Building blocks rely on spatial skills normally found in males. by Jon Harrison ( January 18, 2012

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50,000 Feminists Take Umbrage at Pink Legos

You’d think feminists would want to encourage Lego’s pitch to young girls.

I’m a little bit conflicted on this, because I know stirring controversy is exactly what they want to draw attention to their “cause”. This sort of thing should probably just be ignored, but they’ve gotten on a nationally syndicated radio show. The presentation was particularly objectionable. It was taken for granted that feminist theory is proven and academically sound.

A consumer product targeted at children is so unsafe and dangerous that an organized campaign to have it be banned from the marketplace had arisen with growing support.

What was it this time? Tainted Chinese baby formula. Choking hazard happy meal toys? Collapsible asphyxiation strollers? According to the presenter, this was a far more sinister menace.

Pink Legos. The snappable building block toy enjoyed by generations of children.

So what’s the big deal? As it turns out, when viewed through feminist prism lenses any girl who is exposed to (let alone plays with) this toy will become a wife and mother, someone who is feminine and forfeits her chance to be a brain surgeon or win a Nobel prize in astrophysics.

Lest you think this is a hoax, the original petition (with 47,000+ signatures & counting) can be found at “Tell Lego to Stop Selling Out Girls.”

All interested parties who want to support women’s right to choose the color of her daughters Lego’s are invited to sign my counter-petition.

You’d think feminists would want to encourage Lego’s pitch to young girls.

Building blocks rely on spatial skills normally found in males. Oops, have I just committed a sexist “gender stereotype”?

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Gender Insularism is a luxury. These feminists are the result of lower society of formerly parentless, or single parent, or abused women supported by men from the same group assserting their position, that is not bad in itself, but to attempt to destroy the form and structure of the upper classes and the stable and nomral non abusive among family units they never had to chance to enjoy and are obviously jeqalous of, and those from stable and happy traditional families. is just plain hatred and jealousy.

Probably 90% of feminists are from stable backgrounds that do not wish to destroy traditional families, these 50,000 feminists sure don’t sound like any serious feminists to target toys obviously targeted at traditional families’ kids. There could be parallel toysets targeting the Feminist/Single parent group advertised at the same time for the toy company to be PC. Why should they feel aggrieved unless they are just emotionally unstable about happy families and throw themselves into work and criticism of toys?


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