Imam ‘severs ties’ with Johor Islamic dept – by Malaysia Chronicle – 17th August 2011

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An imam with a mosque in Johor has decided to “sever ties” with the state religious department (JAJ) following his suspension, he believes, over his detention by the police on July 9. Hassan Md Said (left), the imam with Masjid Ladang in Gelang Patah, said he was deeply disappointed with the three-month suspension slapped on him by the JAJ, which he described as unprofessional and unethical. “I will preach in other ways. I am very disappointed that they have done this to me. I have served as imam for 14 years but it is as if I am not appreciated. This religious department is totally unprofessional,” he said. Hassan, 40, said he received a letter from JAJ director Elias Hasran informing him of his three-month suspension starting Aug 2 for “going against several orders” issued by Johor Baru religious officials. Though the details remain unclear, Hassan, who claims to suffer from diabetes, believes his monthly allowance of RM750 would be frozen – leaving him without any income. He said the letter did not state what exactly he did wrong, but he believes it is directly related to his detention, along with nearly 1,700 people, in relation to the Bersih 2.0 rally. However, Hassan denied taking part in the rally, saying he was merely in Kuala Lumpur to visit relatives and tour the capital city. The father of four said the suspension order has left his name in disrepute, with less and less students going to him to learn the Quran. Hassan said his family was now facing a financial “deficit”, made worse by the rising inflation. “Our family is rather poor. We don’t even have a house… we rent (a house) near the mosque… It’s going to be hard, we won’t be able to afford the rent,” he said. Efforts by Malaysiakini to contact the JAJ director were not successful as at press time. – Malaysiakini



[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]


So where are the ‘caring’ PR aligned Malaysians who will offer him a job since he was caught due to them? Though sometimes one’s calling, even to Islam will not be realised due to politics. I suggest that Che Hassan consider running as a Malay candidate that believes in :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism

2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.

3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

;to end APARTHEID via challenging of any racist MPs or Assemblymen as an Independent Malay candidate who wishes an equal country. There are not enough high minded Malay candidates who are tired of racism, wish to remove corruption and who will summarily refuse cash buyoffs. Are you such a Malay and Muslim and Malaysian Che Hassan? If so, step forward against the racist MP or Assemblyman and you will have a bloc of Indian and Chinese voters ready to increase your chance to win by that many %. Inform the voters of your intent in the larger percentage margin minority areas for a start, someone needs to set a precedent, why not you? Also see the below – sign the below with a cam as a campaign promise taking down the signing in the presence of as many media reporters or people as possible :

Best of luck Che Hassan ! And ‘caring’ PR aligned Malaysians, some help here? No? Just want to ask for 750K funerals, hold 0.002% or 8% quorums for elections, or tear down people’s awnings on their private property and steal gas tanks? Pakatan won because the people had no other choice, NOT because they were wonderful. A politically persecuted Iman supported by Indian and Chinese minorities to end APARTHEID would be a Quran worthy story to be repeated for generations of Malaysians to come. Imam Che Hassan, you should go for candidacy and be a hero for a politics free Islam and an APARTHEID free Malaysia (Islam forbids Asabiya) than a victim as you are now !


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