3 ARTICLES On HOW ENGLAND FAILS – Late February 2012

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ARTICLE 1 – Failure To The Citizentry In Policy

Last orders for late licences? One in four pubs to stop opening after midnight – By James Slack, Home Affairs Editor Last updated at 11:23 PM on 18th January 2012

More than 10,000 late-opening pubs and bars will revert to traditional closing times as part of a crackdown on 24-hour drinking.

Reforms are being introduced to unpick the damage caused by Labour’s licensing laws.

In a victory for the Mail’s ‘Say No to 24-hour Drinking’ campaign, there will be a blanket ban on late opening in trouble spots.

Turning back the clock: Reforms are being introduced in an attempt to reduce the drunkenness and violence caused by Labour’s 24-hour licensing laws

Extra police – paid for by pubs and bars – will be placed on the streets late at night. Details of the changes emerged in papers published by the Government yesterday.

They reveal that, under a ‘late night levy’ scheme, councils will be able to charge late-opening bars and pubs a fee of up to £4,440 a year, although the average bill is expected to be around £800.

According to the Home Office, which has consulted landlords across the country, one in four pubs which currently open late will decide it is not worth it to continue. Instead, they will return to closing before midnight.

Currently, around 42,000 pubs and bars open late. Officials say that, in the average council area, more than 60 venues will stop.

All the cash raised by the levy will be shared 70:30 between police and town halls.

The money, worth an estimated £13.5million nationwide, can only be used for tackling the mayhem caused by late drinking.
Money to tackle mayhem: Cash generated from levies charged to late-drinking establishments will be used to fund ‘booze buses’ like the one above which are used to look after drunks

Money to tackle mayhem: Cash generated from levies charged to late-drinking establishments will be used to fund ‘booze buses’ like the one above which are used to look after drunks

Police, who say late licences have stretched them to breaking point, will be expected to spend the money on putting more police on the beat.

It’s estimated that, in each area, the cash will pay for an extra 4,000 hours of police constable time.

Town halls will be instructed to spend the money on taxi marshals to help drunks get home safely, street cleaners and ‘booze buses’.

The buses, used in London’s West End, carry paramedics who can look after people who are injured or have drunk too much alcohol.

Separately, ministers are also  giving councils a new power titled Early Morning Restriction Orders. These will allow a blanket ban on any premises opening between midnight and 6am in trouble spots.
How the Mail campaigned to reverse the 24-hour drinking laws

Lord Henley said: ‘Where there is a vibrant late night economy, with premises remaining open into the early hours, then the local authority should have the flexibility to charge for a contribution towards any additional policing that this generates.

‘Taxpayers should not simply be left to pick up this cost.’

The Home Office said it was responding to public concern about the problems caused by Labour’s 2003 Licensing Act.

Officials said: ‘Many residents informed us that the night-time economy makes certain parts of the town no-go areas and anti-social behaviour associated with late-night drinking extends into residential communities not just around licensed premises.’

The new rules will contain exceptions for small rural pubs. Ministers say they do not want to drive them out of business.

A year ago, it emerged that an explosion in late-opening supermarkets and bars has left Britain with the largest number of premises licensed to sell alcohol for 100 years.

There are an estimated 166,000 venues with permission to sell drink – many of them open long beyond the traditional closing time of 11pm.

Police have blamed late-opening bars, corner shops and supermarkets for the rowdy behaviour and violence blighting the nation’s streets.

At the same time, there are around 30 traditional pubs closing every week. Critics said Labour’s 24-hour drinking laws – which were supposed to introduce a continental-style ‘cafe culture’ – sounded the death-knell for the traditional British pub.

Kate Nicholls, of the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers, said: ‘The Government claims these measures will deal with the “problems of late-night drinking”.

‘However, until the issue of supermarkets selling alcohol at pocket-money prices is addressed, these problems will not be fully resolved.’

Labour introduced round-the-clock opening in the face of overwhelming opposition from doctors, the police and judges.

At the time, ministers insisted the number of premises staying open late into the night would be limited.

Here’s what other readers have said. Why not add your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards.

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This is not the Government closing pubs early, or limiting the issue of late night licensees it is the government sticking yet another tax on already pressed businesses, moving the cost of policing on to the landlords. It is correct that establishments should be held responsible for their clientele and should contribute. Most people here are reading this as a limit of opening times, well spun DM, and great to notice most of your readers are too stupid to see past your headline. Tory government tackling a major social problem the wrong way again, spin spin and more spin, get a grip.

– Stewart, France, 19/1/2012 07:38
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Good move! This should slash our policing costs! Instead of police dealing with drugs crime, theft and burglary, there are van loads of therm all over the country simply to deal with drunks in town centres. All totally predictable! I still have not worked out the power of the lobby for extending hours- there seem few advantages to the hours extensions, and a lot of people made a fortune from it!

– TomGreen, Wigan UK, 19/1/2012 07:37
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One in four isn’t enough. It should three out of four that go back to the traditional licensing times, when pubs closed at 10:30 PM during the week not until midnight. That way thousands of working hours will be saved through less people pulling “sickies” because of hangovers.

– Snail, Shrewsbury, Salop, UK, 19/1/2012 07:33
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Another reason why Labour should not exist, clueless FOOLS

– Daniel, Poole, 19/1/2012 07:29
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First stop, supermarket, cheaper to get tanked up before you go out. Second, happy hour at the local pub so you can top up and save a few quid for the entry fee for the third stop, club. At the club you’re so smashed you don’t care how much the booze costs. Stumble out of there into the nearest ambulance for the last stop, A & E. Solution? I don’t know. What I do know is that every drunken twerp carted off to A & E for drink related problems should be charged for the ambulance ride and for the services provided by the NHS to sober them up. Anyone caught by the police for being gobby, aggressive or just a nuisance whilst drunk should he HEAVILY fined. These idiots need to understand that there will be consequences to their actions.

– Anon, Oxon, England, 19/1/2012 07:08
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Late licences! All becauseTony – ruddy – Blair fancied a drink after hours having left a West End show. How much more damage to the country is to be unforded by this buffoon?

– albert hall , hove england, 19/1/2012 07:02
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The opening hours are not the problem the people are the problem…. I rarely buy anything to drink at home but bought a case of Stella as a present for a mate yesterday… 20 cans 15.99 available all day, so closing the pub to stop me drinking late once a month isn’t gonna help. Remember guns don’t kill people, people kill people

– ste, leeds, 19/1/2012 07:00
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Whatever happened to “Drunk and Disorderly”? Start taking their cash from them. Take them home and bang on the door until the whole family and neighbours are wide awake in the middle of the night. Humiliate them. If parking fines can be given on the spot, why not the drunks? Labour disgraced the whole of Britain when it brought in its “drink until you drop” Laws that were part of their scheme to stay in power forever.

– Ancient Brit, Wales, 19/1/2012 06:52
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Another part of New Labour’s legacy. Typically, too arrogant to listen and act on the concerns of the people they saddled us with pubs in decline, drinking clubs ruining our town and city centres, supermarkets swamping us with cheap loss leader booze, many young people following the trend of getting wrecked at weekends and a major health problem. So much for the cafe culture!

– rickb, Co Durham, 19/1/2012 06:43
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Along with emdless available binge drinking and online gambling Labour made a massive social mistake. Of course we all know that they did it to fund their endless shameful culture of hand outs to anyone with a begging bowl. The results have practically destroyed the soul of the nation.

– Thingsareontheup, England, 19/1/2012 06:30

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

It’s their own shop, so they can open as long as they want in obviously commercial zones. Next thing you know, after 5pm it will be lights out, and families will be huddling quietly in fear at home, wartime CURFEW style, while beef eaters armed with crossbows march about in the now polluted English fog ‘Braveheart’ style.

English, if you set no example here, England will be nothing in a few years compared to cosmopolitan societies like Lagos or the belly dancing quarter in Turkey or the UAE, much less 24 hour Moscow, Berlin, New Delhi, Beijing, Korea and Tokyo which teem with life at night. At least now England has a football and binger culture. Take that away and all that’s left is Orwell and Bond and the 1930s Oliver Twist style Workhouse and shelters . . . while people in other cities have paintball, 24 free flowing pubs, sports of all sorts from boxing to RLDs what not.

ARTICLE 2 – Failure Diplomatically with Chauvinistic Colonial Intent

Argentina’s acting president angrily tells Cameron to go back to school and stop being so ‘ignorant’ over the Falklands Britain’s comments ‘clumsy and historically misinformed’ By Gerrard Couzens Last updated at 6:57 PM on 19th January 2012

Stinging retort: Argentine Vice-President Amado Boudou said Cameron’s comment were clumsy and historically inaccurate

Argentina’s acting president labelled David Cameron ‘ignorant’ and suggested he go back to school today in an astonishing attack over the Falklands.

Amado Boudou, who is standing in for Christina Kirchner while she recovers from a throat operation, led a verbal assault on Mr Cameron after he accused Argentina of acting like colonialists over the disputed islands.

Mr Cameron had also reiterated in parliament that the province would remain British so long as the residents wished to.

Boudou, a former DJ who became the country’s vice-president after elections last year, raged: ‘It’s very sad to hear this fallacy.

‘We believe it’s a clumsy, historically-misinformed and inappropriate thing to say.

‘We’re astonished by such ignorance. Maybe he should re-read his history books to understand what colonialism is.’

And as the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War nears, Interior Minister Florencio Randazzo went even further, saying: ‘It’s totally offensive, above all coming from Britain.

‘History clearly shows what its attitude to the world has been.

Prime Minister David Cameron, pictured here making a speech on responsible capitalism in London today, has ruffled feathers in Argentina

And Foreign Affairs Minister Hector Timerman blasted: ‘It’s astonishing that England talks of colonialism when it’s a country which is synonymous with colonialism.

‘Britain in its imperial decadence is trying to rewrite history at a time when only a few traces of colonialism remain.’

The fierce reaction to Mr Cameron’s Commons statement on the Falklands had outspoken President Cristina Kirchner’s handprints all over it.

She was said to have ordered the carefully-orchestrated response as she recovered from an operation to remove her thyroid gland after she was wrongly diagnosed with cancer.

Conflict: The Liberation Monument in Port Stanley. More than 900 people were killed after Argentina invaded the Falklands in 1982

Her Twitter page, which she has used in the past to attack Britain over the Falklands, bore no sign of the new war of wards in the escalating tension between the two countries.

But critics and supporters alike added fuel to the fire with language seldom used since the 1982 conflict which claimed the lives of 649 Argentines, 255 Brits and three Falkland Islanders.

Eduardo Amadeo, an MP and Argentina’s former ambassador to the United States called Mr Cameron’s colonialism claim ‘delirious’ and branded him a ‘disciple of Galtieri.’
The Union flag flies over Port Howard, West Falkland in June 1982 for the first time in more than two months – signifying the end of the Falklands conflict

The Union flag flies over Port Howard, West Falkland in June 1982 for the first time in more than two months – signifying the end of the Falklands conflict

In a reference to the hated Argentine general and former president Leopoldo Galtieri who ordered the 1982 invasion of the Falklands to boost his falling popularity, he added: ‘It’s not surprising that after the news of the increase in unemployment in Britain, Mr Cameron has decided to reignite the Falklands issue in the worst style of Galteiri.’

Rival MP Alberto Assef called Mr Cameron ‘pitiful’, saying: ‘David Cameron represents the most colonialist country in history.

Tensions between Argentina and Britain have been building in the run-up to the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War in April.

Argentina recently won the support of powerful regional trading block Mercosur as part of its long-running diplomatic offensive to reclaim the islands.

Neighbours Uruguay and Brazil agreed a pact to close ports to vessels carrying the Falkland Islands flag.

Brazil’s Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota told William Hague the decision stood and his country continued to back Argentina’s claim to the Falklands during a meeting in Brasilia yesterday.

‘The British Prime Minister is either laughing at the entire world or he’s guilty of a gross irony. It’s pitiful.’

Ricardo Alfonsin, a rival to Cristina Kirchner in last October’s general elections in Argentina, added: ‘It’s a shocking thing to say that Argentina is colonialist.’

The reaction came after Mr Cameron dramatically raised the diplomatic stakes during an exchange at Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday.

The PM was warned at a recent security summit devoted to the Falklands’ defence that Argentine fishermen may be sent to plant their national flag on the island as part of a campaign of intimidation by the south American country to mark the 30th anniversary of the invasion.

Mr Cameron told the Commons the islanders could remain British as long as they want, adding: ‘What the Argentinians have been saying recently, I would argue, is far more like colonialism because these people want to remain British and the Argentinians want them to do something else.’

Leading Argentine daily Clarin devoted its first four news pages to the Falklands war of words today.

A lead item on the Mr Cameron speech was headlined: ‘Cameron: In Search of Oxygen to cover up his domestic problems.’

Reader Jose Quevedo wrote at the end of its website article about the rising tension: ‘Let’s go to war and stop being namby-pambies.’

Another, Daniel Alejandro Mamani commented: ‘Don’t forget it’s our island and our fallen heroes are waiting for us there.’

Augustin Molinari wrote: ‘We don’t need professional soldiers.

‘All we need to do is get hold of all the scumbugs living in our slums who are normally stealing, killing and raping and send them to the islands to do something worthwhile and defend our nation.’

Here’s what other readers have said. Why not add your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards.

The comments below have been moderated in advance.

Boudou’s nickname amongst the oponents to Argentine tyranical regime is BoLudou, what actually means “Fool”. And the people live in slums because of the Kirchner’s regime desastrous economic policy. I doubt that they can be used as soldiers considering the state of hunger and utter misery that they live in

– Iva, USA, 19/1/2012 17:06
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I don’t think anyone has listened to what Cameron really said! ———— When he was referring to colonialism it was to do with how the islanders themselves have autonomy.

– Paul , Wales, 19/1/2012 17:02
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Could you imagine what would it would be like if Miliband had been in charge, the Falklands would have been handed over within minutes of them complaining. At least we have the PM with the bigger backbone out of Miliband and Clegg. Stand up for the UK DC!

– Jim, Merseyside, 19/1/2012 16:51
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Oil Wars

– Sea Monster, Bottom of the Ocean, 19/1/2012 16:50
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im from argentina and i dont think the islands belong to us.. to be honest not many people here think the islands belong to us, the people here coudlnt care less about them, and the people in the islands obviously will choose to be british, argentine government is corrupt and dont speak for the people, they only care for the islands because of the oil, i think its disrespectul for the people living there, shame

– Irina Stene, Argentina, 19/1/2012 16:36

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

It’s the southern hemisphere, FAR FAR away from Europe which England can’t even get along with much less the IRA or the Scots, likely Welsh too, which the English have alienated so much (also a history of colonisation and subjugation where entire Royal Courts were toppled). If England cannot win over people who live so near them, England surely cannot claim what it calls the ‘Falklands’ 1000s of miles away as it’s own. It’s both indefensible politically, and also geographically unreasonable as the islands are effectively in the EEZ of Argentina!

ARTICLE 3 – Failure Internally To Be Inclusive

We’re not paying! Welsh-speaking father and daughter refuse to settle £65 parking tickets – because they were issued in ENGLISH – By Charles Walford Last updated at 12:12 PM on 19th January 2012

Two Welsh-speakers are refusing to pay their £65 parking tickets – because they were issued in English.

Noel Jones, 54, and his daughter Bethan, 26, insist the fines handed out by a private firm were ‘not in line with council policy’ and therefore should not be enforced.

All council signs and correspondence in the Welsh-speaking village of Penrhyndeudraeth, on the edge of the Snowdownia National Park, are bilingual.

However, the car park at the village’s Memorial Hall where the pair were fined for parking is privately policed by a London-based firm.
Noel Jones with his penalty notice in the Memorial Hall car park, which is privately policed by a London-based firm. He has said he will only pay if issued with a ticket in Welsh

Refusal: Noel Jones with his penalty notice in the Memorial Hall car park, which is privately policed by a London-based firm. He is refusing to pay the ticket as it is in English

Warning signs at the 18-space car park are in English only.

Miss Jones, a carer and mother of one, who lives in nearby Porthmadog, was visiting her parents when she received a ticket.

‘I feel strongly about the parking ticket being issued in English because our first language is Welsh,’ she said.

‘It’s what I speak at home. It’s not fair that they have issued the ticket in English.

‘We are a Welsh-speaking community and it should be bilingual in line with council policies.’

Miss Jones and her father, who works for Gwynedd council and who also received a ticket in English, made a request to have the tickets in Welsh but the company declined.

They say they won’t pay until they get a notice in their native language.

Miss Jones added: ‘I went to my mum and dad’s for some comfort as I had just been to Ysbyty Gwynedd and was told that my son needed treatment in Alder Hey Hospital.

‘I then found out I’d been issued with a ticket which was only English. All the signs in the car park are in English too.

The building and car park are owned by the community council, but the committee which runs the hall has employed London-based company Flashpark to enforce parking fines.

Miss Jones said that residents had in the past offered to pay the community council to use the car park, and move their cars when the hall was in use, but the offer was turned down.

The Joneses say they are happy to pay fines – if they are given a ticket in Welsh, not English (file image)

Nefina Parri, speaking for the Memorial Hall committee, said they had been discussing how to tackle the issue of parking for at least six years.

She said: ‘I sympathise with the residents as they have difficulty parking by their properties, but the car park is primarily for people who are using the hall.’

She said it wasn’t practical for the residents to pay to park there as there are only around 18 parking spaces and the hall is used seven days a week.

She said: ‘Residents had bilingual warnings on their cars about the parking enforcement which has been in force for about two years.

‘We would have loved to employ a Welsh company, but haven’t found one yet. There were Welsh warning signs around the car park but they were vandalised.’

Gareth Thomas, Gwynedd councillor for Penrhyndeudraeth said: ‘It is unacceptable to issue a document like this that is not bilingual.’

A spokesman for Flashpark said: ‘We don’t currently issue tickets in Welsh as we don’t have a great deal of customers in Wales.

‘We will need to seek advice in this case and if we discover that we do need to issue the ticket in Welsh, then we have the powers to quash the ticket.’

Here’s what other readers have said. Why not add your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards.

The comments below have not been moderated.

Who do they think they are? we all have to pay if we illegally park. Lock them up in a Welsh jail. Bet if they won something and the notification was in English they would accept the prize.

– Anita K, Hull England, 19/1/2012 18:13
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So they would not claim a lottery win as the ticket is in English only???I donot think so!!! Next it will be a Human Rights claim!!!

– Fed up, Staffs, 19/1/2012 18:13
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Daftest thing Ive read in ages. Get over yourself you broke the rules about parking so pay up. Remember this these parking people do not back down so you are going to find that your bill will climb very rapidly. It wont go away.

– cgray, yeovil somerset, 19/1/2012 18:11
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So I now live in Italy and Italian has become my joint 1st language as I speak it more than English, so if I came back to England, could I challenge a parking fine because it was written in English, even though it I understand and read it? NO!!! Get a grip! Like so many people have said before, bet she won’t be whinging about the lack of welsh doctors and signs in welsh when she takes her kid to Alder Hey!

– Lucy, Abruzzo, Italy, 19/1/2012 18:08
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This makes me ashamed to be Welsh. How ridiculous! Not paying a parking fine because they were issued in the OFFICIAL NATIONAL language of the country they live in. The Welsh language is a waste of time.

– Matt Collin, Cardiff, UK, 19/1/2012 18:08
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Imagine the DM and DM reader outrage!!!! if tickets in Kent were issued only in German,as for Celts turning on each other the last two world wars were fuelled by two German tribes who hate each other -the Saxons in Britain and the Saxons in Saxony.

– Sean, Maidstone,Britain, 19/1/2012 18:07
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Good luck with that defence Dai, I hope it works out for you. I only speak Hibberish, Gibberish & Rubbish. I will watch your case with interest, if you are successful I shall give the same defence a try.

– Booty, Exmouth, 19/1/2012 18:06
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I hope somebody pins this guys face on the notice board of Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool just to let all the English people there know that his daughter will be bringing her son to their hospital for treatment but she detests you all, along with her father. How pathetic.

– English Bob., England., 19/1/2012 18:05
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if you park illegally, it doesn’t matter what language the ticket is in, its still a fine and you should just pay it – you were the one in the wrong, now pay up!!

– gg, colchester, 19/1/2012 18:05
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Any excuse!

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

Any OFFICIAL NATIONAL language was enforced when taken over by the people who OCCUPIED with force the native people of the land, Scots, Irish and Welsh.

The Angles were nomadic barbarians without even a native faith IMHO as the religion they adopted AFTER subjugation of the diverse people listed above, Xianity came from Aramea (Northwestern Iran and Syria – thats even further than South East Europe and the Balkans) and was adopted (perhaps stolen?) and used to make war on another far too similar franchise – Islam (which Jibril – Archangel Gabriel spoke to Prophet Mohammad PBUH and started Islam a whole 600 years after Xianity’s Jesus DIED !  Look back even further and you find Judaism predates Xianity and that the Egyptian Amon-Ra worship gave rise to Judaism itself ! That of course is in the Middle East rather than the Atlantic Isles.

In the case of the people of the North Atlantic Isles who were not Xians (Druids, Viking Pantheists etc..). These entirely different races had a language and faith retained in fullest form –

Irish/Gaulish Celtic faith centered around the pantheon of the Tuatha de Danann and the Immortal race of the Sidhe-Danu etc.. –
Welsh Mabinogion and the Bardic tradition (Red Book of Hergest” and ‘The White Book of Rhydderch – NOT the Bible of Aramea), the shapeshifting Tylwyth Teg
Scottish Druidic Oral Tradition (the chants could be formalised into  Holy Book of sorts), the most famours Druid being Merlin of course . . .

;with near neighbours also not Xian – Nordic/Scandinavian poetics in the Books of Prose Edda, Gylfaginning, Skáldskaparmál, Háttatal – NOT the Bible of Aramea

There are too few Welsh who do know the value of ethnic and cultural and spiritual identity. Any decent person should feel pleased for Dai and so many of the comments are full of Anglo-chauvinistic sentiment that England has even less right that what it had presumed to place itself and it’s language over the Scots, and Irish also Welsh as well. Let the Triple Crown of Scots, Irish and Welsh take back what centuries of subjugation by Angles had taken from them – starting with coincil and government material INCLUDING and ESPECIALLY fines and tickets is the very least to ask for. The Welsh were living in the North Atlantic Isle long before there were any English or before English was spoken at all.


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