Hisham: Virtual firing range to help youths understand guns, police – by Yow Hong Chieh – January 25, 2012

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KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 25 — Rela Youth cadets will soon be able to sharpen their marksmanship skills at a RM6.56 million high-tech virtual shooting range, where they will handle simulation firearms.

The simulation centre at the Rakan Muda Complex here can cater to up to 14,400 trainees a year and aims to “foster youth interest in security and public order issues through the activity of shooting”.

Soldiers undergo training with a virtual shooting range. — pic
The virtual firing range will run on South Korea’s Intelligent Marksmanship Training Simulation System (IMTS), said to be two generations more advanced than similar systems used in the US.

It is understood that there are over 40 such ranges in South Korea, which are used to train its police force.

IMTS was purchased for RM5.15 million, while upgrading works for the complex cost RM1.5 million.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said he hoped trainees would be able to better understand the pressures of being a policeman when faced with a life-or-death scenario.

“Maybe the youths will see how difficult it is for the authorities to carry out their duties when faced with certain situations so they won’t easily point fingers and accuse the police in certain cases,” he told reporters after visiting the centre.

“I ask those who accuse the police (of wrongful shooting) … to come to this centre. They can see for themselves what they will do when faced with the choice of shoot or be killed. It’s not easy to make such a decision.”

Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Seri Shabeery Cheek, who was also present, said the simulation firing range is safer than a real one as lasers and not bullets would be used.

He said the centre can also stay open for longer hours than outdoor firing ranges, the use of which is subject to the weather, and can be maintained more easily with fewer personnel.

Shabeery also explained that the server used to power the simulation could later be hooked up to other virtual shooting centres, saving money in the long run.

“It may cost more at first but later it’ll be cheaper,” he said, stressing that the cost saved on ammunition alone would be substantial.

Those who complete their training on the simulator can then go on to test their skills at a real firing range, he also said.

A virtual war games module will also be added to the simulation centre in future to teach trainees about tactics.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]

The feel and use on real life and online (much like paintball gun paintball projectiles are 8 times slower than bullet guns) is entirely different.

PLEASE use a live firing range if you have any respect for REALITY at all Home Minister. Also those firearms should be replaced with non-lethal weapons, specific suggestion being :

(1) Tennis ball hurling ‘nerf guns’ which are quite decapitating at a certain rate of fire and range (ask how many ‘ham tam’ bolas one can take, not alot I tell you especially if fired from a gun like device),
(2) tranquiliser darts (these can be abused so not the best option), or at most
(3) somewhat lethal tasers (only to be used if met with lethal force, the good guys always try to ‘bring ’em in alive’ what more RELA being not even real police to begin with).
(4) potentially lethal (but less likely to kill than bullets) broomsticks in shotguns – ‘Emergency Style’ . . .

Firearms are designed to kill and if maiming is not even the intent or troublesome for prison conditions later, civilians should never allow para-police groups like RELA to use firearms on them and AFTER training in an ‘online’ not even real environment to top things off. Have the MPs vote on this and probably you’d find the above non-lethal sugggestions preferred. Even citizens do not like the non-violent criminals to die under small arms fire.

These practice sessions should also best be done IRL along with running (with RELA member’s own legs) in real life rough terrain – not online, it could save RELA personnel lives and make them more sure footed even if a few bumps and bruises occur during training. How can resting elbows on cushioned pleather gun range supports, or lying on a mat in front of a computer widescreen in an airconditioned room constitute training? The taxpayers would not allow their money to be spent in this unreal/online manner? In fact one wonders if RELA itself should be paid such high allowances (will they be paid to play ‘Counterstrike’ type games as pretend storm troopers?) to begin with when real workers don’t even have minimum wage?

What does RELA fill in where the cops don’t already do? How about scraping RELA allowances and giving the cops a higher salary and better incentive to do better work?


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