Attempts At Dhimmitude of Minorities in Malaysia – various sources – Late July 2011

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Ramadan ban on nightspots – by Malaysia Chronicle – 14th July 2011 ALOR SETAR
Entertainment outlets, including karaoke centres and discotheques, will not be allowed to operate during Ramadan in Kedah. Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak said live-band performances with singers at bars, hotels, restaurants and eating outlets and areas with easy access by public were also not allowed to open. He said the regulation under the state Entertainment Enactment 1997 which lists these places excludes cybercafes, bowling and snooker centres. Azizan also said that all Chinese eateries and outlets that cater to international customers would be allowed to operate as usual. They include fast-food restaurants such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut, he said. Azizan also said cultural and religious performances would be allowed during Ramadan as long as they do not cause a disturbance to others. He said these include performances during the Hungry Ghost Festival that may fall during Ramadan. “This regulation is already in the enactment but due to poor enforcement there were those who did not abide by the regulation,” he said after chairing the state executive council meeting here yesterday. He said the regulation would be fully enforced this year following complaints by the state Islamic religious council during a meeting with district officers to prevent immoral activities during Ramadan.
He said the Sultan of Kedah Sultan Abdul Muadzam Shah was very particular about Islamic activities and that during Ramadan he visited various mosques to perform tarawih prayers with the Muslim congregation. A group of entertainment outlet operators had said that they were not satisfied with the late notice made by the Kota Setar district office preventing them from operating during Ramadan. Azizan said he believed there was confusion over the definition of entertainment outlets as some of cybercafe operators had claimed they could not renew their licences. “We want district offices to clarify the definition of entertainment outlet’ that is allowed to operate to avoid confusion,” he said. He added that the matter would be solved soon since Ramadan was only two weeks away. He also said that Chinese associations that planned to conduct performances during the Hungry Ghost Festival needed to apply for a licence from the district office and also a police permit. – The Star ARTICLE 2 Kedah’s Ramadan Ban On Nightspots Goes Against PAS And Pakatan Rakyat’s Orange Book Manifesto (YB) The Hon. Chor Chee Heung – 14th July 2011 Today it was announced that the Kedah state government would enforce the Ramadan ban on entertainment outlets, including karaoke centers and discotheques put in place by the state Entertainment Enactment 1997. While the Kedah government was careful to say that Chinese eateries and fast food restaurants were to remain open, their ban on entertainment hubs is still harmful to local business. In the PAS manifesto, they clearly state their dedication to the promotion of the economic welfare of the people with the charge “increase and broaden the ‘middle-income-group’ across all races, as to enhance the purchasing power [of the people].”
In the Pakatan Rakyat’s own Orange Book, they have dedicated an entire section to “Increasing the Rakyat’s disposable income.” Yet bans on the operation of business clearly go against this section of both manifestos. Beyond the obvious ignorance of their own manifesto, it is distressing to see that the opposition is willing to sacrifice the economic gains of non-Muslim entertainment hub owners in order to ensure that there is no immoral behavior going on during Ramadan. During the time when BN controlled Kedah, the government did not force entertainment centers to shut down because they trusted the people of Kedah to make their own decisions. PAS and PR should take a lesson from BN’s experiences in Kedah and have faith in their constituents to make their own choices. It is not the state’s business to control a person—that borders on the infringement of human rights, as our own MCA Young Professionals Bureau chief Chua Tee Yong said in response to the whole matter. The multiracial rakyat must be wondering why the Barisan Nasional government was able to manage the issue so well during each Ramadan, whereas the PAS controlled government simply bulldozed through blindly with utter disregard of the rights of non-Muslims.
DAP’s deafening silence What is equally unsettling is that this is also being considered in Penang, in DAP’s heartland. With Penang’s greatly diverse population, a curb on the operating hours of entertainment hubs would be seriously detrimental to the livelihood of owners and infringe on the rights of Penangites. With Ramadan being a month long, a cut in attendees is hard enough on owners, lessening hours will be even more damaging to their income. Before PAS and PR go about trying to morally police the Muslims of Malaysia, they should be sure to double check the consequences of their actions, especially when it contradicts their manifestos. DAP, has been uncharacteristically silent on this issue, especially in Kedah. Why is DAP not pushing back against PAS’s Islamic policies to protect the rights of the Chinese who voted for them? The Chinese in Kedah are soon going to learn the painful truth that in order for DAP to try and amass power through Pakatan Rakyat, they are willing to sacrifice the rights of their supporters and have already started doing so. CHOR CHEE HEUNG is Gerakan MP for Alor Setar
[[[ *** RESPONSE *** ]]]
Legalise red light districts for non-Muslims so that spillover into Muslim parts of town will not occur. At the same time, adult service business operators should not traffick people (though snakeheading the consensual is an entirely different matter), otherwise crackdowns will be difficult to defend while attempts to legalise and properly zone red light areas will also be affected. Non-Muslim services from haram food processing, to alcohol to gambling to adult industry should not be affected by Ramadan. Consider a dedicated Nudist Beach or Park or City area if you are up to it. Religion has no injunctions against those who are not members of the faith. I don’t think during the Prophet’s PBUH time any such commandment was made against non-Muslim ‘Quarters’ of town.
Maybe some lesser personages did this before, but one should follow the Prophet not lesser personages. After all who did Malaikat Jibril visit and talk to? The Prophet or some clergy born generations later? It’s not the job of anyone to prohibit or punish, Allah did not give anyone the right to punish non-Muslims, even Muslims, for personal sins at least (which in fact include drinking alcohol or eating pork or visiting adult industry venues btw), though later in the afterlife will the offenders be punished.
Try the comments on a related minority rights issue below :
‘Little India’ still big on vice – by Ikram Ismail
The Hon. (YB) Chor Chee Heung and the Hon. (YB) Goh Leong San, (also the Hon. (YB) Datuk Khaw Boon Pin or the Hon. (YB) Dato Dr Choong Sim Poey patrons of Penang Heritage Trust) are the ‘alpha male’ parallels of Bung Mokhtar, Ibrahim Ali (pity Ali’s a racist) and other Obedient Wives Club members (the above mentioned 4 should be made honorary members of the OWC if not form a non-Muslim branch of the same). Men with emancipated minds need places and organisations to match their emancipated . . . well you get the idea, though some might not necessarily indulge though they advocate FREEDOM to live as Voltaire does.
With some effort, the privilege of polygamy that Muslims have could even be kindly extended to the minorities in Malaysia too, and hopefully by efforts of MPs and would-be MPs not yet on the scene legalized Adult Services Industries as well as gambling licenses for non-4D based outlets as well. The issue is zoning and price control so that patrons will not be impoverished should they be inclined to over-indulge. Luminaries among intelligensia and self-determinism, Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie and the Venerable Sardar Khushwant Singh, could be invited to advise, though once again to remind, all of the above are only relevant to non-Muslims and in urgent need of implementation wherever Dhimmitization or extreme Islam oppress non-Muslims.

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