The first of Gotting’s victims had been so traumatised by her ordeal that she had abandoned her studies altogether and moved back in with her parents.

In a statement read to the court, she said: ‘I could no longer continue living in Reading. I had to quit university, all the effort that I put into my degree has been abandoned.’

The second victim, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, said: ‘I am paranoid about open windows, I suffer from anxiety and I am constantly on edge.’

Judge Stephen John said Gotting displayed a ‘limited understanding’ of his sexual offending.

He told him: ‘You are unable to explain your motivation for the serious and repeated sexual offending behaviour, your victims being vulnerable and unknown females.

‘You were not deterred by being confronted by your victims when they woke up, going on to commit further offences.’

Judge John jailed Gotting for a minimum of four years – and he will not be released until he can prove he is no longer a risk to the public.

He said: ‘This is the minimum period you must serve before you can even be considered for release.

‘It may be much longer, and it will be unless you can prove you are not a danger to the public.

‘Unless you can do so you may never be released.’

FOUR YEARS?!!! castrate then hang him

– YUMMY MUMMY , KENT, 20/1/2012 14:58
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Looks like a photograph of the Royal Berks hospital to me. Clearly hospital food is the latest thing in criminal deterence.

– Baz, Shropshire, 20/1/2012 14:58
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Our judges would seem to prefer to keep US in fear in our homes – justifying more represssive laws etc – than deal with crime by actually putting the criminals in jail for periods that reflect the seriousness of their crimes.

– Eric Murphy, London, UK, 20/1/2012 14:57
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Bizarre sentence. Judge must be sober on the job

– zakhaj, rhyl, 20/1/2012 14:51
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FOUR YEARS?!!! Four flaming years for Rape, Burglary and Sexual Assault? What in the name of God do you have to do to get punished properly in this country? My sympathy to the poor girls who’s lives and personalities are now completely changed thanks to this scum.

– Sharron, Yorkshire, 20/1/2012 14:49
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Pearl, Brighton: “For all the outraged commentators – this offender has been given an Indeterminate sentence – to serve no less than 4 years. He cannot be released before the 4 years is up and *then* only if he can demonstrate his risk to the public is significantly reduced” – Yes we understand that, thank you. the point is not that he was given an indeterminate sentence, but that he should have got at least 20 years before being considered for release. It’s not about risk, it’s about punishment. Should be, anyway.

– David Bourke, Rochester, Kent., 20/1/2012 14:49
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4 yrs ? he should have got 30 yrs !!!! sack the judge !!

– robert, stockport, 20/1/2012 14:48
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4 years FOUR YEARS !!! castrate then hang him evil scum he will do it again definitely. scumbags like these deserve the death sentence

– YUMMY MUMMY , KENT, 20/1/2012 14:48
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Will some one start a petition, TO BRING BACK THE BIRCH, This scum should have 20 lashes PLUS 4 years, the only way to stop them

– daleabb, Nottingham, 20/1/2012 14:48
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Should be flogged and castrated.

– Fang, uk, 20/1/2012 14:48

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Look at all the violent inequitable feminist suggestions. Whipping or flogging the women is not what the attacker did so why whip or flog the offender. Nor did the offender cut off the genitals of these women, so how could the above women be so vicious as to suggest castration? Whats this FGM nonsense? (Little wonder Nigeria . . . )

I say determine if that rapist is not someone who enjoys anal sex first (if he does get something he doesn’t want to rape him by – there must be something even a rapist hates) get some feminists to put on dildos and do the same rape with the 3 victims as an audience to help collect their dignity (if it can even help). This saves the taxpayer 4 years of paying for this guy’s prison costs. Eye for eye tooth for tooth, – so a rape for a rape and maybe repairs for anything broken during the break in.

Next sentencing! (BTW a Mortal Kombat ‘House’ or series where all characters are alive and well and friendly had better be set up with a pleasant script otherwise Kano will become as taboo a word as Voldemorte . . . Harry Potter the series didn’t work in any good measure against the astral/ethereal AT ALL IMHO- *TEP*!)

Homeless man who ‘skinned and ate cat found camping in rave venue wearing its tail and intestines as a necklace’ By Damien Gayle Last updated at 11:42 AM on 20th January 2012

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Arrested: Russell Christopher Hofstad allegedly skinned and ate a cat while camping inside a Phoenix rave venue

A homeless man has been arrested after he allegedly skinned and ate a cat while camping inside a warehouse.

The building’s owners called police after they opened the warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona, which doubles as a music venue, on Wednesday and heard blaring music.

Entering the property, officers found Russell Christopher Hofstad inside with his face painted and the cat’s tail and some of its intestines around his neck.

Officers found the rest of the cats remains in the middle of the warehouse. According to the police report, seen by the Pheonix New Times, ‘the cat had been skinned and gutted.

‘The internal organs were on ice in a cooler used to hold water. There were screwdrivers and clippers next to the cat’s body.

‘There was a leg missing, and [Hofstad] was wearing the tail around his neck on a rope along with a piece of the cat’s internals.’

Hoffstad told officers he killed the cat because he was hungry, police claimed.

He allegedly said he’d clubbed the animal with a stick and used a butcher’s knife he’d found to skin and gut it.

Venue: Hofstad was arrested at this Pheonix warehouse, where he also allegedly let off fire extinguishers and left empty alcohol bottles throughout the building

Police claim Hofstad also said he was going to use its skeleton as party decorations. He was arrested on suspicion of burglary and animal cruelty.

The Arizona Republic reports Hofstad told officers had been released from jail on January 10 and had nowhere to go.

He allegedly decided to camp in the building because he had attended raves there.

Court documents seen by the paper said Hofstad also let off fire extinguishers and left empty alcohol bottles throughout the building.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

If he killed the cat quickly and without intention to cause pain, he should be let off. He was hungry and in some ways helping keep the stray population down. Now the taxpayer has to pay for a jail stint for this guy?!? How about giving the guy a break? Not everyone is a uniform taxpayer supported type, he’s a good fellow at heart probably. Suspicion of Burglary allows arrest? Where are his civil rights? Innocent until proven guilty, so how could he be arrested? Stop this selective bullying of the poor, though wearing properly skinned and cured tails as boas is sorta tolerable, the wearing of intestines is kinda incriminating . . . he probably needs a word or 2 to help him think this through at most, and to refill the fire extinguishers (stop being such a kid but this is not a jail worthy offence either), but not jail at taxpayer’s expense which has no relation to his issues if any.

Duck! It’s the Discopter… Real UFOs: Mystery Missile? ? Posted on November 3, 2010

In Uncategorized on January 22, 2012 at 6:07 pm

‘What types of superstitious appeals will be best adapted to the various audiences to be propagandised?… A study of local supserstitions as relected in popular folk lore might be profitable in providing answers to these questions.’

When they weren’t designing rocket ships or calculating how long it would take to cook the world with nuclear warheads, the RAND Corporation kept themselves busy working out how best to scare the hell out of ‘peasants, old people and… ignorant workers’, particularly in the Soviet Union. That anyway, was the aim of this fascinating 1950 paper, The Exploitation of Superstitions for Purposes of Psychological Warfare (PDF here).

‘It seems likely that superststitions flourish in an atmosphere of tension and insecurity’, writes its author, Jean Hungerford, and her timing couldn’t have been more perfect. The paper was published for the US Air Force on 14 April 1950, just as Cold War tensions were first reaching levels of serious discomfort. In the previoust six months, the Soviets had detonated their first atom bomb, China and the USSR had signed a pact of allegiance and Los Alamos physicist Klaus Fuchs had confessed to passing atom bomb secrets to the Soviets. While, curiously, no mention of it is made in Hungerford’s paper, America’s enthusiasm for flying saucers was also ratcheting up to dizzy new heights, one sighting at a time.

The previous December had seen Donald Keyhoe’s electrifying ‘Flying Saucers are Real’ article appear in True Magazine, just as the USAF, doing its best to keep the lid on a boiling pot of saucer stew, had published its own internal Project Grudge report, which recommended seriously downplaying flying saucer reports and keeping military sightings out of the public domain. The critical point, the Air Force realised, was to halt the spread of exactly the kinds of superstition and fear-mongering that Hungerford was writing about before things got out of hand.

Although Hungerford doesn’t mention flying saucers directly, her discussion of the use, or abuse, of superstitions in psychological warfare (or Pyschological Operations, PSYOPS, now MISO), is critical to understanding the role that PSYOPS played in the development of the UFO mythology, and recognising the phenomenon’s potential operational value to the military and intelligence agencies.

The paper discusses PSYOPS missions that successfully exploited local superstitions; for example in the 1920s on Afghanistan’s Northwest Frontier, the British planted loudspeakers in planes warning tribal peoples that God was angry with them for breaking the peace with India, while in World War II the Germans projected imagery (though it doesn’t say what) onto ‘drifting clouds’. Hungerford goes into some detail on the use of chain letters to clog up enemy communications networks (does this sound like the SERPO spam attack?), and the use of bogus fortune-tellers and false astrological data to dampen morale amongst both civilians and their leaders, a technique used extensively by both Allied and Axis powers during WWII.

Hungerford also references the activities of Captain Neville Maskelyne, the wartime illusionist most famous for his inflatable tanks and making the port of Alexandria ‘invisible’ to German bombers. In his 1949 book Magic Top Secret, Maskelyne gleefully describes other devilish antics that he and his team got up to:

“Our men…were able to use illusions of an amusing nature in the Italian mountains, especially when operating in small groups as advance patrols scouting out the way for our general moves forward. In one area, in particular, they used a device which was little more than a gigantic scarecrow, about twelve feet high, and able to stagger forward under its own power and emit frightful flashes and bangs. This thing scared several Italian Sicilian villages appearing in the dawn thumping its deafening way down their streets with great electric blue sparks jumping from it; and the inhabitants, who were mostly illiterate peasants, simply took to their heels for the next village, swearing that the Devil was marching ahead of the invading English. Like all tales spread among uneducated folk (and helped, no doubt, by our agents), this story assumed almost unimaginable proportions.”

Researcher Nick Redfern, who first drew my attention to the RAND paper, wonders whether Maskelyne’s scarecrow was an ancestor of the 1952 Flatwoods Monster. I would also suggest that famed cold warrior Air Force Colonel Edward Lansdale, a former advertising executive turned intelligence operative, read the RAND paper before being deployed in the Philippines to quash the Communist uprising there in the early 1950s. As well as broadcasting the ‘Voice of God’ from a plane (as the British had done in Afghanistan), his team exploited local superstitions about a vampire-like demon called the Aswang, a ploy that successfully drove the Commie guerrillas from their jungle stronghold.

Hungerford advises PSYOPS operatives to research the superstitions prevalent amongst their intended targets to learn how best to scare the crap out of them:

What superstitions are peculiar to Eastern Europeans, to Russians, to the various nationalities of the Soviet Union. What superstitions are prevalent amongst peasants, among combat troops or airmen, among civilians? What evidence is there that given members of the enemy elite are addicted to certain types of superstitions? What evidence is there that some types of superstitions lose their credibility after enjoying a brief vogue?

While the paper makes no explicit mention of flying saucers, it’s hard not to draw parallels to the craze that the USAF optimistically thought it had put a cap on. The saucer problem would soon flare up again in spectacular style, reaching its first climax with the July 1952 Washington DC ‘overflights’ that, I suggest, appear to have been a staged operation. Could Hungerford’s paper have played a role in changing the USAF’s mind about how best to deal with those unstoppable flying saucers?

Air Force attitudes towards UFOs changed dramatically between 1949’s Grudge report – which advised a strict lock down on media and internal military reports – and the famous LIFE magazine article of April 1952, in which the Air Force told America’s most popular magazine that UFOs could not ‘be explained by present science as natural phenomena — but solely as artificial devices, created and operated by a high intelligence.’

By the time that the CIA got involved with the UFO problem in 1952, they focused almost exclusively on the psychological warfare implications of the phenomenon. Surprisingly, given that UFOs were by now a top level concern for both the CIA and the Air Force, the CIA’s own 1953 summary makes no mention of Hungerford’s paper. Had her RAND report just not been read by the right people, or was it one of the secrets that the canny Air Force was keeping from the Agency for reasons of their own?

Whether the Air Force and the CIA were aware of it at the time or not, flying saucers proved to be the answer to two of Hungerford’s key concerns: they provided a superstitious framework that could be deployed to potent effect anywhere in the world and one that, 60 years later shows no signs of losing its credibility, despite the occasional dip in its profile. From a PSYOPS tactician’s perspective then UFOs were a gift from the gods as great as the fabled purse of Fortunatus – a gift that has never stopped giving.

However, before we crack open the PSYOPS champagne (or MISO soup?) we should remember that UFOs come bundled with their own unique set of problems. As I show in Mirage Men, the potential for ‘blowback’ from what we might call ‘lore operations’ gets stronger the more deeply and successfully the seeds of superstition are planted. And UFOs are in deep. Hungerford is fully aware of the issue:

It should be pointed out that democratic as well as totalitarian elites may be susceptible to superstition. Various American generals and admirals are noted for their stock of superstitious notions…and ends her paper on a prescient note of caution:

What may be the boomerang effects of attempts to exploit popular folklore?

As the media is once again deluged with reports of UFO encounters from US military whistleblowers and intelligence insiders, some of them no doubt sincere, we would do well to consider this last question rather carefully.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Neurotech/Cellphone tech can be used to make ‘voices’ or simulate schizophrenia, suppress portions of brain to create erratic behaviour, or EMF/ELF/directed Ionizing Radiation weapons effects in physiology can also be used as well to create sudden ailments like cancer or miracle cures simulated by enhancing ‘curative/regenerative aspects of body.

The psychology/superstituon effect can thus be strengthened by this. On the other hand with this vast array, one can never, unless within government dealing with this sort of black ops be certain if the experience is real spirit or mere tech. In which case being involved in falsifying spirit those involved cannot tell the difference either as any divine effects would doubtless take offense as falsification . . .

2 Articles On the Weakness Breeding in the American Cultural Comfort Zone – late February 2012

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Utah School Board Says Cougar Mascot Too Offensive To Women By William McGuinness January 19, 2012 12:23 PM

Courteney Cox, star of ABC’s “Cougar Town.” (credit: Jason Merrit/Getty Images)

DRAPER, Utah (CBS Las Vegas) – One Utah school district believes a cougar mascot would be insensitive to women.

The Canyons School District overrode the students top choice of a cougar mascot for their high school that is to be completed in 2013.

Would-be Corner Canyon High School students chose the Cougars as their mascot — a name principal Mary Bailey said carries an ugly connotation that is disrespectful to women.

In popular culture, the cougar is a sexually aggressive middle-aged woman who attracts younger men.

The school board, which consists of six men and one woman, thought the Charger would be more appropriate, which was on the ballot but failed to appeal to students as the cougar had.

Cougars — the large mountain cats — are popular in Utah. Brigham Young University, considered conservative, uses the cougar for its mascot.

Bailey said Corner Canyon’s close proximity to BYU was another reason to use the Charger.

She said the cougar was popular enough, while the charger gave the school an opportunity to have a unique mascot in Utah.


[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Out of context, also out of context in historical meanings as well. And the team was too weak minded. It is obvious that the ‘cougar is an older women’ colloqialism caame about later. Can’t the public tell teh difference? This shows a DROP in IQ and a weaker ability to keep issues separate. I strongly suggest for the zeitgeist of American mindfulness that this cougar name be kept simply to be a glaring lesson in understanding nuance and perhaps to identify the weak minded among Americans who cannot tell th difference or are too lazy minded to keep mentally on their toes on such differences.

Meanwhile this also has shades of militant feminism and WEAK sportsmen or sports establishment. USA is indeed going down the intelligence chain by the above points . . . the mindful would want language and society to be full and rich with context, or full of context pitfalls to keep the mentally alert, not capitulation to feminist agendas because of chi8ldish colloqialisms. Next thing we know ‘kissing’ and ‘tree’ will be deemed to sexual to appear in any non-adult publications. Freedom of Speech! In this case, ‘telling the difference’ is the victim of PC or feminism if not an attempty to foster mental weakness in America. In the same light, I advocate female football teams as well but am totally against this PC feminist b.s.. Pathetic!



Star Mangled Banner! Steven Tyler accused of butchering national anthem at NFL final – by Mike Larkin Last updated at 1:42 PM on 23rd January 2012

He is charged with judging young hopefuls and their singing voices on American Idol.

But it seems Steven Tyler would struggle to pass muster himself, if people’s reactions to his performance of the Star Spangled Banner are anything to go by.

His rendition at today’s the NFL’s American Football Conference final has become an internet sensation, becoming a talking point on Twitter and being posted several times on YouTube.

Back in the Saddle: Steven Tyler performed the national anthem at the AFC final in Massachusetts today but his performance did not go down well

You See Me Crying: But for many football fans it was for the wrong reasons when he finished with a high note

The Aerosmith frontman, who is regarded as one rock’s iconic singers, warbled the national anthem before the New England Patriots hard-fought victory over the Baltimore Ravens. And the former’s coach Bill Belichick looked visibly uncomfortable as he endured Steve’s ‘unique’ take on the song in Massachusetts’ Gillette Stadium.

He was one of more than 68,000 who had to were given the dubious pleasure of hearing the Patriots scarf wearing singer’s performance, as well as the millions around the country watching at home.

And the fact the Toys in the Attic star was given a guard of honour was not lost on the legion of jokers who found his performance a perfect source for new material.

Not-so-crowd pleasing: More than 68,000 who had crammed into the Gilette Stadium got to hear his ‘unique’ rendition

On YouTube user scoffed: ‘I bet those soldiers behind him wanted to shoot him to save their ears.’

Another added: ‘After seeing this performance by her dad, Liv Tyler is getting a gag order.

‘Steven will have to wear the gag for 30 days and is banned from singing.’

One shocked listener even blamed the 63-year-old’s advancing years as the reason for his ‘terribly bad’ performance.

The user wrote: ‘That was pretty bad. Funny how singers lose their voice when they get old.’

Make it stop: New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick had a pained expression on his face as Steve sang

Not-so-Sweet Emotion: This Baltimore Ravens player looked as if he was going to burst into tears as Steve screeched

However one knowledgeable fan pointed out it was just the latest in a long line of Star Spangled debacles, from R Kelly’s 2005 butchering to Christina Aguilera forgetting the words at last year’s Super Bowl. He said: ‘When was the last time a singer did a decent version of the American national anthem at one of these events? ‘Americans, why do we keep picking these awful singers to sing the anthem at these events?’

Perhaps the most galling revelation for the multi-platinum selling star will be when he discovers he is being compared to Roseanne Barr, the portly comedienne who was branded ‘disgraceful’ by George HW Bush following her rendition in 1990.

Here’s what other readers have said. Why not add your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards. The comments below have not been moderated.

He forgot that being invited to sing the national anthem is about the national anthem, not about him. he proved it’s time for him to retire anyway, his voice is shot. he sounded awful, and his signature screech at the end was a joke. i didn’t see one player who looked like he was enjoying the performance, they all had the same ‘get me out of here’ look on their faces.

– crabby appleton, a small town usa, 23/1/2012 14:53
Rating (0)

Haha — Coach Belichick always looks visibly uncomfortable!

– Melissa , Charleston, SC, 23/1/2012 14:51
Rating   1

“Americans… run around the world starting wars left, right and centre then blame the countries that they attack – Charlotte, Tampa, USA………….. Oh, poor, dear Charlotte. Don’t confuse any country’s gov’t with its citizens. Do you or any of your Florida neighbors run about starting wars? Shame on you for perpetuating an ugly, poorly thought out, outlandish prejudice. Feel free to leave North America & take a few more self-haters with you……. Re: Steven, it was what I expected.

It’s a difficult song to sing, many before him have flubbed lyrics, begun singing too high then got in trouble in the middle or don’t seem to practice beforehand. He wasn’t the best or the worst to have tried. Maybe what someone before me suggested is in order. Sing it without any stylizing. It’s more respectful anyway. Perhaps only opera singers or musical theatre trained folks could do it supreme justice.

– Storm, Sunny Skies, Somewhere, 23/1/2012 14:48
Rating   2

He’s Aerosmith! What did they expect? Pavorotti?? I thought he was awesome, and hitting that note at the end was so Steven Tyler. I loved it. I would rather hear a rock version anyday than someone who really warbles.

– Heather , Dallas, Tx. USA, 23/1/2012 14:44
Rating   1

I think there are plenty of good singers who could have done a much better job. Aging rock and roll singers are usually not the ones for this job. There are still plenty of singers around who can sing a song with a melody – not try to make it into a bad rock and roll song.

– Sam, Atlanta, Ga, USA, 23/1/2012 14:41
Rating   3

Dude (Looks Like A Lady) nailed it. I was actually impressed, it’s a notoriously difficult song to sing and I thought he did a decent job for a man of his age…

– JS1, The Uncanny Valley, 23/1/2012 14:30
Rating   10

I thought it was brilliant! just what you’d expect from a rocker an it was full of heart and passion, You go Stevie baby:) & i bet your lovely Liv is well proud of

her daddy 🙂

– HedgeWitch, Brizzle Uk, 23/1/2012 14:28
Rating   7

I would say that Stephens verson comes second worse to Roseannes, then Christina forgetting the words comes 3rd. Its great that Americans are so patriotic but I do think that because the anthem gets sung at the drop of hat it is just a chore that has be done so the meaning is a little watered down. I get that the sentiment is still there but the care an attention and the reverence it deserves is not always there. Perhaps a little music would help too!! Yesterdays rendition was just a rock stars version sung in the middle of a football pitch As for Bill I agree with others, yes he does always look like that! While the Patriots did not play blinder they made it to the Superbow go Patriots!!! and I was loving the shocked faces of the Ravens team on the sidelines as that kicked went a mile wide of the post!!!!
– Colette, Bowmanville, Ontario,Canada, 23/1/2012 14:17
Rating   1

I heard this and (1) it was horrible, (2) it was pretty much what you’d expect Steven Tyler to sound like. Who ever asked him to do the song should get the blame.
– Paul, Lansdale, PA USA, 23/1/2012 14:10
Rating   4

Charlotte…I don’t always agree with what our government does and has done, but if you think it’s so bad here, try living somewhere else. You have it pretty good here.

– sherry, somewhere in the usa, 23/1/2012 14:09

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

On drugs and drunk? He’s spposed 2 b a punk or rocker, not a beefy baritone patriot. Pick a choirboy or retired sportsman from the Pope’s choir or team for the anthem. It is true that some things are best not sung by certain people. Ask Napalm Death to sing the anthem as well. The attitude you guys want won’t be there I’m sure. While not necessarily less patriotic than a treacherous bureaucrat, Patriotism’s not supposed to be their specialty in any case. Lets put it this way, at least he didn’t miss any keys or was off tone throughout. This is a good way to shift the mono-consciousness and groupthink in USA’s mindset in any case, US govt. is quicker than we think, if this raised the IQ of 68K people by 0.1% the USA has already exceeded expectations . . . abit of jarring voicing to awaken the average American out of his reverie, get those ‘contrarian’ braincells firing in that comfort zone ‘fog of grey’ and militarism or even TSA that USA might become. Whether aware on not, respects to Steve for being chosen for this not necessarily easy not enviable duty. Respects to the USA (currently under Obama’s administration . . .) for the speed at which simple comments are translatable into action. Now how about some action on :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

; in the worst of the 3rd world too? And remember the proposed Article 31 of the UNHCR . . .