31 U.S. troops, 7 Afghans killed in Taliban attack – By Laura King, Los Angeles Times – 6th August 2011

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In a rare event, Taliban insurgents shoot down a Chinook helicopter with a rocket-propelled grenade near Kabul. It’s the largest single-incident loss of military lives since the war’s start. Soldiers take positions after racing off the back of a Chinook helicopter in November 2008. A Chinook went down Saturday in the Sayedabad district of Wardak province. (David Furst, AFP/Getty Images / August 6, 2011) Reporting from Kabul, Afghanistan— Taliban insurgents shot down a U.S. Chinook helicopter early Saturday, killing 31 American troops and seven Afghans aboard, American and Afghan officials said. It was the war’s greatest single-incident loss of military lives. UPDATE WASHINGTON – AP sources: Majority of those killed in helicopter crash were from Navy SEAL Team 6.
The rare downing of an American military aircraft, in a province on the doorstep of Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, represented a blow to Western efforts to establish calm as the United States and its allies begin drawing down forces in Afghanistan. NATO’s International Security Assistance Force, or ISAF, confirmed in a terse statement that a helicopter crash had occurred and acknowledged insurgent activity in the area at the time. A Western military official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the twin-rotor CH-47 helicopter had apparently been brought down by a rocket-propelled grenade moments after takeoff, when it was most vulnerable to attack. President Hamid Karzai, in a condolence statement, identified the slain Americans as special operations forces. Sensitive to operational secrecy, special forces commanders as a rule are slower than other branches to publicly acknowledge combat casualties. That would account for the military’s near-silence on the incident a full 18 hours after it occurred. The helicopter went down shortly after midnight Afghan time in the Sayedabad district of Wardak province, west of the capital, Kabul, according to Shahidullah Shahid, a spokesman for the provincial governor. He and other provincial officials said the crash came after a firefight that had left eight insurgents dead. The NATO force said recovery efforts were underway, and Afghan officials said the crash site had been cordoned off. The statement from Karzai’s office offered condolences to President Obama and the families of the Afghan troops who died. Downings of Western helicopters by hostile fire have been relatively rare in the Afghan conflict, though insurgents do occasionally manage to shoot down a chopper, including one such incident in 2005 that killed 16 Americans. Far more helicopters are lost to mechanical problems or bad weather. The Taliban claimed its fighters had ambushed Western troops after being tipped off to an imminent night raid in the district. The crash site is located in Wardak’s Tangi valley, where the insurgents are extremely active.
The Wardak police chief, Gen. Abdul Qayuum Baqizoi, said the American strike was aimed at a meeting of insurgent figures in the district, which is considered a perilous one. “This area isn’t even safe for security forces to travel in,” he said. The Taliban statement, from spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid, was unusually specific in some of its details, and confirmed the “martyrdom” of eight Taliban fighters in what was described as fierce combat before the shooting down of the helicopter. Targeted nighttime strikes, often carried out by U.S. special-operations forces, have been the single most successful tactic employed by the Western military over the last two years, significantly damaging the field-command structure of the Taliban and other insurgent groups. But night raids are a major point of contention between the Western military and the Afghan government. Karzai has called repeatedly for a halt to the operations, saying they pose an undue danger to Afghan civilians.
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Preplanned murder? Military personnel should be cautious of the great ancient skills applied like so many bad habits (like fengshui and vasthu) from Asia upon your supposedly neutral American policy spaces. These 31 soldiers were to be ‘culled’ right from the day they were recruited to the day they died. That is why (if you consider the non-Joe public or plutocrat dominated Congress) the USA has to have a war or other going on at all times and will continue to do so. On pretense of a war to kill the most righteous citizens. The army acts as an entry point for the slaughter house of war torn areas. It is not a war you fight, but a false flag and abuse of other nations to have an excuse to kill the martial and ‘testosterone righteous’ among you. The Columbines or amokers among citizens are all martial/Spartan persons.
The testosterone disallows ethics as in the article below :
Testerone Equals To Ethics
Hence the corrupted in society need to murder them. Hence the dumping of feminizing chemicals into food and all parts of the ecosystem. Soldiers, especially ‘unwanted/burden-on-society’ injured veterans, protect your own and do your own vasthu or fenghshui or astrology readings of your fellow soldiers. The weak or afflicted are to be cautioned against, some collude from far above, their careers already pre-planned, to the ultimate destruction of the USA and trheir enrichment and empowerment of course. It has been 3 generations since 1917, better wake up Americans your children are being manipulated into being sent to your deaths in wrongful wars because they are afraid they’d do something right by the country you and your children love. An ethical man is a dangerous man. There are alot of jealous and hateful or ethically corrupted people in army, political/civil society (just look at the Church Hierarchy) and anywhere at work that cannot stand their genetic or social superiors, or fear them. Those friendly firing troops, just like the local political situation I experienced, are a symptom of the insanity that continues apartheid, wars and ‘accidental’ murders, a police state posing as a democracy – far worse in the 3rd world but in a fashion that makesw them nobn-obvious UNTIL one lives or visits long enough for them to show their true ugly side. I’d ask all the people here to be aware of the Neurotech as well, Stellite phone tech adopyed to affect minds.
And to study Pat Tillman’s friendly fire case, the death was on purpose (humanity is too psychically aware – or suppressive to allow for such a mistake – unless soldiers are on drugs when in the battlefield? Who knows what experimental stuff they slip into those MREs . . . Strongly wonder if the helicopter was also another pre-planned accident to remove the most ethical and thus dangerous to the scum in the US military. Suspect that your wars are only to murder specific Americans. The real patriots who would if given a chance write laws and policies that aid the people of the world rather tha enrich the military-industrial complex and the plutocratic oligarchs and nepotistrs in Congress.
What do we do then? To end this horror that calls itself government? If you vote, ONLY vote along the below criteria, for Joe Publics who are worth no more than 200K, see the pledge/questionairre below :
Makes characters like Stranix in Under Siege 1 look like heroes or maligned and understood does this not? Some of us would know how that feels . . . I really hope USA has not become like that, but one look at Abu Gharaib and that pile of Muslims . . . that woman should be employed as a dominatrix in some BDSM outfit, not the army, and in Vietnam War (1959-1975 – real life) they collected ears, just like in Universal Soldier (1992 fictional), with Grindhouse (2007 fictional) taking the cake – collecting testicles even . . . did you guys have to do that to Bruce Willis and Quentin Tarantino in that film??? Damn. Rose McGowan’s Chery Darling character rocks! All new theme for the Strip Bars though prolly with blanks not live ammo . . . meanwhile USA is one war with Iran (by proxy any others just itching to get back at USA) short of becoming Mad Max or Waterworld . . .

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