Plane Left Gate With Gun on Board, DFW Airport Says Updated: Thursday, 19 Jan 2012, 3:27 PM CST Published : Wednesday, 18 Jan 2012, 11:23 AM CST By Alice Wolke | MYFOXDFW.COM

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GRAPEVINE, Texas – A plane left the gate at DFW Airport with a gun on board before transportation officials alerted the pilot about the problem, FOX 4 has learned.

Airport spokesman David Magana said a 65-year-old woman from Little Elm, Texas had a gun in her carry-on bag that got through the security checkpoint . By the time the woman took her bag and walked away, a TSA agent scanning the D-30 checkpoint noticed the .38-caliber handgun. Magana said the TSA shut down only the security checkpoint, not the entire terminal, and began searching the D concourse and other terminals for the woman.

At least 90 minutes elapsed before she was in custody, Magana said. The plane, American Airlines flight 2385 to Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport, returned to the gate before it got on the runway. It’s not clear if the gun in the luggage was loaded. The woman, identified as Judith P. Kenny, told police she had forgotten the gun was in her bag. She was arrested on weapons charges and released a few hours later.

TSA spokesman Luis Casanova told FOX 4 that no review of procedures was needed and that standard operating procedures were followed. No harm came to anyone, he said. But airport passengers were clearly concerned and puzzled.

“It is amazing for the liquids they remove and the scrutiny they put you through. For something as blatant as a pistol to get through is unacceptable,” one passenger said.

“You got toothpaste or anything they will stop you real quick, but a gun? They got to figure something out,” another passenger said.

The security breach comes on the same day that the Homeland Security Department acknowledged that some TSA agents went too far by strip-searching two elderly women in New York.



[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

They should allow a ‘Safe Passenger’s Registry (SPR)’ where local enforcement determines if the would be passenger gets to bring toothpaste of breastmilk or food or even pets, as they wish. This has made travelling by air distressing and unpleasant. American citizens of any wealth or self pride as Americans (land of the free meme etc.) should set up their own airstrips and airfields to circumvent TSA as well as vote for Governors and Congressmen that will remove the TSA entirely to replace with SPR type methods. Those on the SPR registry could bring whatever they want. Those not on SPR registry should clear themselves or prepare to go through regular checks. SPR could have several levels, like :

Code Red (1) criminal record related to potential for terrorism (not unrelated)

Code Orange (2) no checks

Code Yellow  (3) asset declared
1 week notice/worth of background checks

Code Green (4) relative and acquaintance asset declared
1 mth notice/worth of background checks

Code Blue (5) full home visits to ensure non-association with criminal elements
3 mths notice/worth of background checks

; ALL checks CONSENSUAL AND AT INVITATION by the citizen of course. This will save time and allow those who allowed themselves to be pre-checked (probably at intervals) to save time and aggravation. The Blue Coded passenger could walk through with pets or any amount of baggage (without fear they will smuggle terrorism related things INSIDE animals etc..), with others subject to more checks.


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