Pornography blamed for five-fold rise in genital cosmetic surgery requests by women – by Claire Bates – 24th August 2011

In Democracy, Informed Consent, Islam, Muslims, Sexuality, social freedoms on January 27, 2012 at 7:50 pm
The demand for genital cosmetic surgery among women has risen five-fold in just 10 years, according to NHS figures. But a new study has found that most women who request a ‘designer vagina’ do not need it. A study by Dr Sarah Creighton, from University College London, found most women requested it as they felt pressured to have ‘perfect’ sexual organs by pictures seen in the media. ‘Women are bombarded with images suggesting they are not normal,’ she said. The latest figures for England show around 2,000 NHS-funded procedures take place each year. Dr Creighton led a team from the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Institute who studied 33 women referred by their GP after they requested labial reduction surgery.
The group included eight school girls including one who was only 11-years old, according to the report published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Each girl or woman was examined by a gynaecologist and the width and length of their vaginas were measured and compared with published normal values. They found that all the women seeking surgery had normal-sized genitals. Just three women were offered surgery to address a significant asymmetry. Yet of the women who were refused surgery, 12 (40 per cent) still wanted to pursue surgery by another route. Eleven accepted a referral for psychology and one participant was referred to mental health services. Dr Creighton, said: ‘It is surprising that all of the study participants had normal sized labia minora and despite this nearly half were still keen to pursue surgery as an option. ‘A particular concern is the age of some of the referred patients, one as young as 11 years old. Twenty women (60 per cent) said they wanted a smaller vagina to improve its appearance. Of the 27 women who were able to say when they first became dissatisfied with their genitals, 15 said it was when they were young than 15, while 12 became worried later on. The reasons included becoming more aware of the genital area, watching TV programmes on cosmetic genital surgery, comments from a partner and physical discomfort. ‘It’s shocking, particularly because we are seeing girls who are really young,’ Dr Creighton told the BBC. ‘They are asking for surgery that is irreversible and we do not know what the long-term risks of the procedure might be.’
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Refusal for surgery is ridiculous and condescending and in this day and age is ridiculous. Does anyone need permission to get a boob job? Lip surgery? It’s their own body, they can transplant a penis atop their vagina or pierce it with piercings until it looks like an Elvis jacked for all they care. Whats the surgeon supposed to be? An FGM dictator? The door swings both ways. What if they go overseas to get it done? Will the English government arrest them for having surgery when the return? Absolute dictatorship in England if the English don’t realise it, by any reading of the Human Right Charter, no adult person has any right to refuse another adult person to change their body, much less require that they have to be vetted at all or referred to mental services. This is just too offensive and makes some things about the English quite clear. It is a free citizen’s democratic and Human Right to decide how their sex organ should look and the service provider (surgeon) just provides the skills not play God. Referral to mental health services looks like a profit paradigm much like the prison system profiteers (and grows, i.e. gains asisignments of cash from parlianent) off the number of people who used the services. Someone gets a commission somewhere somehow in the chain.
Collusive and profiteering women’s groups silent on this? But they’d rally naked in lesbian super-biker parades and advocate all kinds of nonsense while harrasing random people with lawsuits for being ‘chauvinists’. The necessity of the surgery (right to chose being a given, except in England it would seem) is that if an ugly face (something quite public, or maybe the Muslims have got that right) can offend, the not too lovable looking ‘poon’ (some societies consider it bad luck) needs all the work it can get. Some of the refined types, and society’s increasingly delicate tastes make this necessary. Maybe a preferred look from culture to culture could be stabilized, not being or going to claim to be an expert in this matter, I ask instead Aesthests, Madams/Pimps, Cosmetic surgeons and alongside any adult/pornographic models, perhaps a casanova or few, ALL locally gather to discuss among themselves what the look should be as the current ‘look’ that any cosmetic surgeons (all Western educated or derived) could very well be a CAUCASIAN ‘Typical’ / ‘Preferred’ rather than regionally representative and determined.
There are 6 distinct racial colours, I think there might well be 6 distinct ‘poon’-o-types as well. Have fun and don’t be lazy and just look at 10 and decide. Look at 1000s from each region then decide. Cosmetic surgery skills can then be localized and retaught for the ‘correct’ LOCAL look. Incidentally, pornography does not change the inherent way a person might think. Though some people might be influenced, the title seems rather slanted, much like the lack of freedom of choice to shape one’s ‘poon’ via consensual surgery (you’re a surgeon not God so remember your Hippocratic Oath and help beautify some ‘poons’), as well.

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