Ambiga: Explanation for instant citizenship not acceptable – by Malaysia Chronicle – 5th August 2011

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The National Registration Department (NRD)’s explanation of the ‘Mismah-gate’ is unacceptable as it fails to address the public’s concern, said Bersih 2.0 chief Ambiga Sreenevasan. Therefore, she supported Pakatan Rakyat MPs’ call for an emergency parliamentary sitting this month in order to seek answers for the many questions the scandal’s raised. “We haven’t actually have had any meaningful answer… there has to be accountability on this issue,” Ambiga told Malaysiakini during an interview yesterday. “The answer that they have given us so far is really quite unacceptable.”
In a statement on Wednesday, NRD director-general Jariah Mohd Said explained that Mismah, a name found in the latest supplementary electoral roll draft, was granted permanent residency on July 17, 1982, and later citizenship on Jan 31, 2011. However, the statement failed to shed light on the question of how the NRD online verification system could have categorised Mismah as a permanent resident on Tuesday morning but ‘upgraded’ her to citizen four hours after a Malaysiakini report. Jariah was also silent on the PAS allegation of there being 1,597 such cases nationwide. Ambiga said that Bersih 2.0 had received similar complaints prior to the expose but not proven until the Malaysiakini report was published. “What I would have expected from the authority is for them to say ‘we think this is serious, we think it must be investigated and we will come back to the public on the issue’, but unfortunately all those who have spoken appeared to be defending the indefensible.”
Misgivings over biometric system Ambiga described the issue as something that requires urgent attention and transparency from the authority, failing which the affair could largely undermine the introduction of the biometric system by the Election Commission (EC). “It was one of the reasons why we have misgivings about the biometric system, because if we can’t even get the database at the NRD right, and there are questions about its integrity, then I really don’t know how it can progress to a biometric system.” The issue coupled with the failure of the authority to provide a satisfactory answer, has deepened the confidence crisis faced by the government, warned Ambiga. “Trust is something that they have to build and the way they can build trust is by being honest with us, it is really quite simple, and by being absolutely transparent with the public.” She reiterated that the EC has to involve the public at every stage of the implementation of the biometric system and keep them updated throughout the process. “In today’s Malaysia, it is not enough for the authority to say ‘just trust us’,” she stressed. – Malaysiakini
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Instead of talking and asking questions from the outside, file a lawsuit (which would doubtless be blocked by the judges but at least ‘realer’) get yourself voted into power then deport all the ilegally legalized immigrants all you want. We all know it is illegal, and that there is no way anything can be done unless people run for MP. After all that Bersih b.s. you still don’t want to run for election? Bar Council stint must have ruined your sense of justice. Keep insisting on demanding corrections for high profile things in a manner that cannot be solved without political power – fnal result? Waste of Rakyatr’s time and belief in you Ambiga. Run for candidacy, win, THEN solve the NRD or EC issues. Stop asking stupid questions of the government (you know they can ignore you, so what if you appear smart and knowledgeable) or making establishment blockable demands, you should be preparing to campaign in your constituency so you can actually make a difference. Also stand for :
1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

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