Would you take a pill made out of your own placenta? Midwife sells babies’ afterbirth back to new mothers – By Maysa Rawi Last updated at 6:45 PM on 23rd January 2012

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An independent placenta specialist is ‘harvesting’ women’s afterbirths and turning them into health-boosting capsules for new mothers.

Midwife Caroline Baddiley says demand for her service has trebled since the concept was recently shown on Channel 4’s How to be a Good Mother.

Among the benefits of new mums consuming their placenta are that it increases milk production, boosts iron and reduces the chances of post natal depression.

Midwife Caroline Baddiley is ‘harvesting’ women’s afterbirths

Caroline Baddiley, pictured after slicing the collected placenta into small parts, says consuming afterbirth increases milk production, boosts iron and reduces the chances of post natal depression

Mrs Baddiley, 62, begins to process of turning the afterbirth into a jar of pills by collecting it from the mother within hours of her giving birth.

Mrs Baddiley, a vegetarian, takes it home where she steams it in her kitchen for 20 minutes, then slices it into small parts before putting it into a food dehydrator for 12 hours.

After that she uses a coffee grinder to turn it into a fine powder which is then put into capsules using a special machine.

Mrs Baddiley, from Poole, Dorset, usually produces between 90 to 120 pills per jar, depending on the size of the placenta.

Midwife Caroline Baddiley is ‘harvesting’ women’s afterbirth

Mothers, who pay £175 for the service, are advised to take two or three pills a day for the first four to six weeks and then as and when after that

Some women are saving some of their pills for the menopause, as the placenta is said to be a rich source of natural hormones.

Mrs Baddiley, who has been a midwife for 18 years, has had to pass strict food hygiene tests for her new business.

She said: ‘I’ve had a steady trickle of customers but my business has trebled since the Channel 4 show two weeks ago.

‘The benefits for the mother if they consume the placenta is well documented.’ Midwife Caroline Baddiley

Baddiley takes the afterbirth home and steams it in her kitchen for 20 minutes, then slices it into small parts before putting it into a food dehydrator for 12 hours

‘Women report that it increases their milk production, reduces post natal depression, increases their sense of well-being and improves iron levels.

‘Taking it in capsule form is certainly more appealing and palatable than the alternative. It takes away the yuck effect for some people.

‘My customers don’t have to handle it or smell or or taste it at all. It is just a case of knocking back a pill.

She added: ‘Mothers-to-be sign an agreement with me and as soon as they give birth, their husbands call me and I go and collect the placenta.

‘I bring it home and cook it for 20 minutes in a steamer. It is then sliced up and put in a food dehydrator for 12 hours and then ground in a coffee grinder to a fine powder.

‘I use a machine to put the powder into the capsule and they then go in a jar and are delivered by post to the mother.

‘The capsules look like a herbal remedy. A large placenta will make 90 to 120 capsules.’

In the wild, mammals bite through the umbilical cord and eat the placenta straight after the birth.

In Chinese medicine, the placenta is known as a great life force and is highly respected in terms of its medicinal value. It is not cooked, but usually dried.

TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall caused widespread revulsion 14 years ago when he fried a placenta with shallots and garlic for a Channel 4 programme and turned it into pate for a party to celebrate the baby’s arrival.

The placenta pill was the brainchild of American Lynnea Shrief who formed the Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network (IPEN) two years ago.

Mrs Baddiley is a practitioner for IPEN and is based in Poole.

***Commentator Comments :

This is disgusting! I still can not understand why some women eat their placenta it makes me sick! [[[ *** Read the article again please? Waddya mean can’t understand? The midwife gave a clear response in the interview article. You need to take English classes? Go for remedial? *** ]]]

– Tinkerbell, Neverland, 23/1/2012 19:18

I feel sick.

– Jessand, Putney, SW London, 23/1/2012 19:06
Rating 3

Seriously don’t see the problem – the woman is only eating something that was part of her, it’s not as though it’s cannabilism! If there are health benefits, then go ahead! – Liz, Cheshire, 23/1/2012 16:45 SO it must be ok to eat toe nails, hair, and bogies then? Also to all those saying animals do it so why not humans – Animals also eat their own poo but you would not do that would you? This is disgusting and yes, it’s unnatural for humans to do this. [[[ *** Again another @Felicity type. Nobody’s ramming their opinions down your throat, so don’t ‘counter-ram’ it back up by giving examples that cause ‘back up’. A back up on you @Laura! This one’s for all mothers who do practise this that were offended, as well as all consensual cannibals worldwide. We may not be a cannibal or believe in eating placentae, but to stop others by such demogoguery is sheer fascist mindedness. *** ]]]

– Laura, London, 23/1/2012 19:01
Rating 3

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Is the placenta removed with a cesaerian? [[[ *** They need to make a text book for EVERYONE. It’s like the heimlich maneuver or ‘breath’ of life (minus the idiotic and creepy mannequins . . . ), learning midwife skills is a HUMAN skill though prefreably specialised in betrween womenfolk of the same family if possible.

– KH, Bath, 23/1/2012 18:53
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Felicity, Kensington…. To suggest that a woman is a bad mother if she doesn’t do everything you describe: natural birth, no drugs, breast feeding, eating the flaming placenta is ridiculous and insulting! Plenty of women do some/none of the above and do perfectly well! Being a good mother is more than what happens before, during and just after birth, it’s a life-long process and there isn’t a set of rules to follow. You’re comments were idiotic. [[[ *** Likely ill intended also. The sense of that was quite bad. *** ]]]

– yorkie, mk, 23/1/2012 18:39
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OMG I’m trying to eat my morning porridge at the moment, thanks

– Greyshine, Los Angeles, 23/1/2012 18:39
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If one cares enough in being a good mother and is educated, then it starts with a natural home birth without pain relief, breastfeeding, and eating the placenta to fully complete the birth. It’s so natural and almost miraculous that baby slept through the night at two weeks, my figure is back to a petite 8, and hubby is one very happy man. Some are luckier than others. [[[ *** ‘It’s so natural and almost miraculous’ then mentioning ‘luckier than others. An NLP based curse or sarcasm?

– Felicity, Kensington, 23/1/2012 18:27
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The procedure is obviously not going to work, because steaming the placenta will certainly destroy any valuable chemicals it may contain. To get the proper effect, it must be eaten raw. [[[ *** Makes organic sense but maybe chill it and eat it over a few days? All at once seems too much or too extreme in replacing lost chemicals, we are humans and don’t need to eat all at once . . . *** ]]]

– Thomas Goodey, Comanesti, Romania, 23/1/2012 18:14
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Stories about the “wonders”of placentas seem to have been around for a long time. 20 years ago my midwife was giving me a tour around a maternity unit in England.She opened a freezer and showed it 3/4 full of placentas-they were awaiting collection for use in face cream production—I wonder if any of the “donors” knew what was going to happen????? Creepy !!!!!!!!

– A.M., Channel Islands, 23/1/2012 17:56
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Robert & gran48– ‘It’s natural because many animals do it’…?? Well let’s see…. that’s some faulty logic. Animals also sometimes eat their young or kill their mates & eat their heads. So it’s OK for us to do that too then…??? [[[ *** Out of context. You’re not thinking straight? Animals also sometimes eat their young is different from the placenta – to restore iron or minerals is perfectly normal . . . who said anything about Animals eating young being normal for humans in any case? *** ]]]

– railroad, Austin, TX USA, 23/1/2012 17:39

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall caused widespread revulsion 14 years ago when he fried a placenta with shallots and garlic for a Channel 4 programme and turned it into pate for a party to celebrate the baby’s arrival. – Thats for the one that gave birth yer git!

This is one of those ‘women’s mysteries, damn had to put it out here for all the profane and psychotic commentators below eh? But still many more will benefit from the exposition of the organic method to prevent post partum problems here, disgusting as it may seem, aside from culture and technology humans bodies are not much different from animals’ bodies, and heal as well as gain nutrition in the same manner. There is a reason animals do what they do and without culture or technology or even society in some species to fall back on, what they do makes even more sense.


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