Articles On China – reposted by @AgreeToDisagree – late February 2012

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An official in Southwest China’s Yunnan province has been dismissed from his post after images showing him taking part in group sex were posted online, local disciplinary authorities confirmed on Thursday. The Kunming disciplinary inspection committee released a statement saying that the official, identified only by his surname Cheng, has “severely damaged social morality” through his behaviour. Cheng, an official with the Kunming commission of development and reform, was also expelled from the Communist Party of China. Photos showing Cheng taking part in group sex were posted online on the morning of July 31. Cheng went to local police later that day, claiming that he had been blackmailed for 63,000 yuan (RM29,591). After an investigation, the Kunming Public Security Bureau said in a statement on Tuesday that a group of four people lured Cheng into participating in the act and recorded him using a hidden camera. The four people have since been arrested, according to the statement. Cheng’s case was revealed shortly after another official in Central China’s Henan province was suspended for similar reasons. Tian Hanwen, a lawmaker in Ruyang county, became notorious overnight after photos of him having sex were posted online by an anonymous woman, who accused Tian of “taking advantage” of her. The woman said in her post that Tian made several unwanted sexual advances toward her after meeting her in 2006, promising to help her find a job. Tian never fulfilled his promise, the woman said, adding that she has not been his only victim. – China Daily/ANN
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The citizen has to choose beween victims of blackmail or REAL corrupt officials who appear respectable yet collude and loophole policy for their own benefit against the citizens. How corrupt is Commissioner Cheng, how much damage does Commissioner Cheng do to the system via ratifying of bad laws, how much has the Commissioner stolen from the people, sent to tax havens as opposed to the blackmail personally cautious publicly respected but citizen abusive officials and politicians? Would you prefer an official who visits prostitutes in his private off time (legalise adult services venues already), or an official that barefacedly writes 750K of your tax monies to his own funeral expenditures and raise his or his wives salary allotments? They are there to make sure the bureaucracy works not be moral exemplars. Are they hardworking and write good policy despite their proclivities in private? Or would the Chinese have respectable types who destroy the nation in all other ways while they are moral exemplars? One destroys the nation, one destroys themselves, and only at the people’s will. Who harms more people? Of course BOTH ways perfected would be great but this is not always possible and the sacking must be weighed in this manner to be just. ***Commentary : This comment was disallowed on Malaysia Chronicle. So narrow minded and feminist? Or is critical thought and the fact that people live shades of grey rather than black or white too much for the media portal to comprehend? Do not presume a dumbing down agenda via removing of critical thinking comments, you insult the readers and yourself and show a form of fascism against man’s intelligence itself. Why? Because you and DAP want an easily controlled citizentry? Say it ain’t so. Repost my comments to prove me wrong ‘Mei’.

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