Discussion with Commentator @Patriot My about Pakatan Problems : Thursday, 26 January 2012 08:45 posted by Patriot My

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@Patriot My said :

I am all for “feel good articles like this one, by Mathias Gomes, Stan Lee. In fact most articles articles in MC are “feel good articles.

I would feel much better and confident if strategies by PR (AND Evil umno as well ) are being posted as well or all to see the real situations on the ground at the battle front and to discuss and fine tune as well.

In the absence of strong PR strategies being stated in MC or elsewhere, I dont feel as good, as good as I should feel with continuing more feel good articles without substantiation for the “feel good. Get the drift ?

The failures of PR to get these strategies sorted out and further enhanced and refined, under a fuked EC, will hurt PR in all possibilities post GE with Evil umno win.
I am not the least surpised that PR, despite its all the hula2x of “feel good episodes, has failed in this department with a D grade performance with A to F grade ratings.

I would be the first to stand up to cheer the MC writer(s) to talk about strategies, solutions, survesy, anecdotal evidence by PR (and even from evil umno) as the strategies help to determine the presence or absence, the higher or litle degreee, of grassroot activities and the direction we are in.

Moaz Nair has done something like that from his recent article on some sampling feedback in Tanjung Lumpur(?) We must get these info sooner than later to give the feedback to us/PR all (and for evil) consumpton) on what is happening ON the ground.

[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]] to @Patriot My

@Patriot My, Malaysia Chronicle is here to show people how ‘clever’ they are, not make people clever. You are here to be awed, not to participate in politics to become political competitors, because Pakatan especially DAP, are undemocratic term limitless nepotistic careerists that recognize potential ‘competition’ from regular citizens (much like John Lees chattering masses, or Azmi Sharom’s ‘statistics’ who deserve no consideration, or PAP’s elite uncaring faces par excellence Wee Shumin) who could set up a similar media portal or rival (3rd Force) political party ANYTIME – in other words being ‘media’ and ‘political seat monopoly’ minded (Kua Kia Soong details this in his article “One candidate, one seat: It’s democracy, stupid!” quite well), self serving types than anything else.

At least Malaysia Chronicle doesn’t delete comments like they did at one point. Malaysian Chronicle still though lacks journalistic neutrality or a sense of duty to it’s readers, it’s a Pakatan propaganda machine probably on some payroll, don’t expect too much from this outfit and use the comments area to communicate with other commentators for what value can be derived.


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